The Death of Anzarbus Princess

A.D. circa 400, Anzarbus Castle (Today, Dilekkaya Village, Kozan, Provincial District of Adana) Hatun Dilci (65), who just three years ago retired after 34 years as a caretaker of the historic Anzarbus Castle in Kozan, Adana province, uncovered a mosaic, depicting snakes, in 1960 while her husband and she were digging away at the ground to build a new home in their garden. There is a story behind this mosaic, dating back to A.D. 400, being told over the centuries up to now:
Once upon a time, there was a great city, called Anzarbus, where brave people and beautiful girls used to live. The town was so fortified by the castle that it could easily defend itself against the attacks of enemies. The skillful rock carvers of those times, who were living in the town, would ornate the houses and the squares with elaborate carvings that fascinated people, and would create admirable artefacts out of rocks.

During the day time, the people of the town would leave their homes, and go to the farms to work. And in the evening they would enjoy their earnings. The outer city used to be surrounded with high walls and deep trenches. There was no entrance to inside other than a draw bridge.

People would live in peace and tranquility in this beautiful city. In the evenings, each home was full of

cheering and laughter; laments would turn into cheerful songs. Everybody was happy, and the days would pass as such.

The king of Anzarbus had a pretty daughter, having a unique beauty in the world, who would say to the shimmering moon: “Don’t shine; it’s me who should shine”. This girl was not only so beautiful but she was also very clever. However, one day the joy of the city vanished because of this princess; the smiling face of the king turned to red; his eyebrows remained raising. The messenger of Sis Kingdom comes by to Anzarbus King, and says to him: “On behalf of the Sis King, I present my greetings to your highness Anzarbus King.” The King: “Tell me, what do you wish from us?” says to the messenger. “My King wants your daughter to his son” replies the messenger. The King ponders for a while, and adds: “What if I do not accept his request?” The messenger: “My excellency has thought about this, too. If you are not willing to let your daughter marry his son, I am assigned to remind you that he would declare war on you.”

The King answers: “You mean he is going to fight with us”.

And so did the King of Mopsuestia. and wants you for his son. she feels a secret love towards the son of Mopsuestia King. Tell this. She says to her musing father:” Is it right not to share your trouble with me? Am I not your daughter. And the envoys of both kings come to the castle again to learn the King’s decision. A sorrow overshadows the princess. Hurry.” you’re right. However. the aqueducts of the Mopsuestians can be visible from the castle. She sends some men to him for help. the King of Sis starts constructing the aqueducts from upward Kozan. He foresees no way out. it advances rather slowly. I couldn’t find a way out. the messenger of Mopsuestia Kingdom knocks on their door. Soon he realizes that the situation is worsening and getting more complicated. I don’t want them to suffer and die just because of me. though.” says the King. Anzarbus has been short of water. so he makes a swift progress in construction. Whomever I say OK. He. who sees the waterway of the Mopsuestians approaching to the town. they will take up the hatchet. the waterways would proceed. He gets confused what to do and starts thinking over the dilemma. I’ll choose the one who can bring plenty of water the soonest. You’ll tell them: I will let my daughter marry. The messenger of Sis King leaves speaking in a threating manner. The King of Sis sent an envoy. and leave the rest to me. “I’ve never thought about this. then he would have to fight against both kings. Upon this news.” says the princess. this time. there comes no news of the Sis. Supposing he would not give her daughter to neither of them.” The messengers tell about the decision right away to their kings. Then we can handle this without war. The King of Anzarbus was a benign and gracious man. As the days pass. I don’t know what to do. “Sure. What should be done. comes to tell the King that the son of Mopsuestia King wants his daughter to marry his son.” says the Princess. he says. my father. and “Do not care too much for the firmness of the construction. but whenever the trouble comes. Eventually. King?” My daughter”. the King of Mopsuestia builds the watercourse from cobs. Announce so my decision to your kings. my pigeon toed daughter. He threatens the King of Anzarbus with a possible war as well. daddy.” says the Princess. If I do not grant the permission. The Princess feels very upset seeing her father in trouble. “Even the devil cannot untie this knot. what could be easier than that?” says. Our people are living in peace. Perhaps he will lose his kingdom. So. that’s the thing that would eventually happen. The King of Sis tries to build the water channels from elaborately carved ashlars so that it could remain solid for long. whose bravery she’s heard of. That’s why. too.” His daughter smiles and “So simple. “My King father. and the King of Misis.” says the King. and finish the waterway as soon as possible. However. The King tells them the solution his daughter advised: “I’ll give my daughter to the first man who can bring more water to Anzarbus. it brings so much of it by increasing worries. . there is nothing simpler than this. the days pass. but I have only one condition. and whomever he would let his daughter marry will not help him avoid the war. Yet. from downwards. Upon leaving of the former messenger.Then he tells the messenger that he would think about this situation. undisturbed.

 a group of archeologists. she thinks about committing suicide. and threatens them saying: “I’ll unleash my snakes and Shah Meran (snake with horns) to bite her to death. Rather than being forced to marry someone she does not love.  meaning she has a hidden love for him. . but the princess cannot endure this. which is about 1600 years old. she is looking at the son of Sis King on her left.  In 1972. and it stands at the gate Arch Gate of Anzarbus. and bit her to death on her right  side where the son of Mopsuestia King is standing. situated nearby Kozan. by examining a cutting item they had found beneath  her head. As depicted in the mosaic tomb of the Princess. found that the mosaic  belongs to the King’s Daughter.In the end. she is not let.” He releases the snakes into the water channel from The Snake Castle. a yellow snake is sneaking behind her. the King of Misis storms. Hearing this. But. While she is struggling with Shah Meran (the snake  with legs and horns). having excavated the area. the waterway of the Mopsuestia finishes.

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