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Summer Reunion 2011

Astoria, Oregon FtF Explorer

Welcome to Astoria!
Astoria is for explorers! As the oldest American settlement west of the
Rockies, Astoria offers a rich history for your exploration. It was first visited by Captain Robert Gray in 1792, by the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery in 1805, then adventuresome pioneers by the thousands. Now it’s your turn to experience the excitement of exploring Astoria.

Lewis and Clark Internet Scavenger Hunt Astoria Attraction Drawing

Within a 20 mile radius, one can see dozens of exciting attractions including
Fort Stevens State Park, Fort Astoria, Heritage Center Museum, Flavel House Museum, Uppertown Fire Fighters Museum, Astoria Column, and the Columbia River Maritime Museum, home to one of the nation's finest displays of model ships and nautical artifacts.

Astoria offers other fun discoveries too, such as historic Victorian homes, the
beautiful 4.1 mile long Astoria Bridge, cruise ships, and fishing charters offering the thrill of landing your own salmon, sturgeon, or crab.

A walk to explore the city's waterfront should include stops at the 6th Street
Map the Lewis and Clark Route Make a Paper Clip Compass Viewing Dock, the 14th Street Riverpark with its interpretive panels of river activity, and the 17th Street Pier where there's a chance to tour visiting ships. Ride the 1913 trolley that runs beside the Riverwalk and discover the bustling business district with its many unique shops and galleries.


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Fulltime Families

Astoria, Oregon Explorer

Lewis and Clark
Internet Scavenger Hunt

Your mission is to explore the Internet to find the answers to these questions.
On February 28, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson got approval from Congress to send Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and a team of 31 others to explore the American West. Go to the links to find the answers and complete the challenge!

Their supplies included scientific equipment, camping gear, clothing, weapons, and food. They also brought gifts to give to the Native Americans they would meet. Name three gifts.

Lewis and Clark spent months preparing for their journey before setting out on May 14, 1804, from St. Louis, Missouri. What were some of the expedition's goals?

Find the answer at : www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/inside/idx_equ.html

Find the answer at : www.nationalgeographic.com/features/97/west/

Lewis and Clark's crew, called the Corps of ____________________, differed in background, rank, and experience. Who was the youngest? ________________ Who was Seaman? ________________________


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Astoria, Oregon Explorer

________________________ Find the answer at : www.nationalgeographic.com/features/97/west/crew2.ht ml The Corps finally reached the Pacific Ocean in November, 1805. Name five states that they passed through on the way.

Another key member of the group was Sacagawea, who served as an interpreter. Name one other reason why she was so key to the expedition.

Find the answer at : www.nps.gov/lecl/ Find the answer at : www.nps.gov/jeff/LewisClark2/CorpsOfDiscovery/ TheOthers/Civilians/Sacagawea.htm

Along their journey, Lewis and Clark saw many new plants and animals, such as the blacktailed prairie dog. What did they nickname it? ___________________ What did they do with one?

Find the answer at : www.sierraclub.org/lewisandclark/species/index.asp

Lewis and Clark also encountered almost 50 Native American tribes. Name two from the Pacific Northwest.

Find the answer at : www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/native/


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Astoria, Oregon Explorer

Draw a picture here of an attraction you visited in Astoria:

Astoria Column

In a wooded park and towering above Astoria, Oregon’s highest hill, the Astoria Column presents a spectacular view of the city and surrounding rivers, bay, forest, mountains and Pacific Ocean. The first words of most visitors are, “Oh, Wow!” The Astoria Column commemorates the westward sweep of discovery and migration. Built in 1926, it is 125 feet high and has 164 steps winding to the top. Follow signs up 16th or 14th streets.

This attraction is important because:

Did you visit this?

The best part of this attraction is:

Reprinted from http://www.el.com/to/astoria/


Fulltime Families

Astoria, Oregon Explorer

Draw the route Lewis and Clark took west Draw the route Lewis and Clark took west

Now circle the states that you have visited. Which was your favorite and why?


Fulltime Families

Astoria, Oregon Explorer

Make a Paper Clip Compass
All Explorers need a compass – but did you know you could make your own with a paper clip and piece of paper?

Thank you to our Rally Sponsors:
Things You'll Need
• • • • •

A small piece of cork A small dish or a plate Tape Magnet Paper clip 1


First place your pan or dish on a level surface. o

2 3

Next, fill your pan or dish with water. Make sure there is enough water in the dish for the cork to float. o

Seaside Family Fun Park
Take your straightened paper clip and stroke it on a magnet about 20 times in the same direction. 4 Once your clip is magnetized, place the magnet in another location away from the clip. o



Fulltime Families

Astoria, Oregon Explorer


Goonies Fun Facts:
Take the oath…

Gently place the clip on top of the cork and tape it. Be careful not to handle it too much. You don't want to demagnetize your clip. o


Carefully place the cork in the middle of the dish. o

Now pick out these coastal backdrops from the movie:

7 8

At this point your clip will slowly point north. o

To make sure your compass is working use a compass to check your fields. When using the compass, make sure you are using it away from the compass you just made. o


Once your compass becomes demagnetized repeat the steps above.


Fulltime Families Explorer Oath
I promise to explore this country, to learn about its history, to protect the environment and natural treasures. I also promise to help my parents see all the wonders, big and small, through my eyes by sharing my ideas, thoughts, and dreams while on this amazing journey.

CONGRATULATIONS! By completing this booklet you are now an official

Hereby Awarded To:



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