The Union Recorder April 28, 2009 Trojans top Gatewood, 8-1 In the 80 degree weather early Friday evening one

JMA Trojans fan noted, “Two weeks ago we were here with blankets and [gas heaters].” The heat didn’t faze the Trojans as they beat the Gatewood Gators by a 7-run margin. Senior Ben Prestwood pitched the whole game and showed remarkable consistency. The Gators were first at bat with the Trojans holding the field with Jordan Demmon, Jonathan Martin, Blake Thomas, Brent Dyer, Cody Wood, Thomas Smith, Kyle Pennington and Jase Stubbs. At the top of the first inning, Prestwood and teammates quickly dispatched the three Gators batters without allowing them to score. In the bottom of the first inning Prestwood had one RBI, allowing Jordan Demmon to cross home plate for the first Trojans run. The Trojans exuded confidence as three more Gators struck out in the top of the second inning. Gatewood’s Rob Knight pitched the first inning and part of the second inning. Knight was replaced with Hunter Duren when Demmon hit a hard one to center field allowing ample time for Pennington to cross home plate. (Pennington’s earlier hit allowed time for Thomas Smith to slide into home.) Blake Thomas’s hit to right field allowed time for Demmon to bring the Trojan’s second inning score to 4. Not yet satisfied, Derren McGiboney held two RBIs for Thomas and Demmon, who brought the Trojan’s second inning score to 6. It was not until the sixth inning that the Gators managed to cross home plate. Gatewood’s Corey Jones hit a homer at the top of the sixth inning. His team rushed to the field as soon as it was apparent that the baseball would not be caught. The entire team met him at home plate and cheered as his cleat touched the base. Four more batters struck out before the Trojans were again at bat. Prestwood made his second RBI when Jonathan Martin crossed home plate at the bottom of the sixth and Cody Wood held an RBI for Gibboney, bringing the score to 81.

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