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A TikTok rival promised millions to Black

creators. Now some are deep in debt.—

Collab Crew In Response to Taylor Lorenz’s Story via Washington Post –

As evolution continues within the creator economy it is important corporations value BIPOC
talent on platforms and BIPOC employees within these organizations.

Social media is a place where constant changes are happening. Those changes sometimes can
spark change in our world and impact communities.

Our hope is that more solutions are created, more BIPOC employees are valued, these black
creators who may have not been paid—are paid, and that every creator is treated the same
despite their representation or lack thereof.

Executed collaboration, moral integrity, genuine ethical business practices, and consistent
investments into BIPOC creators & businesses could eventually level the divide.

We wish to continue utilizing Collab Studio ATL to grow our brand, community, and businesses
together. This is a space for creatives to innovate and expand their talents through collaboration
and strategic partnerships while continuing to push culture forward.

Brandy Star Merriweather | (574) 485-3520

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