1- Two ducks and two dogs have a total of -------------legs a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. 8 10 12 14 2- Tick the words that least likely belongs in the group. Father Mother Uncle Nephew 27 23 33 3 4- Tick the word that likely belongs in the group. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. a. b. c. Horse Kangaroo Goat Deer 6- Tick the word that least likely belongs in the group: Soccer Boxing Basket ball 1 Butter Cheese Milk Eggs 3- 27 minutes before 7 o clock is -----------minutes past 6 o clock.

5- Which one is these is at-least like three:

b. Bowling 39 29 19 20 7. b. b.3.24. c. c. a.12.48------is 2 . 11. d. a.25? a. d.9.A. c.A car traveling at a speed of 10 km/hr. d. 18-----------------? 8.What no should replace the blank mark? 1. 7.2. c. c. C.Tick the word that least likely belong in the group: Height Width Tall Short 9. 4. b. a.4. 40 km 30 km 50 km 60lm 10. F.16.Tick the word that least replace the question mark? 1. 3. b. O? What letter comes next? R T U Z 11. J. b. c. a.The number X in the series 1.d. d. 4 9 6 30 26 36 40 12. d. a. how much distance it will travel in 300minutes.X.

d. 121. b. c.The sum of all the odd numbers from zero to 10 is = ------------20 30 26 25 1/8 1/64 1/16 ½ 18. d.Which number should come next? 144. b.What no is one half of one quarter of one tenth of 800? 2 10 40 80 16. 16. a. d. b. d. c. a.14.What is the next logical number in the following sequence 2. 3/2 ¾ 2/3 ¼ 17. 81.d. b. b. d. 8 13.What is 5/9 divided by 15/18. 100. 64? 25 36 19 49 15. a. b. and ¼? 3 . d. a. 4. 1. a. c.6.30------? 60 62 64 66 14. a. c. c. c.Which number should come next 64.

Light year is the unit of a. None 5. Velocity d.½ p * v2 is called a.At constant temperature. Heat of vaporization 6. Specific heat c. if the volume of the given mass of gas is double then the density of the gas becomes. Remains constant 2. Double b. Isobaric process c. Kinetic energy per unit volume d. Adiabatic process 4.PHYSICS 1. Heat of fusion d.The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 01 kg of substance through 01 k is called a. Heat capacity b.The process in which volume of the system remains constant is called a.The pressure will be low where the speed of the liquid is a. Distance 3. ¼ of the original c. ½ of the original of value d. Light b. Zero 4 . Isochoric process d. Kinetic energy b. Time c. Potential energy c. a. Isothermal process b.

Low d. voltage and resistance is a.An instrument which is used to measure current.18 joule c.8 joule d.18 erg b. It does no stick glass c. Volt meter d. Galvanometer b.One calorie is equal to a.Mercury is used as thermometric substance because a. High c. Hydrogen taken as 1. 41. Carbon taken as 12.35 j 8. b. It is opaque b. Its specific heat is low d. c. Bent away from the normal c. Bent to wards the normal d. 4. AVO meter CHEMISTRY 1. 4. Sodium taken as 23 5 . Constant 7.In going from a denser to rarer medium a ray of light is a. Un deviated b. 4. All of above 10. Diffracted 9.Relative atomic mass is the mass of an atom of an element compared to the mass of an atom-------------a.b. Potentiometer c.

Nearest to the nucleus 6 .4 dm3 of gas d. VT=k c. b. In the second shell c. 6. Gives the maximum amount of the product under consideration 3. Chlorine taken as 35. 2. PT=k d.In the ground state of an atom the electron is present a. 1 g of gas b. The boiling point of the water decrease of mountain d.To cook food at a height mountain is difficult as compared to sea level.The gases exerts pressure on the walls of container due to a.T.A limiting reactant is the one which a. Reason that same of the collision are inelastic. The hydrogen bonding in water changes with the change of height 7. The temperature at the top of the mountains law b. Is taken in lesser quantity in volume as compared to others c. 1 gram molecular mass of gas 4. 6x1023 g of gas c. Collisions of molecules among themselves c. Is taken in lesser quantity as compared to other reactants. PV=k 5.d.01 molar volume of gas at S.P (standard conditions of temperature & pressure ) is equal to a. Collision on the walls of the container b. In its nucleus b.Mathematically boyle’s is shown as a. The density of the water decrease at the mountain c. a. 22. Change of direction of molecules d. PT=k b. Carries the maximum amount of the product which is required d.

Increasing the activation energy c. Reacting with products d. 60 d. Both a & b d. Pressure b.The molecular weight of urea (NH2 CO NH2) is a. White b. 54 9. Temperature d. the heat constant of the a. Pink d.Hydrated copper sulphate is of ---------color a. 66 b. None of the above Process operator 7 . 46 c. Reacting with reactants b. Decreasing the activation energy 11. Reactants & products are equal 10. Colorless 12. Blue c.In endothermic reaction.d. Concentration c.---------. Product is more than that of reactants b.A catalyst increases the rate of reaction by a. Farthest from the nucleus 8. Reactants is more than that of the products c.is the driving force by which heat is transferred from one body to an other a.

1/3 b.The amount of liquid moving through the pipe may be increased by installing a ---------.in the line. Pump 8 . Compression ratio b. a.Most abundant element in meta crust is a. Energy c. 20 psia d.1. Compressor b. Suction ratio c. Pressure b. 14. 10 psia b.7 psia 3. 3 c. None 6. 24. Iron 4.If gauge pressure is 10 psi the absolute pressure will be a. a. Aluminum d.7 psia c. Silicon b. Both A & B d. 5 d.The difference between suction pressure and discharge pressure is the ---------added to liquid by the pump. a.At 01 psi gas acting on a 3 inch2 surface exerts a total force of -------pounds. a. None 2. Oxygen c. Both a & b d.The rate absolute discharge pressure to absolute suction pressure in a compressor is called. Heat 5.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words o She--------her bag to school everyday. ENGLISH 1. I want to sit amongst the flower c. the working principle of the technique is. Is taking d. Orifice d. I will be waiting to sit amongst the flower d. Dog : tall c. Volume : area o Cat : Mouse a. Fan 13. I will want t sit amongst the flower Each question below consist of related pair of words or phrases . I have been wanting to sit amongst the flower e. Ball : bat b. a. I wanted to sit amongst the flower b. Trap : cheese 9 . Would take c.Yesterday I saw a garden where------------a. Angular : straight d. followed by four or five lettered pair of words or phrases select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair o Circle : square a. Takes 2.c. Will take b. Oval : rectangle c. Bird : worm b.Distillation is the separation technique.

Graceful c. Passing 10 . Pious 5.Concise a. Certainly b. followed by four or five lettered words or a set of words. Let us go b.d. Ignorant d. Let us leave Correct the sentence by replacing the under lined word with the options given 7.Awkward a. Wrong 4.Let us make a move a.I passed the intermediate examination this year a. Let us reach there c. Possibly d. Select any one that is opposite in meaning to main words 3. Perhaps c.He is beyond all doubt that best students of his class a. Let us leave this place d. Pacific b. Chimney d. Have passed b. Relevant b. Hide : hide seek Each question below consists of words. Mundane c. Probably 6.

2 11 .If the diameter of circle is 4 cm then its circumference is a.A jug has a capacity of 12 liters and is ½ filled. 15 c. 5. CosA cosB + sinA sin B b. 7 b. 12 d.MATHEMETICS 1. Then x is? a. 6. 100 c. 50 5.9 is what %age of 81 (to the nearest decimal)? a. 10 b. 13 4. 8^ 2. How many liters of water must be taken out of it so that it becomes 1/3 filled? a.Cos ( A+B) = a.If a + b = 8 and a – b = 6 then a2 + b2 = a. and x is 15. ^ c. 2 ^ b. cosA cosB – sinA sinB 6. 25 d. 11 c. 45 3.The average of 4. sinA cosB – cosA sinB c. sinA cosB + cosA sin B d. 4^ d. 6 c. 80 d. 36 b. 4 b.

10 d. 3 7. 1 c. 12 12 . he sell all of them at 20 % profit. 72 b.3.6. 4 b. 84 d.If the point (3.1.? a.7. 2 c. 1 b.is intercept is a. 5 c.d. 5 d.1.Two boys caught 25 frogs.3.What is the mode in the following data:1.2. 20 c. How much did he sell each of them for a.Ali buys 4 hens for Rs. 3 b. How many frogs did umair catch? a.5.60. 6 10. All caught four times as many as mar did. 18 9. -2 8.4) passes through the line y = 2x + c then the value of the y. -1 d.

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