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Nigerian IOC Sports Physician Dr Adedayo Osholowu appointed Dodan Warriors Pro Basketball Team doc
Ms Temilade Ojo appointed as Warriors Club Physiotherapist for NBBF/DSTV Super 8 Playoffs

LAGOS: Dr Osholowu Adedayo, Current Clinical Director of the Special Olympics International Healthy Athletes Program in Nigeria will join the Dodan Warriors Basketball team during the ongoing The NBBF/DSTV Super 8 Playoffs being held in Lagos from 20-27 June inside the Basketball Indoor Hall of the National Stadium, Surulere, Nigeria. Osholowu who has been appointed as the team's doctor commented saying “it is an honour to serve with one of the most prestigious Professional Basketball teams in Nigeria and contribute my expertise to helping the team achieve its goal of becoming a leading African franchise. The www.dayoosholowu.com

philosophy of the club is also focused on all around development of its athletes thus my invitation to join the team” In June 2010 Dayo was appointed a Member of the Medical Team of Africa’s first World Cup by Dr Danny Jordan Chief Executive Officer of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee, evidence of his exceptional career serving as a leader in the field of Sports Medicine in Africa. In this position he served as a Consultant Sports Physician and Medical Officer under Venue Medical Officer Dr Christa Van Rensburg at the Loftus Verfield Stadium Tshwane Pretoria, where he delivered medical services for the World’s best footballers including Lionel Messi, Didiers Drogbar and the rest of Africa’s greatest players. In February 2010 he was admitted as a member of the FIFA International Football Medicine Network by the FIFA Medical Office in Geneva Switzerland and has since completed the FIFA Football Emergency Medicine Postgraduate Certificate program at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Johannesburg. A graduate of the College of Medicine University of Lagos Nigeria, Dr. Osholowu underwent additional undergraduate training in Sports Medicine at the Columbia University New York Center for Shoulder Elbow and Sports Medicine in 2005 and obtained has obtained Postgraduate certifications in Sports Medicine from the International Olympic Committee (IOC),FIFA and FIBA (Federation for International Basketball). After graduation from medical school he joined the Nigerian Basketball Professional League and served as a Medical Officer. In 2008 he was appointed Chief Medical Officer of the Federation of International Basketball (FIBA Africa) African Club Championships in Lagos. Ms Temiolade Ojo will join the team as well as the Clubs Physiotherapist. Temilade is a member of the Nigerian Society of Physiotherapists and a licensed physiotherapist with the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board. Her practice is focused on Sports Medicine. She is a graduate of the prestigious College of Medicine University of Lagos.

About Dr Adedayo Osholowu Dr Adedayo Osholowu is the Current Clinical Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded Funded Special Olympics International Healthy Athletes Program in Nigeria. He is also the Founder and Physician Executive of the Dayo Osholowu’s Sports Injury and Exercise Advice Service, the first private Sports Medicine Office in Nigeria. Dr Adedayo Osholowu is also currently an Mphil Candidate in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Cape Town South Africa Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Department and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Since 2007 Dayo has served as a Visiting Lecturer for the undergraduate Sports Medicine Course at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. He has served as a National Team Physician and in 2008 was the Team Physician of the Lagos Islander Basketball Club. He is certified as a Sports Medicine Physician by the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and completed the International Federation of Sports Medicine Team Physician Development Postgraduate course in 2006. He is a Member of the Federations de International Du Sport Medicine (FIMS).Dr. Osholowu has a track record of working to pioneer Sports and Exercise Medicine in Africa. In February 2010 he www.dayoosholowu.com

was selected as one of the 10 African Sports Medicine experts invited to present his research in Football Medicine at the 3rd FIFA Football Medicine Conference in Sun City South Africa in preparation for the World Cup in South Africa. In October 2010 he was one of the 150 African Leaders invited to attend the 1st African Leaders Forum on Diabetes hosted by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as part of efforts to lead the promotion of Exercise in the fight against Non Communicable Chronic Diseases in Africa. www.dayoosholowu.com

About Dodan Warriors Basketball Club The Warriors Basketball Programme was established in 1994, at Dodan Barracks, Obalende, Lagos, as a social oriented outfit to engage youths in Lagos, Nigeria in basketball in order to keep them off the streets and from vices and other juvenile delinquencies. The scope has however widened as youths across Nigeria and the African continent have joined the programme over the years. Warriors Basketball Club is the flagship team of the programme which also has an Academy for boys and girls. We are a study in dualism. Aside from teaching the players the fundamentals of basketball, we are also a forum for education about life, focused on providing a happy environment where each player is presented with opportunities to develop in body, mind and spirit against the background that success in one activity often produces success in other areas. In the Dodan Warriors family, participants are inculcated with the traditional values of courtesy, honesty, hard work, a sense of responsibility and service to the community. Overall we aim to discover the full potential of our youths to enable them achieve excellence and distinction on and off the field of play through education thereby contributing to the well being of Nigeria.


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