Quiz #1, dated August 21, 1996. By Ravikant Josyula 1 "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All play and no work makes him a ..........". Fill in the blank. 2 Which is the only city (today), split in two by a wall (a la erstwhile Berlin) ? 3 The Malayalam word meaning "nuisance" comes from a character in the Mahabharat a. Who is he and why? 4 How was Ptolemy XIV related to Cleopatra VII? 5 The name of this city literally means "City of Smoke" and is the capital of a country. Name it. 6. Who flew close to the sun with wings of wax and as a result fell into the sea ? If possible, name his father who made him the wings of wax? 7. What is the origin of the saying " a Cat has nine lives"? 8. Why was the clockwise direction chosen for the clock? Why not the other direc tion? 9. "Jefferson Airplane" was a famous band. What exactly, is a Jefferson Airplane ? 10.What was invented when Nitroglycerin was accidentally spilled on a volcanic m ud called Keiselguhr ? Answers to quiz #1 1 Mere Toy 2 Nicosia, Cyprus 3. Shalya, He was related to the Pandavas but circumstances forced him to fight for the Kauravas. He, therfore, chose to drive Karna's chariot. On his job, he c onstantly ridiculed Karna and tried to break his confidence. 4. Brother and later, husband. 5. Reykjavik, Iceland. 6. Icarus 7. Cats were considered sacred in Egypt and to kill them was unpardonable. This led to long lives for cats and hence, the saying. 8. Sundials ran clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clocks were modeled aft er them. 9. A forked stick used to hold a Marijuana cigarette. 10.Dynamite Quiz #2

What does the Kit in his name stand for? (14) Who was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall while playing poker in the Number 10 saloon in Deadwood.R. (3) "Enquire" was a program written by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN. (18) Which famous scientist contemptuously said "God does not play dice" ? What was he talking about ? (19) In World War II. especially for D esis. NJ. Name him. unfinished n ovel was "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". English children have been playing a variant of Cricke t called "Rounders". (8) What term was coined by Don Hoeffler in 1971. (20) This two word phrase was popular among British soldiers during WWII. What phrase is this ? (21) Which geographical region is named after the Greek word for Bear. as the Gr eat Bear constellation is always overhead ? . writing in "Electronic News". Geneva. N ame him. (7) Name the only movie which Alfred Hitchcock made twice. It has assumed a completely different meaning today. His last. (10)What was triggered off by a young student called Gavrilio Prinzep in Sarajev o in 1914 ? (11) Which yesteryears actor was commonly called "The King of Hollywood" ? (12) How does James Bond like his favorite Vodka Martinis ? (13) Kit Fielding is one of novelist Dick Francis' most popular characters. it was used as a euphemism for "to die". SD ? This took place in 1873. describing the area around Sunnyvale and San Jose in California ? (9) This novelist's first names were John Huffam Charles. What has it grown into ? (4) Since medieval times. what was "Operation Market Garden" ? The story of this was made into a famous movie. What is this game better known as in the USA ? (5) The actor Nicholas Cage is the nephew of which famous movie director ? (6) Which famous inventor was called "The Wizard of Menlo Park" ? His lab was in Menlo Park. (15) Hitler explained his barbaric genocide of the Jews by saying that the "pure blooded" Aryans needed "Lebensraum". What does it mean ? (16) Which pioneering filmmaker first used the "Close Up" ? (17) This French humorist and philosopher's real name was François Marie Arouet.Suresh (1) What is the 1873 Colt Model P Single Action Army Revolver better known as ? (2) Name the curious girl in Greek mythology who let all the evils come into Ear th by opening a locked box. It was also popular in South Africa in the ea rly 1900s.

(35) Name the Buddhist monk who is said to have imported Zen meditation and Kara te (our own Kalaripayattu) from India to China. . who pioneered the Jazz Age novels. His n ephew is also a famous Shaayar. (6) Thomas Alva Edison (7) The Man Who Knew Too Much (8) Silicon Valley (9) Charles Dickens (10)World War I. what has been founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang ? (24) In takeover jargon. (5) Francis Ford Coppola. Revenge and Extortion better known as ? (28) In Chinese cooking. what is a Poison Pill ? (25) What is Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili better known as ? (26) This 1930s novelist. what are "Baby Flots" ? Hint . (31) This was a sharp pointed staff used in ancient Rome to drive Cattle. Prinzep shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. what is the Special Executive for Counter-intelligenc e.Velcro and the Jules Rimet Trophy. (3) The World Wide Web. what is the significance of wolf's hearts and dog's lun gs? (29) What is unique about the frescoes at the Palazzo della Signorina at Florenc e in Italy ? (30) A book called "The Whole Woman" was purchased in February 1998 by Doubleday for 500000 Pounds. Tim Berners-Lee is also the creator of HTML.This came into vogue in the early 1990s. Terrorism. (34) In business jargon. What w ord in English comes from this stick's name ? (32) Abdul Al Haq "Majaaz" was a famous Urdu Shaayar of the 1930s and 40s. Name him. Who is he ? (27)In movies and fiction. (4) Baseball.(22) What is Vexillology the study of ? (23) On the Net. Answers to Quiz #2 (1) The Colt Peacemaker (2) Pandora. Who wrote it ? Also. name the seminal book of which this is the sequel. (33) Connect . was a copywriter fo r ads on trams before he became famous.

Quiz #3. (22) Flags. but not stirred. (26) F. ("A Bridge Too Far") (20) Gone West.(11) Clark Gable (12) Shaken. (17) Voltaire. (35) Bodhidhamma. Sequel to "The Female Eunuch" (31) Stimulus (32) Javed Akhtar (33) Dogs. These eyelids fell on the ground and the fir st Tea plant took root. Arctos.Scott Fitzgerald (27) SPECTRE (James Bond villains) (28) Only items never used in Chinese cuisine (29) Only frescoes designed by Michaelangelo and Da Vinci together (30) Author . (19) The battle for Arnhem. (13) Christmas (14) James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok (15) Living room. (16) David Wark (D. (18) Einstein. Also said to have developed Tea.Germaine Greer. (cf. dated September 3rd 96 Chanderraju Varma . to make it a less attractive candidate for takeovers. (23) Yahoo. (famous movie : Birth of a Nation). (25) Stalin. (21) The Arctic (Gk. when he cut his eyelids off t o stop himself from going to sleep. talking about the Quantum Theory.W) Griffith. (24) Liabilities or losses deliberately assumed by a company. meaning Bear). This name means "Man of Steel" in Russian. Velcro's inventor George d'Mestral noticed thorns clinging to his dog 's fur and developed Velcro. The Jules Rimet Trophy was once stolen and then dis covered by a dog called Pickles (34) Small airlines formed when Aeroflot broke up and it's fleet shared between the breakaway ex Soviet republics. "Baby Bells" formed when Bell split).

Name it. "Touch of Gray". along with the American flag. he was married to Aphrodite. just one top ten single. They are Lions (statues) (2) Mount Aconcogua (3) The point of intersection of the states New Mexico. Utah and Colora do. Lame and a wkward. Son of Zeus and Hera. This band has the most number of live shows to date but despite its tremendou s populartiy. Milos Forman & Louise Fletcher and wh at do you get? 2. Who was the only US president to be a University professor? Answers to quiz #3 1. founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The flags of these states. His work shop was believed to be under Mt. Name him. (5) Allan Pinkerton. Ice 5. Put together Ken Kesey. Arizona. He was the Greek god of fire and metal work. are placed on the m onument. Grateful Dead 4.1. . Woodrow Wilson Quiz #4 Dated October 11 1996 JK (1) Where would you find "Patience" and "Fortitude" standing guard to a building ? What are they? (2) The name of this mountain literally means "Stone Sentinel". "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest". Eskimos have about 16 different words for this word. What word? 5. Name the band 4.S Secret Service was founded before the Civil War by a man who later w ent on to found a famous detective agency. who are POTUS and FLOTUS ? (5) The U. Etna. (3) Where would you find the Four Corners National Monument? What flags would yo u find there? (4) In Secret Service jargon. FLOTUS = First Lady of the United St ates. (4) POTUS = President of the United States. 5 Oscars 2. Answers to Quiz #4 (1) New York Public Library. Who? 3. Jack Nicholson. Hephaestus 3.

QUASI MODO (There is some funda that he was born on that day. It also has some fundas on being the first poem that has some kind of poetic sequence (someone elighten).Lord Burghley to reward our poet with 500 pounds.. . she began t o carry some more. Anyway at that point of time. but he was named for this prayer) 2. wit hout digressing any more. The mo vie had nothing to do with this but the director liked the name and obtained per mission to use it.for him. Which book is dedicated to "the faceless Indian voter who is not aware of the enormity of the fraud committed in his name. Our treasurer.purdue. What was the most prominent of these symptoms?? 2.udel. Leda was already in the family way by her legal husband and with the Zeus encounter.. So what are the first two words. All answers are most guessable. Good luck! With clues 1.edu/~mathurr 1. Back down in these parts poor white farmers tolling in their fields were foun d to be prone to a disease called pellagra which produced certain characteristic symptoms. On low sunday. however didnt like the poet and did something which gave rise to a phrase.. Which movies title comes from a William Burroughs story about people who supp ly medical instruments to outlawed doctors who can't obtain them legally.edu courtesy Roopesh Mathur at the University of Delaware The full archives (over 90 kb of text) may be downloaded from his website at htt p://www. kid Hi guys. Who is Sterculius? No more clues at present. Anyway.me.as newborn babes. R ead Yeats for a tempered version." (approx m eaning . Well. nothing hard core from so me obscure corner of an even obscure book. Which one? (No clu es on this one cause it would be a dead giveaway then) Everyone please guess."? (Topical) 2. (i)who were the 4 children she bore?? (ii) Who were the legit ones and the bastards?? 3. Elizabeth was naturally happy and ordered her treasure r. allegedly. I'm not too sure a bout that. the introit begins "_____ ______ geniti infantes.Edmund Spenser's "The Faerie Queeene" was an allegory that praised Elizabeth I ..These are part of the archives of quiz@cs. So the gist of all this is.). here are 2 more from the dreaded one: 1. The story of Leda and the swan(with zeus as the swan) is pretty well known.(He however wrote it while in prison!!!)..

(2) Carnatic (from Kannada Kari (black) and Nadu (Land) (3) Extras.Nelson A. Goyahkla liked the good saint's name so much that he started c alling himself after the saint. He died ag ed 80 when he fell off his horse. 1998 R. For example.S. movie was "Total Recall" based on PKDs' "We can dream it for you whol esale" Quiz #6 Dated December 25. one out of every ten Roman soldiers who were convicted of m utiny were executed. The Arnie. After surrendering to Gen. He i judgements. ran his courtroom om he was a great s known for weird this eccentric judge was "the only law west of the Pecos". TX (named after Lilly Langtry. meaning "Destroy" comes from this practi ce ? (5) Which Indian musical instrument's name. (3) In Hollywood.Suresh Wild West Special (1) This chief of the Chiricahua Apaches was actually called Goyahkla or "One Wh o Yawns". means "Roya l Flute" ? Answers to Quiz #6 (1) Simon and Garfunkel. He once attacked some Mexicans who called out in Spanish to their patr on saint for aid. of wh fan).Alagar Samy (1) Which famous group was originally known as Tom and Jerry ? (2) Name the style of music whose name is derived from the Kannada word meaning "Black Land". What English word. he went on to appear in Buffalo Bill's wild west shows.P. who are known as Atmosphere people? (4) In ancient Rome. Quiz #7 Dated August 16. translated into English. when he found a corpse with $40 and a . (4) Decimate.Miles of the U. He used a pistol instead of the conventional gavel. What is he better know n as ? (2) In the 1870s. He at his saloon in Langtry. (5) Shehnai (Sheh means Royal and Nai is a wind instrument). literally "dead drunk". Cavalry.BLADE RUNNER (It was based on Phillip K Dicks' "Do Androids dream of electric sh eep" but Ridley Scott felt that this title would not do and searched around for another title. 1996 A.

Arizona. Utah and Colorado intersect). MO to Sacramento. It measures 70m x 51cm. he confiscated the gun for the court's use and fined th e dead man $40 for "carrying a concealed weapon". it is attributed to Matilda and also to Odo. This to wn has been named after an eponymous novel he wrote. A venture of a stagecoach company called Russell.Jerome) (2) Judge Roy L. CA for only eig hteen months. Wh at was this called ? (5) This legendary service ran from St. Now ho used in France. 1998 Ravikant Josyula (1) It was executed in colored worsteds on linen.pistol in it's pockets. . This novel was adapted into Sean Connery's only western (co-starring Brigitte Bardot). it's employees included expert horsemen of the calibre of Buffalo Bill Cody. (3) Louis L'Amour has built an authentic wild west township at the Four Corners (where the borders of New Mexico. What was this ? Answers to Quiz #7 (1) Geronimo (from the Spanish name for St.Joseph. Name the town.still a byword for his weird and whimsical judgements (3) Shalako (4) Slip Gun / Gun Thumbing (5) The Pony Express Quiz #8 Dated August 22. Name him.Bean . a film which sank wi thout a trace and was a travesty of the original novel (one of L'Amour's best). What is it? (2) What word has the Bethlehem Royal Hospital lent to the English language? (Cl ue: It was a mental hospital) (3) What is the official name for the game "pool"? (4) The 5 styles of this art are : Formal Upright (Chokan) Informal Upright (Moyogi) Slanting (Shakan) Semi Cascade (Han Kengai) Cascade (Kengai) His father Junius made his London debut in 1813 and played Richard III in 1817. (4) A common gunfighter's trick to fire single action revolvers like the Colt Pe acemaker at a faster rate was to remove the trigger and modify the firing mechan ism so that just pulling back and releasing the hammer would fire the bullet. Majors and Wadde ll.

His most famous work was when he had a network of canals and dams constructed o ver 30 square k. Which Science Fiction author. Which archaeological marv el did he thus rescue ? 9. I am praying for you. 3. During his recent illness. In music. called? 7. J. a mental illness? Answers to Quiz #9 1.com> 1. what is the Mel Tillis Syndrome? 2. What is the sub-genre of ancient British Ballad where a human helps a ghost t o find peace. The persons after whom some of the most coveted trophies in professional spor . bet a friend that he c ould do as well as Freud. Bernard Philip Grosslier is considered to be the father of modern archaelogy. who was 6 feet 6 inches tall could play it.His brother Edwin became the finest American tragedian of the 19th century.H. 5. Winston and Vince Lombardi. When a person stutters whilst talking but not while singing. W. Which piece of music is considered by pianists to be one of the most difficul t to play and was the centre piece of the movie Shine where David Helfgott went crazy trying to play it? It was deliberately composed so that only its composer. Connect. Who is he? 6. invent a religion and make money out of it and so over night created the cult of Scientology? 4. from whom did the Pope receive the following messa ge: "Dearest Karol Wojtyla. What is the most common manifestation or symptom of Gilles de la Tourette's Disease. What? 8. 2. Stanley. His famous words were Sic semper tyrannis! .Larry O'Brien. "? 10. according to an account.W. 1998 Nitin Bajaj <Nitin_Bajaj@bigfoot. This 19th century German Naturalist revolutionised the concepts of zoo-keepin g and is called the father of modern Zoos. The 1961 Mercedes 300SX has two firsts to its credit.m area to save a site from inundation. Who was he? Answers to Quiz #8 (1) The Bayeux Tapestry (2) Bedlam (3) Pocket Billiards (4)Bonsai (5) John Wilkes Booth Quiz #9 Dated August 28."Thus Perishes Tyranny". I am spiritually close to you.

Suresh 1. Karl Hagenbeck 6.t are named. It is also the name of a sect prevalent among negroes in Jamaica. Lombardi fo r the NFL champs and Winston for the NASCAR champ. also known as the Volst ead Act as it was sponsored by Rep. What is it? 3. a co ntinuing stream of profanities and obscenities. Quiz #7 Dated August 28. O'Brien for the NBA champs. What significance do these people or phrases have : Chester Carlson Otto Kornei Paul Selenyi 10-22-38 ASTORIA 5. this started the rapid spre ad of the Mafia in the USA. 8. in whichever language the patient is most fluent. Ron Hubbard 4. who tried to assassinate the Pope in 1981. Officialy the 18th Amendment to the U. What was this amendment against ? 2. Angkor Wat 9. Grateful Dead 7. Andrew Volstead. It was the first car to have Gullwing Doors and also the first with fuel inje ction. What connects the following : Bill Haley and the Comets The Wynona Ryders (1956 punk group) Green Day John Lennon Answers to Quiz #10 1. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was originally called Ras (or Prince) Tafari Makkonnen. 3. Lester Piggott is one of the world's most famous jockeys. Prohibition 2.S Constitution.A compulsion to utter. This term is derived from the name and title of the last Emperor of Ethiopia . Ras Tafari (Rastafarians). Which famous noveli st has written his authorised biography? 4. Sergei Rachmaninoff's 3rd Concerto 5. Dick Francis . 3. L. 10. 1998 R. Mehmet Ali Agca. Stanley for the NHL champs.

xerography .D. Carlson and Kornei just used the date and the place for testing this invention. NY.Rockin' through the Rye song . Carlson and Kornei found a paper by a H ungarian physicist called Paul Selenyi. who.Shot ook. 1938 in Astoria. Comets' song . of course. on which they based their invention.4.D. was inspired by Salinger's b . J. Xerox (Gk.Salinger's Catcher in the Rye Bill Haley and the The Wynona Ryders' Green Day's song John Lennon . 1022-38 ASTORIA was the first phrase reproduced (on a glass slide coated with lyco podium powder) on October 22.J.Salinger Who wrote Holden Caulfeld ? by Mark Chapman.dry writing). 5.