Jean Michel Basquiat ; Bansky; Keith Haring; Gorden Bennett; Duchamp; Annandale Imitation Realists (Aust.

); Year Visual Arts Basquiat ; Bansky; Christo; Jean11Michel Case Study: Anti Art Basquiat Keith Haring; Gorden Bennett; Duchamp; Annandale Imitation Realists (Aust.); Christo; Jean Michel Basquiat ; Bansky; Keith Haring; Gorden Bennett; Duchamp; Annandale Imitation Realists (Aust.); Christo; Jean Michel Basquiat ; Bansky; Keith Haring; Gorden Bennett; Duchamp; Annandale Imitation Realists (Aust.); Christo; Jean Michel Basquiat ; Bansky; Keith Haring; Gorden Bennett; Duchamp; Annandale Imitation
12/16/2010 Kathy Dinh

An accident when he was young caused him to be in hospital. Thereafter. works we often created in the studio. born on the December 22nd" he said. his contributions attracted the attention of SoHo dealer. Basquiat started off working on the very streets of New York. held in the East Village where it was evaluated by critics and was praised for its originality and for his talents. he too visited the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of New York with his mother regularly. He had also exhibited his works as a one man show at Annina s gallery which had attracted significant attention from many. was an American artist who started his career on the streets of New York City as a graffiti writer. 1988 due to heroin overdose. Basquiat further exhibited his works at the Fun Gallery.egodesign. Annina Nosei. gaining recognition as well as the basement of her gallery for his studio. New York. Basquiat had no formal art training and was a self taught artist. This is evident in "I'd say my mother gave me all the primary things. Artist: Who was Basquiat? Jean. However when Basquiat installed a series of paintings at the New York/New Wave exhibition at P.1 2. Basquiat unfortunately passed away at the age of only 27 on the 12th of August.How did he make his art? Artwork 1 1 Quote from: http://www. Some significant events in Basquiat s life which may have affected his art was his relationship with his mother who had encouraged him from the start to draw.S.Michel Basquiat. however he gained influences from his mother who encouraged him to draw and paint at a young age. Soon after. in Brooklyn. this however was a significant event as his mother gave him an illustrated human anatomy book.trains and the walls of SoHo and East Village. The art came from her. His unique style of works soon after made its way into more exhibitions such as Documenta which is a major international exhibition featuring contemporary art that is held every five years in Germany.1.php?article_id=92 . His expressive forms were often involving marking the streets with his distinctive signature SAMO texts that are inspired by ideas from his life as well as from the world as it is revolving around him. Artwork. ultilising the space provided at venues such as at d. Gray s Anatomy which influenced many of this works.1 in 1981 and Time Square Show in 1980.

black heads. Subject matter: The title Negro Period . . The word Zydeco is repeated around the middle part of the canvas. It almost acts as a large scrapbook. noting down the history of black men. he relates this artwork to the black people in history. oil and Xerox. the title suggests this. the repetition of the word Zydeco and the microphone indicate this. Ideas: The work revolves around the concept of Zydeco which is a name given to describe the form of Cajun music. he is centrally placed and is surrounded by spontaneous objects including a microphone. hence showing this concept.Title: Zydeco Style/ What it looks like: This artwork is a triptych which involves three parts to the work. However it can also be seen to be influenced from Picasso s époque négre or (Negro Period). the images utilised include a range of words and symbols. On the middle canvas there is a man standing with an accordion. two of which are created through a combination of differing textual images that has been Xeroxed from his own personal sketchbooks. multi media work with the use of bottle caps. This artwork connotates his interest in this style of music. Ideas: The diverse and randomised images used for the collage suggests various meanings to the work. Style/What it looks like? This artwork consists of a total of three panels. The third panel consists of one larger single painting which has been painted on an old door. The images are taken almost at random and are collaged. These two panels have been framed with a red painted wood. with one image placed onto the corners of each panel. which shows a mix of the black people throughout history. anatomical drawings as well as free form painting. This is further demonstrated on the third panel which seems to be a man. Subject matter: His expression of his love for the style of zydeco Artwork 2: Title: Negro Period (1986) Mediums/ Materials: A painting and collage on wood. acrylic.

the heroes that were represented often came from sport and music. this includes influences from events as well as music present at the time. conveying an image of an American Indian chief which is centred in the middle of the This allowed artists to raise these questions more effectively as it is exposed to all to see and to the interest of a wider audience regardless of differing social classes for 1. has one thing in common and that is the use of streets of city to create artworks or street art which very much differ from the arts produced by mainstream artists. An example of an artwork that was a direct influence on his work is Now s the Time (1985) which is a tribute for a jazz musician Birdy . His recurrent themes which are found common in numerous artworks are kings. World.Artwork 3: Title: Tobacco Versus Red Chief Medium/Materials: Oil and oil stick on canvas Style/ What it looks like? It consists of a single canvas. 3. this is evident in "I am an artist who has been influenced by New York environment. Music from artists such as Sugar Ray Robinson as well as jazz musicians for example Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. Ideas: The message of the painting is shown through the image of the cigars.vingtparismagazine. 2 b) Street artists including Basquiat.html . Street art is displayed in various locations around cities that were considered unusual for artworks to be found. This concept is revolving around his purpose of critically commenting on American history in relations to the treatment towards Indians. Basquiat also assimilates new trends in music in genres such as hip hop and punk. it seems to suggest that the chief has received these as an exchange for his land. an example of a band is Blondie .Social Context a) Many of Basquiat s works take their influences from the art scene of New York in the 1980s. there is scenery of his land. heroes and the street. Subject Matter: He exposes the issue of equal treatment towards the overall minority groups in particular the Indigenous Indians. His arms are raised which indicates its traditional Indian gestures of greeting and is holding three cigars in his hand whilst staring at them. Basquiat furthermore took inspirations from the streets around New York and everyday events that occur from time to time. there are two tents bordered with a barbed wire. Artists such as these often produced art which questioned the role of high art and also what was considered art in which they have effectively raised these questions through their use of unique and confronting style of art as well as the distinct locations of their artworks. On the background. Quote from: http://www.

´ Rome. One person d) Gorden Bennett Gorden Bennett is an Indigenous Australian artist who has worked in a similar way to Basquiat. 2001." Museum Würth. who would find it difficult to attend museums and galleries. Modena 1982 Marlborough Gallery.´ Deitch Projects (currated by Glenn O¶Brien and Diego Cortez). One person exhibition. 2010. c) Works were exhibited at many exhibitions. Italy. Artworks such as the series Notes to Basquiat take a direct inspiration and response from the artwork style of Basquiats . In some works he aims to raise questions of the dominant role of white culture in the construction of the social and cultural landscape of Australia. One person exhibition. Edinburgh 1985 Tony Shafrazi Gallery. painting with the use of visual language and symbols. like Basquiat. His series Notes to Basquiat uses the similar components as Basquiats artworks. Künzelsau. This series of works incorporates a combination of Australian and American cultures in relations which shows his global perspective in art. His artworks reflects many aspects such as issues of Australia s colonial past and postcolonial issues as well as focusing on the role of power. Düsseldorf *More exhibitions are listed here: http://www. Bennett uses techniques such as appropriation from artists such as Basquiat and recontextualises them into his artworks. the shaping of identity. 2006. 1983. 2001 to June 2002.'77. Techniques used by graffiti artist such as the appropriation of well-known artworks and icons allowed the audience to view the artwork through a differing aspect of understanding art. In his artist s statement. Paris 1988 Hans Mayer Gallery. "Jean-Michel Basquiat" Foundation Beyeler. New York Major Museum Shows 1982. composed as a letter to Basquiat. 1984. March 20 to June 14. Bennett says: I guess it spoke to me of . 2011). Basel. New York. New York (Warhol / Basquiat collaborations) 1987 Daniel Templon. Sept. ³Jean-Michel Basquiat 1981: The Studio of the Street. this creates extra meanings to his artworks. Germany. this includes: One Person Shows 1981 Galleria Emilio Mazzoli. Whitney Museum of American Art. Bennett uses images of the body to convey emotions such as pain and anguish. Switzerland. 2005. Basquiat and Bennett both have similarities that arise in their artworks is the shared view of alike western culture traditions as well as the passion with drawing. This use of space discards all the limitations and restrictions that is involved when viewing artworks especially if it is in galleries and exhibitions so therefore it reinforces the larger range of audience who are now able to see and witness the art much more intrinsically. his works are layered and often include images and references from various sources. New York. Lugano.basquiatbiography. This also provokes the audience to be aware and maybe even critical of the issue of high art and what was considered art.example. Paintings included in Museum of Modern Art's re-opening group exhibition. May 4 to May 27. 1983 Galerie Akira Ikeda. Works included in group exhibition Whitney Biennial. "Jean-Michel Basquiat" Museo d'Arte Moderna. One person retrospective. Works included in group show ³Avanguardia e Transavanguardia '68 . Tokyo 1984 The Fruitmarket Gallery. 2010 (travels to Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris Oct. 15 2010 to January 30. "Jean-Michel Basquiat The Mugrabi Collection. culture and history through a national as well as an international perspective. ³International Survey of Painting and Sculpture" New York. May 9 to September 5.

and though from time to time he could bring off an intriguing passage of spiky marks or a brisk clash of blaring colour. appropriating and recontextualising of familiar icons and images. American Visions "a knockout combination of de Kooning and subway scribbles. Audience.qld. Most of Basquiat s works are expose. Graffiti Art challenged the conventional ways of viewing art and opened new possibilities of understanding the subjects that graffiti artists explored. Robert Hughes. 4. Gorden Bennett whose works were a direct influence from Basquiat s artworks. Through referencing.htm . 1980 - Quotes from artist: I don t listen to what art critics they are exposed and confronted by many as the works almost becomes an everyday icon on the streets whereas works stored in galleries are much more conservative. even though we may be separated by cultural context. These bare artworks soon gained recognition and people soon consumed themselves in the different and unique arts in which before was not considered to be" Jeffrey Dietch..who was his audience? Quotes from critics: though Basquiat s images look quite vivid and sharp at first. and as more and more people understand the underlying messages of many of the graffiti art. Keith Haring and Banksy. to criticise and to confront issues that appeal to his interests such as the view on black Americans as well as other issues in his life. time.visualarts. Indigenous artist. I don t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is Believe it or not. As graffiti art became more popular.the traces of different experience and layers that make us the individuals we are and the histories of shared experience and levels we can relate to each other as human beings in the world of material existence. Bennett s series of work is symbol of his acknowledgement of Basquiat s influence as an artist. 3 An example of an artwork is Notes to Basquiat: Culture Bag which includes a shadow of Basquiat s trademark hairstyle behind a skull. 3 Quote from: http://www. Other artists include Andy Warhol. Art in America. I can actually draw There were many artists who viewed Basquiats works. [his] work settles into the visual monotony if arid [dry] overstyling. this resulted in a change in the perspective of high art and the change in the view of the concept of elitism.. Its relentless fortissimo [steady loudness] is tiring. Graffiti Art reached a wide audience through the open publicity of the artworks. space and death.

fr/visiting-france/20101107-basquiat-street-canvas http://www.lucidcafe.vic.aspx?intObjectID=4746613 http://www.html .brooklynmuseum.html http://www.html Lou Chamberlin http://purple.qld. Second p p p p p p p p p p p p p p http://www.htm http://www.vingtparismagazine.html Book: Art in

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