Economic Opinions and a General History


Brian W. Porter
The American Republican Party, many influential voices, and some Democrats, have shown that they believe that some people can make tons of money, take huge liberties with their tax responsibility, and send American dollars overseas, while those who are in what is called the middle class do not need to make that much money. Let's take a look at what recent history and the American economy has shown us. Back in the 1920s, CEOs, company owners, and bankers made tons of money. The stock market was up, and all was right with the world. So they thought. The truth was that workers, those who made the goods in the factories that made a few rich, were poorly paid and struggled to live. Then came the Great Depression. I will not say this disparity was the cause, but it was, most likely, a contributing factor. When America finally recovered from the Great Depression, back in the 1940s and '50s, CEOs, Company Owners, and Bankers generally made about twenty times what their workers made. The Middle Class made enough to buy a house after a few years of saving, and to consume what America made. Life was good for most people. The Middle Class made enough money to place money into the economy without raising a lot of debt, and America thrived. In yesterday's society, where the average worker makes forty thousand dollars, a CEO, etc., could make more than a million dollars a year if we followed the ratio of the good times. However, some folk have become greedy and make much more than that amount, and Congress, under the bullying of the Republicans, took away the protections set up after the Great Depression. The result is a class of rich, a class of almost poor, and a class of poor, and is one of the causes of the Great Repression. The only cure for the American economy is what the bully conservatives call Socialism as they try to scare the public. CEOs, etc., cannot make fifty and one hundred times what their lowest paid workers make. The Middle Class must

make enough money to pay their bills, including the bills for the technology necessary today, and have some extra money to consume goods. At the same time the Unions cannot preach greed and raise the price of an American worker above the world's level. That is part of the reason jobs have disappeared overseas. Today, as we try to recover from the Great Repression, Republicans say that Congress should not raise taxes. They and the influential voices call this Equalizing and Socialism. In this they include closing loopholes and tax breaks for those who make five, ten, twenty, and thirty million dollars a year. To tighten the tax system so all pay what the Financial Committees planned does not equate with tax increase, it helps the economy recover. To take money from one system that seems overpaid and place it in a pet project only causes problems. This is one of the problems with Social Security. It is time for Congress to stop the games and to work for America, or they could be considered traitors. *** Other short stories, essays, and poetry from this author are available at *** Copyright 2011 Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs You may share this work with anyone in any way with the following provisions. You must share the complete work, including the title and this notice. You may not make any changes. You may not use this work commercially or accept payment without the written permission of the Author. Any and all rights and credit are held by Brian W. Porter.

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