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XXL BIO ENHANCER and Plant Growth

XXL BIO ENHANCER is highly compressed natural humus, which is formed with an accumulation of hundreds of millions of humus in the virgin forest, coordinate with our modern special formula of mixing the existing microelement and microorganisms.

Our world is full of humic acid, like XXL BIO ENHANCER (weathered lignite), peat, peat moss, peat humic acid and so on with varying degrees of humic acid. In fact, a mixture of organic residues such as decomposed vegetation, manure, etc, can produce certain degree of humic acid after a month or two. Some low level of humic acid materials like peat or peat moss, etc., are sold in the market as humic acid, even though, they are usually the by-products of the humic acid potassium after mixing with additional chemical agents such as sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide. Therefore, special attention should be put to its ingredients and manufacturing methods when you purchase it, in order to achieve the standards required of organic farming. The biggest difference between XXL BIO ENHANCER (weathered lignite) and general coal is, the formation process of XXL BIO ENHANCER as involves the activities of a large number of active microbial fungi, in which the coal did not possess.

XXL BIO ENHANCER contains a very high percentage of humic acid, and is the most active biological element in the humus substances. In addition, XXL BIO ENHANCER contained more than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements, which formed by the chelation process of ancient plant in the earth. This is why XXL BIO ENHANCER can speed up the transfer and absorption of nutrients in the plant. Chelation process in the soil can increase the absorption of nutrients in the plant, the process might result from the organic fertilizer which produced by the plant itself. However, the microbial is still the main natural chelator in the soil. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, the entire earth was covered by the soil full of organic matter which good for organic farming. At that time, plants were able to produce a large and sweet fruit juice, fruit and vegetables. Many people may not know, mineral of nutrients cannot be directly absorbed by the plants due to its molecules as they are far too large to work effectively in root uptake. From nature, fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic substance that comes entirely from microbial action on decomposing plants, plants themselves, or ancient deposits of plant origin. On a biochemical level, fulvic acid will increase the permeability of cell membranes, and this increases the effectiveness and uptake of nutrients into the roots. With the help of fulvic acid, along with some sunshine and minerals from the soil, healthy plants can start to produce vitamins. Some of the fulvic acids which are not fully used by the plants, may flow into the river, and are re-used by other organisms. Because of that, the soil has been exceptionally fertile. The vegetation was very lush and abundant.

From nature, the way of cultivating the plants, fungi and other life form of foods shall be sustainable. However, since human beings discovered the three elements of NPK fertilizer which can improve crop quality and quantity, it was very unfortunate that all has changed the tone since then. Almost all of the soil microorganisms which tend to produce the fulvic acid are being killed, due to the result of using a large amount of NPK chemical fertilizers and pesticides in farming, The natural way of planting is being replaced by commercializing of greater, easy to sell, better profit of agricultural products. Due to the lack of microbial and fulvic acid, many illness and diseases that never existed before began to attack the plants. As a result, farmers relies more on toxic chemical pesticides to try to heal the situation. It made the thing worst by also killing all remaining microbial and fulvic acid. Disappearance of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria such as a microorganisms, will result in using more liquid chemical fertilizers by farmers. This is because flow of phosphorus in the soil are being blocked and fixed, and cannot be completely absorbed by crops. When this happen, the process of fixed-Phosphorus occurs which will make it into a less soluble form as a result of the reaction with the soil. Excessive accumulation of fixed phosphorus in the soil can cause the soil to harden, eventually blocking out any activity for cultivating the land. The result of soil hardening, may lowering down the absorption efficiency of the roots of plants and force farmers to put more fertilizer. Normally, plants can use mycorrhizal fungi to inoculate new trees, expand the scope of mycorrhizal for absorbing the nutrients, and also to increase the absorption rate of the fixed phosphorus. All these vicious circle can only be solved by using organic fertilizers that will increase humus and organic matter composition in soil.

The use of XXL BIO ENHANCER is the simplest method in solving this issue, due to its high degree of concentration, and is able to produce as much organic humus as possible in the shortest time frame. Compared with unfully decomposed fertilizer which is competing for nutrients, XXL BIO ENHANCER has been decomposed by microorganisms for a long time, Therefore, using XXL BIO ENHANCER can restore natural balance of the soil itself, and promote optimal plant growth. The root system of the crops will be improved in term of length density, growing rate. Experiments showed that the vitality of plant roots and nutrients absorption, are influenced by the level of disease resistance of the plants.

Merits of XXL BIO ENHANCER in plant growth:

Fully organic, can be sold as organic plants for a higher price.

XXL BIO ENHANCER is Natural organic substance. Not a fertilizer but Good for all crops. XXL BIO ENHANCER can stimulate seed germination and growth, enhance root growth and respiration. XXL BIO ENHANCER help plants grow thicker and with healthier leaves.

XXL BIO ENHANCER help flowers grow, bigger, more durable and more beautiful. Increase the protein, vitamin and mineral content in almost all fruits and vegetables. XXL BIO ENHANCER plays a very important role of providing nutrients and increase productivity.

Another advantage is that it can keep the non-organic nutrients and sandy water-soluble in the soil, release at the right time for plant growth. Increase drought resistance, reduce demand of irrigation and improves water retention capacity XXL BIO ENHANCER can promote soil microbial activity, increase decomposition living in the soil fixed phosphorus and reduce fertilizer usage, and in most situations, enhance crop yield. Increased soil permeability, promote the absorption of nutrients in plant roots. XXL BIO ENHANCER can neutralize the pH level of the soil for plants to grow, whether it is acidic or alkaline. The soil that is damaged by NPK fertilizer, can be restored to normal level and be reused again. Humus in the soil can release carbon dioxide; crops can reuse the carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid. The interaction between soil and carbonic acid can produce nutrient to crops and the recycling process continue.