color body porcelain stoneware



Anthracite - Grey
Soho’s oversized, rectified, square and plank formats counterpoint the relatively simple, tone-on-tone nuanced colors of field tile with fanciful, three-dimensional decorative wall pieces that transform the everyday into the extraordinary. Art converges with geometry in clean, modern, color-body porcelain that suggests the large, open spaces of metropolitan architecture.


Floor: Anthracite 12”x24” Wall: Grey 12”x24”- Anthracite Fascia 12”x24”

Floor: Beige 24”x24” Wall: Beige 24”x48” - Beige 12”x48”


Beige - Brown
The Modulo Deco and Fascia Deco are mini works of art. Each is created by water-jet cutting tile of varying thicknesses and assembling the puzzle-like pieces onto a mesh base. Installation is simple; the effect is complex.

Floor: Beige 24”x48” Wall: Beige 24”x24” - Brown Decorative Modulo 12”x12”



floor and wall tile - color body porcelain stoneware

M6XW Anthracite Rectified 24”x48”

M6YN Anthracite Rectified 12”x48”

M6XT Beige Rectified 24”x48”

M6YK Beige Rectified 12”x48”

M6X0 Anthracite Rectified 24”x24”

M6X4 Anthracite Rectified 12”x24”

M6XX Beige Rectified 24”x24”

M6X1 Beige Rectified 12”x24”

M70C Anthracite Fascia 12”x24”

M6Z9 Anthracite Decorative Modulo 12”x12”

M70E Beige Fascia 12”x24”


M70U Anthracite SBN 4”x24”

UHCR Anthracite Sanitary Cove Base 6”x12”

UHCV Anthracite Sanitary Cove Base In Angle 1”x6”

UHCZ Anthracite Sanitary Cove Base Out Angle 1”x6”

M70Q Beige SBN 4”x24”

UHCN Beige Sanitary Cove Base 6”x12”

UHCS Beige Sanitary Cove Base In Angle 1”x6”

UHCW Beige Sanitary Cove Base Out Angle 1”x6”

ASTM Test Results Technical Characteristics Water Absorption Frost Resistance Scratch Resistance Breaking Strength Facial Dimension Nominal Thickness Wedging (squareness) Warpage (flatness) Abrasion Resistance Dry Coefficient of Friction Wet Coefficient of Friction Chemical Resistance Stain Resistance ASTM Standards ≤0.50% As Reported MOHS 1-10 ≥ 250 lbf. -3.0% < Nominal ≤ 2.0% ≤ 0.04 in (1.02 mm max) +/- 0.25% or +/- 0.8mm** +/- 0.40% or +/- 1.8mm** Class 0 - Class V As Reported As Reported Class A - Class E Class A - Class E ASTM Test Results < 0.50% _ Resistant 7 > 1035 lbf _ Within Standard Within Standard Within Standard Within Standard IV* _ 0.60 < C.O.F. < 0.70 _ 0.60 < C.O.F. < 0.70 Class A Class A ASTM Test Methods C373 C1026 MOHS Scale C648 C499 C499 C502 C485 C1027 C1028 C1028 C650 C1378 Field Tile Wall Tile Suitable for Outdoor Durability Classification C.O.F. (Wet) C.O.F. (Dry) Modular Tile

Rectified Tile Decorative Tile Slight Variation Trim Available Frost Resistant Meets ADA Recommendations 44% Minimum Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

* Durability Classification / Suggested Applications Class IV Moderate / Heavy traffic: Tile suggested for residential, medium commercial and light institutional floor and wall applications ** Whichever is less

M6XV Brown Rectified 24”x48”

M6YM Brown Rectified 12”x48”

M6XU Grey Rectified 24”x48”

M6YL Grey Rectified 12”x48”

M6XZ Brown Rectified 24”x24”

M6X3 Brown Rectified 12”x24”

M6XY Grey Rectified 24”x24”

M6X2 Grey Rectified 12”x24”

M70D Brown Fascia 12”x24”

M70A Brown Decorative Modulo 12”x12”

M70F Grey Fascia 12”x24”


M70T Brown SBN 4”x24”

UHCQ Brown Sanitary Cove Base 6”x12”

UHCU Brown Sanitary Cove Base In Angle 1”x6”

UHCY Brown Sanitary Cove Base Out Angle 1”x6”

M70R Grey SBN 4”x24”

UHCP Grey Sanitary Cove Base 6”x12”

UHCT Grey Sanitary Cove Base In Angle 1”x6”

UHCX Grey Sanitary Cove Base Out Angle 1”x6”



Sq. Ft.

Weight (lbs.)




Sq. Ft.

Weight (lbs.)

Modular Tile Modular Tile Modular Tile Field Tile Fascia Decorative Modulo Sanitary Cove Base Sanityar Cover Base - In Angle Sanityar Cover Base - Out Angle SBN

12”x 24” 24”x 24” 12”x 48” 24”x 48” 12”x 24” 12”x 12” 6”x12” 1”x6” 1”x6” 4”x 24”

5 4 3 2 4 4 12 6 6 13

9.69 15.50 11.63 15.50

50 77 58 77 41 20 26 2 2 39

0.433 0.433 0.433 0.433 Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible Compatible

Modular Tile Modular Tile Modular Tile Field Tile

12”x 24” 24”x 24” 12”x 48” 24”x 48”

40 30 20 30

387.60 465.00 232.60 465.00

2000 2310 1160 2310

SOHO is available nationwide. To locate your nearest Distributor call American Marazzi Tile Customer Service or visit DISTRIBUTED BY:

American Marazzi Tile, Inc. Headquarters & Manufacturing Plant

Telephone 972.226.0110 Fax 972.226.5629

359 Clay Road Sunnyvale, Texas 75182

Color and other aesthetic features shown are as close as the limitation of the printing process will allow. We have tried to make this brochure as comprehensive and factual as possible. We reserve the right, however, to make changes at any time, without notice, in colors, materials, packaging, specifications and availability. Since some information may have been updated since time of printing, please check with American Marazzi Tile Customer Service for details. © 03.08 American Marazzi Tile, Inc. Z852 Soho Brochure 10.0K - please recycle.

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