Toe Up Milanese Lace Socks

This pattern is untested, stretchy and, lacy. I knit them to fit a ladies size small/medium. I have included ladies size medium/large in brackets. It is a relatively easy pattern and is knit using 1, 40 inch circular needle, 2 at one time. The Milanese Lace pattern is from Barbara Walker’s “Secondary Treasury of Knitting Patterns” and forms a lovely spiral pattern on the leg of the sock. Materials: 2.5mm 40” circular needle skein sock yarn (I used Arequipa by Estelle, 400 meters, 100 grams, color 213, 65% superwash wool, 20% alpaca and 15% nylon) 1 stitch marker tapestry needle Gauge: on ball band, 30 sts on 2.5-3mm in stockinette stitch: 11sts x 8sts = 1 inch in pattern: 10sts x 8sts = 1 inch

Abbreviations: K2T: knit 2 together YO: yarn over K: knit W&T: wrap and turn sts: stitches rnd: round ndl: needle RH: right hand LH: left hand inc: increase

Milanese Lace Pattern: modified for circular knitting, multiple of 6 rnd 1: *K4, K2T, YO* rnd2: *K3, K2T, K1, YO* rnd3: *K2, K2T, K2, YO* rnd4: *K1, K2T, K3, YO* rnd5: *K2T, K4, YO* rnd6: *K2T, YO, K4* rnd7: *K1, YO, K3, K2T* rnd8: *K2, YO, K2, K2T* rnd9: *K3, YO, K1, K2T* rnd10: *K4, YO, K2T* repeat above 10 rounds for pattern Toes: When knitting socks 2 at once the rnds start on the instep of Sock A and they end after knitting the heel of Sock A. So you knit instep Sock A, instep Sock B, heel Sock B and, heel Sock A. Using “Figure 8 cast on” (or cast on method of your choice) cast on 20sts (10sts per ndl). This is Sock B. Slide these sts down the cable and cast on another 20sts. This is Sock A. Knit 1 rnd and place stitch marker on Sock A. Increase Rounds: next rnd: K1, inc 1st, K to last st, inc 1st, K1 next rnd: Knit Continue in this fashion until there are a total of 30(36) sts per needle or a total of 60(72) sts.

Foot: Starting on instep of Sock A, knit in the pattern on the instep side only and knit plain on the sole side. Knit until the socks when tried on are parallel to the ankle bone and finish after instep of Sock B. I find it helpful to mark my rounds only after completing heel side of Sock A. Heels: Heels are made on Sock B and then Sock A using a short row technique. SOCK B: row1: K 28(34), W&T next st row2: P 27(33), W&T next st Repeat above 2 rows until there are 10(13) wrapped sts on either side of 10 unwrapped center sts. If you have a wider heel work fewer wrapped sts and leave more center unwrapped sts. If you have a narrow heel work less sts and leave fewer unwrapped center sts. Knit to 1st wrapped st. With the RH ndl lift the wrap over the st on the LH ndl and place it on the LH ndl, knit these 2 sts together through the back loop, W&T the next st (this st now has 2 wraps). Purl to 1st wrapped st. With the RH ndl lift the wrap up and over st on the LH ndl and place it on the LH ndl, purl these 2 sts together, W&T the next st (this st now has 2 wraps). Knit to 1st double wrapped st. With the RH ndl lift the 2 wraps over the st on the LH ndl and knit these 3 sts together through the back loop, W&T the next st. Purl to 1st double wrapped st and with the RH ndl lift the 2 wraps over the st on the LH ndl and purl these 3 sts together, W&T the next st. Continue in this manner until there is only the original unwrapped sts left on either end of ndl. W&T these sts and move to Sock A. Complete the heel for Sock A. Legs: I find it beneficial to pick up a st between the heel and instep when starting to knit the legs. Begin knitting in the round once more on Sock A in established patter. You will now knit entirely in the pattern and knit to desired length. Knit 1 row. Picot Cast Off: My socks have a 4st Picot cast off but feel free to finish your socks however you like. A small 2x2 rib or a ruffle would look nice.

The picot cast off requires that you use a “cable cast on”. If you have never knit a cable cast on please use a search engine and has a look at this technique. Starting on Sock A cast off 2sts in the usual manner, *cable cast on 2sts, cast off 4sts* repeat until 1 st left on RH ndl. Move to Sock B and repeat from cast off 2sts. Continue around until all sts are cast off. Bind off last st and weave in end. copyright Cindy Greenslade 24 June 2011 Please feel free to make as many of these socks as you care to. Share the pattern but keep the copyright intact please.