An Original
and Classic
Star Trek

The Klingons have a new ship.
James T. Kirk must make the
right decision as the futures of
the Federation and the Klingon
mpire depend on it. !aptor is
an original and classic Star
Trek adventure starring Cadet
James T. Kirk and Admiral
James T. Kirk. "t #egins at the
end of the Star Trek novel
$%eep %omain.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
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Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg - of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Chapter (. A New Kind of 7ird of 8re&
Chapter -. San Francisco
Chapter :. A 2essage
Chapter ;. Cadets
Chapter +. !uth
Chapter <. 4eekend 9eave
Chapter =. Strange 2eetings
Chapter *. Odori
Chapter ). The >unt "s On
Chapter (.. A %efector1
Chapter ((. 2ore Klingon Ships
Chapter (-. A Klingon Agent
Chapter (:. A Slug
Chapter (;. >ome At A 8rice
Chapter (+. Klingon Against Klingon
Chapter (<. The 7est 9aid 8lans Of 2en and Klingons
Chapter (=. Another ?ood 7&e

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Jerr& ?oldsmith , Klingon 7attle
$8ermission to transfer this glorious departure to all screens Galted One0$ the Klingon
Communications Officer reHuested0 his tone su#servient. >e turned to face the
Command Chair.
$6es0$ a voice answered harshl& from the Command Chair. "t #elonged to Kang0 a
Captain in the Klingon "mperial Fleet and a 9ord of the Klingon mpire. "mmediatel&
following KangIs assent0 an image of a powerful Klingon #attle cruiser appeared on the
main forward screen in front of Kang. For a #rief moment0 the Klingon 7ridge crew
Doined Kang in watching the imposing warship on the screen move silentl& out the open
spacedock doors.
Kang heaved a silent and relieved sigh while watching the ship move awa& from its
#erth in the spacedock #ecause he was grateful the& were finall& on their wa&. Kang
thought #ack to the collection of Klingon clan nota#les and various dock worms that had
#othered him these last few hours. >e knew he had found the wait increasingl&
un#eara#le0 #ut that was the past now he said to himself. Finall&0 Kang thought0 !aptor0
a new class of 7ird of 8re&0 was leaving for his initiation vo&age0 with Kang in
command. Kang knew this new ship under his sole command now0 could reduce five of
the mpireIs #est ships0 or even a planet0 to spacedust. >e faintl& grimaced as he
thought wr&l& how all those worms #othering him these last few hours had worn
eGpressions that were fierce with Dealous&.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg . of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
The commander was tall and imposing0 even for a Klingon. >e knew it and cultivated his
appearance0 alwa&s hiding his thoughts0 motives and am#itions #ehind dark e&es. >is
compleGion was dark0 and he carried himself with fierce pride. >is e&es again surve&ed
the 7attle 7ridgeJ then he suddenl& stood up. >is walk was predator& as he strode with
athletic grace around his 7ridge. >e caught each of his crewmanIs e&es for a #rief
moment0 measuring him0 then finall& settled on his >elmsman. Kang stood there for a
long moment silentl& watching his >elmsman0 who was tr&ing to ignore KangIs e&es on
him. Kang was aware of growing tension at his singling out of the >elmsman. >e was
also aware that the others were now stealing a #rief look at the >elmsman.
$Stead& >elmsman0$ Captain Kang a#ruptl& growled as he stopped his stare at the
>elmsman0 then moved #ack to the Command Chair and settled into it. Kang now
intentl& watched the forward screen.
$6es Galted One0$ the >elmsman answered0 his e&es locked onto his >elm
instruments. Those smoldering e&es had distur#ed the >elmsman. The >elmsman
knew Kang had personall& picked ever&one on #oard0 including himself. >e slightl& and
uneasil& stirred as he swiftl& wondered if Kang knew a#out the uneGpected increase to
the >elmsmanIs pa& #& ?eneral Kolith. The >elmsman glanced Huickl& at Kang. >e
noticed with satisfaction that Kang was now watching the screens as !aptor glided
completel& out of the space doorIs opening and then moved into open space.
$>elm0$ $Screens forward0 sensors on0$ Kang continued0 aware of his >elmsmanIs
uneasiness and the tension from the others on the 7ridge at his tone. Kang chose to
ignore it and kept his e&es on the main screen.
$6es Galted One0$ his >elmsman answered too Huickl&0 $Screen and sensors on.$ >e
knew that KangIs patience had worn thin with all the old Klingon no#ilit& pestering Kang
these last few hours. The >elmsman knew Kang was Dust as anGious as he was himself
now to carr& out the glor& of the mpireIs most powerful weapon. Again0 the >elmsman
wondered wh& ?eneral Kolith had ordered him to sp& on Kang though0 and given the
>elmsman two special codes. Kolith had onl& told the >elmsman that !aptor was like
no other ship in eGistence0 a fact the >elmsman thought of with pride. From rumors0 the
>elmsman had heard that the FederationIs Star#ase One was a#out to find out Dust how
different !aptor was the >elmsman then gloated to himself. The >elmsman grinned
fiercel& at the thought of the glor& to his >ouse when !aptor had returned after having
pierced to the core of the Federation0 arth itself.
$Cursed humans0 we will eGterminate them for the spineless vermin the& are0$ the
>elmsman muttered under his #reath.
$>elm0$ Kang interrupted the >elmsman0 his voice almost a snarl0 $ahead one,half
su#light0$ Captain Kang then ordered #rusHuel&. Kang had heard his >elmsmanIs
comment0 #ut chose also to ignore it. Captain Kang had other things on his mind than

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg / of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
the narrow,minded hatred his people had for an&thing not Klingon. The Klingon mpire
cared little for the long,term effects of their coarse manner of ruling our mpire0 Kang
thought griml&. The Klingon mpire had ma&#e fift& &ears of resources left0 and Kang
felt he was the onl& Klingon who appreciated that fact.
$6es Galted One0$ the >elmsman immediatel& acknowledged as he #egan his orders
with uneas& concentration0 $one,half su#light.$
Kang felt his ship moving out of KlinEhaiIs gravit& well. Not too long ago it would have
irritated him0 having all this notice. "t Dust meant more of a chance of disgracing his
>ouse forever if the mission went wrong. Toda& was different Kang knew. Toda&0
Captain Kang was on a new path. >is new steps would forever change the Klingon
mpire0 and the 3nited Federation of 8lanets.
Kang reflected how his father had #rought honor upon his >ouse through man&
successful #attles for the mpire. Then KangIs father discovered treacher& and deceit
against the Klingon mperor. The attempted re#ellion failed when KangIs father took the
fatall& poisoned #lade intended for the mperor. Kang0 the onl& son0 was ver& &oung
when his father died in agon& from the poison on the #lade. "n gratitude0 the mperor
ordered Kang trained immediatel& with the mperorIs own son. 6oung KangIs
instruction was in militar& strateg& and each class was side #& side with the mperorIs
son. Kang Huickl& proved himself a keen learner. >e grew into a #rilliant officer and rose
Huickl& through the ranks as he earned his own glor&.
Now the mperor had awarded Kang command of !aptor0 and with him0 Kang planned
a triumph to #ring further glor& to his >ouse. Kang knew though0 that it would #e &ears
#efore the Klingon mpire would recogniEe his act for what it was. Kang knew the
Federation would elevate him to a hero0 #ut the Klingons would #rand him a traitor for
now. For Captain Kang was planning to forsake the Klingon
mpire0 and Doin the Federation. >e handpicked all of his one
hundred twent&,crew mem#ers. Five of his senior officers0 twent&
of his crew0 and his wife0 !aptorIs Science Officer0 were going to
help him. Not onl& did Kang plan to deliver themselves to the
Federation0 #ut also !aptor. $Galted One0$ his Communications
Officer called out confidentl&0 $message from >eadHuarters.$
$On screens0$ Kang ordered heavil&. 2entall& he cursed.
?eneral Kolith0 a mem#er of the Klingon >igh Council0 image appeared on the screen.
$Are &ou read& for our demonstration Captain1$ Kolith asked immediatel& and with Huiet
$6es Gcellenc&0$ Kang smoothl& replied0 $"ntelligence still reports the& schedule

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg ) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
nterprise to #e at our position two hours after our arrival0 where we will #e waiting full&
cloaked ?eneral.$ Kang then noticed how KolithIs face had now changed to naked glee
at KangIs words.
$Gcellent Captain0$ ?eneral Kolith said hoarsel&. Kang hid his own contempt for this
soft #ureaucrat who now onl& cared for his glor& not the mpireIs. Kang also knew his
>elmsman was reporting KangIs and his shipIs ever& move directl& to ?eneral Kolith.
$Soon cursed nterprise0 Kirk0 arth0 and the Federation will #e either under "mperial
control or destro&ed0$ the ?eneral continued with contempt in his voice. 9uckil&0 the
transmission cut off #efore Kang had to frame an acknowledgment. KangIs e&es left the
forward screen and again rested on the >elmsman0 #ut it was the Navigator to whom he
$Time to warp point Navigator1$ Kang asked as he continued to look at the >elmsman.
$ApproGimatel& ninet& more seconds sir0$ Kaal0 his Navigator answered. Kaal had
noticed KangIs looks to the >elmsman. >e now turned his head to look at !aptorIs First
Officer0 Commander Korow. Kang caught the interaction0 #ut wasnIt worried0 as #oth
men were part of his confidants. Kang again mentall& cursed. >e had wanted to include
the >elmsman since he was part of his primar& 7ridge crew. KangIs own intelligence
sources had reported his >elmsmanIs sudden eGtra pa& coming indirectl& from ?eneral
Kolith. 3nfortunatel&0 Kang thought angril&0 this knowledge came after Kang had
alread& reHuested him as his primar& >elmsman. A voice interrupted KangIs thoughts.
$Galted One0 " now have the 4arp 7uo& on communications0$ the CommunicationIs
Officer calml& reported.
$Now on visual sir0$ confirmed the Navigator.
$ngine !oom0 report status0$ Captain Kang demanded from his comm. A voice
immediatel& came from out of the comm.
$!ead& to warp on &our order sir0$ his ngineer answered.
$>elmsman0 prepare to warp0$ Captain Kang ordered0 then $Navigator0 lock in the
course to three,four,five degreesI mark two,Eero.$
$Acknowledged sir0$ the >elmsman and Navigator answered simultaneousl&.
$>elmsman0 4arp Three0$ the Captain ordered0 then carefull& scanned the control
room. Kang sat for a moment again reflectivel& staring at the >elmsman0 then he spoke
$>elmsman0 &ou have the conn. Commander Korow and " will #e in m& ca#in.
CommunicationIs Officer0 notif& m& senior officers to immediatel& report to me in m&

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
ca#in.$ The >elmsman and Communications Officer #oth acknowledged. Commander
Korow stepped over to the tur#olift0 then moved aside and let Captain Kang enter the
tur#olift first0 then Huickl& stepped #ehind him. The doors had shut0 &et neither man
spoke. "t wasnIt until the& were in the CaptainIs ca#in0 and Kang had activated a
securit& screen0 that the& finall& talked.
$That worm of a ?eneral0$ Kang said as he sat #ehind his desk. Korow remained
standing. !ight now Commander Korow was more interested in KangIs sudden and
o#vious displeasure with the >elmsman0 than KangIs comments a#out Kolith.
Commander Korow agreed with KangIs comments an&wa&.
The captainIs door then #uEEed and Kang called out0 $nter.$ The door opened and his
ngineer0 2edical Officer0 Securit& Officer0 and Science Officer0 who was also his wife
2ara0 walked in. 9ad& 2ara was regal and graceful0 with dark sensuous e&es. All #ut
9ad& 2ara remained standing as Kang had immediatel& gestured her to sit #eside him.
$Operation 5eldt has #egun0$ Kang then said to the others as his wife sat #eside him.
>e looked around the small group0 all of them0 he knew0 were in one form or another
committed to the long,term glor& of the mpire0 and KangIs plan.
$Sir0 without intending an insult0 wh& are &ou so sure this name I5eldtI will mean
something to Kirk1$ the Securit& Officer asked.
Kang answered0 $two Klingons taken #& Kirk man& &ears ago. After the& were released
#ack to the mpire0 " was the Dunior officer de#riefing team.$
$Sir0 of those two released captives0 one is now dead0$ the Securit& Officer continued
$#ut the other0 Kumara0 knows Kirk well also.$
$"t is true Kumara has had more dealings with Kirk than ".$ Kang said0 $7ut remem#er0
Kirk defeated Kumara0 while Kirk and " working together #eat a common enem&. 4e will
do so again0$ Kang emphaticall& said.
$Kirk disgraced Kumara0 Captain0$ the Securit& Officer pressed0 $it is inevita#le Kumara
will #e one sent to stop us. "t would restore the honor of KumaraIs >ouse for him to
succeed in our destruction.$
$" know &ou were in on the design and #uilding of !aptor0 Captain0$ the doctor
interrupted0 $#ut are &ou sure a#out the FederationIs ships1 Can he convince Starfleet
#efore the& order us destro&ed1$ The persistent tone to the doctorIs words Kang chose
to ignore.
$"t is inevita#le the mpire will send ships to capture us.$ Kang pointed out0 $Failing that0
the& will send enough ships to destro& us #efore we accomplish our mission0$ Kang told

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
them. $4e have a ver& short time #efore ?eneral Kolith realiEes we are not where he
ordered us to #e0$ Kang continued. $The mpire will #e monitoring Federation and
Starfleet signals and Huickl& realiEe we are the cause of all the eGcitement when we
meet nterprise. " cannot guarantee we can convince Kirk. " have alread& taken the
steps to convince him though.$
$4hat do &ou mean Captain1$ his First Officer asked0 $KirkIs on his wa& #ack from
$6ouIre correct0 Commander.$ Kang replied0 $ven ?eneral Kolith doesnIt know this0 #ut
Kirk is on his wa& #ack to arth as he is retiring from his starship0 so he wonIt get our
message until he arrives on arth.$ "t was with pride that Kang noted onl& silence from
his officers at his words. >e had taken them into his confidence #ecause Kang felt the&
were true KlingonIs Kang reflected0 a#le to deal with the uneGpected. ver& man in the
KangIs ca#in had #een through man& #attles on #oth KlinEhai0 and space0 proving their
honor repeatedl&. The men standing in front of him were again proving it Kang thought.
>e then continued speaking0 $Kirk suddenl& decided thisJ " Dust received the message as
" was #oarding the ship.$ The moment of silence Kang soon #roke0 $So we change our
plans0$ Kang said as he locked e&es #riefl& with the others in the room. $4e must
convince Kirk to come0$ Kang asserted0 $4e must0 for Kirk is the onl& one who can
convince the Federation. "f we donIt0 then we have died for no glor&0 and the mpire will
continue this suicidal short term path. The glor& of our clans and the Klingon mpire will
end. The >igh Council is mad if the& think the& can use this warship to destro& the
$Captain0$ the Securit& Officer said0 $the last report from "ntelligence was immediatel& to
destro& arth upon our arrival. 4e were to decloak0 and immediatel& fire. 4e onl& have
five da&s till our ordered arrival at arth.$
$Then that is our time0$ Kang replied0 $%ismissed.$ As the others left0 Kang noticed that
Commander Korow waited respectfull& #& KangIs desk.
$6es Korow1$
$The >elmsman1$ Korow said simpl&. KangIs e&es narrowed as he de#ated how much
more he should tell his First Officer.
$>is pa& took a sudden increase after "Id reHuested him0$ Kang finall& told Korow0 $an
increase traced to Kolith.$
$" could arrange an accident0$ Korow said simpl&.
$No.$ Kang replied emphaticall&0 $A live sp&0 reporting what " want0 is more valua#le.
Kolith has pro#a#l& reached others through #ri#er&.$ Kang said reflectivel&.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Commander0 report to the 7attle 7ridge0$ Kang ordered0 $"Ill #e there shortl&0$ Kang
said while looking at his wife. $6es sir0$ Korow said0 then left.
$2ara0$ Kang said as he took her hand in his0 $we must succeed0 the mpire does not
have the resources to maintain let alone grow. Our sons must have a futureK$ "n answer0
9ad& 2ara silentl& moved her hand up to #ehind KangIs neck0 pulling him close and
kissed him.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek Original Theme http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1vB4Sp+iDOOfk
$>ello Teed0$ Jim Kirk said as he opened the door. Teed A. Si#ort0 although in the
Starfleet uniform of a Commander0 immediatel& noticed Admiral James T. Kirk was in
civilian clothes.
$" #rought &ou a present Jim0$ Si#ort informed Kirk. ?rinning #roadl& at his friend0 Si#ort
handed Kirk a #ottle of Saurian #rand& as he walked into KirkIs San Francisco flat.
Si#ort was five foot eight inches0 and although now in his middle fifties0 still had a #road
and muscular chest. Si#ortIs #lack hair had a tint of #lue#err& color to it. >is posture
was casual0 and he had a small paunch and pale compleGion from sitting #ehind too
man& desks.
$" still remem#er when %ougg Cla&e introduced us to our first taste of this stuff0$ Kirk
chuckled as he took the #ottle and the& walked together into the living room. Kirk pulled
out two glasses from the servitor then put them onto the coffee ta#le.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Si#ort looked around at KirkIs flat0 and wondered what the real reason was Kirk was
#ack on arth0 instead of out on nterprise. Si#ort knew Kirk had Dust recentl& returned
to arth from his last mission0 the water,world of Akkalla. Si#ort knew it was another
successful mission for Kirk. >e also knew Kirk had announced at the end of that mission
he had decided to go #ack to Starfleet Academ& and teach.
As Si#ort pondered KirkIs true motive0 he could see through an open door into KirkIs
#edroom where a large window was overlooking a magnificent view of San Francisco
7a&. !ight now0 it was Dust after midnight0 and the 7a& and the& dotted the surrounding
land with lights. 2ementos of KirkIs travels were on and against the walls in the living
room. 2ementos that spoke of how long it had #een since Si#ort and Kirk had stood
there together in KirkIs flat.
$6ouIve done a pleasant Do# with LuinceIs old flat0$ Si#ort told Kirk as he settled down
into a comforta#le looking chair.
$Thanks0$ Kirk answered as he opened the Saurian #rand&J $" was luck& Ke 4averleigh
hadnIt the heart to sell it to an&one else after Luince died.$ Kirk stood silentl& for a
moment0 then murmured0 $" Dust heard this morning a#out 8rofessor OlseenIs death.$
Kirk then sighed0 $4e are outliving man& of our friendsI Teed.$
$!emem#er when we were cadets1 That slug and the Klingons kidnapped us #ut we
managed to rescue 8rofessor Olseen and ended up saving arth from the KlingonIs
plans1$ Si#ort asked Kirk0 #ecause the mention of friendsI deaths suddenl& called Teed
#ack through haE& time to anotherIs death.
$Sure do0$ Kirk grinned faintl& at his friend0 $4e all got our first medal for that. From
there on the &ears went #& so #lasted fast0 didnIt the&1$ Kirk asked Si#ort as he filled
their glasses.
$A&e0 that the& did0$ Si#ort answered as the& clinked their glasses0 $stead& as she
goes0$ he toasted Kirk0 and then each of them took a drink. $"t seems like Dust &esterda&
that James T. Kirk and Teed A. Si#ort0 Cadets0 started at Starfleet Academ&. Now
&ouIre going #ack there to teach.$
$!ight now Teed0$ Kirk grum#led darkl& as he sat in a chair across from Si#ort0 $" wish "
were that &oung man again.$
$6oung0 huh1$ Si#ort murmured into his glass as he took another drink0 and tried to
figure out KirkIs mood. Si#ort then raised his voice and Huipped loudl&0 $when life for a
fleeting moment seemed so innocent and certain and full of possi#ilities.$
$5er& funn& Teed0M Kirk said dr&l&0 $>owever0 itIs strange how " can still hear her voice

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
and see her.$
Si#ort didnIt need to ask which her. >e knew it was !uth0 8rofessor OlseenIs niece0 Kirk
was thinking a#out. For James Ti#erius Kirk0 sprinkled with stardust from #irth and who
had alwa&s dreamed of farawa& places0 their da&s together at Starfleet Academ& were
their last steps of &outh. The& were also KirkIs first steps on the road to command of
StarfleetIs flagship0 the 3SS nterprise0 Constitution class starship.
At the Academ&0 Teed Si#ort and Jim Kirk had learned man& things. Not the least of
those0 was the price the& were willing to pa& for their am#itions. "n KirkIs case0 it had
#een !uth. >e had traded her for his career in Starfleet after her uncle0 arthIs greatest
militar& strateg& eGpert0 was kidnapped #& a slug and the Klingons. Kirk and his
Academ& roommates had saved arth from the Klingons plans and rescued 8rofessor
Olseen and !uth.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek The 4rath of Khan James >orner http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1
A voice from KirkIs door suddenl& interrupted Kirk and Si#ortIs thoughts. $Courier
message for Admiral James T. Kirk.$ Kirk glanced at the clock on the ta#le and idl&
wondered a#out messages over the 8u#lic Network to his home. The voice continued0
$8riorit& One.$ Kirk knew 8riorit& One was 8u#NetIs most urgent and secure method of
civilian transmission. >e could not remem#er having ever received a 8riorit& One
message over 8u#Net. ?eorge Kirk had died while his son was out in space. Starfleet

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Command notified Kirk over ship channels. Starfleet told his mother0 4inona Kirk0
personall&. 8uEEled0 Kirk then stood up and walked over to the door. "t opened revealing
a 8u#lic Courier.
$"Im Admiral Kirk0$ Kirk looked down and said to the ro#ot. >e knew the Courier was
confirming his voice print even as he answered.
$!eHuest permission to scan for verification sir0$ the 8u#lic Courier said #riskl&.
$8ermission granted0$ Kirk told it as he continued looking down. "mmediatel& a #lue light
flashed up for a split second in his e&es.
$The scan is positive sir0M the ro#ot said as it eGtracted a pouch from its short and sHuat
#od& with his waldo. "t moved his waldo out and up to hand the pouch to Kirk0 which
Kirk opened. >is surprise was evident at finding a message inside written on paper. Kirk
took the paper out0 handed the pouch #ack to the Courier and moved to close the door.
The 8u#lic Courier turned Huietl& awa& while putting the pouch #ack inside itself. Kirk
had read the words handwritten on the paper #efore the door had shut. >e turned the
paper over looking for an& other message0 like who the message was from for one thing
he thought.
Si#ort could tell Kirk was puEEled0 and that Kirk did not like #eing puEEled. Kirk walked
over to Si#ort and silentl& handed him the message as he ke&ed his desk comm0 and
said0 $Kirk to nterprise.$
$nterprise here0 Admiral0$ nterpriseIs Senior Communications Officer0 9ieutenant
Commander 3hura0 replied immediatel& in a precise musical voice.
$Commander 3hura0 what are &ou doing manning this shift1$ he asked crispl&0 although
underl&ing it was a friendl& tone of #anter0 $" thought &ou were on leave.$
$" was having trou#le sleeping Admiral0$ 3hura replied in an em#arrassed voice. Kirk
$6ou and me #oth 3hura. "s %octor 2cCo& still on #oard1$ Kirk asked her.
$6es Admiral0 Dust one moment.$
$2cCo&.$ Commander 9eonard 2cCo&0 Chief 2edical Officer of the Starship nterprise0
answered so fast Kirk #egan to wonder Dust how man& of his crew was having trou#le
sleeping that night.
$7ones0 can &ou immediatel& #eam over1$ Kirk asked0 $"Im in m& flat0 Scott& has the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4hoIs hurt1$ 2cCo& Huickl& asked0 his voice laced with concern.
$No oneIs hurt 7ones0$ Kirk reassured his friend Huickl&0 $" have something " prefer to
discuss with &ou in person.$
$OK0$ 2cCo& said with relief0 $see &ou in a moment.$ A few minutes later a sparkle
developed in the middle of KirkIs fo&er0 and 2cCo&0 still in uniform Kirk noticed with
surprise0 materialiEed. Si#ort stood up with his drink in his left hand and walked towards
9eonard 2cCo&0 taller and older than either Kirk or Si#ort. 2cCo& seemed more
slouched and looked thinner and gre&er than the last time Si#ort saw him.
$7ones0$ Kirk said as 2cCo& walked into the room0 $&ou remem#er Commander Teed
Si#ort0 donIt &ou1$
$Sure do0$ 2cCo& said heartedl& as Si#ort stepped forward and the& shook hands0 $is
that Saurian #rand& " see in &our hand Teed1$ he asked with a sl& grin.
Si#ort laughed. $"Ill pour &ou a glass 9eonard.$ >e then stepped over to the servitor0
where he got another glass that he filled from the #rand& #ottle and then handed it to
2cCo&. 2cCo& raised it to Kirk in salute0 then took a drink.
$So whatIs up Jim1$ 2cCo& asked.
$" Dust received a puEEling message " want &our opinion on0$ Kirk replied.
$4hat do &ou mean #& IpuEElingI Jim1$ 2cCo& asked. Kirk silentl& handed him the
$To Admiral James T. Kirk.$ 2cCo& read aloud0 $!emem#er 5eldt and a mistake that
righted at great cost to all1 " seek &our help in righting another mistake. 8lease meet me
at two,seven,two mark eight,one,seven on Stardate <=**.*-. " #ring a gift of great value
to the Federation to show m& sincerit&. "tIs the mpireIs latest weapon. A warship
named !aptor. Admiral Kirk0 &ou must meet with me. The future of the Federation and
the Klingon mpire is at stake. 4e stood together once #efore and defeated a common
enem&0 we need to do so again.$
$4hatIs 5eldt1$ 2cCo& looked up and asked in a puEEled tone.
$"tIs more like who0 7ones0$ Kirk replied0 $She was part of an unpleasant encounter "
had as a cadet at the Academ&.$
$So0$ 2cCo& prompted.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$She was a 9actran mutant the Klingons were using as an agent.$ >ere Kirk stopped0
and wondered if he should voice his farfetched feeling a#out this message. >e finall&
decided. N"t mentioned her and the fate of the Klingon mpire. "Im tempted to think this
message came from a Klingon.$
$A Klingon1$ 2cCo& eGclaimed with incredulit&.
$6eah0$ Kirk replied morosel&0 $also Starfleet Command has received recent reports of a
new t&pe of warship #& the Klingons.$
$4hat if this is Dust a trap for the Klingons to get &ou Jim0$ 2cCo& asked Huietl&.
$4hat if it isnIt 7ones1 !emem#er what the Organians said1$ Kirk asked eHuall& Huietl&.
Silence grew as the menIs e&es locked0 and then Kirk looked down and reached over to
ke& his desk comm again. $Kirk to nterprise.$
$nterprise here0 Admiral0$ 3huraIs voice immediatel& responded again.
$3hura0$ Kirk said0 $" need to speak with Captain Spock.$
$Spock here0$ SpockIs voice immediatel& responded #efore 3hura could answer Kirk.
$That was a fast response Captain Spock. Are &ou having trou#le sleeping like the rest
of us1$
$" was alread& on the 7ridge running a program Admiral0$ Spock eGplained. Kirk Dust
grinned as 2cCo& and Si#ort #roke into laughter.
$Captain Spock0$ Kirk said0 $can &ou spare a few minutes to advise me on a pro#lem "
$Of course0 Admiral0 that is m& Do#.$
$"Id prefer we talk in person. "Im in m& flat. Captain0 #efore &ou #eam down0 would &ou
pull the file I5eldtI from the computer0 and familiariEe &ourself with it1 "tIs under m&
personal file. Access it with the code word I!uth.I Then make a cop& and #ring it with
$Acknowledged0$ Spock said0 $"Ill #eam down immediatel&0 Admiral.$
$Thank &ou Captain.$ A few minutes later another sparkle developed in the middle of
KirkIs fo&er0 and Captain Spock0 in a Starfleet CaptainIs uniform and a disk in his hand0
$>ello %octor 2cCo&0$ Spock said as he stepped into KirkIs living room and handed Kirk

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 17 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
the disk. >e then noticed Si#ort.
$>ello Commander Si#ort0$ Spock said gravel&.
$Congratulations on &our promotion Captain Spock0$ Si#ort replied looking up to meet
SpockIs e&es and remem#ering not to put his hand out for a shake. 2ust #e that long
5ulcan life0 Si#ort thought0 Spock looks a#out the same. Still tall and saturnine0 ma&#e a
little #it heavier. SpockIs hair has onl& a touch of gre& around the temples Si#ort
thought. Then Si#ort looked into SpockIs e&es. >e then knew Dust how different Spock
had #ecome. For a split second0 Si#ort thought he saw a HuiEEled look of humor in
SpockIs e&es0 then it was gone as Spock responded.
$Thank &ou0 Commander.$
$Spock0 what did &ou think of the file1$ Kirk Huickl& asked.
$" read it Admiral.$ Spock replied. $" was not aware &ou had contact with a 9actran
#efore our mission there.$
$" had forgotten it m&self Spock0 until " received this message. 2a&#e the 4anderers
tampering with m& memor& has worn off0$ Kirk said as he handed Spock the message.
Spock read it in a glance0 then looked up to meet KirkIs e&es.
$2ost interesting Admiral0$ Spock commented evenl&0 $Are &ou planning on going1$
$6ou know darn well he has0$ 2cCo& interrupted sarcasticall&.
$" havenIt decided &et0$ Kirk said forcefull&0 deli#eratel& ignoring 2cCo&Is out#urst0
$thatIs wh& " asked &ou to Doin us. Spock " need &our opinion on this.$
The 5ulcan thought again how amaEing it still was to him that Kirk was alwa&s asking
his opinion when Spock had little to #ase an opinion on. >e had worked with Kirk long
enough to know Kirk reall& wanted Spock to speculate. Spock knew it was useless to
tell Kirk 5ulcans did not speculate. >e had tried it man& &ears ago0 and Kirk0 #eing a
man who did speculate0 ordered Spock to speculate an&wa&. Therefore0 Spock learned
to speculate.
$On the face of it0 the message seems a ruse to trap &ou Admiral0$ Spock said.
$>a0 the same thing " told him Spock0$ 2cCo& said with a smirk.
$>owever0$ Spock continued without missing a #eat and ignoring 2cCo&Is out#urst0 $the
reports of the new warship the Klingons have0 along with the prediction of the Organians
. . . $

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 10 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Spock0$ 2cCo& interrupted heatedl&0 $a Klingon no more turns over their latest to& . . . $
then Spock interrupted him and smoothl& continued0 $and further reports of the
escalating downward curve of Klingon resources.$
$"s it possi#le this message ma& #e from a defector Spock1$ Kirk asked Huickl& #efore
2cCo& could interrupt again.$
A Klingon defector1K1$ 2cCo& sputtered as Spock hesitated. Spock also hated it when
Kirk asked him these I"s it possi#le1I Huestions. Spock knew Kirk knew he did not have
all the information to answer the Huestion. >e had also now lived with humans long
enough to appreciate human #eingIs insight. Spock had personall& #een in several
situations with Kirk where an outrageous speculation from Spock had resulted in an
eGtraordinar& insight from Kirk0 saving Spock and nterprise repeatedl&. So Spock
calculated the odds and gam#led.
$"t is possi#le Admiral. " calculate the odds . . . $
$Are &ou #oth craE&1$ 2cCo& again interrupted0 $a Klingon defector1 "snIt that an
$7ones0$ Kirk said forcefull&0 $what if itIs true1K1$ The four men Dust looked at each other
in silence0 and then 2cCo& spoke dr&l&.
$9ooks like "Im moving #ack a#oard nterprise.$ 2cCo& then asked Kirk0 $4h& the code
name !uth1 %oes it have something to do with that girl &ou dreamed up on the shore
leave planet1$ Kirk ignored 2cCo&Is Huestions and instead handed him the disk Spock
had #rought down from nterprise.
$4atch this 7ones.$ Kirk said0 than grinned #roadl& at Si#ort0 and asked $Teed0 how
a#out a mission as Second Science Officer on nterprise1$ 7efore Si#ort could answer0
Kirk had turned to the desk comm and ke&ed it0 $Kirk to Admiral 2orrow0$ he said
urgentl&. "n the #ack of KirkIs mind0 he was still thinking a#out !uth.
Star Trek First Contact O Themes composed #& Jerr& ?oldsmith performed #& The Cit&
of 8rague 8hilharmonic Orchestra conducted #& Nic !aine

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
"t was an earl& afternoon at the ver& end of Fe#ruar&0 a winter da& of San Francisco 7a&
cold. Cadet James T. Kirk thought it was perfect sailing weather as he walked the first
time into the Huad of Starfleet Academ&. >e then turned and glanced #ack and out over
San Francisco 7a&. Jim noticed that the sun was shining0 sending long shadows &et
little warmth. This is the wa& it #egins0 and what a long wa& this is from the life "Ive
known on the farm in "owa0 Jim thought. Around Jim0 other cadets were milling a#out
while waiting for their #arracks assignments. Jim looked around the Luad and soon
noticed a &oung man a little older than himself. Jim noticed he had a curiousl& warm
face with dark e&es that were Huick and alive0 and a smile with watchfulness #ehind it.
>e remem#ered Captain !o#ert AprilIs recent advice to him and decided to go out of his
wa& to make others feel welcome. >e walked up to the man he had noticed0 and said
Huietl&0 $>i0 "Im Jim Kirk0 whatIs &our name1$
$Teed A. Si#ortM he answered0 nervousl& shifting his feet. Jim was immediatel& aware of
the athletic grace in which Teed moved.
$6ou donIt hold it against me do &ou1$
$4hat1$ Teed asked confused.
JimIs haEel e&es twinkled as he looked intentl& at Teed. $That "Ive onl& seen one live

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Klingon0$ he answered sl&l&.
$4h& should "1$ Teed was confused.
$4ell0 " met one recentl& who was most unpleasant. >e and his #uddies tried their #est
to kill m& father and me0M Jim told him0 surprised to find his voice now low and savagel&
#itter0 then drifting awa&. Jim turned a#ruptl& and #egan to inspect the wall as he again
thanked whatever ?od had saved his father and him from !o& 2oss and his cohorts.
$6our father1$ Teed asked Jim.
$6eah0 heIs in the Securit& %ivision with Starfleet. !ecentl& he took me out with him on
what was suppose to #e a milkrun mission0 #ut ever&thing went wrong0 including me.$
$6ou seem trou#led #& events &ou had no control over0$ Jim diml& heard Teed sa&.
$6es0$ Jim tensel& replied0 although he was still facing the wall0 $the trou#le is0 " havenIt
learned how to cope with life. All "Ive known has recentl& #een death.$ Jim was
confused. >e wondered wh& he was talking this wa& to this cadet.
Teed0 however0 was onl& silent. After a moment0 Jim turned #ack0 and Teed told him0
$6ouIll do well in Starfleet.$ At those words0 Jim reached out and ran his hand along the
wall of the Luad. TeedIs words0 and the memories the& #rought of Captain AprilIs
advice0 more than the coldness of the stone0 finall& dampened his anger. 8erhaps if "
had #een smarter0 ever&thing might have #een different and nightmares would not now
haunt me0 Jim thought #itterl&.
$AttentionK$ The& called them to attention. As Jim turned to face the speaker0 Teed
Huietl& said0 $Jim0 the Academ& will teach us #oth.$
At that moment0 Jim decided to #ecome friends with Teed A. Si#ort. Captain April had
told Jim personalities such as JimIs0 sensitive0 strong and compleG had a place in
Starfleet. Captain April had also told Jim he could #e too self,assured and idealistic.
7ecause of Captain April0 and his father0 Starfleet Securit& Officer Commander ?eorge
Samuel Kirk0 Jim decided he would set up the image he felt was necessar& for
command from da& one at the Academ&. %ue to Captain AprilIs influence0 James T.
KirkIs legend was growing also from da& one at the Academ&. Jim knew he was the
&oungest candidate ever into Starfleet Academ&. >e had the potential to #e the neGt
generation of command #eing trained to master its/ responsi#ilities. As Jim thought this
idea over0 the& called out his name and #arracks/ room num#er. Jim smiled at Teed as
he headed toward his #arracks room. A cadet was alread& in the room when Jim
arrived. A few minutes later0 two others had Doined them0 one of them Teed Si#ort. Jim
looked his roommates over0 then handed out their #unk assignments naturall& as he
was alread& a man of decision and decisive action. As the& started unpacking0 Jim

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$2& nameIs Jim Kirk0 and "Im from !iverside0 "owa0 which is not onl& on arth0 #ut also
on the same continent as Starfleet Academ&.$ Jim0 the &oungest of the four roommates0
was seventeen and the fairest in skin and hair of the four cadets now sharing the
#arracks room. Jim stood five foot ten inches0 and had a muscular #uild0 although his
face soft angles. >e had an aura of charisma a#out him. $"Im a Command Candidate0$
Jim continued0 $" Dust met Teed Si#ort in the Luad0$ Jim said looking at Teed0 who at
twent&,two0 was the oldest of the group.
$4here are &ou from Teed1$
$" was #orn and raised on 2ars 7ase.$ At five foot eight inches tall0 Teed was slender
with a muscular chest and arms0 and a Huiet demeanor.
$4hatIs &our rating1$ Jim asked.
$" scored high in all the Science tests0 especiall& Astro,Navigation0 so Navigation. " am
onl& half,human0 as m& father is a %eltan.$ TeedIs hair was the color of night and he
had dark #rown sensual e&es.
$6our ancestr& surprises me0$ Jim said0 $as the %eltans have not &et Doined the
Federation.$ Jim also remem#ered something a#out %eltans #eing so much older than
humans did. Jim could feel a warm #uEE of something from Teed. Suddenl& it clicked for
Jim what it was as Jim remem#ered that %eltans could sense images in other minds.
Something a#out their #rains #eing so much more evolved in the arts and mathematics
Jim remem#ered.
$" know that seGualit& as part of friendship0 social engagement and profession are not
the wa& of humans. " control that part of m& emotional drive and social pattern as the&
raised me among humans0$ Teed spoke dr&l& to Jim. Jim realiEed he had #een
speculating a#out the slight scent of musk from Teed. Jim was em#arrassed #ecause
#efore TeedIs words Jim had #een wondering if the Dokes heIs heard a#out %eltan life
#eing so seGuall&,orientated were true.
$2& father0$ Teed continued dr&l&0 $is a %eltan architect and philosopher. >e is also a
proponent of %elta Doining the Federation. "t was his desire that " should Doin Starfleet.
2& father had #riefl& studied at the 5ulcan Academ& of Sciences where he #ecame
strongl& influenced #& the 5ulcan idea of ".%.".C.$
A small and muscular compact dark,haired girl suddenl& said something to Teed in a
language Jim didnIt understand.
$4hat did &ou sa&1$ Jim asked her.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$>ow is it &ou speak %eltan1$ Teed interrupted Jim to ask her in a surprised tone.
$" asked in %eltan how TeedIs parents met0$ she answered Jim.
$On Alpha0$ she then answered Teed0 $the 3niversit& and the government0 had several
%eltans working there. Their families are with them.$
$4hatIs &our name1$ Jim asked.
$Ja&cee mI%olon0 human0 #ut #orn and raised on Alpha Centauri.$ Jac& was slender
and pale skinned. >er e&es and hair were #rown. She was the tallest of the group0
standing five foot eleven inches0 and at nineteen0 the second to the &oungest neGt to
Jim. She looked vaguel& like an arth Oriental and had a dual air of decadence and
elegance a#out her.
$2& specialt& is computers.$
$>ow did &ou come to know the %eltans1$ Jim then asked.
$2& mother is the Alpha Centauri Am#assador to the Federation0 she traces her
ancestr& #ack to the First Colon&0$ Jac& replied. $2& father is an "ndependent Trader0
specialiEing in 2erchant 2ediation.$
Jim whistled softl&0 then said0 $6et &ou are a computer whiE.$
$6es " am. 2& #rothers inherited the gift of talk. 6et0 "Im a communications candidate.$
"n her soft voice0 Jac& herself laughed at the iron&.
$So how did &our parents meet1$ Jim asked Teed.
$2& fatherIs design was chosen for 2ars 7aseIs museum. >e then sta&ed on to oversee
its construction. Soon after he married m& mother0 a human. After the proDect was
completed0 m& father Dust sta&ed0 one of a handful of %eltans at 2ars 7ase.$
Jim now turned to their shortest roommate0 a dark,haired woman. $4hatIs &our name1$
$!ico 9ee Crespin0$ she answered0 $well0 while &ou seem a #orn leader Jim. "Im a #orn
mediator and fighter.$ The others laughed. $Luite a contradiction in one package0$ !ico
continued. At twent& &ears old0 !ico was the second to the oldest0 #ut the shortest at
five foot siG inches of the roommates0 although none of them was ver& tall. 9ike Teed0
!ico had #lack hair and #rown e&es0 although her skin had a permanent tan. 9ike Jim
Kirk0 !ico was muscular. !ico and Jim were to spend man& hours in the g&m working
out together.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Although the& recommended me as an ngineering Candidate0 " opted for and
received0 a dual Securit& and ngineering Candidac&.$
Then #arel& knew each of them0 &et he sensed each of them was special. Jim felt a
sense of destin& in the room0 and that it covered all of them like moonlight on water. For
all of them0 Jim particularl&0 those first few da&s at Starfleet Academ& were dreams
come true.
A couple da&s later another man showed up who was also assigned to their #arracks.
>e walked into their room wearing closel& tailored #lack denims0 a #lack shirt with the
collar open at the neck0 and a charcoal gre& coat with dou#le,vents.
$>ello0$ he said. >is voice was mellow and with an arth Australian accent. >e was
sporting a closel& cropped #eard.
$"Im %ougglass Cla&e.$ >e eGtended his hand formall&. %ougg stood five foot eight
inches tall. Fair and muscular like Jim Kirk0 and like Jim0 %ougg had the manner of a
leader. Jim introduced the cadets.
$8lease call me %ougg0$ he said0 his face #reaking into a #road grin0 after he shook the
last of the hands of his new roommate
$6ouIre late0 arenIt &ou1$ Teed said in that Huiet tone Jim had alread& noticed.
$6es0 " am. " came in with Geter0 who had a run in with the Klingons0 which dela&ed
us.$ %ougg was a ple#e also0 &et even #etween he and the others0 a difference was
vast. At twent&,one0 he was #etween !ico and Teed in age. >is e&es were like deep
#lue mar#les and stead&0 &et roved from one cadet to another.
$"Im a 2edical Candidate. "Im happ& " made it here.$ A#ruptl& he reached into his travel
kit and came up with a smooth and gloss& #lack flask.
$8lease Doin me0$ he said formall& as he held the flask out. The& drank a toast to
Starfleet. "t was Jim KirkIs and the otherIs first eGperience with Saurian 7rand&. Jim had
never tasted an&thing like it. "t started a warm fire in him. Standing in the dappled light
through their #arracks window0 he was suddenl& filled with a fierce pride.
The& had another drink0 and then for a warm and happ& moment0 Jim looked at each of
his roommates.
$"Im going to make a prediction0$ Jim said #rashl&. >is #od& was almost at attention0 #ut
his e&es held a warm glow.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4eIre going to make histor&0$ Jim announced. 6ears later0 Jim Kirk would still see them
then , the five of them standing and glancing at each other in growing friendship. One
minute the& were a group of strangers thrown together #& Starfleet0 the neGt the& were a
Starfleet crew. The last thing Jim would have called himself was sophisticated. >e was
all too conscious of the gulf that separated him from the others. "n that one moment0 he
#ecame their leader. So0 that was how it all #egan0 a shared flask of Saurian 7rand&. "t
was life as Jim had dreamed it would #e when heId told Captain April he wanted in the
As JimIs time at the Academ& lengthened with the da&s0 he was inspiration and stamina
to his roommates. >e loved invigorating arguments. Jim discovered his greatest
strength was himself as he grew in the role of the leader of his roommate. Strength Jim
Kirk was to need often later in his career at Starfleet.
Star Trek The 2otion 8icture , nd Title composed #& Jerr& ?oldsmith , performed #&
The Cit& of 8rague 8hilharmonic Orchestra conducted #& Nic !aine

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
"t was the night of the annual Starfleet Academ& Spring %ance. Cadets0 dates0
instructor0 and spouses were all there. Officials from Starfleet and the Federation were
also there. So were man& officers and crew of the 3SS 5aliant as the starship was at
the San Francisco Spacedock for repairs.
Cadet James T. Kirk noticed her immediatel&. She was 9ad& 2orghan of AleG. Now in
her late thirties0 9ad& 2orghan was the civilian Chief of Starfleet "nformation Operations
and Computer !esearch and %evelopment. The Chief was elegant and fair skinned.
She was also thin0 small #oned0 and had long #lond hair. For this dance0 as it was a
formal affair0 she was wearing a tailored #lack skirt. 9ad& 2orghan wore a #lack cape
casuall& over it. She wore daint& and feminine #lack patent #oots with spike heels. Jim
watched her talking with Admiral von 4enEel0 Admiral Chen0 a small,#oned woman of
Chinese ancestr& with a proud and stu##orn #earing0 and Admiral 4algren0 a tall and
gra&,haired nglishman. Seeing Admiral Chen0 Jim unconsciousl& smoothed his
alread& immaculate uniform0 as he knew Admiral Chen could #e vocal a#out a cadetIs

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
appearance. Jim then watched how 9ad& 2orghanIs green e&es were flashing with
intensit& as she spoke with the three Admirals. >e inwardl& grinned when he noticed
Admiral 4algrenIs normall& stern and weathered face #reak into a pleasant grin to 9ad&
2orghan. JimIs mental grin grew when he noticed Admiral ChenIs usual steel&
determination and indomita#le will eGert itself upon the group with which she was
9ad& 2orghan was Admiral !. 8hillip von 4enEelIs onl& offspring. Admiral,of,the,Fleet
von 4enEel was the Chief of Starfleet. Jim o#served how Admiral von 4enEel was
ever&thing he had heard a#out and seen on the holovision. Admiral von 4enEel was
slender0 small,#oned0 less than siG feet in height0 and fair skinned. >is posture was
upright0 and his hair was short and straight0 almost a white #lond in color. >e was Huiet,
spoken0 distinctive0 and serious in his appearance. >e would look casuall& at his
daughter or Admiral 4algren0 then he would periodicall& concentrate on the room for a
moment0 then look #ack at his daughter or Admiral 4algren. >is #lue e&es were still0
wise0 and old as he also managed to surve& the room while talking with 9ad& 2orghan
and Admiral 4algren. Although Jim could not hear all of Admiral 4algren/s words
#ecause he now had his #ack to him0 Jim could easil& hear the AdmiralIs 7ritish accent.
Admiral 4algren was talking a#out some new technolog& in the warp engines. This
Admiral was proud he had risen through the field ranks to the position of Chief
ngineer. >e then went on to Starfleet Academ& where he had worked his wa& up to his
current position.
As the Captain of 5aliant claimed Admiral von 4enEel and Admiral 4algrenIs attention0
9ad& 2orghan turned to sa& hello to 9ieutenant 7enDamin Finne& and his wife. Finne&
was also an instructor. Jim knew he wouldnIt #e taking Finne&Is and 8rofessors
OlseenIs classes until neGt semester.
Jim grinned as he saw an underclassman enter with a #eautiful &oung woman on his
arm. She had a radiant smile0 green e&es and long #lond hair worn up in a coronet of
#raids. ?ar& 2itchell0 JimIs #est friend0 was escorting her. 9ad& 2orghan eGcused
herself from 9ieutenant Finne& and his wife. The &oung woman with ?ar& 2itchell
immediatel& pointed her out to 2itchell0 and the& were now walking over to 9ad&
2orghan. 2itchell saw Jim and grinned a hello to him.
$?ood evening 9ad& 2orghan0$ the &oung woman said0 $this is Cadet ?ar& 2itchell.
?ar&0 this is 9ad& 2orghan of AleG.$
$2& pleasure 9ad& 2orghan0$ and 2itchell #owed slightl&.
$?ood eve0$ 9ad& 2orghan started to repl& when the &oung woman interrupted her. $Oh
?ar&0 thatIs a waltE0$ she eGclaimed eGcitedl& as the music changed. $9etIs dance.$ As
the& moved to the dance floor0 Jim saw that 9ad& 2orghan had noticed him. >e moved
to the side of the dance floor. >e was now standing under the 3nited Federation of

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
8lanets green,and,red flag. Jim admired its circle of 3F8 s&m#ols around a center of
$>ello 2issus Olseen0$ a stock& civilian suddenl& said to 9ad& 2orghan0 then kissed
her. $Jarl0$ she said with pleasure to her hus#and.
$4hom are &ou staring so intentl& at1$ 8rofessor Olseen asked her.
$That &oung man0$ 9ad& 2orghan said looking again in JimIs direction. $" find his
appearance attractive. >eIs so deliciousl& handsome. >is dress uniform gives him an
aura of highl& select old,world tradition.$
$ThatIs Cadet James T. Kirk0$ her hus#and replied with a laugh0 $and &ou and ever&
other female here pro#a#l& feel the same wa&. ThereIs 7en calling for me0 save some
dances for me0$ he added as he kissed her again and headed over to 9ieutenant
7enDamin Finne& and his wife.
$?ood evening0 9ad& 2orghan0$ Commander 2ichael 5. >uff0 Chief of Starfleet
Academ&0 said as he stopped in front of her. $" noticed &our drink was getting low0$ he
added as he handed her a glass.
$?ood evening Commander0 and thank &ou$ she replied0 taking the glass of Kahlua on
ice from him. Commander >uff then turned to identif& the o#Dect of her gaEe over his
shoulder. $" see &ou also have noticed Cadet James T. Kirk.$
$6es0 he is difficult not to notice0 Commander.$
$A&e0$ he chuckled. $ThatIs pro#a#l& wh& Starfleet and the Federation are keeping a
close e&e on 2ister Kirk. Although people such as Admiral 4algren and Admiral >owell
do so for different reasons.$
$For one so &oung0 he is developing Huite a reputation0$ 9ad& 2orghan commented.
$>eIs proven himself so far to #e #rilliant and am#itious0$ Commander >uff said.
$Though currentl&0 he seems o#sessed #& #ooks0 eGams0 academic achievement0 and
Starfleet. Captain April personall& recommended him. >e pro#a#l& feels he has some
high standards to uphold.$ 9ad& 2orghanIs e&es followed Jim as he moved onto the
dance floor with Commander >uffIs &oung daughter0 Alethea. 9ad& 2orghan and
Commander >uff #oth noticed the feminine interest0 covert glances0 and turned heads
as Jim and Alethea danced.
$See how he attracts other0$ 9ad& 2orghan murmured to Commander >uff.
$A&e0$ Commander >uff replied dr&l&0 $" think itIs time " asked m& daughter to dance.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
>e moved toward Jim and his daughter. Over his shoulder0 he chuckled. $After " divert
Alethea to someone less interesting0 letIs dance 9ad& 2orghan.$
The dance had ended #& that time. ?ar& 2itchell introduced the &oung woman to Jim.
Commander >uff escorted his daughter out onto the dance floor. 9ad& 2orghan now
watched as the &oung woman was also drawn into JimIs charm. She wondered what
2itchell was up to. >e was walking awa& with a grin on his face0 leaving Jim and the
&oung woman alone.
$>ello again 2issus Olseen0$ her hus#andIs voice interrupted 9ad& 2orghanIs thoughts.
She smiled.
$>ow a#out a dance0 and what are &ou smiling at1$ her hus#and asked her. Taking her
hus#andIs arm0 the& walked onto the dance floor.
$" would like to #e a &oung girl again Jarl0$ 9ad& 2orghan said0 watching Jim and !uth
talk while she danced with her hus#and. $An& more " feel "Im Dust eGceptionall& well
#ehaved and well mannered.$
$6ouIll alwa&s #e &oung to me.$
$Thank &ou0$ she grinned at him. $4hat " mean Jarl0 is that too often " have little more in
mind at the end of each da& that a hot shower0 food and sleep with &ou. " wonder if "Ive
#ecome too highl& professional and too totall& self,contained.$ The dance ended and
the& called Jarl over to Doin Admiral von 4enEel. 9ad& 2orghan sighed as she walked
out to the deck0 where she folded her long legs0 and sat #& the #alcon& railing. Sitting
there0 she realiEed what a #eautiful evening it was. She then watched as a cat came out
of the deepening shadows0 and wound itself around her ankles. She reached down to
pet it.
Cadet !ico 9ee Crespin also now stepped out to the deck. She knew 9ad& 2orghan
had also recogniEed JimIs pattern of Huite eGtraordinar& charm. Although !ico had onl&
#een on arth a ver& short time0 she thought the air had a smell loaded with nostalgia
for her. 8ro#a#l& something to do with the flowers her mother had to have around
alwa&s0 !ico thought.
9ad& 2orghan watched !uth and Jim dance. "n the waning light of the setting sun0 she
noticed through another door the soft glow of the flickering candles spread throughout
around the lounge. "t is growing late0 she thought0 when she noticed how the
#ougainvillea,covered deck wall had faded into darkness. !uth and Jim were in the
lounge. !uth looked prett& in the soft candlelight as she and Jim talked. A continuous
and companiona#le murmur of conversation was around ever&one. On the #each0 the
7a& whispered. 9ooking at the &oung woman and Jim0 9ad& 2orghan suddenl& noticed
her hus#and at another ta#le0 talking with John ?ill0 also an Academ& professor and a

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg -1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
famous historian. She could hear them faintl& talking.
$4illiam !andolph >earst in the ()..Is0 old arth time0 was a noted and eccentric
individual.$ ?ill was sa&ing to Jarl Olseen.
$>earst1$ Olseen mused. $4asnIt he the owner of the newspapers of the da& here in
San Francisco1$ Olseen then asked.
$6es0$ ?ill replied0 $The San Francisco Gaminer and the San Francisco Call,7ulletin.$
$>mm0 " seem to remem#er he was also a #it of a cad. Something a#out &ellow
Dournalism0$ Jarl Olseen said dr&l&. $For all his great words a#out editorial responsi#ilit&0
he seemed too often to forget his own.$
$8erhaps0$ ?ill replied0 $it was due more to his patriotism. Often he would take an open
and vocal stand on an issue that cost him Huite a #it of mone&.$
$The heir to millions0 he could afford to lose mone&0$ Olseen replied #itingl&.
$"n spite of the fortune he inherited0 he did displa& enough character to choose an
honest vocation over idle luGur&0$ ?ill snapped #ack.
Jarl laughed0 $John0 the wa& >earst spent mone&0 he had to work.$
9ad& 2orghan had to stifle a laugh0 as she knew her hus#and was Dust #aiting John ?ill.
That was another part of her hus#andIs personalit&0 #ut she knew she still reall& liked
Jarl in spite of it. 9ad& 2orghan felt with her hus#and she could #e in the most
comforta#le of presences. Now she wondered again how he could #e so hot,tempered
one moment and laughing the neGt.
9ad& 2orghan was lost in thought. Suddenl& she #ecame aware of the smell of the 7a&.
The gulls were screaming0 and she watched the lights of a returning fishing #oat. The
earl& evening wind caressed near#& windchimes. She turned to watch Jim and !uth.
The& were #oth secretl& smiling. "t was a #eautiful evening. Candles and fresh flowers
were on each ta#le. "n the fireplace0 driftwood sparked and flickered.
For Jim and !uth0 #oth of them felt warm0 funn&0 and loving. Jim had taken her hand in
his as the& walked out to the other end of the deck0 o#livious to !ico and 9ad&
2orghanIs presence.
$That was a lovel& dance 2ister Kirk0$ !ico heard the &oung woman sa&. $Jim0 please
call me Jim0 !uth.$ So !uth was her name0 !ico thought. The spring winds whipped the
7a&0 &et even !ico could sense the safe and peaceful feeling #etween !uth and Jim
was growing. "t was o#vious to #oth 9ad& 2orghan and !ico that the moment deepl&

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 3( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
affected Jim and !uth. Although the evening was not cool0 Jim and !uth moved closer0
seeking each otherIs warmth. The timeless thunder of #reakers #roke onto the empt&
#each #elow !uth and Jim. 4atching0 9ad& 2orghan knew Jim Kirk and !uth were no
strangers to love. She also knew the winter would soon #e upon them.
$!uth0 &ou #ring out m& fun side0$ Jim whispered gallantl&. >e was standing so close to
!uth he could smell her faint perfume on her neck. Jim thoughtfull& and without haste0
then moved to kiss !uth.
$Tell me a#out &ourself !uth. From where are &ou1$ Jim asked after that kiss. !uth
pointed north to Sausalito.
$2arin Count&0 California0 Jim0 itIs right here. %id &ou know 2arinJ as well0 the whole
7a& Area is Dust full of interesting histor&1 %id &ou know wa& #ack in the ()=. and I*.Is
that 2arin Count& had its own language1$
Jim laughed and said $Onl& on arth.$
$Jim0 that eGpression was originall& IOnl& in 2arin.I$
>e laughed wickedl& as the& came to the end of the deck0 and turned around to walk
#ack. $" suppose &ouIre going to tell me that in 2arin Count& then that dail&
metaph&sical happenings were normal.$
!uth answered with a twinkle of her own in her e&e. $6ou got it Jim. "tIs where great
philosophical discussions centered then on the high cost of divorce.$
$Sounds more like a meeting,place of the real and the imaginar&0$ Jim kidded her.
!uth laughed with him as she replied $This all was ver& funn& to one outside 2arin
$"tIs funn& to me now0$ Jim said.
$An&wa&0 how do &ou know so much a#out this1 " thought &ou said &ou were a la#
technician here at the Academ&.$
$Oh0 it was m& ho##& once0$ !uth answered0 and then went on0 $%id &ou know 2arinites
sought clarification in man& wa&s1 Affairs were one wa&.$ Jim took that as an invitation
to steal another kiss from her.
$Sunda& mornings then were usuall& spent talking a#out the trend for less than
traditional weddings then0$ !uth continued. $ver&one was getting #ehind marriage
again0 several times0$ !uth laughed0 $creative divorce was also in then0 after one did the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 31 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
meet and greet with someone other than oneIs current spouse.$
At this point laughter convulsed Jim. !uth herself was having a hard time keeping a
straight face. She could not resist some last comments though.
$Then little time was spent thinking a#out taking a lover. "t was the deciding whose that
took so much energ&. The& liked to get together then and carr& on a meaningful free,
association. After all0 it was important after five marriages &ou knew how to relate to the
siGth marriage instead of Dust ego tripping.$
$" would never have guessed comed& was &our ho##&0$ Jim said incredulousl&.
!uth looked mischievousl& at Jim. $Jim0 would &ou like to come to lunch tomorrow1 "
live with m& uncle and his wife in Sausalito.$
$OK0$ Jim replied0 $4hat time and what address1$
The neGt morning0 Jim decided to take the ferr& ride over from San Francisco to
Sausalito. After the ferr& had moved awa& from San Francisco0 Jim walked up to the
#ridge. Jim was soon talking with the captain of the ferr&.
$For one hundred seventeen &ears0 ferr&#oats were part of the colorful scene on San
Francisco 7a&0$ the captain told Jim. $"tIs Dust recentl& weIve seen the replicas do the
working run #etween the Cit& and Sausalito again. "n its he&da&0 the ferr& carried
passengers0 livestock0 railroad cars0 and even automo#iles.$
$" read that ferr&#oats were once the hallmarks of San Francisco 7a&0$ Jim commented.
$6es. "n fact0 once upon a time the ferr&#oat was a necessit&. 3tilit& maintained it
solel&0$ the captain replied. $"nevita#l& the ferr&#oat found a secure place in the
romantic histor& of San Francisco. San Francisco resurrected it as a cherished link with
its romantic past.$ Jim was enDo&ing the restored ferr&#oatIs paddle churning its froth&
wake #ehind as he and the captain talked. The ferr& the& were traveling on0 the
Kangaroo0 was a replica of the first recorded 7a& ferr& operation. According to the
#rochure heId picked up when heId #oarded the ferr&0 Captain Thomas ?ra&
esta#lished the original Kangaroo in (*+.0 arth old time. "t ran a service #etween San
Francisco and what is now the Oakland stuar&.
$" recogniEe &our uniform0 &ouIre from Starfleet Academ&0$ the captain suddenl& said.
Jim nodded &es. The captain continued. $" also know thereIs a starship named 3SS
Faragut. %id &ou know that in (*+;0 the Nav& 6ard opened on 2are "sland a ferr&
service1 "ts first Commandant was %avid ?lasgow Farragut. The& later promoted him to

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 3- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$ThatIs ver& interesting0$ Jim said0 then continued. $The #rochure sa&s the Sausalito
9and and Ferr& Compan& esta#lished this route as a promotion scheme.$
$6es it was0$ the captain replied0 $the& hoped to sell lots in the residential development
Captain 4illiam A. !ichardson was pushing at his !ancho Saucelito. San Francisco
7a& once was ranked as a great port of arth.$ Jim was watching The Cit&0 its #uildings
#athed in the sun #urning off the fog around them. "t was spring and the intermittent
rains had made ever&thing clear so the visi#ilit& was magnificent. Jim could see the
?olden ?ate 7ridge off to port. 9ooking ahead0 he could also see the 2arin hills green
with the spring rains and the #eautiful view of 2ount Tamalpais. The island off AlcatraE
was receding astern of them0 and Jim turned to watch it. AlcatreE was a #ig
conversation piece in the #rochure he was reading. Just then0 the captain started talking
to him again.
$"n ()::0 AlcatraE ended its home as disciplinar& #arracks for the militar&. The then
3nited States Federal government took it over as a prison for dangerous criminals.
AlcatraE was considered escape,proof #ecause it was in the middle of the 7a&.
AmericaIs most legendar& gangster0 Al Capone0 was kept at AlcatraE.$
$%oes a ferr&#oat sink often1$ Jim asked the captain.
$2ore legend than fact0$ the captain told Jim. $Statistics proved a no more safe place to
#e than on a ferr&#oat. "t is eGceedingl& rare. The loss of life from ferr&#oat mishaps0
then and now0 is less than one millionth of a percent0$ the captain #ragged.
$" remem#er reading a#out a man named ArHues who #ought several ferr&#oats when
the& retired them0$ Jim told the Captain.
$6ep0 that would #e C.9. ArHues. %uring 4orld 4ar ""0 the 2arinship &ards used the
Sausalito waterfront. After 4orld 4ar ""0 ArHues #ought five ferr&#oats and had them
placed in !ichardson 7a&. The& remodeled the 5alleDo and the Cit& of Seattle for
homes. The Cit& of San !afael was eventuall& also used as a home0 although the& used
onl& its upper deck. Another ferr&#oat ended in Sausalito. She was the Charles 5an
%amme. >er tenant for man& &ears was a #usiness called The Ark. 9ooks like weIve
arrived0 " need to park this #oat.$
$Thanks Captain.$ Jim said as he walked down the steps to the lower deck. Jim
watched the ferr&#oat settle against the dock and the gangwa& put in place. >e
searched the people on the dock and soon spied !uth.
$!uth0$ Jim called out delightedl&. !uth grinned and waved at him from the dock. >e
walked down the gangwa& and down the dock to where !uth was waiting for him.
$>i Jim0 itIs such a #eautiful da&0 " thought weId walk to m& home.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 33 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$OK0$ Jim replied.
The& walked companiona#l& #ack down 7ridgewa& and past all the marinas. After a few
steps0 Jim took !uthIs hand in his. !uth smiled at him. %rawn up on the #each #&
5alhalla were a few #oats.
$7efore coming to the Academ&0 "Id rarel& seen the sea0 and #oats and ships onl& on
the rivers and lakes in "owa0$ Jim told !uth. "n answer !uth pointed out some ships she
knew0 then said0 $3ncle Jarl is the real one to talk with a#out #oats0 Jim.$
$3ncle Jarl0$ Jim raised his e&e#row to !uth in Huestion. $"Im his onl& niece. " moved in
with his wife and him last summer after " graduated and decided to #ecome a la#
technician at Starfleet Academ&0$ !uth answered as the& continued walking. Finall&0
!uth led them into a marina and down onto a dock.
$"Im puEEled0$ Jim admitted0 $" thought we were going to &our home.$
$4e are0$ !uth replied0 $3ncle Jarl and his wife live a#oard a classic &acht.$
$4hat kind1$ Jim asked.
$A Chris Craft Commander. SheIs #een remodeled inside0 #ut the outside retains all the
original cruiser lines.$
Finall&0 the& came to a large #oat with some steps alongside it that !uth clim#ed.
Stepping a#oard the #oat0 she Huickl& turned #ack to take JimIs hand. $Come on
a#oard0 Jim.$ !uth then called out0 $3ncle Jarl0 Aunt 2orghanJ "Ive #rought a guest
home for lunch. "tIs Jim Kirk.$ Jim took !uthIs hand and followed her a#oard.
The hatch opened0 and a stock& man a#out five foot siG inches tall appeared. >e was
late fort&0 with #lue e&es0 and Jim noticed immediatel& his air of Huiet confidence and
$3ncle JarlIs a teacher and a musician0$ !uth said #& wa& of an introduction.
$And the famil& sailor0$ Jarl replied0 $4elcome a#oard. So &ouIre the &oung man a#out
whom weIve #een hearing. Come #elow.$
As Jarl led them through the companionwa& into the salon0 Jim was momentaril& struck.
>e saw a #eautiful woman gracefull& standing to greet them. A fleeting eGpression of
humor and pride crossed JarlIs face as he saw JimIs reaction.
$This is m& wife 2orghan0$ Jarl said.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 3. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
4ith a Dolt0 Jim recogniEed that !uthIs uncle was Jarl Olseen0 an instructor at Starfleet
Academ& of advanced militar& strateg& and the latest in Astro,Navigation. Jim
remem#ered Jarl Olseen the Federation considered their premier eGpert on militar&
strateg&. >is wife0 2orghan0 Jim also realiEed0 was the well,dressed woman he had
#een watching last night. 9ad& 2orghan was wearing a white wraparound skirt and a
white #louse tied up around her slim waist. >er long #lond hair was hanging free making
her look even &ounger than her &ears.
$Now " see where &ou get &our looks from0$ Jim whispered to !uth after !uth introduced
him to 2orghan.
$Oh0$ !uth laughed. $3ncle Jarl is m& uncle0 and 2orghan is his wife.$
$Others claim the& spotted more #eautiful women than m& wife and niece. " think not #&
relia#le witnessI0$ Jarl said affectionatel&.
Over lunch0 the& talked of little else #ut #oats and San Francisco 7a&. Jim did manage
to find out that Jarl also taught a 2usic 8erformance class at the 3niversit&. Then !uth
told him that Jarl0 #esides #eing an accomplished sailor0 also pla&ed trumpet with the
2arin S&mphon& and the 2ountain 8la& on 2ount Tam. After lunch0 the& then
wandered around the marina0 and inspected the different #oats.
$ThatIs a Classic Santa CruE,Sevent&0$ Jarl pointed out to them0 then pointed to another
#oat sa&ing0 $while thatIs a ver& rare replica of a wooden Stevens.$
Jim found Jarl was #ringing the #oats alive for him. Jarl descri#ed how each #oat had a
personalit& all its own. From JimIs grin0 Jarl Olseen could see Jim was having a great
time. $%id &ou know the 7a& measures a#out four hundred fift& sHuare miles of water
Jim1$ Jarl asked Jim0 $at its maGimum width0 itIs a#out thirteen miles0 and it has depths
up to thirt&,siG fathoms0 although most of it is ver& shallow.$
$ThatIs a lot of water0$ Jim said.
$There use to #e more Jim0$ Jarl said sadl&. $The ?old !ush of (*;)0 old arth time0
changed this 7a& almost overnight. 7ecause of the 7a&Is surrounding steep hills and
wide tidal flats0 growth was slow for a long time. Then came the ?old !ush. %uring the
?old !ush0 the ships were coming through the ?ate almost hundreds at a time. Thirt&,
siG &ears later0 in (**+0 the& launched the first steel ship #uilt on the 8acific Coast from
the 3nion "ron 4orks. From there the& went on to #uild monitors0 cruisers0 #attleships0
and su#marines for the 3nited States Nav& and other nations.$
$4hat happened then1$ Jim asked.
$4ell0 in ().-0 the& sold the &ard to the 3nited States Ship#uilding Compan&0 then

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 3/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
came 4orld 4ar ".$
$" know a little a#out that0$ Jim interrupted. $Though mainl& from the aviation side.$
$4e didnIt have much of that on the 7a&0 mostl& Dust ship#uilding. The #uilding #ooms
of 4orld 4ar " was nothing compared with the one for 4orld 4ar "". 6ards at San
Francisco0 the Oakland stuar& and !ichmond0 also #uilt warships0 dr& cargo ships and
doEens of tankers. This marina where we live is part of the north end of the old
2arinship.$ Jarl then pointed toward the shore0 $over there &ou can still see the ruins of
one old wa&.$
$4ere those #uilders government or civilian1$ Jim asked.
$The ones "Ive descri#ed so far were civilian. The government was involved with the
2are "sland Nav& 6ards up to almost the end of the twentieth centur&. >owever0 Jim0
the 7a& Area also has a histor& rich with sail#oats. Although there was a period when
the ships in the Cape >orn trade had owners predominantl& on the Atlantic Coast. The&
then put them under charter to San Francisco merchants.$
$>ow a#out1$ Jim started to sa& when a particular #oat suddenl& caught his e&e.
$4hatIs thatK1$ Jim asked eGcitedl&.
$ThatIs a Stellar,Cat Thirt&,Three0$ Jarl replied.
$>ow can " go out on that1$ Jim asked Huietl&.
$4ell0$ Jarl smiled0 $how a#out we take her out for a sail right now1$
As Jim watched0 Jarl called out to the #oat $%own0$ the antigravs collapsed and the #oat
sank gracefull& into the water. Jarl then clim#ed a#oard0 and invited them to follow.
%aEedl& Jim realiEed the #eautiful #oat was Jarls. 7efore he knew it0 salt spra&
drenched him as the twin hulls of the Stellar,Cat Thirt&,Three pierced the 7a& chop at
twent&,five knots. Faster than Jim could take it all in0 Jarl was shouting over the noise of
the waves a#out the #oat and sailing.
Suddenl& Olseen said $Jim0 &ouIre on a close reach. >ereK$ and gave Jim the tiller.
As JimIs hand closed over the tiller0 he eGperienced a new feeling0 one of eGhilaration0
as he #alanced the #oat against the forces of the wind and waves. As Jarl showed Jim
how to fall off the wind0 the sound of the waves slapping the sides of the #oat graduall&
N" think "Im falling in love with 7a& sailingK$ Jim said eGcitedl&0 $itIs ver& different from the
rivers and lakes #ack homeK$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 3) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
JimIs grin was matching Jarls0 2orghans0 and !uths. >is mind set to work scanning the
#oatIs lines and the rake of her mast0 the trim of the foil. >e de#ated how he could
improve her sailing Hualities.
$4here are &ou from Jim1$ Jarl asked as he easil& and casuall& interrupted JimIs
thoughts. $"owa0$ Jim told him0 $no oceans and the land are mostl& flat. "t also snows a
$4ell0 "Ive sailed 9ake Tahoe0$ Jarl chuckled0 $and "Ive seen plent& of snow there.$
$Navigating in snow is hard0$ Jim said.
$"Im looking forward to seeing how &ou do with navigation0 2ister Kirk0$ Jarl announced
laughingl&0 $come on over an&time Jim0 "Ill teach &ou a#out #a&s and oceans.$
2orghan was watching Jim intentl& during this interpla& with her hus#and. Suddenl& she
asked0 $4hat do &ou want Jim1$ 4ithout hesitation0 Jim had an answer.
$ver&oneIs alwa&s anGious for tomorrow0$ Jim replied Huietl&0 #ut firml& $" onl& want
toda&.$ >e then took !uthIs hand0 $Forever and ever.$
$" should like to #e a &oung man again0$ Jarl said eHuall& Huietl& and firml& as he
reached for his wifeIs hand. The four of them sat in comforta#le silence and enDo&ed the
The 4rath of Khan James >orner http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1vB>i5"H;-:d8;

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 37 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
SiG months later Jim and !uth were having #reakfast with JimIs roommates and a miG of
upper and lower Academ& cadets.
$5er& well0$ Finnegan0 age twent&,two0 who was a tall and #road shouldered
upperclassman with a challenging sneer0 was speaking.
$4eekend leave. 4hatIs ever&one going to do1$ Finnegan demanded0 then turned to
Jim. $First &ou0 hot shot0$ Finnegan said to Jim with a faint #rogue.
$A&e sir0$ Jim said to Finnegan as he simultaneousl& gave his roommate !ico0 a
knowing and mischievous glance0 then raised his fork in a mock salute. $" thought "Id
meet Jarl Olseen.$
$Jarl OlseenK$ !uth interrupted. $"Id think &ouId want to spend time with someone more
fun Jim.$ She sounded hurt. Jim curled his mouth into a smile. >e looked at her0 neGt at
the woman sitting #& her0 Alana Johnson. >e moved his gaEe0 then at the
lowerclassmen0 ?ar& 2itchell and >ansen. >is e&es finall& settled on another
upperclassman0 2att %ecker. >e then grinned at his other roommates0 Jac& mI%olon0
%ougglass Cla&e0 and Teed Si#ort. 9astl&0 he grinned at a fellow cadet from down the
#arracks hall0 8atrick ugene 7rad&. 7rad& gave him an ear,to,ear grin #ack. The
others Huickl& pretended a#sorption with their #reakfasts0 as !uthIs normal smile was
now in a pout. %ecker and Finnegan were graduating neGt month. Jim0 his roommates0
and 7rad& were to graduate at the end of the &ear.
$Stop teasing !uth Jim0$ ordered Alana
in her future Admiral JohnsonIs voice.
$A&e0 a&e AJ$ Jim answered0 then
innocentl& #linked at !uth. Jim was now
eighteen &ears old0 and a first semester
senior. >e was the onl& one of their
group who called Alana Johnson0 a
twent&,three,&ear,old senior
upperclassman who also was graduating
the end of this month0 AJ. 2ost of the
underclassmen were afraid to talk to her
let alone use a nickname. Finnegan0
after e&eing !uth a moment0 got up and
swaggered around the ta#le to Jim with a wicked sneer.
$6ouIre #arel& out of the mud field farm #o&0 and &ou think &ou/re going to meet

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 30 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Olseen1 ThatIs presumptuous Jimm&,#o&.$
Jim continued Dust to watch !uth as he answered Finnegan. $Soon it wonIt #e.$ >e then
gave !ico a confident and reassuring look. !ico grinned #ack at him in spite of herself.
She knew Finnegan didnIt know Olseen was !uthIs uncle.
$Stow it 2ister0$ Alana said while looking meaningful at Finnegan. $>ood arrived
&esterda&. 4e can hop the neGt shuttle to space dock to tour her. "Ill #et the view is Dust
great of San Francisco 7a& on the wa& up. So0 we need to complete our plans now.$
She spoke in a voice that was not going to take an& no for an answer.
$>ow a#out &ou1$ Alana demanded Teed. Teed looked at her over his coffee cup. She
had a lean narrow face. >er #lack hair had streaks of gre& in it even then. As the &ears
went #& and the& all advanced in rank0 it turned regimental silver. ven then0 Alana
Johnson was the perfect Admiral. Teed Si#ort was in love with her0 #ut Alana Johnson
was in love with organiEing and planning.
7efore Teed could answer0 Finnegan snorted0 then sauntered over to the door and
leaned insolentl& against it while smirking $TeedIs going wherever &ou are Alana.$ ven
Finnegan called her #& her full name.
$6es0$ #lushing0 Teed answered. $"n fact " #elieve " will go with &ou.$ Actuall&0 Teed
hadnIt planned an&thing.
Alana nodded. $>ow a#out &ou !uth1 6ou want to come along1$
$" donIt know0 ma&#e0$ !uth answered. She pouted across the ta#le at Jim0 who was #&
then finishing his #reakfast. Jim felt her gaEe and raised his e&es to !uth and them #oth
then smiled with a special intimac&.
$!uth0 are &ou or arenIt &ou1$ Alana said impatientl&. She was smiling pleasantl&0 #ut
her voice had a touch of AdmiralIs order to it0 even to !uth who was a civilian.
!uth Dust continued looking at Jim who then reached across the ta#le for her hand and
gave up his teasing.
$!uth and " are going with all of &ou AJ0$ Jim finall& answered for #oth of them.
$A&e0 so am "0$ said ?ar&0 who having finished his #reakfast asked the screen for
toda&Is news.
>ansen and 2att %ecker added their affirmatives. So did all of JimIs roommates and
lastl& 8atrick 7rad&.
As Teed took a sip of his coffee0 he remem#ered that he had recentl& heard Alana
Johnson and Finnegan talking a#out Jim Kirk and !uth. Finnegan was concerned

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 31 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
#ecause !uth wasnIt Service. ver&one in their group0 eGcept Jim Kirk0 knew that ?ar&
2itchell had intentionall& introduced Jim and !uth. ?ar& had deli#eratel& #rought !uth
to the Academ& Spring %ance0 where !uth0 once she met James T. Kirk0 forgot an&
other man. 7ecause !uth was smitten with Jim0 !uth had #een an insepara#le part of
JimIs group ever since.
$Are &ou going to tell them the& canIt #e in love with each other1$ Teed had heard Alana
ask Finnegan.
$Jimm& canIt #e serious with !uth and StarfleetK$ Finnegan answered her sharpl&.
$Alana0 wh& are &ou indulging him so1$ Although Finnegan was merciless and often
cruel with Jim Kirk0 Teed knew he also recogniEed something special in Jim0 as did
ever&one who met James T. Kirk.
$9et them work out their own lives0 2ister0$ Alana ordered.
$A&e0$ Finnegan replied0 and Teed sensed him smiling his sudden0 charming smile.
Finnegan also knew #etter than to continue arguing with Alana Johnson. There was a
moment of silence.
Then Alana surprised Teed #& sa&ing softl&0 $The romantic James Kirk will live to die a
doEen times0 Finnegan0 in a doEen different wa&s. 9et him have this moment.$
$4here is Teed1$ Teed suddenl& heard Alana0 from outside0 demanding to know. Teed
came #ack to the present to find himself sitting alone0 sipping cold coffee. >e Huickl&
stood up0 put on his uniform Dacket and Doined the others. "t was a t&pical fogg& San
Francisco summer morning0 and he felt the Dacket adDust its temperature for his comfort.
$4e still have time to walk to the shuttle and enDo& the #eautiful morning0$ Alana was
sa&ing as Teed Doined the group.
$>ereIs Teed. 9etIs move it people0$ she then ordered them.
As the& walked along0 Teed was thinking how for all his pla& at sophistication0 he still
felt rough around the edges. Although heIs in the same Academ& class as Jim0 he
wondered sometimes if Starfleet has made a mistake in accepting him. 6et0 he still
remem#ered his elation when Captain Ja&vee Castagno recommended Teed to #e one
of an elite few at Starfleet Academ&0 to his %eltan fathers pride.
Teed suddenl& realiEed the& were at the shuttle0 and he had fallen #ehind his #oisterous
friends. Jim Kirk caught his e&e0 and stopped to wait for Teed to catch up to him. The&
#oarded the shuttle0 and Jim sat #eside Teed.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$%oesnIt the 7a& Area look #eautiful1$ !uth asked. 7& now0 the& had taken off and
watching the 7a& and the 8acific Ocean recede #elow them.
$" had m& Frontier simulation &esterda& afternoon0$ Jim suddenl& and Huietl& said to
$>owId it go1$ Teed asked Jim curiousl& as heId taken his Frontier Simulation last week.
$" understand #etter how the Klingons can leave &ou with nightmares.$ Teed glanced
Huickl& around the shuttle. !uth0 Alana0 Finnegan0 ?ar& 2itchell0 >ansen0 8atrick 7rad&
and 2att %ecker were all now talking with each other. Jim turned toward Teed0 cutting
their voices off from the others. I2& nightmaresI Teed thought0 of course Jim Kirk0 as
one of his roommates0 had Huickl& found out a#out his nightmares.
$The simulation started on a station that was our home0 space station 7lackDack0 a
Frontier outpost. "n the role the& assigned me0$ Jim told Teed0 $m& mother was the
stationIs Astro,Chemist and 7otanist0 #ut she rarel& shared her worries with me. From
living on the Frontier0 " was supposed to #e old enough to understand the constant
danger we faced ever& da&. " knew from m& motherIs tone of voice when she called me
on the comm that things were deadl& serious. As " walked into our home0 she called m&
two &ounger sisters and me into the room she shared with m& father.$
Jim hesitated for a moment as he remem#ered the simulation.
$She told us that we needed to leave immediatel& as a Klingon cruiser had Dust slipped
through our defenses0$ Jim continued. $7ecause m& father was a known enem& of the
Klingons0 it was certain imprisonment and possi#le death for us to #e there when the
Klingons arrived. The Klingons had planned this raid well. The Federation could not take
action in time0 and m& father was too far awa& to help us then.$
Teed nodded0 then asked0 $The simulation had &our father as a leader in the Frontier
$6es0 a commander$ Jim replied0 $The simulator had him killed tr&ing to get #ack to us
when he heard a Klingon ship had slipped through.$ >ere Jim paused again as he
thought of his own father0 Commander ?eorge Samuel Kirk0 a Starfleet securit& officer.
$" understand #etter now what m& father meant when he said that #oth command and
self defense can #e an ongoing struggle. >e told me he strives to maintain0 not win0
#ecause he sa&s0 in the real world0 no one is keeping a score.$
Teed onl& nodded his head0 and Jim went on with his stor& of &esterda&Is simulation.
$The simulation continued with m& mother Huickl& making us up a pack while " opened
our weaponIs locker0 taking several phasers and powerpacks that " hid under m& Dacket.
Suddenl& there was a pounding at our front door. " reached into the weaponsI locker0

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
pulling out three more phasers. " gave each of m& sisters in the simulation a phaser and
then handed the other to m& mother. 4ith m& heart pounding0 " stepped into the
hallwa&. The phaser was in m& hand as " looked around the corner. 2& mother moved
to open the door0 where she encountered our friends.$
$4hat was &our plan1$ Teed asked curiousl&.
$The& asked me that same Huestion0$ Jim shrugged ruefull&0 $in the simulation the&
were our friends0 " couldnIt lie to them. " also could not tell them the truth without
endangering their lives too0 so " said nothing. >owever0 m& mother told them we were
going to escape.$ Jim grew silent as he remem#ered #ack again to those moments in
the simulator.
$%id the& plan to help &ou1$ Teed then asked after JimIs silence Dust continued.
Jim nodded. $The& told me I6ouIre our friend Jim0 we canIt let &ou do it alone.I " could
tell the& outnum#ered me. So " asked them what their plan was.$
"t sounds like the simulator had them out to #e good friends0$ Teed smiled.
$6es0 the& were.$ Jim then continued his stor&.
$4ithin a few minutes though0 the Klingons had entered the space station. 4hatever
plan the& had the& never got the chance to tell me as it rapidl& #ecame worse than "Id
imagined as the Klingons secured each deck one #& one.$
Jim stopped talking as he remem#ered his feelings at seeing a couple doEen simulated
Klingons together. 8reviousl& he had onl& seen oneJ a real one last &ear when his father
and he went on a trip with Captain April that had almost ended in their deaths.
$The& #uild space stations to each hold a total of one hundred people0$ Jim continued. $"
realiEed then thatIs wh& the Federation dots the Frontier with a hundred of these
outposts. The& string them across several light,&ears of the Frontier. Troops on patrol
make up half the population. The other half are the support personnel for the station0
and usuall&0 a few families. ver&oneIs a volunteer.$
$Sounds like the simulator had &ou overwhelmed #& the Klingons Jim0$ Teed said.
$That we were0M Jim found himself chuckling in spite of himself0 $The Klingon
commander immediatel& issued orders for the eGecution of an&one tr&ing to leave. As
we were tr&ing to escape0 a woman friend was shot #efore us. The Klingons were
seeking her hus#and0 and the& were taking her children from her to make her talk0 or
make her hus#and give himself up. The simulated Klingons rationaliEed her death0 if we
can sa& that Klingons were rational0 that Ithere are no civilians in #attle.I$ Jim felt himself

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
grow angr& again at the memor&.
$"snIt it sevent&,two hours to Twelve0 the closest star#ase to 7lack Jack1$ Teed asked
$6eah0 and thatIs where we finall& ended. 4e can disa#le the sensors of the station and
lift off in m& fatherIs private light,cruiser. >owever0 the Klingon heav& cruiser standing
off from the station was on to us immediatel&. 4e were smaller and more maneuvera#le
, and out,gunned. 2& father had a few tricks #uilt into %ark !ider0 #ut not enough to
destro& a determined Klingon heav& cruiser. Our warp capa#ilit& was onl& three for the
run to Star#ase Twelve. 4e had to divert most of that power to supporting our shields.
Some went to screaming for help on the channel0 though we dou#ted an&one from the
Federation was close enough to hear us.$ >ere Jim had to pause and take a deep
#reath. The simulation was so real he had sweated in nervousness.
$The simulator had our shields #roken down in several places0 and we had wounded0
m& mother one of them0 when we heard 6orktown hailing us. " reported our status. "
then heard over our comm Captain 7ill ?reif warning the Klingon cruiser off. >e
informed them that in twelve minutes 6orktown and the 3SS 9eGington were going to #e
down that KlingonIs throat. The Klingon tossed a few more phasers our wa&0 then #roke
off their attack on us and took off with 9eGington in pursuit. A few minutes later0 Captain
?reif had all of us #eamed a#oard 6orktown for some #adl& needed medical attention.
The& took %ark !ider into tow as 6orktown headed for 7lack Jack.$
$Captain ?reif0 isnIt he the one with the colorful nickname of I8hasersaw 4illie1$ Teed
asked0 $the one famous for ordering precise phaser hits that cut up Klingon ships
without killing an& crew in the process1$
$6es0$ Jim replied0 $although he didnIt get a chance to displa& it for us. 7& the time we
returned to 7lack Jack0 the Klingons had #lown it up and escaped with all the private
cruisers. 4e found out later. The& took onl& a few of our people prisoners. Others
escaped shortl& after we drew off the Klingon cruiser0 and the rest died in the #low up.$
Jim paused for a moment0 #ut Teed didnIt sa& an&thing so Jim finished his stor&.
$The simulation had m& mother die on the wa& #ack to 7lack Jack0 and two of m&
$This simulation seems to have affected &ou deep Jim0$ Teed told him Huietl& after a
moment of silence0 $4as it the deaths1$
Jim felt again the anger and helpless feeling wash over him. >e remem#ered caught up
in the simulation0 and his frustration at his ina#ilit& to stop the deaths.
$Then0 " wanted to kill the Klingons. The& ruthlessl& destro&ed us.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$!evenge is not StarfleetIs purpose0 Jim0$ Teed warned Jim.
$" know that Teed.$
$4eIve arrived. Jim0 &ou did what &ou felt &ou had to0 and &ou did it well. No one can
ever fault &ou for that0$ Teed said it with pride in his voice for Jim. >e then stood up and
said to Jim0 $Come on Jim0 letIs go tour 3SS >ood with the others.$
>ours later the& were #ack at the shuttle launch in San Francisco. Jim0 !uth0 %ougg
and Teed were still standing there after the others had gone their various wa&s. Just
then0 JimIs communicator #eeped.
$Cadet Kirk here.$
$2ister Kirk. Commander >uff reHuests &our presence immediatel&.$ Jim #riefl&
wondered wh& the Commander of Starfleet Academ& wanted to see him.
$A&e sir0$ Jim replied. $On m& wa&.$ Jim mentall& shifted gears0 then said to !uth with a
gentle smile0 $%ut& calls.$ >e turned to Teed. $Teed0 would &ou and %ougg see !uth
home for me please1$
$6eah0 sure0$ Teed and %ougg answered together. Then Jim was gone.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek ?enerations O Theme
Admiral Kirk and the nterprise were #ack out in
deep space. Kirk0 now dressed in a CaptainIs
uniform0 was sitting in the command chair on the
7ridge thinking. The coordinates given to him #&
the 5eldt 2essage0 as Kirk had taken to calling it0
was an empt& region. No star0 no station0 Dust space0 Kirk thought. mpt& space that Dust
happened to #e in the Neutral Pone.
$An&thing 2ister Spock1$ Kirk asked. Spock0 now in a Science Officer uniform0 and the
rank of First Officer on his sleeves0 was standing off to KirkIs right0 and up on the deck.
>e now turned from his Science Station.
$No Captain0$ Spock replied evenl&0 $assuming &ou are speaking of our destination
coordinates0 we are still one point three one nine hours from target. Forward scanners
report no activit& in the target area.$ 3hura a ver& #eautiful woman of 7antu descent
interrupted Spock.
$Captain0 "Im getting a message from Starfleet Command. The KlingonIs have mo#iliEed
their entire fleet Dust on the other side of the Neutral Pone closest to our Solar S&stem.$
$Spock1$ Kirk asked as he turned in his command chair to the Science station.
$Confirmed Captain0$ Spock replied from where he was #ent over his Science Station0
Spock than straightened up and turned to Kirk. Kirk had started to turn #ack to the
forward screen when he noticed SpockIs movement. Kirk also noticed 3hura0 who still
had her hand to her ear0 had suddenl& tensed up.
$4hat is it Spock1$ Kirk asked as Spock then turned towards 3hura. She was looking at
Spock worriedl&0 and he spoke to 3hura #efore answering Kirk0 $8lease confirm recall
3huraIs face was tense0 #ut her voice was professional as she replied $Confirmed Sir.$
Spock then turned to Kirk.
$Starfleet Command has issued a ?eneral !ecall to the human solar s&stem Captain.$
The 7ridge crew grew Huiet as the& digested the meaning of SpockIs words.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg ./ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$5er& well. 6ellow Alert 3hura0$ Kirk immediatel& ordered into the silence0 which ended
as the crew then moved #ack to their duties. $8ipe the message to the 7riefing !oom
for repla&0$ Kirk continued0 $and have all %epartment >eads report there immediatel&.
Spock0 Chekov and Sulu0 &ou also0$ Kirk ordered as he stepped out of his chair0 and
then #ounded up the steps to the deck0 $3hura0 &ou have the conn.$ 3hura was alread&
speaking into her communications station0 #ut easil& interrupted herself0 $Acknowledged
Captain0$ she said0 then continued calml& with her message over the comm console.
Confident that the 7ridge was under efficient direction0 Kirk stepped into the elevator.
>is officers followed. Kirk heard 3hura sa&0 $Stead& as she goes0$ to the replacements
who had appeared on the #ridge for Spock0 Chekov and Sulu. The replacements
immediatel& seated themselves at their stations and with a glance familiariEed
themselves with the readings of their station. Kirk noticed Teed Si#ort move into the
Science position as the tur#oliftIs doors closed. "n spite of the seriousness of the
?eneral !ecall order0 Kirk grinned as he knew the conn was in competent hands under
3hura0 who was ever& #it as talented a Starfleet officer as she was a #eautiful woman.
"n contrast to Admiral James T. KirkIs good feelings towards his crew0 ?eneral Kolith of
the Klingon mpire was in a foul mood. 7ut then Kolith was usuall& in some sort of a
foul mood. >e had not advanced to the rank of ?eneral in the Klingon mpire without a
strong drive to aggression. Aggression was what held the tightl& woven clans of the
Klingon mpireIs tri#al culture together. Kolith shared his peopleIs opinion that the entire
universe outside the Klingon mpire was composed of worthless and weak individuals.
At this moment0 he was revising his opinion to include a few of his senior officers.
$2& Do# is men0 not ships0$ he growled in his heav& Klingon voice to the men seated at
the #riefing ta#le in front of him. $Now &ou0 the men " control0$ he continued
threateningl&0 the muscles in his massive face twisting it into a scowl0 $now &ou tell me
m& Do# is a ship1$ Kolith was massive and swarth&0 even for a Klingon. >e wore a
goatee and mustache. >is #od& was no longer &oung0 #ut was still erect and powerfull&
muscled. Now Kolith looked around the ta#le catching each manIs e&e and holding it0
#efore he moved on to the neGt man. 4hen he finished0 he spoke again. $>ow is it a
ship0$ he started Huietl&0 and not Dust an& ship0$ his voice rising with each word0 $#ut the
mpireIs most glorious ever0 is missing1K1$ he thundered so loudl& the numerous
medals on his massive chest moved0 reminding his officers in front of him0 that even #&
Klingon standards0 ?eneral Kolith was no ordinar& Klingon. 3nlike most of the officers in
front of him0 ?eneral Kolith knew the stark and sheer eGhilaration of com#at on a grand
$" have to do &our thinking for &ou0$ ?eneral Kolith said ominousl&0 $neGt " suppose "Ill
#e doing &our fighting for &ou0$ he insulted them. $?ive me the specifics on this lost
shipK$ The underl&ing menace in his voice and e&es left no dou#t as to the animosit&
that Kolith felt at that moment for the men in front of him.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$?eneral0$ one of the officers finall& answered0 $!aptor is the mpireIs greatest
construction. >e is a purel& militar& weapon capa#le of meeting and simultaneousl&
destro&ing five of our #est ships0$ he said proudl&0 his voice gaining strength. $The outer
hull is reall& Dust a shell especiall& constructed of a composite allo&. This allo&
distri#utes direct phaser hits all over the ship0 allowing for valua#le seconds in the event
of total shield failure0 which is highl& unlikel&0 #ecause the ship was constructed with
triple,shielding and a cloaking device. 4e do not need to decloak full& in order to fire
phasers. "nstead a tunnel in the cloaking field is created along the same path as a
phaser #eam or torpedo would travel. The same principle applies to the transporter. 4e
used a one hundred percent hone&com# pattern and the ship is designed to operate
independentl& in four different sections if necessar&. All these ideas were stolen from
the !omulans0 while the new optics were stolen from the Orions0 and the new
navigation sensors were stolen from the %eltans0$ he #oasted. $!aptorIs computer
s&stems were stolen from the arthers. Our agents were even a#le to access
Commander SpockIs computer enhancements to the nterprise after the& had #een
downloaded to StarfleetIs computers.$
$6es0 ?eneral Kolith noted0 $there is nothing more fleeting than militar& secrets.
$6es sir. !aptorIs first mission is to destro& arth0$ the officer continued0 $which Starfleet
uses as Star#ase One0 and is the seat of The 3nited Federation of 8lanets government.
Starfleet Command and the Federation rel& upon outl&ing defenses to stop an& hostile
action #efore it reaches arth. Around arth itself0 there is actuall& ver& little defense.
arthIs destruction would result in the downfall of the Federation0 and the Klingon
mpire would eGpand to all the former Federation s&stems. KlinEhai would then #e the
heart of the largest mpire everK$ the officer finished proudl&.
$>ow man& are a#oard him1$ ?eneral Kolith growled0 although he knew all this
information alread&. Kolith was #uilding up to the point he had called the meeting
together to make. The& are all idiot children of worms0 Kolith thought as he glared
around the ta#le at his senior officersJ not a one of them has considered the
unthinka#le. >owever0 Kolith had0 and he knew he would continue to ask these
Huestions until the opening presented itself for him to remind these worms wh& he was
their ?eneral.
$One hundred twent& men handpicked #& Captain Kang0$ replied the officer. Kolith
inwardl& smiled0 outwardl& he looked at the officer sourl&.
$>andpicked #& Kang1$ Kolith asked Huietl&0 too Huietl& the officers in the room
suddenl& realiEed.
The officer who had reported it scowled as a thought occurred to him. >e Huickl& went
over in his mind ever&thing to see if the horri#le thought that had Dust occurred to him

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
could #e true. From the grim look now on KolithIs face0 he wondered if Kolith had the
same thought0 and for how long. The officer decided KolithIs last Huestion was
rhetorical0 and that it was wiser not to answer it. Apparentl& so had all of KangIs senior
officers0 #ecause the silence grew. Kolith #roke the silence.
$The cursed Captain of StarfleetIs starship nterprise0 Kirk0 retires #ack to arth to
teach0$ Kolith spat out0 $the nterprise remains a#ove the arth in spacedock0 now
commanded #& its former first officer0 the 5ulcan Spock0 now a Captain.$ Kolith stopped
for a moment as his train of thought was distur#ing even to him. >e knew his life and
the honor of his >ouse could #e lost if what he suspected was true0 #ut the facts
seemed to #e pointing in that fateful direction. Kolith continued talking0 $Suddenl& the
nterprise0 again commanded #& Kirk0 leaves arth a#out the same time as !aptor
leaves KlinEhai on a mission to destro& the nterprise and arth. "nstead0 !aptor0 the
mpireIs greatest militar& weapon0 with a crew handpicked #& his Captain0 immediatel&
#ecomes missing.$ ver& Klingon in the room started sweating as the same thought
#egan to occur to each of them. Kolith had worked himself into a rage at his officerIs
stupidit&0 #ut &ears of eGperience had taught him some control.
$"s Kang a traitor0$ Kolith then practicall& screamed into the silence0 although he wanted
to kill the fools sitting #efore him. "nstead0 he thundered out the impossi#le thought now
in ever& KlingonIs mind in the room0 $>as Kang stolen !aptor1$ >is voice rang in the
continuing silence.
The men in the room stirred uneasil& as ?eneral Kolith then ke&ed his direct comm to
the >igh Council.
$?eneral Kolith to the >igh Council0$ he said evenl&0 although he was raging inside.
$6es ?eneral0$ a powerful voice answered.
$4e have a traitor who has stolen !aptor0$ ?eneral Kolith said immediatel&. Kolith knew
dela&ing the knowledge to the >igh Council would onl& hurt him more.
$Such are the fortunes of war ?eneral.$ the powerful voice replied. $6ou realiEe if &ou do
not get him #ack0 &our future is noneGistent0$ the voice said meaningfull&.
$6es0$ ?eneral Kolith answered.
$!eport in person to us immediatel&0$ the voice ordered curtl&0 then the connection was
cut. ?eneral Kolith looked around the room again as he stood up.
$"f m& future is noneGistent0 so too is all of &ours. Order the Fleet mo#iliEedK$ he roared
as he stalked off to the >igh Council Cham#ers.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
On #oard the nterprise0 9ieutenant Commander >ikaru Sulu was the shipIs >elmsman0
and of Oriental ancestr&. 9ieutenant 8avel Chekov was the shipIs Navigator0 and still a
#o&ishl& handsome man.
The& had #een #ack at their stations from the 7riefing !oom meeting for ten minutes
when each suddenl& noticed a new light on his #oard. 7efore the& could speak though0
Commander Teed Si#ort0 still manning SpockIs Science station spoke.
$Ship five hundred meters off our port #ow 3hura0$ Teed called out to her as she had
the conn.
$!ed Alert0 shields up$ 3hura ordered as she simultaneousl& ke&ed the comm to the
7riefing !oom. As Sulu punched at #uttons0 all over the ship the lights dimmed as the
!ed Alert lights came on and the shields went up. As 3hura opened the comm channel
to Kirk0 he was alread& telling 3hura he was on his wa&. A moment later Kirk and Spock
#urst out of the tur#olift onto the 7ridge. Kirk immediatel& spoke as Spock hurried over
to the Science station.
$!eport 3hura0$ Kirk ordered as he sat down in his chair.
$Ship five hundred meters off our port #ow0$ 3hura said0 $now coming on screen
Captain.$ A second later0 a massive ship appeared on the forward main screen.
$" donIt understand0$ Chekov0 with a slight !ussian accent0 was sa&ing to Kirk. $There
was nothing their Captain0 then it Dust suddenl& appeared.$ Kirk looked at the ship now
on the forward screen. "t was huge was his first thought as he stood up out of his chair
and then turned to shoot an inHuiring glance at Spock0 who had Dust finished talking with
Si#ort. Spock saw KirkIs glance and nodded his head &es0 then spoke.
$There is no indication of an ion trail from a drop out of warp drive0 nor impulse power0
nor instrument indications of a ship decloaking. 2ister Chekov is essentiall& correct that
it Dust appeared0$ Spock said gravel&. Then he added0 $Captain0 there are some unusual
characteristics to that ship.$
$Gplain0$ Kirk ordered.
$"tIs siEe is...0$ Spock started to repl& when 3huraIs calm voice interrupted him.
$Captain0 "Im getting a signal from that ship.$
$On screen 3hura.$ ver&one on the 7ridge turned to look at the forward main screen.
A Klingon face soon replaced the huge ship.
$" am Captain Kang.$ Kirk immediatel& recogniEed Kang. $%o " have the honor of

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg .1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
speaking with Captain Kirk of the nterprise1$
$6ou know damn well &ou are0$ Kirk muttered under his #reath0 then said aloud. $6es0 "
am Admiral James T. Kirk0 Captain of the 3SS nterprise0 representing the 3nited
Federation of 8lanets.$ Kirk was keenl& aware the Klingon ship and the nterprise were
#oth in the Neutral Pone.
$Captain0 since we are #oth in the Neutral Pone0 ma& " #eam a#oard to &our ship with
an >onor ?uard1$ Kirk hesitated0 now that his suspicions the message had come from
a Klingon were true0 Kirk was even more cautious. speciall& at the use of the words
Ima& "I coming from a KlingonIs mouth.
$8ermission granted0$ Kirk finall& said0 $3hura0$ then Spock interrupted him.
$Captain0 we must drop our shields in order to #eam him over.$ Kirk made a horiEontal
motion with his hands and 3hura cut the audio signal to the Klingon ship.
$Suggestions Spock as to how weIre going to get this show on the road1$ "n spite of his
5ulcan demeanor0 Spock #linked as he processed the colloHuialism. At that moment the
#ridge tur#olift doors opened0 and %octor 2cCo& stepped onto the upper #ridge deck
and over to SpockIs Science Station.
$Suggestions1 No Captain0 " donIt0 " was merel& pointing out a risk to us0$ Spock
$Thank &ou 2ister Spock0$ Kirk said dr&l&.
$ThatIs one huge ship0$ 2cCo& said softl& as he looked at the screen0 $" hope we donIt
get into a shooting match with that.$
$So do " %octor0$ Kirk said as he turned to 3hura.
$9ieutenant0 give the coordinates to 2ister Scott0 and have him personall& handle the
transporter.$ Kirk noticed immediatel& 3huraIs sudden look of puEElement. $4hat is it
3hura1$ he asked.
$Captain0 "Im una#le to get a transporter fiG.$
$8erform a failsafe check on the s&stem0 he ordered.
$" have alread&0 am performing another0$ 3hura said as her fingers danced with
sureness over her #oard. Spock immediatel& #ent to the hood of his Science Station
and his own long and elegant fingers danced eHuall& surel& over his #oard.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Captain$ Spock interrupted his thoughtsJ $Captain KangIs ship has some t&pe of shield
that we are una#le to pierce for the coordinates.$
$3hura0$ Kirk #egan0 #ut she had alread& activated the audio #efore he finished his
sentence. Kirk turned #ack to the screen0 anno&ed he had to ask this Huestion of Kang.
$Captain Kang0$ he #egan0 $&our shields will need to #e dropped0$ when the Klingon
interrupted him.
$4e will handle the #eaming from here Captain Kirk. 8lease give us &our transporter
coordinates now. 3hura looked to Kirk for confirmation. >e nodded his head &es. The
Klingon Captain continued0 $" will #e #eaming over with an >onor ?uard of four.$
$Thank &ou Captain Kang. Kirk out. 2ister Scott0$ Kirk then said over his comm0
$8repare to receive five guests. "Ill #e down immediatel&.$ Kirk then turned to 3hura.
$3hura0 an armed honor escort of siG to the transporter immediatel&. And 3hura0 &ou
have the conn. 2ister Spock0$ Kirk said as he gestured for Spock to Doin him as Kirk
headed towards the tur#olift. Spock stepped awa& from his Science Station and Teed
Si#ort smoothl& moved over from the side of SpockIs station where he was spending
most of the trip. Si#ort steeped casuall& into SpockIs position at the Science Station as
2cCo& pivoted in front of Spock and the& #oth hurried to the tur#olift. Kirk looked at
2cCo& who looked innocentl& #ack at him. Finall&0 Kirk sighed0 and said0 $2ain
Transporter.$ The tur#olift doors moved shut.
On #oard the !aptor0 the >elmsman grinned savagel& at the shocked looks on the
artherIs faces when !aptor had decloaked practicall& on top of the nterprise. >e
savored it again when Captain Kang had told Kirk !aptor did not need to drop his
shields for the transporter.
$?lorious0 soon ever&thing will #e in "mperial space$ the >elmsman muttered under his
#reath. >e had at first #een confused at the change in orders from proceeding
immediatel& to arth to this rendeEvous with the nterprise. Then Captain Kang had
eGplained that nterprise would #e there0 and the capture of it and its crew0 especiall&
Kirk0 would #e possi#le. The >elmsman knew that !aptor cloaked and an nterprise
controlled #& Klingons0 in or#it over arth would result in the total destruction of arth.
And #ringing that news #ack to KlinEhai0 along with the hated Kirk and nterprise0 would
#ring even more glor&0 power and wealth to ever& crewman now a#oard !aptor.
$The galaG& itself will soon #e under the control of the Klingon mpireK$ the >elmsman
said louder as Kang left the #ridge.
Kirk0 Spock0 2cCo& and the Securit& team arrived at the same time. Commander
2ontgomer& Scott0 Chief ngineer and Chief Transporter Technician Kiel were waiting

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
#ehind the transporter console.
$8repare to present honors0$ Kirk ordered. The siG #url& Securit& Officers positioned
themselves. Kirk noted approvingl& there were now three Securit& officers on each side
of the door. Their phasers each held in their right hand across their chest which Kang
would not see until after he had stepped off the transporter pad and then through the
$The&Ire #eaming now Captain0$ Scott& told Kirk. Kirk took the moment to turn to 2cCo&
and sa&0 $%octor0 sometimes &ou remind me of an upperclassman " knew at the
$FinneganIs heavier than me JimK$ 2cCo& protested innocentl&. 7efore Kirk could
answer0 the transporter pads sparkled and five Klingons solidified in nterpriseIs
cham#er. Kirk stepped forward as Kang stepped down from the platform0 his own >onor
?uard at his heels0 disrupters drawn Kirk noticed. Kang noticed the direction of KirkIs
glance0 and #efore Kirk could order nterpriseIs Securit& officers into the room0 Kang
$>and over &our weapons0 #utt first.$ KangIs >onor ?uard immediatel& turned their
disrupters around and gave them to Kang. >e then turned0 his arms full of their
disrupters0 and gestured to Kirk who instinctivel& put out his arms.
$8erhaps there is some place private we can talk0$ Kang said to the astonished Kirk as
Kang dumped his menIs disrupters into KirkIs arms. Kirk nodded his head &es0 then
$2ister Scott0 Chief Kiel0 take those disrupters.$ Scott& and Kiel stepped around the
console and relieved Kirk of the KlingonIs disrupters. Scott& whispered in KirkIs ear.
$Captain0 neither the nterprise nor that Klingon ship dropped shields at an& time for the
Kirk was stunned. >e knew Starfleet had no technolog& to duplicate what the Klingons
had Dust done. Kirk turned and walked out the door0 Kang and his guards #ehind him. "n
the corridor Kirk stopped.
$Captain Kang0 " would prefer &our guards waiting in our !ec !oom with these Securit&
officers while we talk in the 7riefing !oom.$ Kang #riefl& nodded and turned to his men.
$6ou will go with these men and sta& there until " call for &ou0$ Kang ordered. Kirk then
turned to the nterprise Securit& officers.
$nsign0$ Kirk ordered a &oung muscular woman0 $&ou will escort these Klingons to the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
!ec !oom where &ou will familiariEe them with a food and drink dispenser.$ Kirk
stopped and turned to Scott& who had finished putting the KlingonIs disrupters in a
locked ca#inet under the console. $Scott&0 &ou go with them and make sure one is
recoded for Klingon ph&siolog&. Then report to the 7riefing !oom.$
$A&e0$ Scott& said sourl&. "gnoring ScottIs tone0 Kirk turned #ack to the nterpriseIs
Securit& team and said0 $" donIt want an& trou#le nsign0$ Kirk emphasiEed0 $The&Ire
guests. Teach them a few of the rec games and maintain a constant shift watch.$
$A&e sir0$ the nsign replied. She then turned to the Klingons0 $?entlemen0$ she
addressed them0 $if &ouIll accompan& us please " think we can arrange some ice cream
and cake for &ou.$ At her words0 Kirk grinned as he watched the Klingon guards leave0
with the nterprise guards a disrespectful distance #ehind them Kirk noticed.
$"ce cream and cake Kirk1$ Kang said.
$6es0 especiall& the chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake Captain.$ Kirk then
laughed at the eGpression on KangIs face and that he was eGplaining ice cream and
cake to a Klingon. $"t/s food Captain0$ Kirk eGplained. $An&wa&0$ Kirk said suddenl&
serious0 $the 7riefing !oomIs that wa&0$ Kirk pointed down the corridor.
A few minutes later Kirk0 Spock0 2cCo&0 and Kang were sitting around the 7riefing
!oom ta#le. Kang was speaking as the door opened and Scott& walked in.
$Kirk0 !aptor can simultaneousl& destro& five of our #est ships.$ Scott&0 who was Dust
sitting down0 straightened up in his chair at KangIs words and looked at Kirk.
$7egging &our pardon Captain Kirk0$ he said. Kirk nodded his head and Scott& turned to
$4ould &e eGplain Dust eGactl& how &our #east& does that Captain Kang1$
$For one thing0$ Kang eGplained0 $the material !aptorIs hull is constructed from
distri#utes and dissipates phaser energ& from a direct hit all over the hull. The ship also
has three la&ers of deflectors. 4e have a cloaking device. 4e had arrived an hour
#efore &ou0 and Dust waited0 full& cloaked ... and armed. 4e could have seiEed &ou at
an& moment.$
$Fascinating0$ Spock murmured0 his fingers steepled together #efore his face.
$And deadl&0$ 2cCo& said loudl&.
$6es0$ Kang responded0 $all war weapons are unpleasant %octor0 otherwise the& would
#e useless.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$8lease continue Captain0$ Kirk said.
$4e do not need to full& decloak in order to fire phasers or to use the transporter.$
Scott& snorted his dis#elief at KangIs last statement while Kang remained silent.
$6ouIre proud of it0$ Kirk finall& said0 his e&es firml& on KangIs face.
$6es0$ Kang shrugged as he answered.
$4h& eGactl& did &ou contact me for this meeting Captain1$ Kirk demanded0 as he
thought #ack to another unusual meeting that had #een reHuested of him while he was
at the Academ&. Somehow0 Kirk thought0 " think this meeting is going to surprise me as
much as that one did.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek 5" The 3ndiscovered Countr& O Theme http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1
$Cadet Kirk reporting as reHuested sir.$ Jim was standing at attention in Commander
>uffIs office off the Luad at Star Fleet Academ&. There was an old two,dimensional
chess set on a small ta#le #etween two comforta#le chairs. Off to the side of the
CommanderIs desk was a three,dimensional chess set.
$%o &ou pla& chess 2ister Kirk1$
$A&e sir.$
$8lease Doin me in a game. 7& the wa&0 " prefer the older single #oard set m&self.$ As

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg // of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Jim and the Commander sat in the two chairs0 Jim noticed the Commander was
watching him closel&. 4hat Jim did not know was the CommanderIs thoughts then.
Commander >uff was now dwelling on his uneGpected earl& morning visit from Admiral
4algren. Admiral 4algren had come to discuss with Commander >uff Ifurther testing
for 2ister Kirk after KirkIs handling of the Ko#a&ashi 2aru scenario.I Commander >uff
knew that Admiral >owell had #acked up JimIs unorthodoG method for #eating the no,
win scenario. >e also convinced Admiral 4algren not to court,martial Jim out of the
Service then and there. Some wondered if !o#ert AprilIs influence was also #rought into
Then Admiral 4algren had showed up in Commander >uffIs office unannounced0 and
suggested this Imission for Cadet Kirk.I Apparentl&0 9ieutenant Commander Constrev0
>owellIs human aide who was #orn and raised on 5ulcan0 had shared some comments
of JimIs that Jim had made to Constrev0 with Admiral 4algren. >uff knew Constrev
would never have volunteered the information voluntaril&. 4algren must have ordered
Constrev to talk0 >uff knew nothing else could have made Constrev disclose a private
conversation. 4hat 4algren had rela&ed to Commander >uff was that Jim did not
#elieve that situations eGisted that are impossi#le to win. That comment and JimIs
handling of the Ko#a&ashi 2aru scenario0 and pro#a#l& some concern at !o#ert AprilIs
pulling strings to get Jim admitted to the Academ& at the &oungest age ever0 had
4algren worried. Therefore0 4algren had pushed through the orders for Jim to have
some real life scenarios to deal with #efore he graduated from the Academ&. The result
was that Dust a few minutes #efore >uff had reHuested Jim report to him0 Admiral
4algren had dropped off JimIs first set of orders for training outside the Academ&. >e
had also ordered >uff to deliver the orders to Jim immediatel&.
4hile Commander >uff was thinking a#out Admiral 4algrenIs recent visit0 he and Jim
went through the moves to determine who had each color. >uff won white and made his
opening move of pawn to KingIs four. Jim moved pawn to LueenIs 7ishop four. The&
pla&ed in silence for a few minutes.
$6our strateg& is eGcellent 2ister Kirk0 are &ou using the Sicilian %efense on me1$
$Thank &ou0 sir. 6our opening invited it.$
$Luite right 2ister Kirk. " #elieve the Sicilian %efense was mentioned #& 8olerio in arth
(+); old,time0 #ut wasnIt given its name until the "talian master0 ?reco0 in the
seventeenth centur&0 arth old,time0 put it to practical tests and #oosted its popularit&.$
$Strategicall& sir0$ Jim added0 $the Sicilian permits more options in pawn movement.$
$"ts predominant motif0$ >uff said0 $is struggle though , in the opening. 9ater0 towards
the middle of the game0 itIs hardl& suita#le for those who wish to pla& for sa& a draw. "
understand &ou donIt like to lose 2r. Kirk.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$For an unskilled pla&er using the Sicilian defense0 there is the haEard of 4hite getting
the upper hand in the middle of the game. Then #reaking through with a winning attack
on the KingIs side$ Jim said as he tried to hide his grin while he ignored the
CommanderIs last comment.
$" hope &our strateg& is as good on &our mission.$ Although Commander >uff had no
smile revealed0 there was a slight twinkle in his e&es #ecause he reall& did like this
promising &oung man0 $6ouIre leaving within the hour for Odori.$
>uff noticed his announcement did not throw off JimIs chess game. "n fact0 >uff realiEed
he was in serious danger of checkmate #& Jim.
$Thank &ou0 ma& " ask what mission sir0$ Jim asked as he moved a piece0 putting >uffIs
king into check.
$Check sir0$ he casuall& commented.
$5er& well. 6ouIre to provide assistance as a Star Fleet officer to siG Federation
scientists traveling to Odori.$ >uff #locked the check with another piece0 which Jim then
took0 putting >uff into check again.
$Check again sir. 4hat other Star Fleet support will there #e1$
As >uff moved his piece0 he answered0 $None. According to OdoriIs ?overnor 2ark0
there is a new virus a#out. Faragut is on her wa&0 although currentl& one week from
Odori. 6ouIll arrive in da&s. Captain ?arrovick is full& #riefed to date. 2ark seems to
think the scientists are enough though.$
>uff was feeling rather amaEed at JimIs lack of outward surprise at his orders. No cadet
had ever #een ordered out for an assignment like Jim Dust had. >uff was thinking how
Jim Dust kept impressing him more and more as command material0 although he was
hiding his growing pride in this &oung man.
Jim then moved another piece. $Checkmate sir. The end of the Sicilian defense tends to
favor 7lack since 4hite often impairs his position with premature and hopeful KingIs
side pawn progressions. The result is the intellectual tension factors that denote the
#est in classical pla& #ecause it gives notice of a fierce fight on the ver& first move. And
no sir0 " do not like to lose.$
>uff rose0 $5er& well. Thank &ou for the game 2ister Kirk. "Im not sure if Odori has
another meaning. An&wa&0 &ouIre traveling on the merchant ship 9ife of !ile&. The
leader of the scientists is %octor 2aril&n Kenned&. SheIll #rief &ou. 6ouIre in charge of
the mission though. 7& the wa&0 " made arrangements a#out &our classes. 6ouIll still

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
have some catching up to do when &ou return.$ >is voice softening0 >uff eGtended his
hand to Jim. $" know &ouIll do well Jim.$
As Jim walked out of Commander >uffIs office0 then crossed the Luad to his #arracks0
inwardl& he was ver& surprised. >e knew full well how irregular his assignment was.
"t was a#out a week later. Jim was thinking sourl& he was #e&ond surprise0 and a#out to
die unless something changed ver& fast. >e was in a line with men0 women and
children. The line lead into a room0 a room with no eGit. On either side of them0 armed
guards stood. "t was a Huiet death either in the room0 or the death in each guardIs hand.
Jim was considering Dumping a guard while he thought #ack to the last da&Is events.
$8ersonal 9og0 2idshipman Kirk reporting0 Star %ate (=-(.). 3pon arriving at Odori0 the
Federation scientists and " found the situation much more desperate than 2ark had
reported to the Federation earlier. OdoriIs population of four thousand arth colonists is
in the throes of a maDor virus. %octor Kenned& and her fellow scientists immediatel&
went to work to identif& it. Then ?overnor 2ark placed us under arrest0 and we realiEed
?overnor 2ark had another wa& he wanted to handle the virus when he removed our
personal sterile shields which were protecting us from the virus.$
$4h& are we under arrest ?overnor0$ Jim demanded Huietl&0 $and wh& have &ou
deli#eratel& eGposed us to the virus1$
"n an almost conversational tone of voice0 2ark answered0 $The Klingons convinced me
of a #etter life. The coloniEation of Odori will #e a failure0 leaving Odori open for Klingon
occupation. 6ou will take &our place with the others. "t will look like the virus killed the
people0 and we had to destro& the #odies to save ourselves.$
Jim felt himself grow cold as the& were lead awa&.
$Klingons1$ he muttered to %octor Kenned&0 $" thought we were dealing with a virus0 not
a madmanK$
$8ersonal 9og0 2idshipman Kirk reporting0 Star %ate (=:).-. After ?overnor 2ark
arrested us0 we were placed together in a cell. 4e havenIt #een searched. 8ro#a#l&
#ecause 2ark knows we have no phaser #etween us. 4e still have our communicators
though and " have a plan for tr&ing to contact Faragut.$
Jim Huickl& had the scientists give him their communicators.
$4eIve got to tie together the power of the communicators so " can #oost a signal to
Faragut0$ Jim eGplained. %octor Kenned&0 he0 and one of the other scientists spent the
neGt hour canni#aliEing the communicators into one.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4eIre read&0$ %octor Kenned& finall& said. ver&one gathered around her as she
handed the enhanced communicator to Jim.
$"s it enough1$ asked one of the other scientists.
Jim shrugged0 and said as he took the communicator from %octor Kenned&0 $4eIll soon
know.$ Turning the dial of the communicator in his hand0 Jim spoke0 $Kirk to Faragut.
This is an emergenc&0 come in Faragut.$ This is Odori calling with an emergenc&.
8lease respond Faragut.$ There was static and a far,a,wa& voice. Jim couldnIt #e sure0
so he adDusted the dial again. $This is 2idshipman Kirk at Odori calling with an
emergenc&. 8lease respond 3SS Faragut.$ Suddenl& a voice clearl& responded with0
$This is Captain ?arrovick of the 3SS Faragut. Gplain emergenc& 2ister Kirk.$
$5irus on Odori0 most colonists are infected.$ Jim wondered if it was #est not to go into
too much detail until he had more information. >e decided to continue cautiousl& with
his report0 and chose his words carefull&.
$Commander of Odori arrested m& part& and ".$ Jim could see in his mind Captain
?arrovickIs e&e#row go up0 and the looks eGchanged on the #ridge at that piece of
news. Arresting a Star Fleet officer and Federation scientists sent to help was a #it out
of the ordinar&. $?overnor 2ark also removed our personal sterile shields.$
$5er& well0 stand #&.$
Jim could hear Captain ?arrovick then reHuesting time to Odori. >e couldnIt hear the
answer though.
$2ister Kirk0 weIre still twent&,two hours out from Odori0 can &ou hold out till our arrival1$
the captain of Faragut then asked.
$3nknown sir0 weIll do our #est though0$ Jim then took a hidden deep #reath0 decided0
and Huickl& said0 $Captain ?arrovick0 2ark said he is working with the Klingons.$
There was a moment of silence from Faragut. Then Captain ?arrovickIs voice0 still even
and calm0 was #ack.
$5er& well. 6ou are to make ever& effort to escape and stop 2ark. !eport to me ever&
four hours.$
$!eport ever& four hours. Acknowledged.$
$Faragut out.$
$8ersonal 9og0 2idshipman Kirk reporting0 Star %ate (=;(.=. 4e hid the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg /1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
communicators0 and then spent the time working on escape0 not knowing how much
time we had until the virus eGploded forth in us. Our cell is Dust a locked windowless
storeroom. So far0 weIve #een una#le to #reak out. 4eIve reported in a no change four
times to Faragut. No oneIs #rought us food or water. 4eIre surviving on emergenc&
supplies we were carr&ing when we were arrested.$
$Jim0$ %octor Kenned& interrupted JimIs log0 $the virus ma& not #e in us.$
$Gplain0$ Jim ordered.
$4eIve #een talking0$ %octor Kenned& continued0 $and we feel 2ark pro#a#l& eGposed
the people to the virus through the food suppl&. !emem#er that neither he nor his
people were wearing personal sterile shields.$
$6ouIre sa&ing this virus is pro#a#l& not contagious1$ Jim demanded.
$6es.$ At the neGt report to Faragut0 Jim reported what %octor Kenned& told him0 then
turned over the communicator to her while she conferred with FaragutIs Chief 2edical
On the morning of the second da&0 Dust #efore the neGt report due to Faragut0 Jim
noticed the fire detectors.
$4e need to create a fire0$ Jim suddenl& and calml& stated. The scientists looked at him
like he was delirious. Jim hoped he wasnIt.
$4e can short one of the communicators0$ %octor Kenned& replied0 $#ut wh&1$
$5er& well. 9etIs do it.$ 4hile the& retrieved a communicator0 Jim eGplained.
$"f "Im right0 we should #e a#le to fool the fire s&stem into thinking thereIs a real fire. No
door should sta& locked once the alarms triggered.$
$4eIll need to silence the alarm first so 2ark isnIt warned0$ %octor Kenned& mused. She
turned to one of the other scientists.
$!enee0 &ouIre the one for this Do#.$
The scientist named !enee nodded and started searching the walls. After a few minutes
she found what she was looking for0 pried off a plate and eGamined the interior.
$This should #e it0$ !enee whispered as she started making adDustments.
$OK0$ !enee said five minutes later as she stepped #ack from the sensor0 $although &ou

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
donIt need a fire0 Dust lots of heatIll do the Do#.$
$5er& well0$ Jim then paused as he again considered his plan.
$%octor Kenned&0$ Jim then ordered0 $&ou short the communicator after " wedge it
against the sensor. !enee0 &ou open the door the moment it unlocks.$ Soon the sensor
glowed red. The& were all standing tensel& tr&ing to watch it and !enee at the same
time. Suddenl& the handle turned in !eneeIs hand.
$"t worked0$ %octor Kenned& shouted.
$ver&one out now0$ Jim ordered. Soon the& were all outside0 hugging the shadows.
The& immediatel& noticed there was a line of people going into a small #uilding. ?uards
with phaser rifles were ever&where. As Jim and his part& watched in horror0 some of the
people were cr&ing. Others looked simpl& daEed0 while one suddenl& Dumped a guard0
onl& to vanish in the light of a phaser rifle.
$The&Ire going in0 #ut no oneIs coming out0$ %octor Kenned& whispered.
$As will &ou also0$ a voice from #ehind them said. 4hirling around the& were confronted
#& 2ark and two armed guards. $8ut them in line0$ 2ark instructed the guards.
$!eal life is not Huite the same as what the& test us for at the Academ&0$ Jim muttered
to himself as he was shoved into line #& a phaser rifle #utt in the hands of one of the
The& were now standing mutel& in line. Jim thinking furiousl& he felt old #ut not &et
$On m& mark0$ he suddenl& spoke0 $weIll Dump the guard closest to the #uilding0 then run
for cover around it.$ 4ith his e&es0 Jim received an acknowledgment from each of the
scientists. As Jim was tensing up to give the signal0 he suddenl& heard the familiar
sound of a transporter. Simultaneousl& around the compound0 sHuads of FaragutIs
securit& personnel were #eaming in0 and immediatel& took over. Their first action was to
halt the eGecutions.
!uth saw Jim as soon as he arrived #ack from Odori.
$6ou look like &ou need shore leave0$ !uth told Jim.
$Thanks !uth0$ Jim said0 ignoring her o#servation0 $how a#out dinner tonight1$ $OK0$
!uth answered0 $"Im going to #ring a friend named Alethea0 can &ou get one of the
fellows to Doin us1$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$"Im sure " can0$ Jim answered0 $see &ou later.$
$>i Teed0$ Jim called out as he strode into their #arracks. Teed looked up from his
$>i Jim0$ Teed replied0 $>ow was &our trip1$ Teed noticed Jim was wearing the rank of a
9ieutenant Junior ?rade as Jim Dust slightl& shook his head and said0 $"Ill tell &ou a#out it
later Teed0 right now0 what are &ou doing tonight1$
$4hat do &ou have in mind Jim1$ Teed asked.
$"Im meeting !uth for dinner in Sausalito tonight. Then some dancing afterwards. 4h&
donIt &ou Doin us1$ Jim asked Teed0 $She mentioned something a#out #ringing a girl
named Alethea0 so " should #ring one of the fellows. >ow a#out it Teed1$
$Sure Jim.$ Jim started to do his homework0 #ut a few minutes later turned to Teed and
$4hatIs so funn&1$ Teed asked him0 looking up from his computer screen.
$" wonder if !uthIs friend Alethea0 is Alethea >uff0 Commander >uffIs daughter1$ Teed
glared #ack at him and now wondered too.
$"Im alread& married0 Jim0$ Teed told him0 $to m& career. And Commander >uff knows
it.$ Jim didnIt repl&. Teed turned awa& to his homework. Then he saw a look in JimIs
e&es that made him realiEe he might have made a tactless comment0 considering JimIs
position with !uth and the impossi#l& high career standards Jim set for himself. Teed
paused in em#arrassment #ecause there were so few with whom Jim felt he could talk
with. Teed hoped Jim knew he could alwa&s talk with him though0 no matter what. After
a couple moments of silence0 Jim spoke to Teed.
$Teed0 "Ive #ecome involved with !uth0$ he told Teed Huietl&. Teed realiEed he pro#a#l&
hadnIt even told !uth0 and that he was now the onl& one with whom Jim had shared his
feelings for !uth with.
$"s that a pro#lem1$ Teed gentl& asked him. Jim straightened Huickl&0 his #od& suddenl&
tense. "n JimIs e&es0 Teed could see JimIs feelings for !uth. Teed wanted to tell Jim
then that light,&ears of silence would end up separating Jim and !uth0 literall&.
>owever0 he didnIt #ecause he thought Jim was seeing it alread&.
$" donIt know &et0$ Jim replied unhappil&. The& #oth knew he was avoiding answering
TeedIs Huestion.
$7& the wa& Jim0$ Teed said tr&ing to change the su#Dect0 $&ou like &ouIve #een through

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
hell.$ 4hen Jim didnIt respond0 Teed went #ack to homework0 and after a moment0 Jim
turned #ack to his.
"t was after dinner0 and Jim0 !uth0 Teed and Alethea decided to walk along San
Francisco 7a& #efore going dancing. Jim had Dust finished Huietl& telling Teed and
Alethea0 who was CommanderIs >uffIs daughter0 a much,a##reviated stor& of Odori.
Alethea and Teed were now sitting on the #ench neGt to the one !uth and Jim were
sitting on. Teed was thinking0 Commander >uffIs daughter or not0 Alethea >uff was a
ver& prett& girl.
$"Im know it was terri#l& difficult on &ou0$ !uth said0 then $letIs change the su#Dect. 9et
me tell &ou a#out this dream " remem#er a#out m& sister0 Jim.$
There was a pause while Jim considered this. $Oka&0$ Jim finall& murmured faintl&.
Teed could tell JimIs mind was reall& still on Odori.
!uth persisted in tr&ing to cheer Jim up. She stood0 dragging Jim up with her0 and the&
started walking along 7ridgewa&. Alethea and Teed stood up and followed a couple feet
$For &ears Jim0$ !uth was sa&ing0 $" remem#ered this dream " had when " was two and
half &ears old. "n this dream0 m& sister lsie was Dust #orn.$
$ThatIs prett& &oung !uth0$ Jim said dr&l&. Teed could see Jim had almost eGhausted
his polite Star Fleet repertoire0 and would soon #e slipping #ack into his fear from Odori.
Then he saw Jim take a deep #reath as he tried to concentrate on !uthIs stor&.
$There are times when whatever0 it helps to take a deep #reath0$ Teed heard Jim
$4hat helps Jim0M !uth asked puEEled.
$>aving such a good memor&0$ Jim Huickl& answered.
$Thank &ou0$ !uth smiled0 then continued. $" dreamed 2other had a nurse and " was in
2otherIs room with the nurse. "n m& dream0 " suddenl& noticed a cri#. " gave that cri#
the once over and then tried to get through the #ars that were all around it. Then
something wiggled inside the cri#. " watched fascinated as a little hand moved out from
under the covers " reached through those #ars and took that hand in mine and looked at
"n spite of himself0 Teed could see !uthIs stor& was #eginning to interest Jim.
$>owId &ou know it was &our sister1$ Jim asked.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$" knew it was lsie0 m& #a#& sister0 #ecause "Id #een told so. Jim0 that hand felt so soft
that " put it into m& mouth0 as an& two,&ear,old does. "t felt so nice0 that soft0 warm little
hand. Then " #it it. "n m& dream 2other &elled0 the nurse &elled0 and oh m&0 how the
#a#& &elled in this dream. " was &anked and taken over #eside 2otherIs #ed. " cried and
wondered what "Id done wrong. 7ut " kind of knew. "tIs a funn& thing. 4hile " was #eing
&anked over to m& 2otherIs #ed0 " had a feeling of accomplishment0 a self,satisfied
feeling as " was #awling. " can still remem#er that feeling of self,satisfaction when "
awoke from that dream.$
Jim found himself laughing at the picture in his mind of !uth at two and a half #iting her
#a#& sister. >e saw Alethea and Teed were laughing with him. Jim found himself
relaGing and reall& enDo&ing his friends. After all0 he thought0 it is onl& good diplomac& to
grant gracious assent to the inevita#le.
$Sounds like a prett& real dream !uth0$ Alethea suddenl& commented.
$9ater on " found out it was real Alethea. 4hen " turned fourteen0 m& mother0 sisters0
and " were talking. " told them a#out this IdreamI " Dust could not forget. " descri#ed it. 2&
mother suddenl& said0 IThat was no dream. 6ou actuall& did that. 6ou actuall& #it that
$ven though " know now itIs real0$ !uth said laughingl&0 $" still feel self,satisfied.$
"n spite of himself0 Jim was getting more into the mood of what !uth was tr&ing to do.
>e Doined Alethea and Teed in more laughing.
$" have a stor& a#out m& #rother0$ Jim said0 $on our farm in "owa ever&one thought it
was m& #rother Sam0 who had the #est disposition in our famil&. " knew #etter though.$
$" though0 was not a#ove taking advantage of SamIs good nature when we were
children0$ Jim eGplained grinning #roadl& at the memor&.
$Sam was alwa&s told to take care of &our little #rother so nothing happened to me.$
$" got #ored with nothing happening to me0$ Jim said0 as his grin grew #roader.
$So one time when we were each given a #anana0 " pulled a prank on him. As we were
marching around the ta#le with our #ananas0 " #roke off a piece of m& #anana0 lifted the
lid to the cutglass cracker Dar0 and hid it among the crackers. Then " stopped marching0
asked Sam how much he had left of his #anana0 and called him a slow poke for not
eating faster. >e of course immediatel& finished his #anana then. " then distracted him0
fished out m& #anana from the cracker Dar0 and called Sam a pig for eating so fast.$
All three of them were now laughing along with Jim.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg ). of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4e had a hammock on the #ack porch. 4hen Sam was suppose to #e taking care of
me0 " would often have him push me in the hammock. >eId get tired and want to stop. "
told him " was the Captain and he was m& &eoman. >e had to keep on no matter how
tired he was. 3ncle Fred caught me at this though.$
$Tell me more Jim0$ !uth said laughingl&.
$4ell0 " had another favorite trick0$ Jim went on0 $"Id pick the corners off the cakes
2other #aked and #lame it on Sam. This #ackfired though. 2& 3ncle Fred watched us
closel&0 saw that " was the one who reall& picked the cake0 and told m& mother. "t got to
the point m& 3ncle Fred would watch us closel& at ever&thing0 spot some mischief0 and
then tell m& mother in the kitchen. IJimIs coming in to tell &ou Sam Dust did some
mischief " Dust saw Jim do.I Of course0 " not knowing this0 did show up eGactl& as 3ncle
Fred said0 and told 2other what Sam had Dust done.$
Alethea and !uth and Teed were still laughing.
$" never have learned to accept defeat gracefull&0$ Jim suddenl& said in a so#er tone.
There was onl& silence0 then Jim turned to !uth and said0 $!uth0 how a#out " get a
Saturda& pass to "owa0 and we go visit m& mother1$
$Sure Jim0 when do &ou want to leave1$
$>ow a#out Frida& after classes1$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek 5"@ The 3ndiscovered Countr& overture #& Cliff idelman
"t was late Frida& afternoon when Jim and !uth stepped out of the !iverside "owa
transporter terminal onto a Huiet0 tree,lined0 cedar #lock paved street with a few large
maple trees and >orsechestnut and Catalpa trees. Jim was surprised to find his heart
pounding a little more than usual as he watched !uth look around curiousl&. Nervousl&
Jim pointed out a Catalpa to !uth0 and eGplained0 $The& have ver& long seed pods that
m& #rother and " call "ndian Cigars. As a #o&0 " whittled doll furniture and #askets out of
the Catalpa pods for m& female cousins.$ Jim then pointed out the horsechestnuts as
the two of them continued walking down the streetJ $Those are more #rown and fat.$
$4here eGactl& are we going Jim1$
$4here weIre going is where m& mother and #rother and " lived all during m&
childhood0$ Jim replied0 $m& father also spent all his leaves here.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$6our father was in the Service1$
$6es0 a Commander in Starfleet Securit&.$ !uth wanted to ask more a#out JimIs father0
#ut something in JimIs manner made !uth hesitant. The continued walking.
All along the fences0 !uth noticed people had planted holl&hocks0 tall flowers0
sunflowers or the Catalpa or horsechestnuts Jim had descri#ed. Jim stopped0 then
turned and gaEed reflectivel& up and down the street. !uth noticed how Huiet it was
eGcept for the sound of #irds singing. !uth grinned at Jim as the& continued walking and
he descri#ed more sights and memories to her.
$2ost of the sidewalks in the middle of the #lock here are made of sHuares of slate
a#out five feet #& five feet. >owever0 the walks at each end of the #lock are made of
cement. " remem#er how nice the& were for skating on or writing upon with chalk.$
As the& continued to walk the& were soon out of town and walked up a road to a
farmhouse. As the& approached the steps up to the front door0 the walk up to the house
was also slate !uth noticed.
$These steps were grand for sitting on0$ Jim remem#ered aloud0 as the& moved up
them. Their footsteps echoed hollowl& as the& moved across the porch. $"nside0 and
immediatel& on the left is the wide stairwa& where m& mother and " sat when she was
teaching me to read. ThereIs a closet across from it that m& #rother Sam and " use to
pla& >ide,and,Seek in.$
JimIs mother suddenl& opened the door of the farmhouse0 and Jim and her em#raced.
Stepping inside0 Jim pulled !uth in and introduced her.
$!uth0 this is m& mother 4inona.$ 4inona looked at !uth without smiling0 #ut !uth still
felt a lot of warmth from JimIs mother.
$>ello !uth0$ 4inona said evenl&.
$>ello 2rs. Kirk0$ !uth replied politel&.
$6ouIre Dust in time to help0$ 4inona continued smoothl&. !uth noticed Jim onl& grinned
at his motherIs comment. $Jim0 show !uth the guest room and park &our gear0 and
please call me 4inona0 !uth.$ She spoke in an eas& voice. 4inona Kirk was small
#oned with #eautiful green e&es and her long hair0 which she now had tied #ack0 was
#londe Dust #eginning to turn to gre&.
$Then come out to the garden. 4ith &our help weIll #e finished up #& suppertime.$
4inona spoke with such an air of self,confidence and good nature that !uth was so

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
surprised she forgot to #e sh& for 4inona was not treating her as a newcomer at all.
Standing in the guestroom after putting awa& her travel kit0 !uth noticed the house was
cool and comforta#le.
$!ead& !uth1$ said Jim from the doorwa&. Nodding &es0 !uth stepped outside with him
to the garden. From there0 she noticed the house itself was almost sHuare in shape. The
trim was painted a dark forest green0 while the roof was covered with light gra& shingles.
!uth thought the house huge after the cramped space of her room on Jarl OlseenIs
#oat. She liked it0 as ever&thing felt comforta#le to her.
4inona immediatel& put them to work helping her in the garden for the rest of the
afternoon. The work went smooth0 and soon the& each went off to clean up for supper.
$" #ecome involved with a ver& old fashioned ho##& called #iplanes0$ Jim was telling
!uth later. %inner was over0 and the& were walking out to the #ack porch. Jim and !uth
sat down on the steps0 while 4inona went to a swing hanging from chains in the ceiling
of the porch. There was a cat alread& l&ing in it0 which !uth saw 4inona through the
shadows pick up as she sat down0 and then put the cat onto her lap. 4inona #egan
calml& rocking herself0 and petting the cat. Another cat came out of the darkness and
Dumped up onto the swing. "t la& down #eside 4inona. !uth looked around. There were
no lights on0 and it was dark enough out that she could now easil& pick out the 2ilk&
$7iplanes1 6ou mean a plane with two wings1$ !uth asked Jim0 moving her gaEe from
the sk& to Jim.
$6es0 although some of m& friends from around here have tri,planes0$ Jim answered. $"n
the morning "Ill show &ou m& #iplanes0$ Jim promised her. $4eIll take m& two,seater up0
sheIs a racing aeroplane " keep in the #arn0 and fl& over to m& Sopwith Camel.$ !uth
was wondering what a Sopwith Camel was when 4inona said out of the dark0 $ThereIs
an "nvitational tomorrow Jim.$
$?reatK$ Jim said eGcitedl&0 $thatIll give me a chance to show !uth the other planes.$
The neGt morning0 after an earl& #reakfast of coffee and fruit 4inona made for them0
Jim and !uth walked out to the #arn.
$7uilding and then learning to fl& m& #iplanes is what gave me a sense of
dimensionalit&0$ Jim told !uth. !uth #elieved him. She knew of no one else at the
Academ& who eHualed JimIs a#ilit& to carr& a space #attle in his head.
$" never knew how #eautiful arth could look until " first saw it through the wings of a
#iplane0$ Jim continued as the& rolled #ack the #arn doors.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Coming from a man the Academ&Is spent #ig mone& on with their simulators and real
spacecraft0 thatIs a funn& twist0$ !uth kidded Jim. Then said $having recentl& spent time
seeing arth from space0 " think thatIs the sight that is #eautiful.$
The& walked into the #arn. There was a small two,winged airplane inside. !uth stopped
to admire the plane.
$SheIs an replica of a Sopwith Ta#loid of the !o&al Fl&ing Corps0$ Jim told !uth proudl&0
then he continued descri#ing the plane. $The Ta#loid was #uilt the first &ear of arthIs
First 4orld 4ar. She has a #eautifull& simplistic engine0 the *. horsepower ?none
!otar&. Notice how #road the fuselage is !uth that/s #ecause we #oth sit in the seat
#ehind it. "n her tests0 she was loaded with her pilot0 a passenger0 and enough fuel for
two and a half,hours of fl&ing. She still clim#ed to one thousand two feet in one minute0
and reached a speed of ninet&,two miles per hour0 #oth were records in their da&. "n a
later test0 her engine had #een replaced with a ?nome 2onosoupape which reached
one hundred miles per hour. " use this plane mainl& for Dust taking a person up.$ Jim had
walked up to the small plane where he reached inside the seat and pulled a couple
#undles out.
$Come on !uth0 get dressed0 &ouIre m& co,pilot now. Then letIs start the pre,flight.$ Jim
said as he handed !uth one #undle and opened the other. ach #undle was a costume
of antiHues. Soon each now wore a #rown leather #om#er Dacket0 fl&ing #oots0 a white
silk scarf and goggles. Jim then spent several minutes checking off a list he called the
$9etIs push her out to the runwa& now0 !uth.$ The& then pushed the plane out to what
looked like a dirt road to !uth0 where the& continued the pre,flight.
$This is an open cockpit airplane &ouIre getting into0 the& had no heaters nor armor0$ Jim
eGplained as he showed !uth how to get in and strap down. $As with sailing and Star
Fleet0$ he went on0 $fl&ing means a #ad mistakeIs penalt& is death.$ Jim then stepped up
to the propeller.
$"Im going to crank her up0$ Jim told !uth0 $Switch on0 then contact0$ he &elled out. As
the engine started up0 !uth &elled to him0 $"tIs nois&K$
Jim Dust answered her with a #ig grin as he clim#ed in #eside !uth. $4eIre going to now
taGi down the runwa& for take,off.$ >e strapped himself in0 checked !uthIs straps over0
then coordinated the easing of the rudder forward with the movements of his feet. The
ground was rushing #& faster and faster and suddenl& the& were over the cornfields
heading north. 4atching the earth recede as !uth looked down over the side of the
plane0 she so#erl& pondered the fact that Jim KirkIs and her safet& now rested solel& in
JimIs hands0 #ut watching Jim fl&0 she could see the future starship commander in him.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg )1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$A plane has one person ultimatel& responsi#le when sheIs aloft0 !uth0 same for a
starship0M Jim spoke loudl& at !uth over the engine. At that moment0 !uth realiEed that
for Jim Kirk0 life without #eing solel& responsi#le0 whether of this plane or his future
starship0 would not #e life.
4hile fl&ing to whatever the "nvitational was the& were going to0 !uth could easil& hear
the roar of the engine and smell of the old fashioned eGhaust. She enDo&ed the
sensation of speed.
$4eIre going to the Annual "nvitational 2ock %og Fights0$ Jim &elled to !uth. !uth
wondered what a dogfight was. "t was onl& a few minutes later when the& landed and
!uth found out Dust what the& were going to do. The& were going to fl& in a mock aerial
As the& landed0 Jim talked eGcitedl& a#out the half doEen or so planes on the ground.
$The& are replicas0 all a variation of one form or another of arth ()(; to ()(* fighter
aircraft. The&Ire reall& Dust gun platforms.$
The& taGied #& a plane with circles painted on its wings. $ThatIs a Nieuport twent& eight
C,one0 which has #een often descri#ed as the Imost elegant aeroplane of the First
4orld 4ar.I 8ilots then were called aces0 and one0 a Captain named ddie
!icken#acker0 who fought on the American side0 scored several of his twent& siG
victories in this plane. !icken#acker #elonged to a sHuadron called the I>at,"n,The,
!ingI.$ Jim then pointed out a plane totall& painted red0 and with three wings0 $9ook0
thereIs !ile&Is plane. "tIs a perfect replica of a Fokker triplane0 a %r.,OneK$ Jim parked
their plane neGt to the three,winged plane. The& got out and walked over to the Fokker.
$4h& is she painted red1$ !uth asked.
$"t was to distinguish it from the other Fokker series. There was an ongoing conflict
#etween the reHuirements of vivid colors for simple identification0 and dull colors for
camouflage. At the start of the First 4orld 4ar0 France was the onl& countr& to mark
their planes. The& painted a red0 white and #lue roundel on them. This was also called
the ?reat 4ar #& the wa&. "n the #eginning of the ?reat 4ar0 aircraft were #eing fired
on #& friend and foe alike. 7ritain was the neGt one to put national identit& on their
planes0 in their caseJ it was their 3nion Jack. This turned out to #e an immediate
pro#lem as the ?ermans had put their ?erman Cross on their planes0 and even at
modest distances0 pilots couldnIt differentiate one plane from the other. So the !o&al
Fl&ing Corps reversed the FrenchIs roundel and painted it on their planes. The other
nations soon adopted the roundel0 each with their own distinguishing colors0 eGcept
?erman&. ?erman& kept0 in various forms0 its "ron Cross. Then the nations adopted the
s&stem of striping their rudders in national colors.$ The& were still walking around
eGamining the other planes.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 7( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Seems to me the pilot is easil& in the sights of an enem& #ecause heIs centered
#etween the roundels0$ !uth commented.
$?ood o#servation !uth0$ Jim grinned at her0 $and &ouIre right. The pilot was the unsafe
point of the planeJ so man& planes were eGperimentall& painted with designs to produce
an optical illusion. %idnIt work though. The 7ritish adopted khaki,green eventuall&0 not
onl& for camouflage0 #ut also #ecause it had proven capa#le of protecting their fa#ric
from the sun. An interesting footnote to that #it of histor& was what the ?ermans did do
though !uth.$ Jim paused0 as he looked lovingl& at the planes0 then continuedJ $The&
painted man& variations of the skull and cross#ones theme onto their planes.$
$4hat a#out their engines0$ !uth asked.
$The FokkerIs engineIs an O#erusel 3! ""0 which is also no longer in eGistence0 so !ile&
#uilt a replica of the engine also from plans in the histor& #ooks. "n the FokkerIs da&0 this
engine was considered fast at (;+ miles per hour. A ?erman ace named 2anfred von
!ichthofen0 flew the earlier version of the Fokker0 the F,( (.-A(=. 7& the wa&0 von
!ichthofenIs plane #efore this Fokker was an Al#atross %,one eleven0 also painted red.$
$4hat else do &ou know a#out the engines1$ !uth asked.
$4ell0 the engine0 or the power unit as itIs also called0 often cost more than the airframe.
One manufacturer of the power unit was the >ispano,SuiEa Compan&. "t was of Spanish
heritage0 #ut most of the work was done in France. "n addition0 the >ispano engines
were #uilt under man& licenses. Such manufacturers as 7enE0 and 2ercedes
#uilt the ?erman engines. !uth0 &ou know how we call the ship the !omulons and
Klingons use0 a I7ird of 8re&1I$
$Of course Jim0$ !uth answered in a chuckle.
$The !olls,!o&ce engines0 in ()(=0 went #& the illustrious nickname of I#irds of pre&0I
#ecause !olls,!o&ce had an agle and Falcon series of engines. The agle was a -+.
horsepower engine !uth.$
The& were now standing in front of the airplane. $!uth0 look at that airscrew0 also known
as the propeller0$ Jim said admiringl& while he pointed to it0 $These were #uilt #&
specialt& firms. 7& the end of The ?reat 4ar0 7ritain alone had siGt&,eight firms #uilding
them.$ The& continued to admire the Fokker a moment more0 then the& started to walk
over to Doin a doEen or so other plane sport enthusiasts. Jim pointed out another plane
to !uth that the& passed.
$ThatIs a Spad S. Thirteen0 the standard French single,seater fighter of the First 4orld
4ar. 7uilt towards the end of The ?reat 4ar0 she has significantl& more horsepowerJ

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 71 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
her >ispanEo,SuiEa engines ranged from two hundred horsepower to two hundred
thirt&,five horsepower.$ Jim sighed0 then said Huietl&0 $There are no more #iplanes or
triplanes in eGistence an&more !uth0 Dust replicas like &ou see here that are made #&
groups such as this one0$ Jim eGplained as the& Doined the other aviators.
$>i !ile&0 Jim Huickl& said to a tall0 rang& man who looked to #e in his mid,thirties. Then
Jim turned to !uth0 $heIs the owner of the Fokker0$ he eGplained.
$!ile&0 this is a friend of mine from the Academ&0 her nameIs !uth0$ Jim said #& wa& of
introduction. $SheIs !"N? with me toda&0$ he added.
$>i Jim0 home on leave1$ !ile& asked Jim. !ile& was slender and wir&. >e turned to
shake !uthIs hand hello with a hand rough from manual la#or0 then leaned forward in
an eas& and relaGed manner0 and said Huietl&0 $ver #een to an "nvitational !uth1$
$6ouIre gonna love it0$ he grinned #ack at her.
$>is FokkerIs Huite a replica0$ Jim said. $!ile& did the complete airframe0 propeller and
fa#ric work himselfJ it took him over two &ears of his spare time.$
$SheIs a %r.,One0 at five meters0 sevent&,seven centimeters long0 !uth0$ !ile& added
with pride0 $with a wingspan of seven meters0 nineteen centimeters. "nstead of fl&ing
with this #o&0 how a#out &ou fl& with an eGpert !uth0 " can put &ou in ffective !ealit&
Treking with me0$ !ile& kidded Jim.
$"Im not fighting with the Ta#loid0$ Jim replied with a sl& grin on his face. $"Im going up
instead with the Sopwith Camel0 !uthIs in !T with me and the Camel. 4eIre on wa& to
roll her out for pre,flight now.$
$"tIll #een an interesting dog,fight then Jim0 !ile& drawled.
$See &ou later !ile&0$ Jim said0 then he led !uth down a row of #uildings0 stopping at
the third. The door opened and the lights came on at JimIs voice. "nside was another
small plane0 this one also two,winged0 #ut had what looked like a sk&light in one of the
wings0 and seemed stock& to !uthIs unpracticed e&e.
$This plane is famous and infamous #oth due to its eGcita#le and volatile Hualities. 8ilots
then either loved it or hated it. This one is a F. One0 which has an eGtraordinar& knack to
outmaneuver an& plane of its time eGcept ma&#e the Fokker Triplane. The torHue in her
engine gives her notorious agilit&0 which in a close rotation0 if not uncorrected0 or in the
hands of an unskilled aviator0 freHuentl& produced a deadl& spin. 8ilots rapidl& #ecame
adept or dead once the& discovered that the rotar& engine on right turns made the nose

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 7- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
fall0 while left turns made the nose clim#. An interesting maneuver0 huh !uth1
$4h& the window in the wing Jim1$ !uth asked him.
$"t was to improve the pilotIs view0 #ecause the pilot not onl& flew the plane0 he also shot
the gun. Those men not onl& fought each other !uth0 the& fought ph&sics and nature
too. "n fact0 ten other companies held the license man& firms #esides Sopwith #uilt the
Sopwith Camels. 9etIs roll her out.$ !uth stepped forward to help Jim and the& soon had
the plane onto the runwa&.
$4hatIs this runwa& made of Jim0 " donIt recogniEe the material0$ !uth told Jim0 who
$"Im not surprised !uth. "ts cinder0 another replica of the time. The runwa&s prior to
cinder were Dust mud.$ Jim now started his pre,flight. !uth walked around admiring the
other planes0 and then Jim called her #ack over.
$!uth0 letIs go set &ou up in !T.$ The& walked over to a #uilding and entered it. "nside
were a doEen or so #ooths0 the !Ts Jim had #een talking a#out. ffective !ealit&
Treking turned out to #e ver& simple. "t onl& took a minute for Jim to show !uth how to
operate the s&stem.
Then a loudspeaker announced it was time to sign up. The& walked across the room to
where Jim was assigned his #attle time.
$?ood luck kid0$ !ile& grinned at Jim as the& walked #ack to the !Ts.
$Take care of &ourself old man0$ Jim answered him0 grinning #roadl&.
$!ile&Is got two seven point nine two millimeter Spandau machineguns mounted Dust
ahead of his cockpit0$ Jim told !uth as she walked him to the !T Coordinator where
the& logged !uth in so she could reserve the !T0 as the&Id noticed the& were filling up
fast. $The&Ire loaded #& an offshoot of !T0 then the hits are tracked and recorded in
&our !T #ooth. 7& the wa&0 !ile& has those guns coupled to his engine #& a Fokker
Pentralsteurung interrupter gear mechanism.$ The& then walked #ack to JimIs Sopwith
$4hatIs the fuel1$ !uth asked as the& arrived and Jim started his pre,flight.
$Not like the original planes fuel0 that was too highl& flamma#le. 4e love our planes too
much to watch them authenticall& #urn. So this fuel is non,flamma#le.$ Jim had finished
his inspection of the plane. >e then pulled a parachute out from under the seat. !uth
watched him unpack and repack it0 and then he put it on.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 73 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$"Im going to start her up0$ Jim said0 then $Contact0 StartKM
$>owIs the wind1$ !uth asked0 #oosting Jim into the cockpit.
$4e have a good wind0$ Jim told her as he settled into the seat0 and strapped himself in0
$itIs coming right down the length of the field0 weIll get good lift.$
$?ood luck0$ !uth called out0 then turned and hurried to the !T0 where she hooked
herself up. Through the technolog& of ffective !ealit& Treking0 she could now
eGperience ever&thing Jim did. Jim was soon air#orne and !uth could see the CamelIs
wing struts trem#ling.
!uth suddenl& felt a thrill of challenge as she saw and felt them immediatel& roll down
on another #iplane with what looked to #e an C painted on the wings. There was a faint
pop pop pop over the roar of their dive and the engine0 and she realiEed the& were
shooting at the other plane with simulated proDectiles. Then smoke and soot drifted from
the plane as it went into a vertical clim# to escape them. From the war game computer
in front of !uth0 she saw Jim had #een credited with a hit. !uth waited for Jim to go in
for the kill. "nstead Jim veered off and went after another plane.
"t was !ile&Is Fokker. Jim immediatel& got into a tail chase with him0 and he was so
close to !ile& !uth could see his propwash ahead of them. Jim was fighting the rudder
and aileron with delicate precision keeping them totall& in line. !uth saw his hand
tightening on the fake gun to fire. A#ruptl& !ile&Is red plane #anked so sharpl& !uth
thought he was going to roll right into another plane that suddenl& appeared. The red
plane clim#ed and rolled port out of the wa& though and took off after the other plane.
Soon thick #lack smoke erupted and the new plane was out of the game. The red plane
came #ack for them. Jim and !ile& e&ed each other. Then the computer notified
ever&one the games were over. !uth Doined the others from the ! as the& hurried out
to the runwa& to watch each plane land. After ever&one had landed0 pilots0 !
participants and friends had a series of hand shaking and drinks to congratulate what
ever&one said was a good #attle. "t had seemed onl& a couple short minutes to !uth0
#ut Jim had actuall& #een up a half,hourK
9unch was waiting for !uth and Jim when the& arrived #ack at JimIs grandparentIs
house. As the& sat down to eat !uth realiEed that0 although she hadnIt said much0
4inona genuinel& did like her. All too soon0 it was time for them to leave. Jim kissed his
mother good #&e.
$" enDo&ed &our hospitalit&0 4inona0$ !uth told her.
$6ouIre welcome here an& time !uth0$ 4inona answered her in that same even #ut
warm voice.
$Thank &ou0$ !uth answered. $"Ill remem#er this trip as long as " live0$ !uth told Jim as

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 7. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
the& walked #ack to the transporter. Jim chuckled0 and !uth could tell that Jim Kirk had
dealt with OdoriIs wounds in his own wa&. Jim wasnIt to appreciate for man& &ears how
eGperiences such as Odori had prepared him well for future events he was to
encounter0 one of them #eing the massive Klingon warship known as !aptor0 and his
commander who ma& or ma& not wanted to defect to the Federation.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 7/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek 5" 3ndiscovered Countr& Soundtrack@ Star Trek 5" Suite
?eneral Kolith had no dou#ts !aptorIs commander was defecting. SiG hours earlier
?eneral Kolith had taken precautionar& measures and had ordered the mo#iliEation of
the Klingon Fleet. >e was now standing alone at the window of the conference room
from where he had ordered all his senior officers out with the Fleet.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 7) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4hat a#out the Organian 8eace Treat&1$ a voice asked from the #ack of the
conference room. The voice rang hollowl& in the now almost empt& room. Kolith turned
to face the voice.
$3nder its terms we cannot destro& an& Federation ships . . . unfortunatel&0 $?eneral
Kolith scowled as he answered his &oungest son.
$"t does not however0 prevent us from destro&ing one of our own Gcellenc&0$ KolithIs
&oungest son growled meaningfull&. Kolith looked in silence at his son0 weighing the
words his son had spoken0 and that Kolith had #een thinking for siG hours now. Kolith
decided to tell his son a#out !aptorIs Navigator.
$" shall endeavor to #e less limited in m& thinking0$ Kolith said with sarcasm. $" have a
contingenc& alread& in place0$ Kolith then eGplained dr&l&.
$Are &ou going to share it with me Gcellenc&1$ his son inHuired silkil&.
$" provided a 8rimar& 7ridge officer with the appropriate knowledge and motivation.$
KolithIs son was Huiet as he considered his fatherIs words.
$The >igh Council prefers !aptor #ack0$ his son pointed out. >e was thinking a#out his
own future0 #ecause he knew either wa&0 !aptor destro&ed or successfull& recovered0
his fatherIs career was in serious Deopard&.
$And so do "0$ Kolith roared. $2ust &ou continue to point out the o#vious to me1 ComeK$
Kolith gestured angril& to his son to follow0 and stepped out of the room. >is son0 a now
openl& cold and hostile figure0 was soon right #ehind him as Kolith headed immediatel&
to the flagship of the Klingon mpire. Out in Klingon space0 another Klingon was angr&.
Commander Kamara0 with four #attle cruisers0 three 7irds of 8re&0 and ten scouts under
his command0 read the order he had received five hours earlier one more time. The
order had come directl& from ?eneral Kolith0 and commanded Kamara to immediatel&
look for the Klingon ship named !aptor0 commanded #& Captain Kang0 and
Commander Kamara was to #low !aptor out of space if he was una#le to remove Kang
from command. The orders further instructed Kumara to place all his scouts in position
around the human Solar S&stem0 and to position his cruisers and 7irds of 8re& in
waiting a#out seven hours awa&0 Dust this side of the Neutral Pone0 Kumara thought
3p until a moment ago0 Kamara had thought !aptorIs mission was to destro& arth.
Now ?eneral KolithIs orders said simpl& that Captain Kang had stolen !aptor.
Commander Kamara was having a hard time with the orders from ?eneral Kolith. First0
Kamara found it difficult to #elieve Captain Kang had stolen a ship he was alread& the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 77 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Captain of. Second0 it was #ecause of the cursed luck of Jim Kirk that Kang0 not
Kamara0 had accumulated enough power to achieve the command of !aptor. Third0
Kamara knew it was madness to cross the Neutral Pone with one ship0 let alone with a
sHuadron. Assuming he could get his ships past the Neutral Pone without Federation
detection0 how was he suppose to then get his scouts as far as the artherIs Solar
S&stem0 and wait seven hours awa& without #eing detected0 Kamara wondered. "t was
all too inconceiva#le0 even to a Klingon0 Kamara thought.
For a moment0 Kamara wondered if ?eneral Korith was right. 4hat a glorious thing to
do0 Commander Kamara thought0 stealing the mpireIs latest and greatest ship. The
power it would #ring that one man who could successfull& pull it off would rival the >igh
CouncilIs Kamara thought greedil&. For a moment Kamara felt approval for Kang0 then
he remem#ered that ?eneral KolithIs orders had mentioned KamaraIs disgrace at KirkIs
hands0 and KamaraIs future was noneGistent if Kamara failed again. 7esides0 Kamara
thought0 the glor& and power that would #e his if he personall& returned !aptor would
rival Koliths. "f he failed0 Kamara decided he could alwa&s throw in with Kang.
Kamara had decided what his plan was. >e now started the arrangements to get his
sHuadron across the Neutral Pone undetected.
$Captain Kang0$ Kirk said in the 7riefing !oom of the nterprise0 $" asked &ou wh& &ou
set up this meeting with me specificall&. "Im also curious how &ou knew a#out 5eldt.$
Kirk was a lot more curious than his appearance showed.
$" was a ver& &oung officer then0$ Kang eGplained. $The Federation had Dust released the
two Klingons &ou had #rought #ack with &ou. " was on the de#riefing team.$
$6ou never mentioned it when we had that encounter together on C"",A0$ Kirk said.
$" had other things on m& mind then0$ Kang replied. $For one thing0 most of the crew of
m& ship had Dust #een murdered0$ Kang pointed out.
$Of course Captain0 " Dust find it coincidental we stand together once more Captain
Kang0$ Kirk said.
$Captain Kirk0$ Spock interrupted0 $the Organians did indicate that someda& humans
and Klingons will work together in friendship. 6ou and Captain Kang demonstrated that
when &ou laughed together to force the malevolent energ& off the nterprise man&
&ears ago.$
$6ouIre right 2ister Spock0$ Kirk said0 then turned #ack to Kang. $Captain Kang0 now
that weIve met again0 please eGplain what can we do for &ou. 6our message mentioned
Icorrecting a mistake.I$
$6es Kirk0$ Kang nodded0 $" am ordered to take m& ship in and destro& arth.$ Kirk and

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 70 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Spock eGchanged a silent glance.
$Straight forward and to the point0M 2cCo& said c&nicall&.
$An appropriate name then Captain Kang0$ Spock said gravel&0 $as raptorial is a
plunderer who has adapted for seiEing pre&. On arth0 #irds of pre& such as vultures
are raptorial.$
$2ister Spock0 !aptor was designed to not onl& seiEe0 #ut also to destro&0 specificall& to
destro& the nterprise and arth0 which he is full& capa#le of doing.$ Kang said to
Spock with miGed feelings0 then looked around the room to the other Starfleet officers
and said0 $" think that would #e a mistake under the current circumstances.$
$?lad to hear that0$ 2cCo& said under his #reath. Kang shifted his gaEe from Spock to
Kirk0 ignoring the %octorIs remark0 and continued speaking0 $Captain Kirk0 " reHuest
as&lum for m&self0 m& wife0 and certain specific mem#ers of m& crew. Others in m&
crew ma& ver& well wish it also0 #ut " am not authoriEed to speak for them.$ Silence
greeted his words.
$Fascinating0$ Spock finall& said gravel& as he put his fingers together #efore his chest.
Scott& Dust stared at Kang and wondered how soon he would get his hands on the #ig
#east&Is engines. Admiral James T. Kirk was too astonished to speak. %octor 2cCo&
looked at Kirk0 nudged him in the ri#s0 and whispered0 $7e gracious.$
$?ranted0$ Kirk finall& said0 $4hat a#out &our ship1$ Kirk could clearl& see the
nterprise in his mindJ she was #ig0 powerful0 and reassuring. Kirk wondered if it was all
pitifull& deceptive indestructi#le permanence against KangIs ship. KangIs words
interrupted KirkIs thoughts.
$7& now "Im sure the Klingon fleet has #een mo#iliEed to find him. "s there a place we
can hide him1$
There was another moment of silence. Spock was thinking a#out all the secrets !aptor
would reveal to the Federation. 4here were the& going to hide the monster in the
meantime0 was KirkIs thought0 assuming Kang was telling the truth and this encounter
wasnIt Dust a set,up0 which Kirk still wasnIt convinced it wasnIt.
$Captain Kirk0$ Spock then spoke0 $A space&ard within the human Solar S&stem would
provide the securest place.$
$6eah0$ 2cCo& said sarcasticall&0 $#ut what is arth going to sa& with this monster
warship parked in its #ack &ard1$
$As usual %octor0 &our emotionalism has clouded &our thinking. The space&ards at

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 71 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Jupiter are far enough in to deter an& visitors0 &et far awa& enough from arth to
alleviate arthIs fears.$ Kirk thought for a moment #ut #efore he could speak0 2cCo&
scowled and snapped at him.
$Jim0 putting this weapon0 which is what this ship is0 closer to arth puts arth in Dust
that much more dangerK$ 7efore Kirk could answer0 2cCo& then turned to Kang.
$Captain Kang0 what assurances can &ou give us this defection is not a trick1$
7efore Kang could answer0 Scott& then spoke up. $Captain Kirk0 if " could get into that
#east&Is engine room0 " could pro#a#l& disa#le all phaser and torpedo controls. At the
same time " could check if there was an& other weapon capa#ilit&.$
$And whatIs to stop them from fiGing it after &ou leave1$ 2cCo& pointed out.
$4eId have to post our own people in !aptorIs ngine !oom0$ Scott& replied0 $"
volunteer sir0$ he then Huickl& said to Kirk.
$4e ma& need !aptorIs weaponr& to defend ourselves0$ Spock said0 $as it is logical to
assume several Klingon ships will attempt to get !aptor #ack0 or destro& it.$
$Then we definitel& need our people controlling the engine room0$ Scott& said.
Kang then spoke. $2& motivation is to save m& people. " prefer &ou provide political
as&lum for us and take possession of !aptor0 without killing Klingons in the process.$
$Captain0$ Kirk said0 $m& first dut& is to the safet& of Federation citiEens. " do not want
the unnecessar& death of an&one0 whether the& #e a Federation citiEen0 or a Klingon. "
will however0 take all measures reHuired to carr& out m& dut&.$ Kirk e&es were intense
as he emphasiEed his words to Kang. >e shifted his gaEe to Spock. $2r. Spock0
$A defecting Klingon is not logical Captain. 6et0 there is the prophec& of the Organians.$
$%octor 2cCo&1$ Kirk then asked.
$"Im not totall& convinced a#out this defection.$
$2r. Scott1$
$"Im for hoping for the #est and planning for the worst.$ Kirk faintl& grinned at ScottIs
comment0 then sat #ack in his chair and thought for a moment.
$"tIs tempting to tr&0$ Kirk finall& said looking around the room. >is gaEe stopped on
Commander Scott. $Scott&0 " want &ou here on the nterprise. "Ill need &ou if we run into

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 0( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
an& of the Klingon fleet. Captain Kang0 " assume &ou have some sort of a plan to share
with us.$
$5er& well.$ Kirk reached around the transporter console and ke&ed the 7ridge. $Kirk to
7ridge0$ he said.
$3hura here.$
$3hura0 have all senior officers report immediatel& to the 7riefing !oom.
An hour later Kang #eamed #ack over to !aptor0 a few minutes later teams of Securit&
Officers and ngineers from the nterprise also #eamed over and immediatel&
dispersed to locations worked out in advance #& Kang and Scott&.
The >onor ?uard that had #eamed over with Kang from !aptor0 now had an hour of ice
cream and cake and more than a #it of alcohol in them. The four of them had Dust
scattered a#out the nterpriseJ each had two nterprise Securit& Officers escorting
them at all times. Kirk was a little more than uneas& at their presence on #oard the
nterprise. 7ut the Klingon Captain had convinced him that he could onl& reall& vouch
for a handful of his men as the rest of his crew he thought would #e s&mpathetic to his
cause0 #ut for securit& reasons0 Kang had limited his confidants. Kirk had to agree
grudgingl&0 as he knew he would do the same thing. Kirk had also approved KangIs plan
to tell !aptorIs crew that Kang had killed him.
"t was almost twent& hours later. !aptor was now holding stead& over the planet #elow.
Although accompanied #& the nterprise0 neither heav& cruiser was aware of the
Klingon scout ship0 with a complement of siG men0 which was or#iting the other side of
the planet and had o#served the cruiser enter the s&stem0 then park in or#it around the
largest planet. The scout ship did not see the nterprise as it was #locked from view #&
!aptor0 Dust like the planet had shielded the little scout ship from the view of the massive
$"tIs !aptor 9ieutenantK$ the 4eaponIs Officer reported.
$ConfirmK$ the Klingon 9ieutenant ordered.
$Confirmed0$ his CommunicationIs Officer said. The Klingon 9ieutenant immediatel&
pounded his comm.
$9ieutenant Korth to Commander Kumara0$ the Klingon 9ieutenant said.
$Kumara here0 have &ou found !aptor1$ Kumara demanded.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 01 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$6es Galted One.$
$4ait 9ieutenant0$ Kumara ordered. >e turned to his CommunicationIs Officer.
$Tie in with ?eneral Kolith.$ A moment later0 KolithIs voice spoke from KumaraIs comm.
$6es Commander.$
$Gcellenc&0 !aptor has #een found.$ Kumara then said0 $9ieutenant0 continue with &our
?eneral Kolith is in tie,in with us.$
$Galted Ones0 !aptor has Dust moved into or#it around...0$ the 9ieutenant of the scout
ship was sa&ing when his Navigation Officer interrupted him as the nterprise had Dust
moved out of the shadow of !aptor.
$9ieutenant0 there is another ship0$ the Navigator reported0 then looked up from his
instruments in anger0 $itIs the nterprise.$
$" heard that 9ieutenant0$ ?eneral Kolith said0 $" have #een proven rightK The Federation
did not capture !aptorJ he is with the nterprise voluntaril&. The traitorK$ the ?eneral
said angril&0 $now we will have to destro& himK$ The ?eneral then demanded0 $>ave
the& spotted &ou1$
$No Gcellenc&0 the planet was shielding us as the& came in.$
$?ood work. Keep it so until Commander Kumara arrives0$ Kolith ordered the Klingon
scout. >e then addressed Kumara0 $Commander0 how soon #efore &ou arrive1$ Kumara
conferred #riefl& with the scout ship0 then his 7ridge crew.
$Gcellenc&0$ Kumara reported0 $approGimatel& four and a half hours at maGimum
$"nitiate Commander. 9ieutenant0 report an& changes immediatel& to Commander
Kumara0$ Kolith ordered.
$6es Gcellenc&0$ the 9ieutenant responded.
$Commander0$ Kolith then said.
$6es Gcellenc&1$ Kumara replied.
$6ou will use an& means to put !aptor in &our control until " arrive. Failing to get control

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 0- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
of !aptor from Captain Kang means !aptor must #e destro&ed. " prefer capturing Kang
to destro&ing !aptor0$ Kolith emphasiEed. $%o &ou understand me Commander1$
$6es Gcellenc&0M Kumara replied0 #ut Kolith had alread& cut the comm off.
$6ou heard ?eneral KolithIs orders 9ieutenant1$ Kumara demanded.
$6es Galted One0$ #ut now it was the 9ieutenant who found himself talking into empt&
space as Kumara had cut his comm line.
The 9ieutenant of the scout ship who had the glor& of #eing the first to spot !aptor had
miGed feelings as he listened to KolithIs orders to Kumara. >e thought it had #een
eGcellent planning on ?eneral KolithIs part to spread his ships in a pattern far around
the artherIs solar s&stem. The plan had worked since !aptor had #een spotted. 4hat
this Klingon 9ieutenant was worried a#out was one0 the large num#er of Klingon ships
now on the Federation side of the Neutral Pone0 and two0 the fact that Kolith had spread
his ships so thin. This Klingon 9ieutenant was not convinced there would #e enough0
Klingon ships to take or destro& !aptor. "n addition0 the 9ieutenant thought sourl&0
rumors said that Kolith had #ragged how even five of the mpireIs #est ships could not
#eat !aptor.
The 9ieutenant knew he had no chance against the nterprise alone. "f it had #een an&
other ship then the cursed nterprise0 he would have felt more willing to put up a fight.
On #oard the nterprise0 almost two hours had passed since the& had put into or#it.
Kirk had spent the time working out how the& were going to get !aptor to the spacedock
around Jupiter. 2essages had #een transmitted across su#space0 #ut Starfleet
Command had ultimatel& left the tactical decisions up to Kirk. 7ecause of the ?eneral
!ecall0 Starfleet was sending reinforcements onl& as far as JupiterIs spacedock0
#ecause the Federation Council was worried a#out the mo#iliEation of the Klingon fleet0
and so man& Klingons ships this close to arth0 Organian Treat& or not. There was also
a Huestion a#out the Organian 8eace Treat&. So it was #etween Jupiter and here where
the #attle would #e fought0 not here Kirk thought. A #attle that would pit Klingon against
Klingon Kirk suspected0 #ecause the Organian 8eace Treat& did not sa& the Klingons
couldnIt destro& their own. "t was up to Kirk to get !aptor to Jupiter0 #ecause Starfleet
had no other ships close enough to help him do so.
The Klingon ship #egan to move out and Kirk gave the order to follow. Almost
immediatel&0 Chekov spoke0 $Sensors report ships Captain0$ he said.
$Confirmed Captain0$ Spock said0 $on the far reach of our sensors0 heading is towards
us from far #e&ond this Solar S&stem0 configuration is still unknown due to distance.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 03 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek 5 The Final Frontier theme http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1vB,
Commander Kumara0 now with four Klingon #attle cruisers and three Klingon 7irds of
8re& in his sHuadron0 was headed towards the humanIs Solar S&stem0 and he was
uneas&. ?eneral Kolith had told him three more ships0 another #attle cruiser and two
more 7irds of 8re&0 were approGimatel& siG hours #ehind Kumara. ?eneral Kolith
himself0 with five ships in his sHuadron0 three #attle cruisers and two 7irds of 8re&0 was
ten hours #ehind Kumara also. Fifteen ships meant ?eneral Kolith was out to kill0
Commander Kurawa knew. 2oreover0 fifteen ships on the outskirts of the artherIs
Solar S&stem0 light,&ears from "mperial Space0 meant certain galactic war. The
communications #ands had #een swamped with messages0 #oth from the Klingons and
the arthers. The& had told Kumara that most of StarfleetIs ships had #een recalled and
were also speeding towards arthIs Solar S&stem. "t was a race to a traitor in control of
a ship #oasted #& the mpireIs own ?eneral Kolith to #e a#le to destro& five of the
mpireIs #est ships simultaneousl&. Commander Kumara was a Klingon who did like
those odds.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 0. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Seven ships traveling together0$ Spock suddenl& reported0 his trained mind had now
recogniEed them0 $possi#l& Klingon. Captain0 there are two0 possi#l& three other ships
coming in from another direction.$
$Klingon also1$ Kirk asked.
$%istance is still too far to accuratel& sa& Captain.$
$5er& well. 2onitor and report when identified0$ Kirk ordered.
$Ships Commander Kumara0$ 9ieutenant Kitt0 the >elmsman reported0 $two0 possi#l&
three.$ The Klingon commander frowned. "t was too earl& for it to #e the three ships
?eneral Kolith had said were siG hours #ehind him.
$>uman1$ Kumara asked.
$%istance is still too great to tell0$ the >elmsman answered. "t had to #e the humans the
Klingon commander reasoned. The& were recalling all their ships and this had to #e
some answering the recall the commander thought.
$"ncrease to 4arp SiG0 and order the sHuadron to 4arp SiG0$ Kumara ordered0 then
commented $if the& are humans0 #est to not fight these two or three now while waiting
for the others to Doin up with us.$ Kumara spoke with an unusual tone of general
camaraderie introspection to his 7ridge crew.
$!aptor is our first priorit&0$ 9ieutenant Kitt said.
$7e assured that it is 9ieutenantK$ Kumara snapped0 his manner instantl& changing to
the more familiar one of an a#solute dictator.
$Captain0 the seven ships have accelerated0$ Spock reported. At that moment the
7ridgeIs elevator doors opened and %octor 2cCo& stepped out. No one paid him an&
attention0 which was Dust fine with 2cCo&J it gave him more of a chance to o#serve
clinicall& the #ridge crew. >e especiall& closel& watched James T. Kirk. Not Dust
#ecause it was his Do#0 #ut also #ecause the nterprise had now moved into a region of
space Kirk had fought in once #efore. A fight0 in which Kirk lost more than a friend0
2cCo& knew. 2cCo& stepped down to stand #eside KirkIs chair.
$"dentification1$ Kirk was asking Spock again as 2cCo& stopped.
$Still unknown0 Captain0$ Spock replied0 $Still at the eGtreme end of scanners.$ Kirk
mentall& sighed.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 0/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
>e hated waiting for answers.
$4hat are the chances the& could #e some of ours answering the recall Jim1$ 2cCo&
asked Huietl&0 knowing Spock could still hear him0 #ut hoping Spock wouldnIt take him
literall& and give him one of his computer perfect answers.
$"tIs the fact that there are seven of them traveling together that has me distur#ed
7ones0$ Kirk replied eHuall& Huietl&.
$4hatId &a mean1$ 2cCo& asked.
$Klingons are more likel& to hunt in packs than humans %octor0$ Spock answered
instead0 as he had stepped down to stand on the other side of Kirk.
$6es0 the& are still hunting0 while we alread& have the pre&0$ Kirk said. 2cCo& looked at
Kirk in astonishment.
$Seems to me itIs more like the& have usK That monster could destro& us as easil& as a
cat does a mouse.$ 2cCo& said. Spock looked at 2cCo& thoughtfull&.
$Captain0$ Spock spoke0 $although %octor 2cCo& is inaccurate in how he said it0 his
concern is sound. " recommend " #e placed on !aptorIs #ridge to o#serve.$
$" presume &ou have a plan 2ister Spock0$ Kirk said0 $especiall& since "Im supposed to
#e dead0$ he added dr&l&.
$6es Captain0 it will give further credi#ilit& to Captain KangIs stor& to his crew if "0 the
ranking surviving nterprise officer0 am a prisoner under their CaptainIs e&e on their
7ridge0 and 2ister Chekov is in apparent command of the nterprise.$ Kirk thought for a
moment. Then he decided.
$5er& well. 2ister Chekov0 for purposes of fooling the crew of KangIs ship0 &ou are in
apparent command of the nterprise0$ Kirk ordered as he stepped out of his command
chair0 $3hura0 contact Securit& and have the ranking Klingon officer on #oard #rought to
the 7ridge. 2ister Chekov0 hereIs what " want &ou to sa&.$
"t was twent& minutes later0 and the Klingon officer on the #ridge of the nterprise had
Dust finished talking with Kang over the nterpriseIs comm. >e had eGplained to Kang
that the& had caught 2ister Spock attempting to regain control of the nterprise. The
Klingon officer had then recommended Spock #e #eamed over to !aptorIs #ridge where
he could #e paraded as a morale #ooster to !aptorIs 7ridge crew. Kang and his officer
had pla&ed along #eautifull& Kirk thought. "t was now time for Spock to #eam over.
$7ones0 this is the same region of space " lost a friend in. " hope "Im not losing another

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 0) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
one0$ Kirk said as he watched Spock enter the tur#olift. 2cCo& wondered too0 although
the file heId read reported Kirk had gone a#ove and #e&ond his call of dut& in rescuing
8rofessor Olseen and his niece0 !uth0 while Kirk was still at cadet at the Academ&.
$>ow right the Nineteenth Centur& author0 Oscar 4ilde0 was when he wrote that
I4omen are meant to #e loved0 not understood0I$ announced Jarl Olseen to his wife as
he slowl& lifted up her hair and #rushed his lips across the nape of her neck.
Jarl had come home with the earl& Sausalito Octo#er dusk0 then immediatel& walked
into the stud& where his wife0 9ad& 2orghan0 was working.
$>ow much " also love &ou0 although &ou certainl& can come up with some off,#eat
sa&ings0$ 9ad& 2orghan replied to the touch of JarlIs lips. She then smiled to him as she
turned to kiss him hello.
$True0 #ut look what we have #uilt0$ Jarl said in the warmth of the em#race0 $we have a
relationship that goes #e&ond the #ounds of mere friendship.$ 7andKitt&0 one of their
cats0 stroked their legs as the& continued em#racing0 while StarCat0 all #lack0 merel&
$" think 3ncle JarlIs Dust plain eccentric0$ !uth0 in her stateroom changing for dinner0
muttered. She remem#ered 2orghan and Jarl had #een married ten &ears now0 having
known each other for five and a half &ears #efore getting married. "t was a second
marriage for #oth. The first couple &ears of marriage had #een storm& as JarlIs parents
did not approve of 2orghan. On the other hand0 JarlIs #rother0 who was !uthIs father0
had told !uth he felt it was Jarl and 2orghanIs #usiness not his parents0 what Jarl and
2orghan did with their lives.
!uth continued thinking a#out all this as she made a light supper for them #ecause Jim
Kirk and his friends were coming over later for 8etite Sirah and dessert. Over the last
siG months0 Jim Kirk and her uncle had #ecome good friends. Jim had enDo&ed Jarl
teaching him how to sail a #oat on San Francisco 7a&.
$SupperIs read&0$ !uth called out as she sat down at the ta#le. Jarl and 2orghan
entered the galle& and sat on the other side of the ta#le from !uth.
$Nice meal &ouIve prepared !uth0 2orghan complimented !uthIs arrangements for the
light dinner.
$Are &ou still working on that strange proDect Jarl0$ 2orghan asked her hus#and.
$6es0 3ncle Jarl0 the last &ou told us it sounded ominous0$ !uth laughed.
$6es " am0 and !uth0 itIs far from funn&0$ Jarl answered seriousl&. " want to talk a#out it

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 07 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
with Jim Kirk when he comes over later. "n fact0 " mailed him toda&0 a #ackup of m&
$4h& 3ncle Jarl1$
$7ecause "Im afraid0$ Jarl answered !uth simpl&. 2orghan looked closel& at her
$4hat have &ou discovered1$ she asked.
$The evidence appears conclusive that there is an element striving to change arth
histor& to Klingon advantage #& influencing or even out and out corrupting various arth
individuals0$ Jarl told his wife and niece. $There seems to #e an advance force #ased
here on arth. "Ive done further research on incidents "Id mentioned to &ou earlier.
Although it seems Klingon #acked0 it does not seem to #e Klingons0 #ut another group
acting as agents for the Klingons.$
There was a pause in the conversation then. !uth shivered slightl&. Although her uncle
was sometimes odd0 he was more often right than wrong.
$Klingon agents here on arth1$ !uth then asked.
$6es0 "Ive discovered and documented a histor& of recent event tampering0$ Jarl sighed0
$and the&Ire using Klingon techniHues.$
$Jarl0 &ou should report this0$ 2orghan said Huietl&.
$!eport what1$ Jarl asked Dust a little too loudl&0 $That " have circumstantial evidence0
#ut no proof. That m& stud& of militar& strateg& has turned up a recent pattern of
interference of what appears to #e Klingon agents on arth. " have no proofK$ Jarl
emphasiEed as he moved his clenched fist to the ta#letop. $ThatIs wh& " want to talk
with &oung Kirk a#out all this #efore " do an&thing. "Im sorr& " frightened &ou.$
$Jarl0 " have to leave for m& Starfleet meeting in San Francisco0$ 2orghan interrupted0
$#ut " want to know what happens with &our talk with Kirk when " get #ack. That will
pro#a#l& #e around ten. !uth0 would &ou walk me to the transporter please.$
$4hat is it Aunt 2orghan0$ !uth asked as the& left the ta#le.
$!uth0 " want &ou to keep a close e&e on Jarl. "f an&thing strange happens0 " want &ou to
call for help immediatel&. OK1$ Then 9ad& 2orghan was gone in the #eam of the
Jarl Olseen was working in the stud& when he heard a heav& step on the dock outside

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 00 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
his window. "mmediatel& afterwards there was a loud couple of knocks on the side of
the #oat. Jarl had ver& seldom a call from an&one this late at night. >e concluded it was
pro#a#l& Jim Kirk and his roommates0 and stood up to greet them. To JarlIs surprise0
!uth instead knocked on his stud& door0 then opened it.
$3ncle Jarl0 thereIs someone strange here to see &ou0$ !uth eGplained in a puEEled
voice. As Jarl stood up0 a female named Sin %. 5eldt0 who was in his music class at the
3niversit&0 entered his stud&. Jarl thought she looked strangel& different though.
$?ood evening0$ Jarl remarked after he had composed himself for this uneGpected
visitor. >is visitor stood five foot nine inches0 and was huge0 #loated0 and grotesHuel&
fat0 with little evil e&es. !ather like Ja##a the >ut in the ancient Star 4ar movie Jarl
thought0 #ut with feet. Jarl noticed she had a dreadfull& confident smirk a#out her he did
not remem#er her having in his class. >e immediatel& had feelings of dislike and
apprehension though he wasnIt sure of what. Jarl felt this repulsion strongl&0 &et could
see no cause for it. >e felt like something evil and unwanted had stepped into his stud&.
Jarl instinctivel& drew awa& from her0 in loathing of what he felt. >er eGpression was
#rutish and savagel& fierce. Then the loathsome face displa&ed a malevolent grin. A
smile with her lips onl&0 for the e&es were cold0 as cold as polished steel.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 01 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek "" The 4rath Of Khan ,
2ain Theme
$9et me get directl& to the point0$
5eldt said in a harsh voice. $6our
recent studies have #ecome
dangerous to m& mission.$
$8lease do that as " didnIt know
&ouIre on a mission0 2iss 5eldt.$
Jarl spoke as he felt a cold
suspicion growing in him0 $and what
studies are &ou referring to1$ Of
course0 he thought. A student in
one of m& classes at the 3niversit&
would #e the easiest wa& to keep
an e&e on me. "t looked like he was
right to send his #ackups to Kirk
earlier toda&.
$%octor Olseen0 " #elieve we #oth
know what "Im talking a#out.$
7efore JarlIs astonished e&es0 his
student changed into what looked
ver& much like a large and gross
arth slug. >er voice came out of
the creature.
$4eIre going on a trip %octor. 6our
niece is alread& secured for
As she spoke0 the& #rought in !uth with a rough grasp and a threatening growl from a
Klingon. "t did not surprise Jarl to see a Klingon in his home holding his niece. "t did
surprise !uth though. She #ecame even more frightened when she caught sight of the
monstrous slug. She wanted to faint #ut knew she dared not and finall& Dust looked at
her uncle in stupefied #ewilderment.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4e are prisoners of professional villains0 !uth0$ he told her dr&l&0 $villains who are
nast&0 vicious0 #rutal0 merciless0 and proud of it.$
4hile Jarl spoke0 Jim Kirk and his roommates were walking down the dock. Jim
suddenl& halted. $ThatIs strange0$ he said0 pointing to the #oat where !uth lived0 $the
hatchIs open.$ As Jim clim#ed a#oard and his roommates followed him0 the lights
automaticall& came on in the salon. The scene was demoniac havoc. Something
overturned the chairs and ta#les. The carpet glistened with what might #e slime. Jim
noticed a foul and nauseating smell.
$" hear voices.$ Jac& spoke Huietl& from #ehind him.
$Sounds like the&Ire coming from there0M Jim replied Dust as Huietl& as he pointed to the
$Come on0$ he ordered them.
As Jim pushed open the door to the stud&0 !ico heard the hum of a transporter #eam.
!ico could see JimIs gaEe was stead& and undaunted. The two of them were the onl&
ones to see a Klingon holding !uth0 and a massive and ugl& slug pointing a Klingon
disrupter at 8rofessor Olseen. Then the four the& were watching vanished in the sparkle
of the transporter. All that remained for their roommates as the& crowded in0 was a
lingering odor.
$Smells like a China TownIs #utcherIs shop on a hot afternoon in here.$ %ougg
o#served clinicall&. !ico could onl& feel the hot anger #u##ling up in her at the sight of
the Klingon.
$" feel we are in ver& considera#le danger0$ Teed suddenl& said urgentl& and Huietl&.
$There are Klingons here.$ Jac& looked at him in astonishment as a Klingon disrupter
suddenl& enveloped the five of them.
"t was after ten when Securit& called 9ad& 2orghan of her Starfleet meeting. Federation
Securit& was waiting outside the door to talk with her.
$Nothing more than a dut& visit.$ 9ad& 2orghan told herself0 $Just the usual discussion
of responsi#ilities and decisions.$ Securit& instead told her a#out the disappearance of
five cadets and her hus#and.
$"Im Officer Karin 4innard0 9ad& 2orghan. Federation Securit& received a report from
Starfleet Academ& five cadets hadnIt reported in that had signed out as visiting &our
hus#and.$ The Securit& Officer said to her emotionless0 $4hen we went to &our home0
we found furniture overturned0 and the floor covered with slime.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Slime1$ 9ad& 2orghan asked0 tr&ing not to envision her hardwood floor covered in
$6es0 we took samples and then made arrangements for clean up. 4e did not find the
cadets nor &our hus#and.$
$Thank &ou for the cleanup arrangements0 Officer 4innard0$ 9ad& 2orghan replied0
$Our niece0 !uth0 was also home0 is she all right1$
$4e didnIt know a#out &our niece0$ the Officer said0 $we didnIt see her. 4ere the cadets
there #efore &ou left1$
$>as there #een an&thing unusual latel&0$ the Securit& Officer was asking her. 9ad&
2orghan knew she was going to have to tell a#out the calls and threats.
$A few months ago we started receiving calls to our home. Once there were fort&,one
calls alone #etween midnight and morning. Often she would also #adger and terroriEe
me while m& hus#and was teaching. Overall0 we received hundreds of phone calls0 and
several doEen threats.$
$She1$ the officer asked.
$6es0 the voice was female.$
$%o &ou know who she is0$ the officer then asked.
$6es0 a student in m& hus#andIs music class at the 3niversit&.$
$4h& didnIt &ou report this0$ the officer snapped.
$4e did.$ 9ad& 2orghan snapped #ack. $Securit& traced the calls to her.$ She
immediatel& regretted snapping at the officer. She could tell the officer was worried0 and
onl& tr&ing to do her Do#. A man of JarlIs statue0 his niece0 and five Starfleet cadets0 one
of them Jim Kirk0 all missing apparentl& together0 was serious #usiness indeed.
$2& hus#and mentioned at supper some concerns0$ 9ad& 2orghan said more softl&0
$which he said he wanted to talk a#out with Jim Kirk.$
$%id he mention an&thing else1$ the Officer asked.
$6es0 m& hus#and has #een doing some research into his theor& there was some event
tampering0 as he called it0 here on arth #& Klingons or Klingon agents. Jarl said he

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
sent Jim Kirk a #ackup of his work this morning.$ The officer looked at her then flipped
her communicator open as she walked a couple feet awa& from her.
$4innard here with 9ad& 2orghan.$ 9ad& 2orghan heard the officer sa&. $8rofessor
OlseenIs niece is also missing. 9ad& 2orghan sa&s she was at home when she left. She
also said that at dinner tonight0 8rofessor Olseen thought Klingons were involved.
Apparentl& he sent this morning a cop& of his work to Kirk.$ There was a pause while
the officer listened to the response that 9ad& 2orghan could not hear.
$Affirmative0$ she heard the officer answer0 who then walked #ack to her.
$"Im &our escort home 9ad& 2orghan. 6our place should #e cleaned up #& now. 4eIre
also going to post two guards Dust outside &our front door.$
A few minutes later0 9ad& 2orghan walked into her home office. She closed the door
firml& #ehind her. She crossed to the #ar0 opened the freeEer0 pulled out a #ottle0 and
poured herself out a shot of Kahlua. The liHuor warmed her. She finished her drink0 then
started the hot tu#0 while she removed her clothes. Thinking she would lie in the hot tu#
and drink colder Kahlua0 she went to replenish her glass. A hot tear flowed down her
$9osing Jarl would #e the hardest thing "Ive ever had to do.$ 9ad& 2orghan thought as
she stepped into the tu#. 9ad& 2orghan knew she could learn to live without Jarl if there
was no alternative. She also knew she could #e engaging0 single,minded and
determined if necessar&. Stepping out of the tu#0 she thought a little ph&sical activit&
with the weights would prove a mundane #ut comforting therap&. 4hile working out0 she
remem#ered how she thought her arguments with Jarl0 and his opinions0 astonishingl&
stimulating. JarlIs regard was alwa&s kindl&0 though 9ad& 2orghan would not categoriEe
Jarl as a kindl& man.
After #athing0 and while dr&ing herself off0 9ad& 2orghan muttered0 $Fate having
#rought us together surel& meant for us to remain that wa&.$ 7& the #ed 9ad& 2orghan
saw her favorite photo of Jarl0 sitting casuall& in a colorful 2adras shirt0 slightl& smiling.
>e was wearing his sailing sunglasses.
Standing at the window0 9ad& 2orghan suddenl& realiEed she was simpl& num# and as
cold as ice inside. She was staring into the night fog. She found herself pra&ing that
$there will #e sunshine later.$ She then discovered to her surprise that her e&es had
again filled with tears. Tears this time for #oth Jarl and !uth.
$Jarl0 " need &ou to #e here0$ she thought. $Now " want to talk to &ou. " need &ou.$ As
she wept Huietl&0 her hard shell of self,control #roke up.
$8art of me is &ours forever. ThereIll alwa&s #e a part of &ou inside me0M 9ad& 2orghan

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Now all she could think a#out was how the& had met. >ow Jarl had come into her life.
The& had so inevita#l& fallen deepl& in love.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
CHAPTER 1%. A $+)&
At that moment0 Jarl Olseen was not thinking of his wife. >e
was feeling like his #rain and the universe was melting into
each other. >e realiEed !uth and he were in a spaceship of
some sort. Then the feeling was over. Jarl wasnIt sure
whether he/d felt space sick or reincarnated.
$3ncle Jarl0 what happened0$ !uth moaned0 $and what are
$" #elieve weIve left arth. The&Ire Klingons0 and the otherJ " donIt think sheIs a shape,
changer. 2a&#e more of a h&pnotic or telepathic illusion.$ Jarl replied.
$4hich is the illusion1 The human female or the slug1$ !uth wondered aloud.
$" #elieve the human female is the illusion for the slug while sheIs #een on arth.$
$Luite right 8rofessor0M Sin %. 5eldt remarked as she moved into their room0 again
holding a Klingon disrupter on them. $The intelligent life form of 9actra is telepathic.$
$9actra1$ Jarl asked in a puEEled tone.
$7& &our terminolog&0 9actra is a ? Four sun near psilon Scorpii. A Class,2 world.
?ravit& is approGimatel& arth normal. The atmosphere is similar to 5ulcan. 9actra is
predominantl& a Eoo0 8rofessor.$
Jarl and !uth listened to the slug talk. The& noticed its lim# that held the Klingon
disrupter ended in several smaller divisions0 which were in turn separated into smaller
wiggling filaments. 5eldt displa&ed the fleGi#ilit& of those digits in the ease in which she
held the Klingon disrupter. The lower lim#s were hidden0 #ut whatever the& were0 Jarl
thought them amaEingl& efficient for movement as he watched the slug move into their
$" feel &our amaEement 8rofessor. " travel on a cushion of air.$ The& startled Jarl.
$2& race has classified me as mentall& deficient. 6our race would classif& me as
deficient in moral fi#er. " was outlawed. The Klingons found me and offered me a deal.$
She then laughed insanel&. $The& could have tried killing me. The& Huickl& recogniEed
m& worth though. 4e can understand that.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Jarl and !uth silentl& registered their opinions on that comment.
"gnoring them0 the slug went on0 $6ou see0 9actranIs a#ilit& to focus the mental output of
man& minds into various wavelengths can #e a powerful weapon. >owever0 m& race is
not naturall& as #elligerent as " am. Super minds &es0 criminals no. The& are aloof
inha#itants as their desire for eGpansion and acHuisition has faded man& ghids ago. "t is
not so with me.$
$3ncle Jarl0 " think this is a good time for me to either faint or wake up from this
nightmare0$ !uth said weakl&.
Jarl was thinking he needed a drink.
$4hat would &ou like 8rofessor1$ the slug suddenl& asked him. $" see no harm in &ou
having food and drink.$
$Kahlua and ice and some chips0$ Jarl answered. The slug left the room. Soon a Klingon
#rought them a #ottle0 two glasses0 ice0 and a #ag that he set #efore them0 then left the
room0 locking it #ehind him. !uth put ice into the glasses0 then poured them each a
heft& portion of Kahlua0 while Jarl opened the #ag0 revealing chips inside. !uth handed
Jarl his drink. Jarl nearl& spilled his drink. The shock of realiEing him and !uth had
actuall& #een kidnapped caused Jarl to nearl& spill his drink. So he drained it Huickl&0
then poured a second glass to follow the first down to make sure his insides were still all
there after that #iEarre takeoff. >e was considering a third drink to see wh& the first and
second hadnIt reported on his condition0 when the alcohol hit him.
$" drank too fast.$ Jarl muttered as he started eating the chips. $" feel the alcoholic
eHuivalent of mugging.$ !uth was still nursing her first drink0 although seriousl&
wondering if 3ncle JarlIs method was #etter.
!ico was groggil& getting to her feet when she heard0 $4e have to escape from them.$
These were Jim KirkIs first words as the& all awoke from the Klingon stun. !ico noticed
Jim was struggling to get his feet to sta& under him.
$A&e0 weIll do that.$ !ico promptl& growled in answer. She found her grogginess from
the stun Huickl& replaced #& rage.
$4hoIs that1$ %ougg asked dr&l& from the deck. >e had given up tr&ing to fight the
effects of the KlingonIs stun0 and to stand0 for the moment he was content Dust to sit
$%octor0 check that ever&oneIs ok0$ Jim said0 ignoring %ouggIs Huestion. %ougg slowl&
stood0 then visuall& checked each of them over. >e caught JimIs e&e.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$4hat else can " do1 4eIve no tricorders0 phasers0 or even communicators. "tIs not
eGactl& a common occurrence for a Starfleet Academ& professor. >is niece and five
Starfleet cadets kidnapped off arth #& a slug and a KlingonK$
$%ougg0 " need &ou functioning as a Starfleet officer right now0$ Jim said Huietl&.
$A&e0$ %ougg said in a surprised tone0 $4eIre ok0 Dust stunned0 a most unpleasant
eGperience0$ %ougg said0 then looked around and asked. $>owever0 where are we1$
$A ship it seems0$ Jac& answered him0 $though a shame a#out the decor.$ Jac& had
Doined !ico. 7oth were walking #ack and forth in tr&ing to work off the lingering stiffness
from the stun.
The& all looked around. The& were in what looked to #e an empt& ca#in. Jac& was right.
The ship needed a lot. ven the #ulkheads were ugl&.
Suddenl& there was the tramp of #ooted feet.
$KlingonsK$ %ougg cried out in astonishment.
$>ow man&0$ Jim #arked.
$Too man&0$ Teed replied dr&l&0 $>e has compan&. A nast& disrupter and we have no
phaser among us. %ougg0 this seems to answer &our Huestion a#out whom the& are.$
The& all watched waril& as a Klingon0 with a creased line of an old scar slashed from his
ear to his cheek0 now entered their room. >is disrupter0 set on kill !ico noticed0 was
drawn to cover them all easil&. >e had #lack e&es0 hard e&es. %eep lines cut his face
from his #roken nose to his cruel mouth. !ico did not like what she thought she saw in
his face. She found herself tensing up to fight. Then she noticed the others had also. So
had the Klingon. >e tried to smile0 #ut it onl& came out as a Huick grimace.
$" know m& skill0 will &ou gam#le &ours0M he roughl& asked them. Although he was
staring harshl& at them0 !ico found herself looking past him. !ico then noticed Jim also
was staring in#oard through the open passage #ehind the Klingon. Jim could see a
corridor a#out twent& feet long0 then a ladder.
$5eldt said she wanted to see &ou. Out. All of &ou.$ The Klingon stepped #ack. 7etter
coverage with his disrupter0 the& noticed. >e then motioned them forward.
$4hat kind of Klingon name is 5eldt0$ Teed whispered to Jac& as Jim stepped first
through the passage. Following him0 the& immediatel& noticed an unfamiliar odor of an
intense0 oppressive strength. "t was indescri#a#l& disgusting. The humans felt
themselves overcome with revulsion0 and had an almost violent hatred of it. 6et0 each

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 17 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
was sure there was no odor. Suddenl& the& realiEed the odor was onl& in their minds.
$%o &ou smell that1$ !ico asked Jac&.
$Affirmative0 and it reminds me of that stink at 8rofessor OlseenIs place0$ Jac&
$So do "0$ Teed offered0 $"t seems here more like some kind of mental proDection though0
like itIs onl& in our minds.$ !ico mentall& filed TeedIs words awa& when she saw JimIs
sharp looks in response to TeedIs speculation.
The Klingon continued to direct them forward. The& walked along the corridor0 the
Klingon effectivel& covering them from #ehind. The& passed two closed doors0 and soon
came to the ladder Jim had noticed. The Klingon motioned them to clim# it0 which the&
did and found themselves on the star#oard side of the #ridge of the Klingon ship. !ico
could feel the rage #oiling inside her as she noticed the other two well,armed Klingons
on the #ridge. 4hile the $5eldt$ the Klingon had mentioned turned out to #e gra& and
ru##er& looking.
$%efinitel& not a Klingon0$ %ougg said under his #reath to Teed0 $it looks to me to #e a
cross #etween a cucum#er and a slug.$ The& felt the hair on their neck rise as though
something unclean was picking at their minds. Jim noticed the crew looked up irrita#l&
as the& came in0 then muttered something among themselves. !ico also noticed Jim
Dust looked at them and 5eldt with calm e&es. To Jim0 5eldt was looking ever more like
a gre& featureless hippo as he #rought them #efore it. The surrealness of the scene was
cooling JimIs anger down a little. "t seemed inconceiva#le to him that Dust a few short
hours agoJ the& were cadets at Starfleet Academ&. Now he had to fight down the
amaEement and #ewilderment miGing with his rage as he realiEed the& had #een
kidnapped. 7& Klingons led #& what looked like an overgrown common arth garden
$3nfortunate0$ the slug hissed sparsel& in a surprising feminine voice as the& stopped
#efore her. "n that one word Jim got the impression she was in a wicked temper0 and
#lood& dangerous.
$A strange thing to want to tell us0$ Jac& whispered.
$Strange of her to kidnap us0$ %ougg whispered #ack. There was a moment of silence.
$Strange her.$ Teed announced it suddenl& and flatl&.
$" am James T. Kirk of Starfleet0$ Jim then said loudl&. N4h& have &ou taken us1 4here
are 8rofessor Olseen and his niece1$ At that last sentence Teed0 Jac& and %ougg
looked at Jim in puEElement.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 10 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$8rofessor Olseen and his niece1$ %ougg said0 $4hat has that to do with this1$
$"n war there is alwa&s danger0$ 5eldt answered in a flat tone0 $8articularl& since " am
not at m& #est this moment. 2& mind wanted to #e here #ut itIs #us& right now. The
universe is large and time is long. For now0 &ou are all safe. 9ater &ou ma& have to
$5eldt0$ Jim responded after a pause as the& all tried to figure her words out0 $6ou seem
to have a fondness for unclear sa&ings0 and du#ious conclusions.$
$6ou must learn to listen0$ 5eldt whispered.
$" have #een listening0$ Jim snapped0 $#ut "Im not sure itIs helped.$
$6ou have insulted me0 Jim0$ she suddenl& shouted0 her voice contorted with rage.
$"n kidnapping Federation citiEens and Starfleet personnel0 &ou have acted ver& foolish
5eldt.$ Jim told her in a tight voice. $"0 however0 wish to eGpress m& profound apolog&0
for m& ina#ilit& full& to understand what it is &ouIre sa&ing.$
$" donIt give a damn what &ou apologiEe for0$ she now howled #ack at Jim. 7& this time0
the humans were openl& staring in astonishment at her.
$%ealing with lower minds is so tr&ing0$ she then said almost in a whisper to herself0 $"
wish more of m& mind were here right now.$ She paused0 then went on.
$7& &our standards we are Super minds. 2& race considers me deficient though. " am
more naturall& #elligerent than m& race.$
Jim mentall& agreed0 and wondered from what piece of light from which this loon& had
$9actra0 2ister Kirk0$ she answered him0 which startled Jim.
$4hat1$ demanded Jim.
$6ou were wondering where " came from0$ she answered.
$Telepathic0$ Teed dr&l& remarked.
$Luite right 2ister Si#ort. "Ill #e simple to fit &our pun& minds. 9actra is a ? Four sun
near psilon Scorpii. A Class,2 world0 as our gravit& is approGimatel& arth normal.
The atmosphere though0 is similar to 5ulcan. %id " mention 9actra is predominantl& a

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Jim had to wonder then how she got around.
$" pick up &our wonderment 2ister Kirk. " travel on a cushion of air. 4hile &ouIre Huite
right in that thought 2ister Kirk0 that &our race would classif& me as deficient in morals.
2& race outlawed me. "n m& travels round m& world0 the Klingons found me and Huickl&
came to appreciate m& skills.
$"Im sure the& did0$ Jim responded0 #ut silentl& he registered his real opinion on that
comment. That she was clearl& a slug of man& Hualities0 though man& of them #ad
ones. She chose to ignore JimIs comment and thoughts.
$9actranIs can focus the mental output of man& minds into various wavelengths0$ she
went on0 $a powerful weapon #& &our standards. The odor " generated in &our minds as
he #rought &ou to me was Dust a sample of m& skill. " can Dust as easil& make it so &our
#rains are ph&sicall& on fire from within.$
There was a pause while JimIs roommates and he looked at each other. Jim also
noticed the Klingons had stirred uneasil& at her last comment.
$4here are 8rofessor Olseen and his niece1$
!ico was still thinking how she wanted to hear more a#out 5eldtIs methods for #urning
up their #rains. She found the mental image distur#ing.
$Could she reall& do that1$ !ico whispered to %ougg.
$The& are safel& on #oard. " think itIs time &ou Doined them.$ 5eldt motioned to the
Klingon. >e stepped over to a door on the port side of the #ridge0 where he ke&ed in a
code0 and the door opened. >e pointed with his disrupter for them to enter. The& walked
into a #riefing room.
$JimK$ !uthIs voice suddenl& called out gladl&. She and 8rofessor Olseen had #een
sitting at a ta#le. On it was two glasses with ice in them. A partiall& filled #ottle of
Kahlua0 some more ice in a #ucket0 and a partiall& eaten #owl of chips0 was in front of
them. The& now #oth rose0 and !uth rushed around to em#race Jim.
$4eIre rescued 3ncle Jarl0$ she said as she continued to hug Jim. Then she noticed the
Klingon covering them with his disrupter from the doorwa&. >er e&es widened with
disappointment as the door closed shutting them in.
$" take it the& kidnapped &ou also1$ Jarl was asking Jim. Jarl seemed Huite well shaken
up to Jim.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$6es0$ Jim answered0 as he gentl& pushed !uth out of his arms0 $%o &ou know wh&1$
$5eldt was actuall& onl& after me. 6our roommates and !uth were Dust in the wrong
place at the wrong time "Im afraid.$ Jarl sat again at the ta#le. There were onl& siG chairs
around the ta#le.
$!ico0 stand watch #& the door0$ Jim ordered0 while he motioned the others also to sit.
!ico moved over to the door.
$>er cover to keep an e&e on me while she was on arth0$ 8rofessor Olseen continued0
$was as a student of mine in m& music class. SheIs actuall& a Klingon agent. Through
her0 the Klingons have #een doing some mischief on arth that m& studies were
#ringing to light. Apparentl&0 " had gotten too close. "Im sorr& the rest of &ou have
#ecome involved.$ >e handed the #ottle of Kahlua to Jim0 who put it down without
pouring himself a drink. Nor did he offer it to his roommates.
$4ho else knows a#out this1$ Jim asked.
$Not man&. 2& wife0 of course. arlier in the da&0 " sent &ou a cop& of m& data showing
the pattern " saw develop of Klingon interference on arth.$
$4eIre going to have to get ourselves out of this0$ %ougg groused under his #reath.
$8ro#a#l&0$ Jim said0 although weIre overdue for checking #ack in at the Academ&. 7&
now someoneIs asking Huestions.$
$2& wife would #ecome worried after awhile also0$ Jarl told us0 $she pro#a#l& has
Federation Securit& alread& looking for us. She prefers her world so neat and tid&.$
$6our place was not neat and tid& when we came to see &ou 8rofessor.$ Teed
commented dr&l&. $"n fact0 in kidnapping &ou0 5eldt seemed to have not onl& torn &our
home apart0 she also slimed it.$
$Then m& wifeIll definitel& #e looking for us0$ 8rofessor Olseen Huickl& said. >e and
!uth then started laughing0 which helped to ease the tension Jim noticed.
$" suppose 5eldt was looking for m& research into her event tampering on arth0$
8rofessor Olseen then complained.
$The Huestion " have0$ Jac& said0 $is0 will Federation Securit& connect our
disappearance with 8rofessor Olseens and !uths1$
$ventuall&0$ Teed answered.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$7ut in time for us1$ %ougg asked. There was a moment of silence.
$4e canIt count on that0$ Jim then said decisivel&0 $we need a plan. Opinions people1$
$5eldt uses some form of telepath&.$ Teed added. $%oes she have a range0 and how
potentiall& destructive can it #e to us1$
$2& studies show the patterns of interference have #een ver& localiEed0$ 8rofessor
Olseen then added0 $#ut effective. The& seem to #e of a t&pe of perception distortion.
"Ive seen no evidence of an& other a#ilit&.$
$" feel 5eldt must #e in close proGimit&0$ Teed said0 $for her a#ilit& to work. !emem#er
the odor as we were walking down the hallwa&1 "t got stronger the closer we came to
$ThatIs right0$ %ougg mused.
$4e know the normal complement of this t&pe of a Klingon 7ird of 8re& is under twelve0$
Jac& then said.
$>ow man& Klingons have we seen so far on this ship1$ Jim asked.
$Three0$ !ico answered from the door0 $ThereIs the one with the scar0 then the two we
saw with 5eldt. ThereIs pro#a#l& another two or three in the engine room0 and ma&#e
another two or three scattered a#out the ship.$
$ThereIs five of us0$ Jim grinned at them0 $we need a diversion.$
Suddenl& the door opened0 and the Klingon with the scar was #ack. >is disrupter was
out and trained sHuarel& on Jim Kirk.
$Kirk0 &ou and the two civilians step out0$ the Klingon ordered0 then stepped to the side
of the door0 wisel& sta&ing on his side of it Jim noticed. As Jim stepped forward0 !ico did
also0 and the Klingon moved the muEEle of his disrupter to her.
$Just Kirk and them0$ he growled. Jim looked at !ico for a moment. >is e&es were alert
as alwa&s0 and pro#ing hers. There was a moment of silence. Then Jim decided.
$" want her along0$ Jim said Huietl&0 $she doesnIt go0 " donIt go. Or &ou can stun me and
carr& me out0$ Jim added in a reasona#le tone0 $of course0 #& then0 the others would
have Dumped &ou0$ he continued conversationall&. Jim watched the Klingon consider his
$Come on !ico0$ Jim #eckoned her ignoring the Klingon0 $letIs not keep the lad&

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
waiting.$ Jim took !uthIs hand0 motioned 8rofessor Olseen to step in front of him0 and
then walked out the doorJ !ico was close on his heels and heard it shut #ehind them.
Suddenl& Jim heard a Klingon call out. $2adame 5eldt.$ >e spoke from what Jim
gauged was sitting at their helmJ $sensors report a vessel approaching0 #ig0 fast0 on an
interception course for us. Closing. Course unaltered. stimated speed0$ there was a
long pause0 then $4arp TwelveK1K$ Jim heard the same dou#t in the KlingonIs voice as
he continued with his report. $Course and speed constant. Star#oard Ten.$
$!aise shields Captain0$ 5eldt ordered from the CaptainIs chair. She then turned to Jim.
$Kirk0 the Klingons have no ships capa#le of that speed0 do &ou know who the& could
#e1$ Jim was surprised. 4asnIt she a#le to lift it out of his mind0 he thought. >e leaned
over the rail and stared intentl& at 5eldt wondering if this anomal& was a weakness he
had Dust discovered. The overhead lights suddenl& went out0 and then the red
emergenc& lights came on0 almost silhouetting ever&thing #efore him.
$Captain0 estimate contact in point seven minutes0$ the Klingon at what looked like the
ngineering station now reported to the Klingon at their >elm0 $our power is dropping0
shields will fail in thirt& second at this rate of power loss.$
Suddenl& there was a Hueer sight on the screen. Jim stared intentl& into the screen
watching the curious sight. "t was an amorphous miGture0 with intense neon coloration.
$"tIs circling0 slowing0 now stopped. "tIs now eGactl& a hundred meters off our port #ow0
2adame 5eldt0$ the Klingon Captain reported from the >elm. Suddenl& 5eldt started
screaming0 although the others heard it onl& in their mindsI Jim realiEed when he saw
the otherIs reactions.
Then there was a swirl of neon colors on the #ridge0 and out of it a voice. Jim couldnIt
tell whether it was male or female.
$None of &ou reall& accept the distinction #etween self,defense and domination0$ the
voice said conversationall&0 $now0 "Im an officer with a sense of the aesthetic0 and "
intend to supervise this Do#0 instead of merel& meddling.$ 5eldt was still screaming her
#lood& mental head off0 when suddenl& she Huit screaming. The silence was loud. The
Klingon Captain chose that moment to reach for his disrupter. >e never got a chance.
"nstead0 his disrupter disappeared from his hand0 and reappeared in JimIs hand. The
other Klingons had drawn their weapons also0 #ut now lowered them at the sight of the
disrupter in JimIs hand. Jim knew Klingons hated to #e without a weapon. 4hoever had
switched the Klingon CaptainIs disrupter had Dust insulted him #& taking awa& his
weapon without a struggle. Further insults were added #& giving it to an enem&. Jim
suspected the culprit was the voice.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Captain0$ the voice said conversationall&. $" understand &our Klingon sa&ing that IThere
are no civilians in war.I "t encapsulates so well in one short sentence the idea of selfish
and desperate #ehavior . . . whether the #ehavior is of a Klingon0 a human or a
9actran.$ The Klingon Captain was staring at the g&rating colors with a #uilding fur&. >is
two crewmem#ers were shifting angril& from foot to foot0 tr&ing to watch their Captain0
the humans0 5eldt0 and the colors at the same time. 5eldt0 on the other hand0 was ver&
HuietJ she almost seemed to #e asleep.
$4hile &ou0 James T. Kirk0$ the voice went on0 $have rightl& understood that it makes no
difference if one or all of &our friends survive. 4hat matters is 5eldt.$
Jim now stepped forward0 the disrupter held loosel& in his hand0 and asked0 $4ho are
&ou1$ !ico watched the Klingons and visualiEed their #rains on fire.
$" work for the 4anderers 4ho 8la& also known as Those 4ho 2eddle. 6ou ma& call
me "ra0$ the voice answered. $For now0 that is all that is important for &ou to know.$
$" donIt understand0M Jim interrupted. $4hat are &ou1$
$" am what " simpl& do0 #ecause it is impossi#le to discover what an&thing is in an& other
wa&. "n m& case0 " meddle. For 5eldt0 her #ehavior was attempts0 al#eit useless and
self,centered ones0 to eGplain awa& an act that should never have happened.$
$4hat act1$ Jim asked puEEled.
$>er people consider her an a#omination0 the& #anished her. The Klingons found her.
4hat the Klingons did not know was how much 5eldt has deli#eratel& used them0 and
all of &ou0 as participants and witness to conve& her message of the s&nthesis of the
man& interpretations of her one known0 she is a mutant. >er actions were attempts to
right her peopleIs actions. The Klingons Dust wanted to use her0 while 5eldt0 we have
o#served0 went on to eGamine her peopleIs choice0 5eldtIs #anishment0 and to see a
reason for this catastrophic fact in her life0 on top of #eing #orn a mutant. >er life0 and
now &our presence here0 is part of her search for this reason. 5eldtIs #anishment was
also a metaphor for her people. The interrelationship of self0 famil&0 societ&0 love and
commitment is woven so tightl& throughout 5eldtIs people that not one 9actran was left
unaffected #& 5eldtIs eGistence on their planet when she was #orn.$
$"Im still not sure " understand a#out 5eldt0$ Jim said in a puEEled tone.
$No matter0$ "ra said patientl&0 $5eldt will #e removed0 for her0 her life will finall& #e laid
to rest.$
$"Im now concerned a#out us. 4hat are &ou going to do with us1$ Jim pressed "ra.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$The rest of &ou0$ "ra answered0 $those who have had contact or knowledge of 5eldt0 all
of &ou will have &our memories altered. An& words &ou speak a#out 5eldt will #e noted
as hearsa& concerning a highl& unlikel& event from reporters whose veracit& is dou#tful.
"t will turn out that none of &ou will lie0 &ou will all #e merel& telling the truth as &ou
perceived and remem#ered it. 6ou will simpl& tell what &ou know to #e true0 although
another0 such as us 4anderers 4ho 8la&0 ma& know differentl&.$
$>ow is it &our Dudgment is to #e trusted more than mine1$ the Klingon Captain
suddenl& roared0 $&ou are on m& ship0 and 5eldt and the humans are m& responsi#ilit&K$
$" feel &ou are asking a ver& different Huestion Captain.$ "ra continued. $" understand all
too well how the 4anderers 4ho 8la& cannot actuall& feel the personal and internal
resonance of the viewpoints of those the& meddle with. 6et0 " sense control of the
situation0 and power0 is what &ou are reall& asking for. Captain0 what &ou want is
sometimes uno#taina#le to &ou. The known " have for &ou is this@ &ou will #lame the
humans0 and the humans will #lame &ou. This conclusion anno&s m& conscience0 or the
#ookkeeping s&stem " use in place of one.$
$4e have no Huarrel with &ou0 we wish onl& to return to arth0$ Jim then pointed out.
$Furthermore0 an& #lame will #e Dudged #& the Federation0 not us.$
$To the 4anderers 4ho 8la&0 that is not the issue here Kirk. A mistake was made. 5eldt
was the result. Now the& seek to correct the mistake as #est as the& can. " ask &ou to
consider 5eldt Kirk. 6ou are reall& the o#Dective0 rational0 and #alanced centers of &our
peopleIs attempt to return to &our home. "t is the same for Those 4ho 2eddle in the
matter of 5eldt. 2& final point is this@ 5eldt/s vanit& and self,interest are unavoida#le
facts of her eGistence #ecause of Those 4ho 2eddle. 5eldt did not inherit her peopleIs
true spirit. Now it is m& dut& to correct the interference of Those 4ho 2eddle. " offer her
a life she has #een incapa#le of previousl&. Certainl&0 5eldtIs defeat or feat is to #e
heroiEed. >owever0 the 4anderers 4ho 8la& tried to cover their mistake over #&
piHuing her worldIs conscience0 the& onl& succeeded in getting her #anished0 as her
presence #rought social chaos to her world. %onIt &ou understand Jim that 5eldt and
Those 4ho 2eddle are #oth haunted #& their mistake1$
$" understand &ou must do &our dut&. " hope &ou understand that must so also.$ Jim said
$"t is time0$ the voice said0 $" do understand Kirk0 Dust remem#er0 the Klingons also must
perform their dut&.$ The swirl of neon colors moved over to the unconscious 5eldt. For a
moment0 it enveloped her. Then #oth were gone.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Captain0 the alien ship has disappeared from our sensors.$ The Klingon from the
ngineering station reported. $%o &ou have ordersI Captain1$ he then asked looking
pointedl& at the humans as he drew his disrupter.
The Klingon Captain looked at the four humans and then laughed. $6es0 kill those two0$
he said pointing at Jim and !ico. 7ut Jim had alread& #rought the Klingon CaptainIs
disrupter in his hand up0 and fired it at the other Klingon0 while !ico Dumped the Klingon
Captain. The Klingon Jim shot screamed as the #eam hit him0 then collapsed to the
deck0 his #od& a hideous mangle of flesh. Jim realiEed he hadnIt checked the setting of
the disrupter0 which had #een set to killK The Klingon Captain was holding !ico with one
hand and #rutall& #eating her with the other. 4hile !ico delivered some vicious kicks to
his groin then clapped her hands around his ears and finall& Da##ed her finger into his
AdamIs Apple. The Klingon dropped her0 howling more with anger than pain. Then !ico
saw the other Klingon raise his disrupter to Jim. Jim saw it also and rolled sidewa&s into
the Klingon Captain and !ico0 clu##ing the Klingon Captain with the disrupter as he
came to his feet. The Klingon Captain stum#led and let !ico go. !ico saw the other
Klingon preparing to fire on Jim0 and she pushed the Klingon Captain into his line of fire.
As he intercepted his su#ordinateIs #eam0 his scream miGed with the other KlingonIs
scream as Jim had simultaneousl& shot him.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1() of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Jim stood there0 panted0 and tried not to #e sick at the sight of the condition of the
KlingonIs #odies. >e walked unsteadil& over to the door where his friends were locked
in. >e eGamined the setting on the disrupter0 then changed it and pointed the disrupter
at the lock mechanism of the door. >is hand was shaking so #ad he had to stead& it
with his other hand. >e fired and then watched the metal vaporiEe awa& the lock. Jac&
and Teed kicked the door out and Doined them.
The& were now alone0 the 4anderers 4ho 8la& had taken 5eldt. The three Klingons
that had #een on the 7ridge with her were now dead.
$Teed0 Jac&0 arm &ourself with those disrupters0$ Jim ordered while pointing to the dead
Klingons. $2ake sure the&Ire set to stun0 then check out the rest of the ship to see if
there are an& Klingons around we donIt know a#out. "f there are0 and &ou canIt disa#le
them &ourself0 report.$
$A&e0$ Teed and Jac& replied as the& each knelt #& one of the dead Klingons.
$Jim0$ !ico started to sa&.
$No !ico0$ Jim said as he shook his head0 $" need &ou here to help me figure out how
weIre going to get this #ucket home.$
$A&e0$ !ico replied as she watched Teed and Jac& leave the 7ridge0 then turned and
looked over the Klingon eHuipment. Suddenl& %ougg rushed past her and she realiEed
what Jim had alread& seen0 !uth and 8rofessor Olseen were #oth l&ing on the deck.
8rofessor Olseen was struggling to his knees0 although favoring his hip. !ico turned
#ack to the Do# at hand0 which was figuring out the alien eHuipment as soon as possi#le.
$Jim0$ !ico heard %ougg sa& softl& a few minutes later from where he and 8rofessor
Olseen were now kneeling #& !uthIs #od&. !ico saw Jim stare at them for a moment.
Jim noticed %ougg was now in his #lack T,shirt and #riefl& wondered where his shirt
$Not now %octor0 in five minutes0$ Jim finall& answered. !ico glanced at the time0 it was
.;;+. Jim then stepped over also to the eHuipment.
$Can &ou figure it out !ico1$
$?ive me a moment Jim0$ she replied. Jim looked over the eHuipment while he waited.
$Jim0$ !ico said after a couple minutes0 then continued while pointing to each station0 $"
think this is navigation0 this is engineering and this is communication.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$5er& well0$ Jim replied. Then he asked her Huietl&0 $!ico0 can we get home in her1$
$"Im going to need to get into the ngineering room #efore " can answer &ou.$
Jim looked at her0 $Not until the ship is full& secured.$
!ico sighed0 then said0 $"Ill do what " can from here until then Jim.$
$Thanks !ico0$ Jim told her. She watched as Jim then turned to the corner where !uth
was. %ougg had helped 8rofessor Olseen sit against the wall a couple feet from !uth0
apparentl& the 8rofessor had #een hurt in the right hip from what Jim could tell. Ston&,
faced0 Jim finall& walked over to them.
$>ow are the& %octor1$ Jim asked.
$The& #oth were graEed #& disrupter fire0 it was the wash Jim.$ %ougg answered0
$Apparentl& the #eam was set to rot the flesh instantl&. ThatIs how those gu&s died0$ he
said gesturing to the dead Klingons. $8rofessor Olseen has a small wound in his right
hip0 heIs going to #e all right though.$
$5er& well0$ Jim replied.
$" guess " didnIt get out of the wa& Huick enough Jim0$ 8rofessor Olseen Huietl& told Jim0
#ut Jim was now looking at !uth.
$!uth came to a minute ago0$ %ougg continued with his report0 $SheIs in shock. " need
to get to their version of Sick#a& and see if thereIs an&thing there " can use to help her.$
Jim gave %ougg the same answer he gave earlier0 $Not until the ship is full& secured.$
%ougg shrugged his shoulders0 walked into their previous prison0 and then came #ack
out carr&ing the #ottle of Kahlua. >e gave it to 8rofessor Olseen who took a drink from
it0 then offered it to #ack to %ougg. 8rofessor Olseen sighed and leaned #ack against
the wall.
7itter #e&ond words at his powerlessness0 Jim now knelt down and cradled !uth.
Although she was ver& still as she nestled in JimIs arms0 !ico could see !uth was
confident as onl& love can #e. !ico found the utter concentration on JimIs face though0
almost frightening. Jim was gaEing with set face and #itter e&es at !uthIs #lood on
%ouggIs shirt as he realiEed %ougg had taken it off and wrapped it around !uthIs
shoulder. Although %ouggIs shirt covered her wound0 JimIs e&es closed in shocked
understanding as he could still see the eGtent of her inDur&.
%ougg sensed JimIs feelings of tenderness and protectiveness for !uth. %ougg knew
overriding it though0 was JimIs sense of dut& to his oath as a Starfleet officer.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$%amn those Klingons0$ Jim said Huietl&. 7ut !uth heard him.
$Jim0$ said a ver& patient !uth0 $&ou must tr& and put up with me.$ "t #roke JimIs heart to
hear her tr&ing to put some levit& into the situation.
$7& the wa&0 what was it &ou tr&ing to do1$ Jim said to !uth0 tr&ing to match her tone0
$crashing the enem&Is part&1$
$" certainl& didnIt ask to #e invited0$ !uth replied lightl&.
Just then0 %ougg stepped over to !uth. >e was carr&ing the #ottle of Kahlua. !uthIs
e&es focused on the #ottle in his hands.
$Aha %octor Cla&e0 having a #ottle part& without me0$ !uth Huipped0 then said $all
donations are gratefull& accepted.$
$"tIs all " have at the moment !uth0$ %ougg told her as he knelt #eside her0 $if "Id known
we were all going on a trip via kidnapping0 "Id have packed a #ag.$ Jim propped her up
and %ougg helped her tip the #ottle to her lips. !uth took a drink0 then handed it to Jim.
$Jim dear0 &ou look like &ou need this more than me. >ere.$
As Jim took the #ottle from !uth0 instead of taking a drink0 he set it down on the floor
and watched %ougg again tr& to staunch the slow flow of #lood from !uthIs shoulder.
$>ow is 3ncle Jarl1$ !uth murmured0 Jim could see she was tiring fast0 $although " must
warn &ou0 $she continued0 $"Im not reHuired to #elieve too man& difficult things #efore
#reakfast. 8lus0 "Ive recentl& had a #it more than " can handle.$
$!uth0 Jarl is hurt0$ Jim told !uth gentl&0 $though not #adl&0$ he added hastil& when she
tried to rise. She la& #ack down in JimIs arms. %ougg looked at his #lood,soaked shirt
around her shoulder.
$Jim0 " need &our shirt0$ %ougg said. Jim eased !uth to the floor0 then stripped off his
shirt0 leaving a #lack T,shirt. %ougg removed his shirt from !uthIs shoulder0 and
replaced it with JimIs shirt.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1(1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek "5 The 5o&age >ome O Theme http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1
Jim suddenl& heard #oots on the port ladder off to
the side of him. !ico0 %ougg0 and he Huickl& helped
8rofessor Olseen and !uth to #ehind the navigation
console. Jim motioned !ico to one side of the
console. As he kneeled down0 !ico took the other
side. Cautiousl& peering around the corner0 Jim saw
it was Teed and Jac& as the& stepped onto the
$"tIs Teed and Jac&0$ Jim called0 then stood up.
$!eport0$ Jim demanded as the& Doined him0 $4hat
do &ou make of it1$
$Trou#le.$ Teed replied Huietl& as he and Jac& walked around #ehind the console.
Suddenl& a vicious #low flung them off their feet. Jim crawled #ack over to the console0
put his hands on top of it and hoisted himself painfull& to his feet. The eGplosion had
flung him against the #ulkhead #ehind the navigation console.
$4hat happened1$ %ougg asked.
Jim daEedl& put a hand up to the side of his head and realiEed with mild surprise his hair
was matted with #lood. >is ears were ringing0 and he noticed a deep powerful vi#ration
set his teeth on the edge. >e could hear it0 almost feel it. 9ike all men who had lived
their lifetime with machines0 Jim had a siGth sense for them. !ight now0 it was &elling at
him insistentl&@ IFiG me.I
7ecause the& were all #ehind the nav console0 the&Id escaped serious inDur&. Jim
realiEed the Klingons had pro#a#l& tossed a sonic grenade in on them when he then
heard hurried steps again from the ladder. Still0 was he right0 and were those hurried
steps the trou#le Teed had #een tr&ing to tell them a#out1 "t was0 and he had the
compan& of four of his kind. Jim knew Klingons in compan& meant trou#le and these
were no eGception. The& Dumped from the ladder with no hesitation0 and struck the
humans fiercel& and deftl&. Jim with his usual instinct0 stepped in front of the others
when the Klingons first appeared. Now he staggered under the num#ing shock of the
#iggest oneIs attack on his right knee. Teed pulled out his disrupter as Jim crumpled to
the deck.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$No Teed0$ !ico cried out0 $"tIll washK$ From the deck0 Jim realiEed she knew the&
couldnIt use the disrupters for the same reason the Klingons werenIt using them. All of
them were to close to each other0 and an& shooting would involve a disrupter wash0
pro#a#l& hurting an& shooterIs pal. Jim saw Teed stick the disrupter into the waist#and
of his trousers. Then he and !ico Huickl& and waril& circled the Klingon who had struck
Jim0 tr&ing to keep an e&e on the other Klingons also. Jim instinctivel& was rolling awa&
from the Klingon and tr&ing to get to his feet also. Jim noticed Jac& was her usual
invaria#le self. >er uniform immaculate she was fighting the smallest Klingon with ever&
unlad&like tactic she knew. Jim heard #ones #reaking from a particularl& vicious kick
from Jac&0 and saw her Klingon go down. Jim could tell the Klingon was dead #efore he
hit the deck. From the corner of his e&e0 Jim saw another Klingon Dump Jac& from
#ehind while Jac& was tr&ing to get up from the killing kick she had Dust delivered.
As Teed and !ico Dumped the Klingon whoId attacked Jim0 Jim felt recovered. >e
limped heavil& as he moved to close with a Klingon who was holding %ougg up and
preparing to cut %ougg with a sinister looking knife.
$9eft shoulder0$ Jim &elled out as he launched himself onto the Klingons left shoulder.
%ougg Huickl& twisted into the KlingonIs left arm. The Klingon went down under #oth
menIs weight0 Jim wrestling the knife in the KlingonIs right hand around0 and the Klingon
fell on it0 suddenl& going limp. As Jim and %ougg rolled awa& from the now dead
Klingon0 refleGes in the corpse were making it twitch.
$%ougg0 &ou all right1K1$ Jim panted out as he turned to help Jac&J $thereIs work for
&ou.$ CanIt have &ou medical t&pes wasting awa& the da&.$ >e grinned calml& as he
turned and #od&,slammed the Klingon holding Jac& down.
The Klingon Teed and !ico were fighting with0 had alread& tossed each of them against
a #ulkhead0 the savagel& #ackhanded them. Overall0 the& were getting the #etter of
$" know the Klingons are onl& doing their Do#0$ !ico panted to Teed0 $#ut do the& have to
do such a damn good one1$ At that point0 with TeedIs help0 !ico came down #rutall& on
the KlingonIs arm0 #reaking it with pleasure and gra##ing his disrupter in the process.
Now rolling awa& and to her feet0 the disrupter in her right hand0 !ico could see Jim and
%ougg attacking the Klingon who was choking Jac&. The Klingon whose arm she had
Dust #roken0 had shaken off Teed0 and was now coming fast at her.
$"Ive heard the Klingons have a sa&ing. R!evenge is a dish #est served cold.I 2a&#e this
Klingon hadnIt heard of it.$ !ico muttered #ecause the Klingon was practicall& on top of
her0 and she could smell his hot #reath0 and see the eHuall& hot fur& in his e&es. !ico
knew immediatel& that she had no choice. She was going to have to chance the wash of
the #eam. !ico Huickl& checked the setting on her disrupter0 flipped it to stun live0 and

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 111 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
fired point #lank at the charging Klingon. >e crum#led at her feet. She then noticed
another Klingon0 with his knife out0 going after 8rofessor Olseen and !uth. So had
Teed0 who immediatel& dived after the Klingon and wrapped himself around the
KlingonIs leg. 8rofessor Olseen had crawled in front of !uth0 tr&ing to protect her from
the KlingonIs knife. The Klingon was dragging Teed as he advanced on 8rofessor
Olseen. !ico could see Jim was removing a disrupter off one of the dead KlingonIs
$Fire !ico0$ Jim &elled out to her. !ico Huickl& stepped to an angle so 8rofessor Olseen
and !uth wouldnIt #e in her line of fire. She fired the disrupter at the KlingonIs head0
hoping Teed and the& wouldnIt #e caught too #adl& in the disrupter wash. Jim was a
split second #ehind her as she firedJ #oth their #eams enveloped the KlingonIs head.
Stunned0 the Klingon fell heavil& on top of 8rofessor Olseen. Jim looked around and
saw the fight was over. Teed0 although daEed0 was tr&ing to get to his feet. >e saw
eHuall& daEed 8rofessor Olseen and !uth0 although 8rofessor Olseen was tr&ing
weakl& to push the stunned Klingon off him. !ico stepped over to help him. Then he
noticed with a start0 that %ougg was kneeling over Jac&0 who was l&ing ver& still. SiG
dead Klingons and two unconscious ones now la& on the deck.
$ver&one ok1$ Jim panted out.
$Jac&Is dead0 her neck is #roken0$ %ougg #riefl& answered0 although with difficult& Jim
noticed. %ougg then stepped awa& from Jac&Is #od& and Huickl& checked the others
over. $4e have a few cuts and #ruises0$ he then said0 his voice now stronger0
$8rofessor Olseen and !uthIs inDuries are the same.$ >e walked over to Jim. >e then
knelt down0 gra##ed JimIs pantleg0 and ripped it from ankle to knee. >is sensitive
fingers gentl& pro#ed JimIs knee.
$The& #adl& wrenched &our knee.$ %ougg shook his head at the rapidl& swelling and
discolored kneeJ $" need to get !uth to their Sick#a& immediatel&.$ >e urgentl& #ent to
JimIs knee. $8ro#a#l& &ou and the professor too.$
$5er& well0$ Jim answered0 $no0 "Im ok0$ he said almost too harshl& to %ougg0 reDecting
%ouggIs attempts to work then on JimIs knee. %ougg stood up and watched silentl&
while Jim walked over and painfull& knelt neGt to Jac&Is #od&. After a moment0 %ougg
then moved over to !ico0 #ut she waved him awa&0 so he went over to !uth. Jim then
straightened up.
$!ico0 good shooting0$ he said in professional admiration0 however grief etched his face
in grief0 $speciall& considering &our feelings for Klingons.$
$" stunned them instead of killing them onl& #ecause of the wash to the others0$ !ico
$Suppose &ou let me do something for that knee0$ %ougg growled to Jim0 as there

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
wasnIt much more he could do for !uth then.
$9aterJ help !ico. SheIs covered with #lood.$
$"Im the doctor here0$ %ougg said under his #reath as he stalked stiffl& #ack over to
!ico0 where she now let him clean the #lood off her head.
$"Im glad we didnIt have to kill an& others0$ Jim then said. Silence strained the sudden
silence as the& all looked at Jac&Is dead #od&. !ico0 again feeling the rage in her0
turned to glare at their two unconscious prisoners.
$No0 !ico0$ Jim told her when he caught her look0 $" want them alive for Starfleet and the
For a minute Teed0 %ougg and !ico looked at each other0 silentl&0 and without
eGpression. 8rofessor Olseen and !uth Dust watched Jim. Characteristicall&0 !ico #roke
the silence.
$4eIre taking them #ack alive with us1$
JimIs repl& was a nod and a wr& smile0 #ut it was also a triumphant smile. >e started to
step forward0 #ut instead he stum#led0 catching hold of TeedIs shoulder0 or he would
have fallen.
$Sorr&0$ he apologiEed0 $"Im afraid m& knees out. No use pretending an& longer is
there1$ %ougg had rushed over to him0 and Jim made no protest as Teed and %ougg
eased him into the CaptainIs chair.
$6our fault0 diso#e&ing &our doctorIs orders0$ %ougg said angril&. Jim was inclined to
agree0 although he was shivering with shock too much reall& to answer.
As Jim leaned #ack into the CaptainIs chair0 he could see the others were all waiting for
his orders. There was silence as the& watched %ougg go #ack to their former prison and
#ring out the rest of the ice. >e took KirkIs torn pant leg0 wrapped some ice in it0 and
held it against JimIs knee. Jim mentall& studied them@ his crew0 passengers and
prisoners all.
$No mission is the worse for a little thought.$ Jim suddenl& grinned at them. $ven if this
is the first real moment "Ive had to think since this ImissionI started.$ Jim then tensed his
mouth against the pain as %ougg shifted the icepack on his knee.
$4e know &ou can do whatIs necessar&0 Jim$ %ougg assured him0 $ever&one is still
read& to follow &ou.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 113 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$5er& well. !emove all weapons from the Klingons0 the dead ones too. Arm &ourselves0
and remain armed until we take our prisoners into Federation custod& on arth0$ Jim
ordered. "t was o#vious Jim was taking no chances with their prisoners.
$Set all disrupters to stun live.$ Jim continued0 $!ico0 show 8rofessor Olseen and !uth
how a disrupter works0 then &ou and Teed take our two prisoners to the #rig. Teed0
&ouIll take the first #rig watch. !ico0 &ou then get down to ngineering.$ Jim handed
!ico his disrupter as she stepped over to 8rofessor Olseen and !uth. >e Huickl&
showed them how a disrupter works0 then handed them each. !uth looked at her
disrupter with distaste0 #ut Jim noticed she had a firm grip on it.
$8rofessor Olseen0 are &ou a#le to help %ougg transport !uth to Sick#a&1$
$6es Jim0$ 8rofessor Olseen answered as he stuffed the disrupter !icoId given him into
his #elt.
$5er& well. %ougg0 after &ouIve sta#iliEed !uth0 please move the dead to the transporter
room. "Im sorr& 8rofessor Olseen0 #ut " must also ask &ou to help the doctor.$ >e
paused0 and a haunted look passed over his face. $Jac& too0$ he continued Huietl&. $4e
donIt have the facilities or the room to #ring her #od& #ack.$
$"Im glad to help an&wa& " can Jim.$
$Thank &ou. %ougg0 call me when all the #odies are in the transporter room.$
$"Ill find the galle& Jim0 and fiG us some hot food and coffee. " can do that with m& good
arm.$ !uth Doked to Jim as Teed and !ico roused their grogg& prisoners. As Teed went
first down the ladder0 then set up to cover the Klingons while the& descended. !ico
could see %ougg and 8rofessor Olseen lift !uth up and support her #etween them. As
!ico stepped to the ladder0 the last thing she saw was JimIs grateful smile to !uth.
$Jim0$ !ico heard %ougg call over the open comm twent& minutes later0 $!uth is going
to #e all right0 sheIs now sleeping peacefull&. The #odies are read& in the transporter
room. !ecommend we #eam them out at maGimum dispersion.$
$5er& well.$ Jim replied0 $!ico0 Teed0 cover and escort our two prisoners to the
transporter room for the #urial ceremon&.$ !ico was #arel& into figuring out the engines0
#ut put down the alien tools0 and stepped out to the corridor. A few minutes later she
Doined Teed at the door of the #rig.
$"Ill cover from the other side0$ !ico told Teed as she pointed the disrupter at the
doorwa& of the #rig. Teed nodded to her as he also pointed his disrupter at the door.
$Come on out.$ Teed ordered as his hand hit the code to remove the shield guarding the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
door. The shimmer of the shield faded immediatel&.
$4here are we going1$ the taller Klingon growled at them as the& stepped out into the
corridor0 each e&eing the humans angril&.
$The transporter room0$ Teed answered0 $" donIt want an& more trou#le from &ou0$ Teed
$"Im not afraid of the wash0$ !ico told them as she gestured with her other hand for the
Klingons to continue down the corridor. $2& friend will also #e covering &ou from Dust a
few feet #ack from me.$ The Klingons moved ahead of Teed and the& walked down the
corridor to the transporter room. As Teed and !ico arrived with their prisoners0 !ico
noticed that along with Jac&Is #od&0 the three dead Klingons from the recent fight la&
there. The three dead Klingons from the #attle after the 4anderers left with 5eldt0 were
also l&ing in the transporter room. Jac&Is #od& was the onl& one on the transporter.
$2ister Crespin0$ Jim said while supporting himself against the transporter console0
$please take over the transporter controls. 2ister Si#ort0 keep those two covered at all
time. 8rofessor Olseen0 would &ou also keep them covered with &our disrupter1$
$A&e sir0$ Teed replied0 his disrupter pointed sHuarel& on their prisoners.
$Of course Jim0$ 8rofessor Olseen replied as he raised his disrupter. Teed motioned the
8rofessor off a couple feet to TeedIs side.
$%octor0 would &ou help me please1$ Jim asked0 then0 with %ouggIs help0 Jim positioned
himself and %ougg out of an& of an& line of fire.
$2aGimum dispersion 2ister Crespin0$ Jim then ordered. Jim glanced around the room.
$A&e0 sir0 maGimum dispersion0$ !ico replied from #ehind the console as she adDusted
the settings.
$%eath gathers us here to honor0$ Jim said Huietl&0 $and sa& good#&e to our friend0
Cadet Jac& mI%olon. "n the performance of her dut&0 she gave her life to save two
Federation civilians and four Starfleet personnel.$ Jim then paused $an&one wants to
add an&thing1$ he finall& asked. There was onl& silence. $nergiEe0$ Jim ordered.
A single shape sparkled and shimmered. Then it was gone. Jim then turned to their two
Klingon prisoners.
$8ut &our dead on the transporter0$ he ordered. There were onl& three pods on the
transporter. The Klingons looked at each other for a moment0 then moved three of their
dead to the transporter.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$%o &ou wish to sa& an&thing1$ Jim asked them. The& looked at each other0 and then
the one known as Kumara said some #rief words in Klingon. The& then stepped #ack
from the transporter.
$nergiEe0$ Jim then ordered. Three shapes sparkled and shimmered. Then the& were
gone. The Klingons placed the last three #odies into the transporter and Kumara
repeated his words.
$nergiEe0$ Jim again ordered. The last three shapes also sparkled and shimmered.
Then the& too were gone.
$!ico0 report on the engine room.$
$"Im going to need pro#a#l& eight hours0 ma&#e siG with TeedIs help.$
$5er& well0$ Jim said disappointedl&. $!ico0 &ou and Teed escort our prisoners #ack to
the #rig. Teed0 since &ou need to help !ico in ngineering0$ and here Jim sighed0 $leave
our prisoners handcuffed in the #rig.$
$A&e sir0$ Teed replied as the& left.
$"Im going to follow up on !uthIs offer and find the galle& Jim. 4e #adl& need hot food
and coffee0$ %ougg said as Teed and !ico started down the corridor with their
prisoners. KirkIs stomach started to growl as he realiEed how long ago it was since he
had eaten.
$" can help0$ 8rofessor Olseen then offered. !ico faintl& heard %ougg interrupt him as
the& turned the corner0 $No 8rofessor0 " want &ou to lie down.$ Then the onl& sound was
the tramp of their #ooted feet.
"t was siG hours later. After hot food0 drink and a few hours rest for 8rofessor Olseen
and !uth0 it was a different ship completel&. "n command0 his crew his surviving
roommates0 was 9ieutenant Junior ?rade James T. Kirk0 now Captain of the captured
Klingon 7ird of 8re&. >e was #ringing 8rofessor Olseen0 !uth0 two Klingon prisoners0
the Klingon ship0 and his remaining roommates #ack to arth.
!uth had renamed the captured 7ird of 8re& Chante. Jim had a miGture of dislike in his
pride of his first command. Chante looked odd even to his e&e0 accustomed as he was
to StarfleetIs ships. The Klingon lines were ungainl& to him0 and ChanteIs condition told
her tale of #attle. Still0 Starfleet will #e most interested in taking her apart. Jim knew
from what !ico had told him after sheId spent siG hours in the engine room figuring it
out. Over the open comm0 Jim could hear messages pouring into the #ridge even now
from Starfleet and the Federation.
$Captain0$ came %ouggIs voice over the comm0 $please have 2ister Crespin report to
Sick#a& as soon as possi#le.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 11) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Acknowledged.$ Jim then asked !ico0 $2ister Crespin0 howIs the engines1
$" can give &ou 4arp SiG now0$ !ico replied from the ngine !oom.
$5er& well0 is 8rofessor Olseen still assisting &ou1$ Jim asked as 8rofessor Olseen had
showed up uneGpectedl& a couple hours ago in the ngine !oom0 and provided
surprisingl& good help to !ico.
$A&e sir.$
$%o &ou and 8rofessor Olseen think he can handle the engines for awhile1$
!ico glanced at 8rofessor Olseen who grinned and shook his head &es at her.
$A&e Captain0 we do.$
$5er& well. >ave Teed report to the #ridge0 then &ou report to Sick#a& immediatel&.$
$A&e sir0 Sick#a&0$ !ico replied from ngineering. As she approached Sick#a&0 over the
open comm she heard Teed reporting in at the 7ridge.
$>elmsman0 take us home0 4arp Three0$ she heard Jim then order in his most
composed CaptainIs voice.
$Acknowledged Captain. >ome0$ !ico could hear Teed answer from the helm0 as she
walked grinning into Sick#a&.
%ougg had Dust finished removing his hurried field dressing on !icoIs head from a few
hours ago0 and had cleaned her up.
$>ow do &ou feel !ico0$ %ougg asked her.
$A lot #etter0$ she answered as she put her uniform shirt #ack on. %ougg turned to his
$Captain0 now the fightingIs over0$ %ougg said to Jim over the comm0 $"Id like &ou to
report to Sick#a& so " can put some regen and a #race on &our knee.$ There was a
pause and %ougg imagined Jim grimacing at the idea of regen0 which is a slim& miGture.
$5er& well0$ Jim finall& replied0 $on m& wa&.$
$%oc0 "Im going to check on our prisoners0 then "Ill #e #ack as " want to talk with Jim
when &ouIre finished with him0$ !ico told %ougg. That was the first time sheId called him

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 117 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$ThatIs fine0 !ico0$ %ougg answered as !ico walked out of Sick#a&.
!ico was #ack in Sick#a&0 and standing in the doorwa& as she watched %ougg finish
working on Jim. JimIs soft haEel e&es were closed0 although !ico was sure he wasnIt
sleeping. %ougg then stepped into the other room. Jim heard !ico as she then walked
in. >is e&es opened to greet her.
$!eport !ico.$
$ver&thingIs secured and under control Captain. Now that " got the engines figured out
well enoughJ tr& not to take us into #attle again too soon though please.
$No promises0$ Jim chuckled0 $?ood Do# !ico0 &ouIve saved a few lives recentl&. 3nlike
me0 " guess thatIs what comes of shooting #efore " have all the details.$ !ico sensed he
wanted to talk more.
$And0$ she prodded.
$9&ing here0$ Jim &awned0 $" suddenl& realiEed " now feel old and eGperienced. !ico0$ he
again &awned0 $"Ive learned man& things recentl&. Starfleet means onl& risking death. A
mission0 and a ship0 this ship even0 means life itself. " will never accept a failed mission0
a lost ship0 or even death gracefull&.$
$!ight now &ou need to accept some sleep0$ %ougg answered Huietl& from the door0 as
it was o#vious that Jim was ver& tired.
$5er& well0$ Jim &awned #ack at %ougg and !ico. Then Jim was finall& asleep.
"t was a #eautiful San Francisco 7a& evening. Crisp and clear. The air was warm and
kind. The tide was in. The #reeEe was slight putting a small white moonlit chop on the
7a&. There was the sound of footsteps as Jim Kirk0 in Starfleet uniform0 his hands
clasped #ehind his #ack0 was limping on the dock #ehind 5alhalla in Sausalito. >is face
was carefull& eGpressionless0 although his e&es had an unmistaka#l& harsh edge of
#lurred strain in them. !uth was watching Jim.
The& were #ack on arth0 and Jim and !uth were talking. 7ecause Jim had asked him
to0 %ougg was sitting on the railing a few feet awa& from them. >e could see that Jim
had caught the intense0 wondering eGpression in !uthIs e&es0 her awed gaEe for Jim
ever since her rescue. The #each in front of them was deserted. %ougg turned and
watched the lights of a #oat as it moved slowl& through the channel on this side of
Treasure "sland. There was not a #oat0 or a catamaran or a dingh& or an&thing or
an&#od& moving on the Sausalito waterfront immediatel& in front of them though.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 110 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$7ut " thought Jim0$ !uth was sa&ing $the& were going to keep &ou in for at least a
$ThatIs what the& intended. So " told the doctor " couldnIt stand it0 packed m& #ag0 and
$6ou discharged &ourself1$ she eGclaimed.
$Gactl&0$ Jim answered.
$7ut didnIt the doctor protest1$ She now glanced at %ougg.
$Oh0 loudl&. 7ut there wasnIt much %ougg could do a#out it.$
$%ougg0 how could &ou let him1$ she then demanded of %ougg. %ougg said nothing as
the& #oth knew how determined Jim Kirk could #e when heId made up his mind to do
There were a couple moments of silence0 #ut not the eas& ones Jim and !uth had
known #efore. !uth was looking #ack and forth to Jim and %ougg with growing
confusion on her face.
$"tIs nice out0$ !uth finall& said to Jim0 $#ut alwa&s nicer with &ou0$ she added Huietl&.
$Jim0 we need time together0 awa& from the Academ&.$ She said this in a no,nonsense
tone. Jim looked awa& from her to out over the 7a&.
$There is a distance now #etween us0 a distance " cannot define0$ !uth continued #ut
now with uncertaint& in her voice. $%istance we cannot discuss0 #ut " know we #oth can
feel. A distance "Im afraid of0$ she finished haltingl&.
$!uth0 " canIt love an&one too much0$ Jim turned to face !uth and finall& spoke the
words Jim knew he had come here to sa&.
$" onl& learned this after " fell in.$ Jim stopped as he heard the longing in his voice. >e
$4hen &ou were kidnapped0$ Jim continued0 his voice more even0 $" wanted onl& to find
&ou and #ring &ou #ack safel&. "t distracted me from m& oath as a Starfleet officer. "
canIt afford that.$ Jim made the last statement in a tone of distinct regret.
$6ou reall& intend to command a starship1$ !uth again looked at %ougg0 then #ack to
$6es0$ was all Jim answered.
$Then perhaps it is #est to let &ou go.$
She stepped forward to kiss him good,#&e. The& kissed desperatel&0 searchingl&0 and

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 111 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
regretfull&. Then Jim stepped #ack0 and smiled a little at !uth. "t seemed to %ougg Jim
smiled #ecause if he didnIt0 tears would come. Then !uth Huickl& turned0 and Jim and
%ougg #oth watched her walk awa&.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek Soundtrack,2ain Themes http@AAwww.&outu#e.comAwatch1vB;r,e#S:L!:w
Admiral James T. Kirk was remem#ering
!uthIs good,#&e kiss when at the same
moment0 Commander KuwaraIs sHuadron
moved close enough for the sensors a#oard
the nterprise to identif& the individual ships.
$Captain0$ Commander Si#ort0 who was
manning SpockIs science station0 called out.
Kirk0 sitting in his command chair0 turned his
head. $The ships are definitel& Klingon0$
Si#ort continued. Four #attle cruisers and
three 7irds of 8re&.$ 2cCo&0 still standing at
KirkIs side0 for once was speechless. Kirk also
was silent0 #ut onl& #ecause he was weighing
his options. Should the& attempt to run for it0
which he thought was dou#tful the& could do0
or should the& turn and fight1 Kirk decided he
needed to talk with Kang. >e ke&ed his comm
to Securit&.
$Securit&0 #ring 9ieutenant Karth to the 7ridge immediatel&.$ Kirk ordered. $%o it
diplomaticall&0$ Kirk added after a heart#eat. A few minutes later the Klingon officer was
#rought #efore him. Kirk then turned to Chekov.
$2ister Chekov0 9ieutenant Karth0 hereIs what " want &ou to do.$
"t onl& took a few minutes for the plan to #e understood #& all. Kang was first going to
#luff it0 #ecause Kang was ver& reluctant to take the life of an& Klingons if he could
avoid it. "f his #luff didnIt work then Kang felt his warship could disa#le the seven ships
pursuing them.
$All ahead stop0$ Kang ordered on nterpriseIs screen. The >elmsman #rought the
massive ship to a stop. The >elmsman could see on the screen on #oard the
nterprise0 that 9ieutenant Korth had given the same order. Kirk0 standing out of view of
the screen0 though0 had nodded and 9ieutenant Commander SuluIs deft hands onl&
then had #rought the nterprise out of warp drive.
$This is Captain Kang to Klingon sHuadron. " am under orders from the >igh Council for
a mission that &our presence is endangering. "dentif& &ourself immediatel&K$ Kang

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
ordered harshl&.
$Commander Kumara sir0$ a voice responded smoothl&0 too smoothl& Kirk thought as he
wondered if this was the same Kumara he knew. The voice continued as the face of
Kumara appeared on !aptorIs forward screen0 $" also am under orders from the >igh
Council. !eHuest permission sir0 to #eam a#oard in sevent&,five minutes as " have a
&our e&es,onl& communiHuS from the >igh Council. " have #een instructed #& them to
hand the message to &ou face to face.$ There was silence on three different #ridges as
man& waited for KangIs answer. KumaraIs eGpression revealed none of the truth he had
Dust severel& stretched to Kang. Kumara was inwardl& grinning at his ingenuit& though.
$?ranted0$ Kang finall& said angril&.
$" will contact &ou again in sevent&,five minutes when we are in transporter range sir0$
Kumara said0 his voice still smooth. Kirk was now positive it was the Kumara he knew.
$Kumara0$ 2cCo& said to Kirk0 his face scrunched up in puEElement0 $" know that name
and voice0 #ut from where1$ Kirk was thinking a#out Kumara also.
$7last itK$ Kirk muttered0 $it would have to #e KumaraK$
$Jim0$ 2cCo& continued the puEElement in his e&es and face clearing as he
remem#ered. $" read in that file &ou gave me that Kumara was the name of one of the
two Klingons &ou #rought #ack to arth after the 5eldt "ncident. 6es0 " remem#er now.
7oth of &ou were ineGperienced cadets then0$ 2cCo& eGplained0 then paused in thought
#efore continuing0 $Then &ou met him immediatel& again through the FA while &ou
were #oth still cadets. 4asnIt it something like &our last month or so #efore &ou
graduated from the Academ&1$
$6es. "t was through the Friendship Gchange Action 7ones0$ Kirk answered almost
griml&0 $another perk " received via Captain AprilIs recommendation.$ Kirk paused0 then
continued with a definite grimness to his voice0 $Then we met again0 and Kumara had
developed eGceptional arrogance. !emem#er 7ones0 the Dourne& to Arret and our
su#seHuent encounter with the 4anderers1$ Kirk looked at 2cCo& in puEElement0 and
asked0 $Though wh& didnIt " remem#er then 7ones0 that " had met them #efore in the
5eldt "ncident1 Or rather " met one of their accountants #alancing their #ooks1$ At the
look of confusion on 2cCo&Is face0 Kirk eGplained0 $4hen " eGchanged &ou for
KumaraIs ship nada1$ 2cCo& grimaced as he remem#ered the incident.
$" remem#er now0$ 2cCo& said sarcastic0 $&ou and Spock came #ack afterwards
spouting all sorts of nonsense.$
The sevent&,five minutes passed Huickl&. Kang had previousl& agreed to pipe his face,
to,face meeting with Kumara over to the nterprise. Kirk now watched on the main

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
screen as Kumara materialiEed alone a#oard !aptor0 and was escorted to KangIs ca#in
#& two Klingon guards Kang had assured Kirk were in support of Kang. Just to #e sure0
Kirk had ordered two of the nterpriseIs Securit& Officers to shadow Kumara0 and two
more to remain hidden in KangIs ca#in. Kirk now watched Kumara and his escort walk
down the corridor of the Klingon ship. >e noticed Kumara still moved Huickl& and with
sharp gestures. Another at&pical Klingon0 Kirk thought0 #ut still a Klingon.
The door to KangIs ca#in opened and Kumara walked in. The view on the nterpriseIs
main screen now changed to the interior of KangIs ca#in.
The nterprise securit& officer in the shadows was Huick0 #ut Kang was Huicker. KangIs
disrupter stunned Kumara even as the nterprise securit& officerIs phaser #eam
reached out to stun. Kumara went down heavil&. Kang ordered #rand& poured down
KumaraIs throat and splashed on his uniform. Then the two Klingon guards supported
Kumara #etween them0 and carried and dragged him to a cargo transporter room. The
technician on dut& heard Kang muttering darkl& to himself.
$%amn fool0 cele#rating in advanceK$ Then Kang spoke directl& to the transporter
technician0 $Step #ack0 "Ill #eam this worm of an eGcuse for a Klingon #ack to his shipK$
As the technician passed the unconscious Kumara0 he noticed Kumara reeked of
Saurian 7rand&. The two guards then dragged Kumara into the transporter and nodded
an affirmative to Kang0 who worked the controls.
Kumara and his guards did not materialiEe on #oard KumaraIs ship. "nstead0 the&
materialiEed into the main transporter cham#er of the nterprise0 which had two
nterprise Securit& Officers with phasers drawn and aimed sHuarel& them. Scott&
immediatel& called the 7ridge.
$Captain0 our guests have arrived.$
$5er& well. 8ut Kumara in the #rig0 and leave two guards posted at all times. >ave one
of them call me when Kumara wakes up0$ Kirk ordered.
$A&e Captain.$
"n was less than ten minutes later that it was reported to Kirk that Kumara was coming
$On m& wa&0$ Kirk told the guard. >e then gestured to Spock to Doin him0 while he
stepped out of his chair and #ounded up the steps. $3hura0 &ou have the conn. 8lease
have %octor 2cCo& meet us at the #rig.$
$A&e sir0$ 3hura said as the tur#olift doors closed.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-3 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Kirk and 2cCo& were not the faces Kumara eGpected to see0 let alone the walls of the
nterpriseIs #rig. >e covered his surprise Huickl&0 and instead addressed Kirk.
$"Im glad KangIs report of &our demise was inaccurate Jim0$ Kumara told Kirk. >e
looked keenl& at 2cCo&.
$" remem#er &ou0 &ouIre the shipIs doctor0$ Kumara said. "t was a statement0 not a
$4erenIt &ou also a Commander the last time we met1$ 2cCo& asked innocentl&.
$After Jim humiliated me and " failed in m& mission at Arret0 m& career went no further.$
Kumara said the words in a matter,of,fact manner.
$" didnIt humiliate &ou0$ Kirk replied eHuall& calml&0 $Those 4ho 2eddle did0 in fact the&
humiliated #oth of us " remem#er0 and that was the second time for #oth of usK$$
$Starfleet Command gave &ou &our first medal for the first one Jim0$ Kumara said. Kirk
was silent as he thought #ack to that medal ceremon&.
9ieutenant Junior ?rade James T. Kirk stood at rigid attention in front of several people.
"n his immediate vision0 he could see the Admiral of the Fleet0 !. 8hillip von 4enEel.
7eside Fleet Admiral von 4enEel stood !ear Admiral !ena 7o&d0 !etired. Admiral
7o&d was the Starfleet !epresentative to the 3nited Federation of 8lanets. Jim noticed
that Admiral 7o&d0 the eldest of the three standing immediatel& in front of Jim0 was of
medium #uild and height0 with shoulder,length gre&,#rown wav& hair and #rown e&es.
Jim knew what few others did0 #ecause Captain April had told him0 that Admiral 7o&d
was Admiral von 4enEelIs aunt. Out of the corner of his e&e0 Jim could see Captain
!o#ert April0 tr&ing unsuccessfull& to contain a #road smile as he looked fondl& at Jim.
NeGt to Captain April stood Admiral Chen0 a small,#oned woman of Chinese ancestr&.
Catching sight of Admiral Chen scrutiniEing him0 Jim felt the need to straighten his
alread& perfectl& fitting uniform0 as Chen seemed to #e evaluating his appearance.
Just #ehind the two admirals stood a civilian0 9ad& 2orghan of AleG. All three of them0
plus several other top #rass0 including Commander >uff0 their Chief of Starfleet
Academ&0 were all looking Jim directl& in the e&e.
Jim reflected wr&l& that Starfleet was indeed doing them an honor. Such awards were
not for all. 2oreover0 he was having a hard time keeping his e&es off 9ad& 2orghan.
$A lad& has doors held for her #ecause she eGpects doors to #e held for her0$ Jim heard
Teed0 who was standing #eside %ougg and !ico0 whisper.
$9ad& 2orghan has that principle down pat0$ %ougg whispered #ack0 $she caused Huite

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
a stir when she entered into the room.$
The menIs admiration for 9ad& 2orghan was interrupted #& Admiral von 4enEel0
$...James T. Kirk0 serial num#er SC ):=,.(=< CC. For creative action in a crisis which
defied polic&J for #raver& and lo&alt& to StarfleetIs code0 " am honored to present &ou
with the Silver 8alm with Cluster for Conspicuous >eroism0 and promotion to the service
rank of Full 9ieutenant.$
Teed0 %ougg and !ico0 and then Jac& posthumousl&0 were each awarded the 7ronEe
Cluster for 7raver&.
The ceremon& was over0 and Teed was standing with Jim. Teed noticed Commander
>uff heading their wa& and nudged Jim in the ri#s. The& #oth came to attention.
$At ease0 gentlemen0$ he said as he handed each of them a paper0 $hereIs &our orders0
and good luck.$
As Commander >uff walked awa&0 the& each opened their orders0 glancing through
them. Jim starting grinning #roadl& at Teed.
$2& first assignment after graduation is to report to the peace mission to AGanar with
Farragut and Captain ?arrovick0$ Jim told him.
$"Im going with &ou to AGanar0$ Teed answered0 matching his grin.
$"n the meantime0$ Jim added as he continued reading his orders0 $"Ive #een assigned
to a month of FA.$
$FA1$ Teed said in a puEEled voice.
$Foreign Gchange Action0$ Jim eGplained0 $itIs a command student program. 4onder
whoIll "Ill #e spending the month with0 the Klingons ma&#e1$ Jim speculated.
Jim then saw !uth. Teed was a step #ehind Jim as the& worked their wa& towards her.
Teed could see from the tightness in JimIs shoulders that Jim was tr&ing to control the
wave of emotions sweeping over him as the& approached closer to !uth.
!uth saw Jim coming and stepped forward to meet him. Teed knew it had #een a month
since the& last spoke together.
$Jim0$ she said Huietl& as the& met. The& stood awkwardl& for a moment.
$>owIs &our shoulder1$ Jim finall& asked.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$"tIs all healed.$ There was a moment of silence0 then0 $howIs &our knee1$
$"tIs fine0 %ougg did a good Do# with it.$ There was more silence.
$6ouIre graduating in a little over a month from the Academ&0$ !uth then spoke0 $have
&ou received &our orders1$
$6es ... "Ive #een assigned to a month of FA0 then AGanar.$
$ThatIs Huite an honor.$
$Thank &ou.$ Suddenl& Teed could see that Jim had Dust noticed what Teed knew
alread&0 the glitter on !uthIs finger. >e saw Jim look Huestioningl& into !uthIs e&es.
There was also now a glitter in !uthIs e&es0 a glitter of tears.
$Congratulations 9ieutenant Kirk and nsign Si#ort0$ 8rofessor Olseen said as he
stepped over to Doin them0 $and again0 thank &ou. " suppose &ouIve #oth alread&
received &our orders for after graduation.$
$6es sir0 a month of FA for me0 then the AGanar 8eace 2ission0$ Jim was answering0
#ut 8rofessor Olseen had alread& #een carried awa& into another conversation. Jim
turned #ack to !uth0 #ut Captain ?arrovick was tr&ing to catch his attention.
$?ood luck Jim0$ !uth said as Captain ?arrovick led Jim and Teed awa&.
9ieutenant James T. Kirk would go on to #e awarded the 8alm 9eaf of AGanar 8eace
2ission. 7ut thatIs another stor&.
SpockIs voice interrupted KirkIs memories.
$"nteresting. >ow is it Commander0 &ouIre so far this side of the Neutral Pone1$ Spock
was smoothl& asking Kumara.
$" Dust happened to #e the closest ranking officer when !aptor was spotted0 which is
wh& " am in command of the SHuadron. " plan to use this incident to redeem m& career.$
On the #ridge of the Klingon warship0 !aptor0 the >elmsman was #e&ond Dust getting
suspicious. 4h&0 he sullenl& wondered0 were the& stopped at the edge of the artherIs
solar s&stem1 4h& was Commander Kumara hand delivering a message from the >igh
Council to Kang1 4h& wasnIt it Dust coded and sent #& su#space transmission to Kang1
4h& was Kumara sent #ack drunk and passed out to his ship1 2oreover0 wh& was the
nterpriseIs First Officer on the 7ridge rather than the 7rig where he #elonged1 Captain
Kang had reported the successful takeover of the nterprise0 almost too eas& the
>elmsman thought0 considering ever&thing he had heard a#out nterprise and her

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Commander0 that demon human known as Kirk. The >elmsman did not know a#out the
two doEen Securit& Officers from the nterprise0 which in siG teams0 four apiece0 were
hidden in ke& areas throughout !aptor0 in locations provided #& Captain Kang. The&
were read& to take the warship over at KirkIs command. The >elmsman had #een told
Kirk had #een killed in the fight on #oard nterprise. Kang had eGplained the 5ulcan
was #eing paraded for his crewIs morale0 as the 5ulcan had #een the nterpriseIs First
Officer. 4h& wasnIt Kang parading KirkIs dead #od& instead the >elmsman wondered.
That would do a lot more for moral than this point&,eared freak now standing casuall&
on the 7ridge of the mpireIs greatest weapon he thought. 4as Kang a traitor the
>elmsman wondered1 ?eneral Kolith had warned him that at an& sign of treacher&0 the
>elmsman was to immediatel& disa#le the massive warship and tr& to contact ?eneral
Kolith. ?eneral Kolith had also ordered him that if at an& time it looked like !aptor was
to fall into enem& hands0 the >elmsman was to #low him up immediatel&. ?eneral Kolith
had given the >elmsman special one man override seHuences in case of either event
The >elmsman finall& made up his mind.
$8ermission to step up to the head sir.$ Kang gaEed at the >elmsman for a second0 then
said $?ranted0$ and gestured for his wife to take the >elmsmanIs position. The
>elmsman stood up0 saluted0 then walked off the 7ridge. "nstead of turning to the head0
he looked cautiousl& around0 then hurried towards then ngine !oom. >e knew he
would need several minutes to accomplish his plan.
$Captain Kang0$ his wife said a few minutes later0 $!aptor is not responding. " am #eing
#locked from the ngine !oom console.$ 7efore Kang could respond0 his
Communications Officer spoke0 $Captain0 an unauthoriEed message has Dust #een
transmitted from this shipK$
Kang came up out of his chair and demanded $4here from1$
$ngine !oom0$ the Communications Officer answered. Kang ke&ed his comm to
ngine !oom.
$ngine !oom0 whatIs going on1$ demanded the Captain0 $we have no >elm control0
and an unauthoriEed message was Dust transmitted #& &ouK$
$Traitor0$ a voice snarled over the comm. The Captain recogniEed it immediatel& and
glanced Huickl& to the >elmsmanIs station in front of him0 noting it was still manned #&
his wife. The Captain closed the comm to ngine !oom0 then turned to Spock who was
standing a little #ehind his right shoulder.
$"tIs the >elmsman0$ he told Spock. The Captain then opened the comm line up to
ngine !oom.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-7 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$>elmsman0$ Captain Kang said with ever& #it of command in his voice. "n spite of
himself0 the >elmsman found a lifetime of training in control of his #od&0 and he
responded to that voice.
$6es Captain0$ he replied angril& and in a disrespectful tone.
$>elmsman0 the mpireIs resources are dwindling0 gone in ma&#e this generation0
definitel& in the neGt. The mpire needs the Federation.$
$The mpire needs no oneK$ the >elmsman snarled0 $4e were ordered to destro& arth
and take over the FederationIs resources Captain0$ he growled.
$>elmsman0 &ou do not have all the facts.$ Kang said angril&0 $" am following orders.
6ou are diso#e&ing orders. " order &ou to immediatel& release the ngine !oom and
report to me on the 7ridge.$ The >elmsman was caught in an internal struggle. 4hat if
he was wrong1 7ut "Im not he argued with himself. >is dut& was clearJ he could not let
!aptor fall into the cursed FederationIs hands. >e closed the comm line to the 7ridge.
$The lines #een closed Captain0$ his CommunicationIs Officer told him.
On the 7ridge0 Captain Kang knew he had #een cut off even #efore his
CommunicationIs Officer told him. >e knew he had to act Huickl&. $Navigator0 &ou have
the conn. Securit&0 get two #last charges0 arm &ourself and #ring two more disrupters0
all set to live stun0 and report immediatel& to ngine !oom. Spock0 come with me0$
Kang ordered. >is wife started to stand up. $No 2ara0 " need &ou here.$ >is wife sank
#ack down into her chair. The Captain then ran to the ngine !oom0 with Spock right
#ehind. As the& turned the corridor to the ngine !oom0 the& #oth saw two Securit&
Officers running from the other direction.
$8lace those #lasts on the door0$ the Captain ordered the Securit& Officers. "n seconds
the #lasts were in place and Kang0 Spock and the Securit& officers stepped #ack.
The resulting eGplosion was sufficient Spock noted. The door now had a gap #ig
enough for one man to step through at a time. The Klingon Captain took two disrupters
from a Securit& Officer. >e kept one for himself0 and handed the other to Spock. 7oth
Securit& Officers gave a startled grunt when Spock took the disrupter. Kang ignored it.
$"Im first0 &ouIre neGt0$ he said pointing to the nearest officer0 $followed #& Spock then
&ou0$ he said pointing to the other officer. $The >elmsman is inside0$ Kang eGplained0
$he is insane0 and has taken over the ship. %isa#le0 not kill0 him immediatel&.$ then
Kang had stepped through the #lasted opening0 the I&es sirs$ from #oth Securit&
Officers in his ears. As he stepped through the door0 he rolled to his right and came up
#ehind a console. >e watched approvingl& as the three others did the same. >e then
cautiousl& scanned the ngine !oom. >e saw three #odies l&ing on the floorJ the&

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-0 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
seemed to #e onl& stunned he concluded with relief. The engine room was Huiet Kang
thought0 too Huiet.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 1-1 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Star Trek The NeGt ?eneration Theme #& 7oston 8ops Orchestra
"t was Spock who heard the noise first. Then Spock saw the >elmsman and pointed him
out to the Klingon Captain. The Captain nodded and whispered to his two Securit& men
who immediatel& moved around to the other side of the room from where the >elmsman
was. The >elmsman was tr&ing to protect himself with a disrupter in one hand. 4ith his
other hand he was pushing a series of commands into the console at which he was
standing. >e was desperatel& tr&ing to remem#er the seHuence ?eneral Kolith had
drilled into him when the ?eneral had first told him of his mission. At the time0 the
>elmsman could not imagine an& reason he would need to disa#le the matter,
antimatter shielding. Now he was doing it and he knew the result would #e his death.
The destruction of !aptor0 and annihilation of Huite a #it of whatever was in space
around it0 would also occur. "ncluding nterprise he hoped. Just a few more seHuences
he thought0 Dust a few0 and nothing will stop it.
$>elmsman0$ his Captain called out0 $"Im going to step out into &our view.$ Kang then

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13( of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
stepped openl& out to a#out ten feet awa& from the >elmsman. >e said Huietl&0
$>elmsman0 eGplain.$
$4hat do &ou think Captain1$ the >elmsman growled #ack.
$Tell me >elmsman0$ Kang snapped out.
$" am removing the matter,antimatter shielding.$ %espite the politeness of the words0
and the softness of the >elmsmanIs voice0 his insolence was o#vious. Kang felt
infuriated as he didnIt know how the >elmsman was removing the shielding. Kang knew
it took a minimum of three men with the proper initiation seHuence knowledge0 working
simultaneousl&0 to set off the self,destruct seHuence.
4hen Spock heard the >elmsmanIs last answer0 he pulled his communicator out from
under his tunic where he had kept it hid0 and flipped it open.
$Spock to Captain Kirk0$ Spock said Huietl& into his communicator. "mmediatel& KirkIs
voice responded0 $Kirk here 2ister Spock.$
$Captain0$ Spock continued Huietl&0 $urgentl& recommend all nterprise personnel
eGcept me #eamed a#oard immediatel& and nterprise prepare for an emergenc&
warp0$ Spock said. >e waited patientl& while he listened to Kirk give the orders to
retrieve nterpriseIs Securit& Officers scattered a#out !aptor. Then Kirk was #ack to
$4hat is it Spock1$
$The& have taken over !aptorIs ngine !oom0 and disa#led the conn #& his >elmsman0
who is now removing the matter,antimatter shielding. Captain Kang is attempting to stop
him. The >elmsman is apparentl& using a self,destruct seHuence initiation code
unknown to Captain Kang though.$
$3nderstood0$ Kirk replied0 $estimated time until we #eam &ou a#oard 2ister Spock1$
$3nknown0 recommend &ou leave now.$
$Negative Spock0$ Kirk replied sharpl&.
$>elmsman0 &ou are making a mistake.$ Captain Kang growled as he watched the
>elmsman continue to push the self,destruct initiation seHuence code.
$Am " Captain1$ the >elmsman snarled #ack0 $?eneral Kolith had me memoriEe a
special one man self,destruct seHuence when &ou assigned me to !aptor. >e was right
not to trust &ou.$

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 131 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
Captain Kang then saw his Securit& Officers from #ehind the >elmsman. The
>elmsman looked down at his console. Kang slowl& nodded his head at the Securit&
Officers0 who immediatel& fired upon the >elmsman0 who collapsed silentl& to the deck.
Kang and Spock hurried over to the console. A glance told Kang the& were too late0 the
five minute countdown had #egun. >e ke&ed the comm.
$Captain to 7ridge0$ Kang said.
$7ridge here Captain0$ his CommunicationIs Officer responded immediatel&.
$The >elmsman has initiated the self,destruct seHuence. Apparentl& ?eneral Kolith
gave him a special one man code. Start stop seHuence immediatel& using the First
Officer0 the Navigator and the Science Officer.$ Kang mentall& reviewed who was on the
7ridge who could stop the self,destruct seHuence. $Then notif& the remaining Klingon
ships in the vicinit& so the& can save themselves if we are not successful.$
$6es Captain.$
On #oard nterprise0 3hura translated the Klingon signal from !aptor to the remaining
Klingon ships.
$Captain0$ she said0 $4e show !aptorIs self,destruct seHuence activated. >e has Dust
signaled the remaining Klingon ships to vacate the area.$
Kirk hit his comm in the arm of his command chair. $Kirk to SpockK$
$Spock here Captain.$
$Gplain situation SpockK$
$!aptorIs self,destruct seHuence has #een successfull& initiated. Captain Kang has
ordered the stop seHuence initiated0 which the& are attempting now. 4e have four
minutes twelve seconds until detonation. Again recommend nterprise immediatel&
remove herself from the area.$
$Captain0$ 3hura interrupted0 $KumaraIs First Officer is reDecting !aptorIs message. >e
thinks itIs a trick. >e has ordered the Klingon fleet to form up for another attack.$
$Spock0 is the stop order working1$
$Not &et Captain. 4e now have three minutes twent&,two seconds until detonation.$
$Kirk to Scott. !eport0$ Kirk ordered calml&0 inwardl& he was thinking furiousl&.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13- of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$Scott here0 4e Dust #rought the last Securit& Officer on #oard through the cargo
transporter. "Im still standing #& at the 2ain Transporter for 2ister Spock.$
$Scott&0 lock on now to 2ister Spock and prepare to #eam him a#oard on m& order. The
second heIs a#oard0 emergenc& warp us out of here.$
$A&e sir0$ Scott replied.
$2ister Chekov0 is our course still locked in1$
$Affirmative sir.$
$2ister Sulu0 prepare for an emergenc& warp on m& signal. 3hura0 open me up a ship
wide channel.$
$Open sir.$
$This is the Captain. "n approGimatel& two minutes0 we will #e using an emergenc&
warp. 6ellow Alert0$ Kirk eGplained0 then turned to 3hura. $Close ship wide channels0
open a channel to KumaraIs ship.$ "t was onl& a few seconds until KumaraIs First
OfficerIs face appeared on nterpriseIs forward screen.
$6ouIve gotten soft Kirk0$ the Klingon silkil& said0 $&ou use to do #etter than a childlike
$"tIs no #luff.$ Jim said as he motioned 3hura to cut the contact. Jim was worried0
o#viousl& this man had not risen to the rank of KumaraIs First Officer without Kumara
instilling much of himself in his First Officer. Kirk turned #ack to 3hura.
$3hura0 open ship,to,ship with 2ister Spock.$
$Spock here.$
$Spock0 is the stop order working1$
$Negative Captain0 Captain Kang sa&s his stop order might not #e effective against the
special initiation order the >elmsman used. The Captain is attempting to get the correct
stop order out of the >elmsman now. 4e now have two minutes Eero,nine seconds until
detonation.$ The seconds ticked. No sound came from the open line with Spock.
Suddenl& Kirk could hear the Klingon Captain swear in the #ackground.
$4hat is it Spock1K$
$Apparentl& the >elmsman has Dust committed suicide.$ The Klingon CaptainIs voice

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 133 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
interrupted Spock.
$Captain Kirk0 m& officers on #oard nterprise are good men. %o not send them #ack to
the mpire0 let the mperor think we all died.$
$"Ill do m& #est Captain.$ Kirk told him evenl&0 #ut Kang interrupted him.
$The& are m& sonsI KirkK$ Kirk looked #riefl& at the comm0 silentl& weighing his options.
$" understand Kang0$ Kirk said gentl& and honestl&0 $4hat a#out &ou and &our wife
Captain1$ he then asked hurriedl&.
$No Kirk0 #eam &our First Officer over nowK$ Kirk then ke&ed his comm and &elled0
$Scott&0 energiEe nowK$ A moment later the ship sprang into an emergenc& warp. "n
front of them the dark of space lit up into a huge #all of light. "t slowl& dwindled in siEe
as the& retreated from the eGplosions of !aptorIs engines and the other Klingon ships.
One minute later the 7ridge elevator doors opened and Spock rushed over to his
Science Station.
$2ister Sulu0 reduce speed to 4arp Three. 4elcome #ack 2ister Spock0$ Kirk said.
$Thank &ou0$ Spock replied as he looked up from his Science hood0 $"t is unfortunate
this space lane will #e unusa#le for the neGt fift&,seven point two nine &ears.$ Kirk
looked at him0 and Spock eGplained. $"t is the com#ined force of !aptorIs destruction
with those of the Klingon fleet who chose not to heed KangIs warning. The eGplosion of
their antimatter drives com#ined with photon torpedoes and plasma devicesI Captain. "t
will #e three point three one &ears #efore even a su#space signal can penetrate that
region.$ The #ridge personnel adsor#ed SpockIs words in shocked silence.
$2ister Chekov0 la& in a course for the other ships approaching.$ Kirk ordered. $3hura0
notif& Starfleet Command of the destruction of !aptor and the other Klingon ships and
the now closed space lane. 2ister Sulu0 warp siG. 4e have some #usiness with some
Klingon ships on the wrong side of the Neutral PoneK$
Admiral Kirk stood up0 stretched0 walked over to his desk where he sat at the chair
there0 and turned his recorder on. "t was now morning as Kirk and Teed were again in
KirkIs San Francisco flat.
$8ersonal 9og@ Star %ate =.<+.+0$ said Kirk. Teed watched Kirk as he paused to settle
#ack into his chair. Kirk then continued speaking.
$The 3nited Starship nterprise NCC,(=.(0 was envisioned principall& as a scientific
research vessel. She has also carried out militar& duties. The& #uilt her in space at the

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13. of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
San Francisco Nav& 6ards.$
As he spoke0 Kirk was still thinking of the tour on >ood.
$%uring our missions0 nterprise conve&ed more than four hundred of us throughout the
galaG&. 4e had Dust completed our mission to Akkalla0 and the crew of nterprise was
due for some much needed shore leave0 when the !aptor incident occurred.$ >ere Kirk
paused0 then continued. $4e were a#le successfull& to resolve it0 and " will start m& new
Do# teaching at Starfleet Academ& neGt month.$
Kirk stopped talking0 and he and Teed were each lost in their own thoughts.
$No matter now.$ Kirk then said as he turned the recorder off. >e turned to Teed and
grinned. $Teed0 "Im hungr&. 9etIs get cleaned up0 eat0 and see Spock.$
$A&e0$ Teed replied. Soon the& each were in fresh uniforms. The servitor delivered
#reakfast0 and for a moment0 while finishing their coffee0 the& stood silentl& together in
the morning light0 watching the sun rise over the 7a&. Teed put his coffee cup down.
$"Im read& Jim0 how a#out &ou1$ he asked gentl&.
Kirk put his cup down0 and flicked his communicator open.
$Kirk to nterprise0 two to #eam up.$
$Teed0$ Kirk said Huietl& as the& took form on #oard nterprise0 $as the &ears went #&0
"Ive #een thankful for the involved work Starfleet has demanded. "t was the onl& wa& "
learned to leave !uth out of m& mind. This going #ack to teach at the Academ& is filling
me with memories.$ 7efore Teed could answer0 the transporter room door opened and
Commander 2ontgomer& Scott walked in.
$Scott&K$ Admiral James T. Kirk0 the commander of StarfleetIs flagship0 nterprise0
called out happil&. Cadet Kirk had gone on to #ecome Captain of nterprise0 and it was
she who had #een forever after the focus of his heart. Kirk laughed and said0 $of course
&ouIre not on shore leave.$
$A&e sir0$ Scott& replied proudl&0 $" reHuested this honor of escorting &e around m&self.$
$4hereIs Spock1$ Kirk asked0 $" assume he also decided to forgo shore leave.$.
$>eIs still with some trainees0$ Scott& replied0 $he said to tell &e heId Doin us later.$
Kirk and Scott talked while the& walked around so Kirk could sa& his good#&e to
nterprise. Teed and Scott could see the& finished wa& too soon for Kirk.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13/ of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
$?ood#&e and good luck to &e sir.$ Scott& said heartil&0 although there was a glitter of
tears in his e&es. Then he was gone0 #ack to his #eloved engine room0 leaving Kirk and
Teed sitting alone in the #riefing room. The door opened0 and Kirk and Teed watched
Spock0 now in a CaptainIs uniform0 come walking into the room. Spock0 although Kirk
actuall& knew him as a ver& close friend0 was now into his perfect officer role. Kirk
#riefl& thought #ack to his &ears with Spock.
Teed Si#ort was here toda& with James T. Kirk0 #ecause KirkIs relationship with his
officers and crew0 and nterprise0 was a#out to pass on to another.
$Captain Spock0$ Kirk greeted Spock formall& as he rose to stand.
$Admiral Kirk0$ Spock said as formall&.
$Captain Spock0 " am formall& turning m& dut& as commander of nterprise over to &ou0$
Kirk then said Huietl&.
$Thank &ou Admiral0$ Spock replied gravel&.
$2a& " escort &ou and Commander Si#ort to the transporter1$ Spock asked.
At KirkIs previous reHuest0 it was as simple as that. Spock simpl& watched silentl& as
Admiral James T. Kirk and Commander Teed A. Si#ort stepped into the transporter.
$nergiEe0$ Kirk then ordered0 his voice stead& and firm0 although Spock had seen that
KirkIs e&es glistened with tears. Then James T. Kirk was gone.

Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 13) of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson
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Raptor, An Original and Classic Star Trek Adventure Pg 137 of 137 pages
Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson