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Mothers: The Good, The Bad, And The Godly

Prepared by Nathan L Morrison for Sunday May 8th, 2011 Text: Prov. 1:8; 6:20 Scripture Reading: II Tim. 1:3-5

I. II. Each Lords Day we gather together to remember the death of Jesus, the greatest sacrifice of all and learn how we can be better fathers, mothers and children. Today is set aside as Mothers Day across our nation. A. It is a day for children to honor their mother, and to think about the lessons, and sacrificial love that mothers have given to their children. There are many lessons that we can learn from mothers lessons that help us define love and sacrifice, and examples that serve as warning of what not to do! We will consider the examples of mothers in light of the good, the bad, and the godly!



The Good Physical Well-being

A. Sarah Gen. 21:1-5 1. God kept His promise to Sarah and she bore a son, Isaac. 2. Gen. 21:6-7: She was thrilled and praised God for giving her laughter. 3. Gen. 21:8-10: They held a great feast in honor of Isaac being weaned. a. Ishmael mocked Isaac, causing Sarah to be angry and demand he and his mother Hagar leave, so Isaac is not challenged in his birthright. b. She was looking out for his physical well-being. c. God condoned it and told Abraham to do as she said Gen. 21:11-14 4. She and Isaac were very close, for Isaac grieved her death till being comforted by Rebekah his wife, and he took his mothers tent as his own Gen. 24:67 5. She was a loving, protective mother to Isaac! B. Bathsheba I Kings 1:15-21 1. On the counsel of Nathan the prophet (1:11-14) Bathsheba went to David and asked about his promise to make Solomon king in light of Adonijahs claims. 2. If Adonijah became king, she and Solomon would be in jeopardy (1:21). 3. She was concerned for his physical well-being. 4. I Kings 1:28-31: David assured Bathsheba his promise would be done that day and Solomon would be king (just as God promised David I Chr. 22:9-10). 5. I Chr. 29:25: God highly exalted Solomon more than any other king over Israel! 6. She was a loving, protective mother to Solomon! C. Mother of James and John (Wife of Zebedee) Mt. 20:20-23 1. She asked for her two sons to sit on the right and left of Jesus in His kingdom. 2. She didnt understand the nature of the kingdom and thought it was physical! 3. She was looking out for her sons physical well-being. 4. She was a loving, protective mother to her sons! D. To love and want to protect your children is a good trait for a mother to possess!


The Bad Ungodly Influences

A. Rebekah Gen. 24:67 1. When she felt her twins struggling within her she did inquire of God by prayer. a. Gen. 25:22-24: God told her she carried two nations in her womb. 2. But she demonstrated two unfavorable characteristics (Isaac too): a. Favoritism Gen. 25:28: Isaac favored Esau, Rebekah favored Jacob. b. Deceit Gen. 27:6-17: She taught trickery and deceit to her son Jacob in order to deceive her husband Isaac into giving the blessing to him. 3. She stands as a mother who taught her son to deceive and lie to gain what he wanted in life!

B. Athaliah II Chr. 22:2 1. II Chr. 18:1: She was married to King Jehoshaphats son Jehoram, thus allying the house of Judah (David) to the house of Israel (Omri). a. II Chr. 21:5-6: Her husband was as evil as the house of Ahab (21:4). b. II Chr. 22:1-2: When her husband died they made her youngest son Ahaziah king over Israel. 2. She was an evil influence on her son to his destruction II Chr. 22:3-5 3. After her sons death she killed the royal offspring of Judah II Chr. 22:10 a. Not a protective mother but a greedy, selfish mother, she put to death her own grandchildren to solidify her own power. b. She missed one (Joash), which caused her downfall II Chr. 22:1123:21 4. She stands as a mother who for selfish claims for power killed her own family! C. Herodias Lk. 3:19-20 1. Herod took his brother Philips wife Herodias (Mt. 14:3-4) and when John the Baptist rebuked him for it he arrested John. 2. Herodias hated John the Baptist and wanted revenge Mark 6:19 3. She allowed (if not encouraged) her daughter to dance seductively for her uncle (Herod, Herodias 2nd husband) and her dancing pleased him Mark 6:21-23 4. When Herod offered to give her anything she desired, she asked her mother who counseled her to ask for John the Baptists head on a platter Mark 6:24 5. She stands as a mother who condoned immoral sensuality and murder! D. These mothers are examples of what NOT to do!


The Godly Spiritual Well-being

A. Jochebed Ex. 2:1-2; 6:20; Num. 26:59 1. She was married to Amram and gave birth to Moses at a time when Pharoah wanted all boys put to death Ex. 1:22 2. Imagine her joy and sadness to have a boy, Moses! (2:2-4) a. At his birth: No celebrations, baby showers, showing off the child. b. She had courage to hide her son until he could be hid no more. He was placed in a basket and set afloat along the Nile (Physical well-being). 3. Ex. 2:5-10: He was later found by the daughter of Pharaoh. a. Jochebed was offered wages to nurse the baby. b. Consider the tears of Jochebed as she nursed her own son, unable to tell anyone, unable to plan for his future, knowing she could not keep him! c. A pagan named him Moses and called him son! 4. She was willing to trust in God She showed faith and confidence in God. a. Could she have known that this little boy that she showed sacrificial love toward would lead a nation of Gods people? b. We must always trust in Gods goodness! c. She was not concerned about her rights but rather the rights of her child. 5. She trained him up to know God and know his people Ex. 2:11; 3:6 a. She used her time with him concerned for his spiritual well-being! 6. She was a mother who remained loyal to her God! B. Hannah I Sam. 1:1-2 1. Elkanah had two wives: Hannah and Peninnah. Peninnah had children, Hannah was barren, yet Elkanah loved her (1:5). 2. I Sam. 1:9-19: While at the tabernacle she prayed to God to give her a son and vowed she would give him to God as a Nazirite I Sam. 1:11 3. I Sam. 1:20-28: When God blessed her with a son she praised God and called his name Samuel (Heb. heard of God) saying, Because I have asked him of the LORD (1:20) a. When he was weaned she fulfilled her vow to God and brought him to the tabernacle 1:28

Mothers: The Good, The Bad, And The Godly

b. She was concerned for his spiritual well-being. c. She dedicated her son to the Lord! 4. I Sam. 2:18-19: She continued to see to his needs as he grew (physical wellbeing!). 5. God blessed her with many more children 2:21 6. She was a mother who put God first and was blessed for it! C. Mary Lk. 1:26-28 1. The woman favored of God who was chosen to give birth to Jesus, the Son of God, and the woman tasked to be His earthly mother! (1:28-33) a. She was a virgin (1:34) and was pure before marriage. b. The angel assured her she would be carrying the Son of God 1:35 2. Lk. 1:38: She humbly submitted to the will of God. 3. Lk. 2:19: When shepherds who heard from an angel (2:8-18) came from the fields to honor and worship the newborn king, Mary treasured it in her heart. 4. Mt. 2:14: She was obedient to the voice of God along with Joseph in taking Jesus to Egypt and returning when Herod died 2:19-21 5. Lk. 2:48: When Jesus stayed behind at the Temple (2:43-44), Mary and Joseph searched everywhere for Him (2:46), concerned for His physical well-being. 6. Lk. 2:50-52: Though they didnt understand it at the time, they were the kind of people Jesus submitted to and was trained in wisdom and favor of God. a. She was concerned for His spiritual well-being! 7. Jn. 19:25-27: She followed her Son all the way to the cross! a. She watched her Son die for the sins of the world, truly her heart was pierced as with a sword Lk. 2:34-35 8. Acts 1:12-14: Her last mention in the Scriptures has her listed among believers, including the apostles and the Lords brothers (her children!). a. She was favored of God, watched her Son die (the One whom she was honored to raise), saw Him alive again, and watched Him ascend! b. She was counted among the believers! 9. Mary was a mother like no other, and was truly blessed among women! (Lk. 1:42) D. Every child should be so thankful for mothers who have showed their love and devotion and sacrificial love for their family!

In the home, nothing can replace a godly mother. A godly mother will diligently train her children to know God. A. Prov. 1:8; 6:20: Hear, my son, your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching. III. A godly mother will not forsake her God-given role as a teacher of her young. A. Prov. 29:15: The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother. IV. A godly mother is always a godly example for her children. A. II Tim. 1:3-5: Before faithful Timothy as we know him, there was sincere faith in his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice. They trained him up to be a godly young man. V. Godly mothers deserve our praise because they watch over our souls! VI. What kind of mother are you or will you be? A. The good, the bad, or the godly? VII. If you are not a Christian, you need to be. Repent and be baptized into His name! VIII. If a Christian in error, dont wait till its eternally too late. Repent and be renewed! IX. Whatever your requests, let them be made known NOW while we stand & sing! I. II.

Mothers: The Good, The Bad, And The Godly