by Judy Raskin Echo Park Lake is scheduled to be closed some time shortly after this year’s Lotus Festival (July 9-10, 2011), marking the start of an 18-24 month rehabilitation project. Construction is expected to begin late summer, with the Department of Public Works - Bureau of Engineering, acting as the lead agency. The main objectives include improving the water quality in the lake, and reducing the use of municipal water required to maintain the water level of the lake. Representatives from the EPIA Neighborhood Issues Committee (NIC) have been meeting regularly with the Bureau of Engineering project managers and Council District 13 representatives for the last six months to address issues such as the impact on nearby residences, historic resources, resident wildlife, and the sustainability/maintainability of landscaping.

June-July 2011 Volume 18 Issue 3

Echo Park Improvement Association Newsletter


Coming Soon: A new, improved Echo Park Lake

Signage installed at key corners around the lake outlines the project proposal, as well as the new lake design such as wetlands.

These meetings will continue throughout the duration of the project. How will the entire Lake environment (including the surrounding park) be
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The EPIA Spring Social was a great success .................... PAgE 2 EPAA pet spotlight ............. PAgE 3 Sunday in the Arboretum ... PAgE 5 Echo Park Libraries summer events ............................. PAgE 10 What’s being planned for Echo Park? (from The Planning Lady) ......................................... PAgE 11

Echo Park Lake Lotus Festival to return
by Kelly Smith The Echo Park Lotus Festival is an annual tradition IMP VEM NT that celebrates,R Ofor E two days, the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Los Angeles and the greater area. This is the 33rd Lotus Festival we’ve had - but we didn’t think it would return this year.


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Echo Park Improvement Association meets at 7 p.m. the 1st Thursday of each Month in Williams Hall at Barlow Hospital 2000 Stadium Way in Elysian Park


June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3

EPIAn ways

EPIA member Susan Borden reflects on our Spring Fundraiser in April
by Susan Borden Les Freres Taix is the grandest, most magnificent restaurant in Echo Park. Its warm but dignified French farmhouse façade and imposing porte-cochere stand out among the smaller eateries and cafes that line Sunset Boulevard. Anyone who’s lived in Echo Park for five minutes knows that “Taix” is pronounced “Tex” and that it’s the place to dine when you want white tablecloths, dark wood, thick draperies, and attentive, French-speaking waiters. You want spacious banquet rooms? Chandeliers? Taix is the only game in town! When you’ve got to have the best for your crowd naturally you book your event at Taix. The Echo Park Improvement Association Spring Social on April 7, 2011 took place at Taix Restaurant in their splendid Champagne Room. Members of EPIA, community organization staffs, elected officials’ representatives and uniformed peace officers rubbed shoulders with business owners, local artists, school principals, residents and everyone’s guests. Drinks for all, served from the in-room bar with yummy nibbles and hors-d’oevres to complement them, put the group into a friendly, relaxed mood. The highlight of the night was a surprise for Maryanne Hayashi. She was presented a beautifully lettered certificate of appreciation from both the City Council and EPIA for her years of service. In addition, a decorated cake was presented along with several rounds of hearty applause. Maryanne directs the local youth group Central City Action Committee, which she’s headed for the past thirty years. Maryanne’s one of the few people who could successfully pull it off and stay smiling. Alejandra Marroquin, who is Council President Eric Garcetti’s field deputy and who presented the award from the
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A Night To Remember

Maryanne Hayashi of Central CIty Action Committee celebrates 30 years of service.



Echo Park businesses generously donated a variety of goodies for the raffle - from libations and cupcakes, to gift certificates and artsy tees.

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EPAA Pet Spotlight: Elsie the Kitten

June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3


Healthy Basket program at the Farmers’ Market

Elsie is a young kitten with black and white markings. Like all cats, she enjoys eating, sleeping in the sun, and cuddling. Please email: info@echoparkanimalalliance.org

The Echo Park Farmers’ Market recently started offering a healthy baskets program. If you place your order by 12:00 noon on Tuesdays, you can pick up your basket/bag of farmers’ market fresh fruits and vegetables during the Friday market. Go to shop. farmernet.com to sign up. Visit the market, Fridays from 3-7:00 pm in the parking lot behind Sunset Blvd., near the Bank of America.

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EPIAn ways From The Eastsider LA’s “The Planning Lady”
June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3

The following is excerpted from a neighborhood blog and news source, www.TheEastsiderLA.com PiliPino WorkErs CEntEr in ECho Park: 153 N. Glendale Blvd. Currently the Dona Vicky Market and Pilipino Workers Center. ENV-2011-879-EAF. This would require demolition of the existing structures, to build the proposed 64,670 s.f. building consisting of 45 affordable housing units, with 7,136 s.f. of ground floor common area, including office, and retail space. This project was first proposed back in 2007 before the housing and finance bubble burst. It looks like they are back and reorganized. t-MobilE WirElEss FaCility: 2327 W. Beverly Blvd., ENV-2011-1288-CE. A T-Mobile wireless facility to be placed on an existing five-story University Building in the C2-1 Zone in the Westlake Plan area. A representative, who no longer works for T-Mobile, said it is a modification to an existing T-Mobile unit already in place. 7-ElEvEn: 1550 Glendale blvd., a vacant retail store being considered for a 24-hour 7-Eleven store with “offsite” sale of beer and Wine. Za-2011- 1133-CUb-CU. This tiny shopping plaza sits at the corner where Berkeley/Glendale and Alvarado provide some rush hour right and left turn dramatics—some resulting in hefty moving violation tickets! What we know about this application is that Northeast Police Captain Murphy does not support it. At a recent E.P. Chamber of Commerce meeting the applicants representative was seeking support for this application and reported that the Capt. told them he would not support a new off site license for the area and would only support the transfer of an existing one should they acquire one. Currently AM/PM across the street, Vons, Rite Aid and others offer off sites sales along Glendale Blvd. - some offering 24-hour access as well. Combine that with the challenge of parking and traffic entering the small lot, and you might see a bit of increased tensions along the Berkeley/Glendale corridor. The applicant did say they would be unlikely to pursue the location if the CUB was not approved. allston yaCht ClUb: 1320 Echo Park Ave. ZA-2011-1260-CUB-ZA. Requesting the continued operation of an existing 1600 square foot restaurant with an existing full line of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption and to provide no on-site parking.… AYC inherited some pretty strict conditions from the previous tenant “15.” Based on community concerns about the then owners of “15,” the Zoning Officer placed strict conditions regarding parking, specials, music etc. on “15.” AYC, after 2 years of operation is hoping to reverse some of the stricter conditions based on their goodwill developed in the community. La Paz (prior to AYC and 15) had a zero parking requirement in the old days and AYC is hoping to get back to that scenario.

Jensen’s Recreation Center sign lighting up once again

In May, the EPIA hosted Echo Park Night at Dodger Stadium, and some of the proceeds of ticket sales went to the Echo Park Historical Society for the maintenance of the Jensen’s Recreation Center sign. Currently, the sign appears to be lit but they are waiting on a few final bulbs to be replaced.

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EPIAn ways
by Michael O’Brien Sunday, May 15 dawned cool and rainy, putting the scheduled tour of the Chavez Ravine Arboretum by the Horticultural Society of Southern California in question. However, the tree gods were smiling, for the weather cleared and was brilliantly sunny with no schmutz in the sky for the tour. Chavez Ravine Arboretum in Elysian Park was founded in 1893 by the Los Angeles Horticultural Society, and planting of rare trees continued through the 1920s. Many of the trees in the arboretum today are the largest and oldest—and in some cases the only—trees of their species known in California. As such, it was designated Historic-Cultural Monument No. 48 in 1967. Lead by Bart O’Brien of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden and Don Hodel of UC Cooperative Extension, many of the trees visited are appropriate for the average garden. You can download a list of the trees in the Arboretum, and a map, by a Google search on Chavez Ravine (or Elysian Park) Arboretum. The following trees are not usually found in the normal

June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3


Sunday in the Arboretum
nursery, but they are available in the trade, and any nursery can order them for you. For those of you who still have lawns, or an area with poor drainage, the Tupelo tree (Nyssa sylvatica) is a good candidate. It is a native of the damp bottomlands of the East, and as such requires regular water. Its claim to fame is its brilliant red fall color, unusual in Southern California. Since it is deciduous, it will allow sun in during the winter, yet make a good shade tree during the hot summer. Slow to moderate in growth rate, it will stay in scale in the average yard for some time. For those of you who like natives, do not overlook the Catalina Ironwood, Lyonothamnus floribundus, the Catalina Ironwood. Native to the Channel Islands, the variety asplenifolius, with leaves divided into leaflets, is more frequently encountered. It has ferny-looking foliage and produces large white flower clusters in late spring and summer. It is noted for its stringy red bark. It’s a fairly narrow tree, and so will fit into tight spaces, and it looks great in groves. For a coastal tree, it’s fairly drought tolerant. Everyone loves Coral Trees, and yet most of them are too large for the average yard. However, Erythrina corralloides, the Naked Coral Tree, is a smaller version of the better known Coral Tree from San Vicente Boulevard in West L.A. and will behave in the average garden. It’s brilliant red pine cone shaped flowers appear at the branch ends in spring. In fall, its foliage turns a dependable yellow before falling, letting the winter sun in. In winter, its bizarre branching structure can be seen. Native to Mexico, it should be sparingly watered (most Coral Trees in L.A. are over watered).
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June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3

EPIAn ways
Williams Hall at Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way Email EPIAmail@yahoo.com for location Williams Hall at Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way GEPENC Community room 1572 Sunset Boulevard Williams Hall at Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way Taix Restaurant Hosted by EPSA. Call (323) 8609914 for meeting location. Call (213) 666-9651 for meeting location Call (213) 630-3032 for further information.

Echo Park Community Calendar
Event EPIA Meetings EPIA Steering Committee EPIA Neighborhood Issues Committee Community Safety Meeting (EPSA) Date
Every 1st Thursday 7:00 pm Every 2nd Monday 7:15 pm Every 3rd Wednesday 7:00 pm Every 3rd Wednesday 2:00 pm

Email EPIA to get monthly reminders of meetings and to be on email list. Take an active part in EPIA. Join the Steering Committee.

Citizens Committee to Every 1st Wednesday 7:00 pm Save Elysian Park Echo Park Chamber of Commerce Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council Meeting Edendale Library Friends Society (ELFS)
Every 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm Every 4th Tuesday 7:00 pm Every 2nd Wednesday 7:00 pm

GEPENC Community room 1572 Sunset Boulevard Edendale Library Community room 2011 W. Sunset Blvd. Edendale Library Community room 2011 W. Sunset Blvd.

Call (213) 250-3400 for info or visit www.GEPENC.org

Find out how you can help your neighborhood’s branch.

Positive Energy Group 4th Wednesday of Echo Park and 6:00 - 7:00 pm Silver Lake Area EP Farmers Market Edendale Book Club
Every Friday 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Every 3rd Monday 6:30 pm

For info: www.positiveenergy group.blogspot.com

Parking lot #663 -- half a bock south of Sunset Boulevard (323) 463-3171 x13 Edendale Library Community room 2011 W. Sunset Blvd.

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Emergency .................................................... 911 Spanish Line ................................... 213-928-8222 Narcotic Hotline............................ 1-800-662-2878 Child Abuse Hotline .....................1-800-540-4000 Police Non-Emergency ....................1-877-275-5273 LAPD Air Support Division ................ 213-485-2600 RAMPART DIVISION Division Desk ..........................213-484-3400 ext 1 Vice Unit ........................................213-485-4080 Division Watch Commander .............213-485-4062 Senior Lead Officer Ford ...................213-793-0775 Community Relations ...............213-484-3400 ext 2 China Town Sub-Station ................... 213-621-2344 NORTHEAST DIVISION Division Desk .................................. 213-485-2563 Northeast Report Unit ...................... 213-485-2563 Senior Lead Officer Bobby Hill ..........213-793-0760 Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki ........213-793-0763 Detectives ....................................... 213-485-2566 Community Relations ....................... 213-485-2548 Gang Detail ................................... 213-847-4263

June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3


Community Resources
Department Building & Safety .........1-888-524-2845 Department of Health.....................1-800-427-8700 Department of Transportation ............213-580-1177 Department of Water & Power ........1-800-342-5397 Parking Enforcement ....................................... 311 Loose/Stray Animals/Barking Dogs ....888-452-7381 Legal Aid Client Referral ................ 1-800-399-4529 Operation Bright Lights.................................... 311 Street Lighting Repairs ..................................... 311

Report Graffiti/Free Paint................................. 311 Copies of Crime & Traffic Reports ......213-485-4193 Dodger’s Neighborhood Focus .......... 323-224-2636 Dodger’s Community Affairs ..............323-224-1435 North Central Animal Shelter ............ 213-847-1416 Elysian Park Ranger ......................... 323-913-4688 Health Information .......................................... 211 Los Angeles City Information ............................ 311 Neighborhood Prosecutor Program .... 213-847-8045

1st District Ed Reyes ......................... 213-473-7002 13th District Eric Garcetti...................323-957-4500 Congressman Xavier Becerra ............ 213-483-1425 Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard .. 213-628-9230 State Senator Gil Cedillo .................. 213-612-9566 Assemblyperson Kevin de Leon ..........323-225-4545 LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina .. 213-974-4111 Mayor’s Office................................ 213-978-0600

Abandoned Vehicles ....................................... 311 Cars Parked in Yards .....................1-888-524-2845 Hazardous Waste Disposal Info ......1-800-988-6942 Storm Drains ................................... 213-485-5391 Trash & Bulky Item Pick Up..............1-800-773-2489 LAFD Brush Clearance ..................... 818-374-1111

More info also available at our website, www.epia-echopark.org

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EPIAn ways Continued: Echo Park Lake rehabilitation
June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3
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changed? Some of the key elements are: • The lake will be drained and a new lake liner will be installed. • A new lake outlet will be constructed. • Wetlands areas will be constructed to help achieve water quality. • A new recirculation pump and piping system will be constructed to circulate lake water. The existing pump on the peninsula will be relocated and the Lady of the Lake will be installed in her historic spot on the peninsula. • Aquatic emergent plants will be placed at various points along the Lake edge. • Other improvements will also be made to areas adjacent to the Lake edge. • The existing asphalt pathway around the perimeter of the lake will be replaced with pervious materials. • Hydrodynamic separators will be constructed in the existing storm drain system to remove trash and debris. • New informational signage is planned that will give park-goers details about the park’s flora and fauna. • The lotus pond will be replanted. What changes will you see during construction? • The entire area surrounding the lake will be closed to the public during the construction period. The

Recreation Center, tennis courts and playing fields will remain in operation. • For the benefit of domestic and wild birds, four temporary ponds will be constructed – two on the island, one at the north end of the park, and one on the east side of the park. You will also see the boat house being renovated, but this is a separate project. The Echo Park Lake rehabilitation project is funded by Proposition O - the Clean Water Bond Program, approved by Los Angeles City voters in 2004. Proposition O bonds will be issued for projects to protect public health by cleaning up pollution in the City’s watercourses, beaches and ocean. The cost to rehabilitation Echo Park Lake is estimated to be about $84 million. There will be a community meeting on thursday, august 11, 2011. Time and location to be announced contact us or visit our website for more information.

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EPIAn ways
in the 2000 issue of EPIAn Ways
Joe Writer leaves the Senior Lead Officer position after serving the community for 14 years. With such a long stay in the area, the neighborhood had seen a lot of change under his leadership. “We believe the close working relationship between residents, Select Patrol, and our Senior Lead Officer Writer has enabled us to transform Echo Park into the safest community in Northeast and one of the safest communities in all of Los Angeles,” the article reads. Check out our website for more archives!

June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3



Continued: Spring fundraiser
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city expressed fond memories from her youth with the organization. Echo Park and the Improvement Association owe a major debt of gratitude to Maryanne for her years of service here. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, terrific prizes were raffled off. Many people went home with more good things to eat or drink from City Sip, Masa of Echo Park, Xoia Eats, Stories Books and Café, Delilah’s Bakery, Mohawk Bend and The Park Restaurant. There were generous donations from Echo Park’s varied and creative business people at YogaLa, Massage Envy and Feeding Birds. Some of these businesses are quite new but they’re all jewels in our community and are thanked for their support. Nor are we forgetting our ever gracious hosts—thank you, Taix Restaurant, for a memorable evening.


R B A N H I L L S I D E S .com

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June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3

EPIAn ways

Free puppet shows, magic shows, music, storytimes, crafts, and lots of books to read!
When you join the free 2011 Summer Reading Club, you will receive a game board. See if you can “read around the world,” 30 minutes at a time! After you read 2 hours, you get a sticker and a chance to win a prize. After you read 8 hours, you get a free book to take home. If you read 15 hours, you might win a Grand Prize! New this year – a special game board just for kids ages 0 to 4 and their parents! Young kids and parents do fun activities together, such as reading books, going to library storytime, and making animal noises. After you finish the game board, the child gets a free book to take home and is eligible for a Grand Prize. In the Summer Reading Club, you get to read whatever you want – for fun! And the more you read, the better you get at it.

ECho Park branCh library
Game Day: Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm. len levitt & the levity Puppets: “Stories Around the World” on July 13 at 3:00 pm. laCMa Family art Class: Thursdays at 4:00 pm. start of teen summer reading Club: Celebrate Canada Day. July 1 at 2:00 pm other teen summer reading Club events: AFRICA: South African Beaded Bracelets. July 8 at 2:00 pm THE UNIVERSE: Build a Bubble-Powered Rocket. July 15 at 2:00 pm THE AMERICAS: Mexican Cooking Round Robin. July 22 at 2:00 pm WITHIN YOURSELF: Juanderful Poetry Writing Workshop, Teen Summer Reading Club. July 29 at 2:00 pm EURASIA: European Food & Games. August 5 at 2:00 pm End of Summer Party. August 12 at 2:00 pm.

EDEnDalE branCh library
ElFs Used book sale: Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. Join the Edendale Library Friends Society for their weekly used book sale. All sales support the library. For Children infant & toddler storytime: Wednesdays at 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Children 1-3 and their special grown-ups join the children’s librarian for nursery rhymes, songs, finger plays, and books. Get ready to read and have fun in the library! one World, Many stories: June 25 at 10:00 am. Drop by the library anytime today for games and crafts from around the world and to sign up for the summer reading club: One World, Many Stories. Read great books this summer and get a free book to keep and a chance to win other prizes. Puppet making & storytelling: June 30at 3:00 pm. Artist and puppeteer Leslie Gray leads a puppet-making and storytelling workshop, part of our Summer Reading Club, One World, Many Stories. For Teens teen summer reading kick-off: June 30 at 5:00 pm. Let’s get together with Marcella Kroll, Mistress of the Tarot, to kick off this year’s Teen Summer Reading Program.

sErviCE hoUrs: (both branches)
Sunday-Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday-Saturday: Closed 12:30 pm - 8:00 pm 10:00 am - 5:30 pm 12:30 pm - 8:00 pm 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

for details: www.lapl.org

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PAGE 11 EPIAn ways Updates from Central City Action Committee
June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3

Thanks to Senator Kevin De Leon and his staff CCAC now has an organic garden in addition to six of the families of the kids we work with. We found ourselves asking Lynnette and Glo how does your garden grow? With pretty maidens Kim and Jenny scratching their heads trying to find the cockleshells. We have silver bells but do not know if we ring them or plant them. The families have told me their gardens are flourishing. What a gift a simple garden and spending time tending it can be. By Thanksgiving time everyone who participated in this project should be able to reap a harvest and give thanks. CCAC Rummage sales are an important source of income for our kids. They provide employment for as well as providing funds for special trips. Please give us (Sam) a call in advance if you plan on bringing donations so we can prepare for your arrival. A little jingle jangle help. Thank you for the donations. Being Lazy is not allowed at CCAC. We will be working to beautify the area from Waterloo to Coronado during

the summer. We were awarded a small grant from Council President Eric Garcetti’s Office that enables our kids to make a few dollars and also take ownership of their community. Come out and participate if you like or just say thanks to our hard working kids as you pass by. Thanks to all of the community residents who took part in wishing Maryanne congratulations for working 30 years at CCAC. It sure was nice to see people we have not seen in many years. Why wait so long to visit us, come on down anytime!

Continued: Lotus Festival
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The Echo Park Lake rehabilitation project was initially planned to begin in Spring 2011, with construction fencing going up around April. However, the city pushed back the start date to later this summer, and so it was announced the Lotus Festival would indeed return. Highlights of the festival include music, dance and food - all of which celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander culture and traditions. This year’s focus is on the culture of Thailand. There will be a Health Fair, community groups offering information, and boutiques for shopping. One thing that won’t be part of this annual tradition will be the dragon boat races - which have been absent since 2008 (the Lotus Festival was canceled in 2009, and there were no boat races in 2010). The Lotus Festival website provides a reason for the cancelation: “...due to lack of participation and funds we are unable to host the Dragon Boat Race and will be cancelled. The Lotus Festival will still take place and we encourage you to still come and participate in the festivities.” Opening ceremonies start on saturday, July 9, 2011 at 12:00 pm. Festivities will go on until 9:00 pm (no word yet on whether or not there will be fireworks that night). The Lotus Festival continues on sunday, July 10, 2011 from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm. Please visit www.lotusfestival.org for more details.

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June-July 2011 • Volume 8 Issue 3

EPIAn ways
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Continued: Arboretum afternoon
Edible fruit is always a plus, and there is nothing as carefree as the Loquat, Eriobotrya japonica. The Loquat is an evergreen, leathery-leaved small tree that produces clusters of fuzzy white flowers at the branch ends in winter, followed by clusters of small, round, yellow fruit in spring. The typical tree bears so much fruit that even after the squirrels take their share, there is plenty left over. Loquat fruit can be made into jams and jellies, but the fruit is so perishable (why you don’t see them in the market) that they are best eaten right off the tree, with the juices running down your arms. They can get along with no supplemental water, or take as much water as you want to give them, but if you water the trees well, you should thin the fruits as they develop or they will break the trees’ branches. There is a bronze-leaved variety, Eriobortya deflexa, which bears no fruit. And of course, there are the Bottle Trees, Brachychiton. The Arboretum has two, B. discolor and B. acerfolius. B. discolor, or the Queensland Lacebark, bears large, bell-shaped rose colored flowers in the summer, which are followed by clusters of hard, brown, canoe-shaped seed pods that can be collected and spray painted gold and silver for your holiday decorations. B. acerfolius, or the Australian Flame Tree, bears large clusters of red, tubular flowers which, when they fall, carpet the ground with red. They are both drought tolerant.

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