3: Introduction Reference Document Diesel Sizing Generator Sizing Motor Starting Study Generator Efficiency Ambient Temperature Derating Factor Generator Starting Capability .CONTENTS 1. 4. 2. 3. App. 5. 1: App. 2: App.

2 ×120= 144 kW Which will be used for prime mover power estimation. Typical derating factor for ambient temperature is 1. Generator efficiency according to attached typical efficiency curves [Appendix 1] is about 93.2 ×149 = 179kVA Which will be used for generator sizing. will provide emergency power to essential board's loads in the case of loss of power. so: Pdm = Pde / 0.5% (95. According to attached load list.5% per each 5°C over 40°C. total reactive power requirement is equal to Qde = 87. Considering 20% spare capacity D/G set load will be equal to: Pde = 1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this document is to illustrate the Diesel Generator sizing method and its results.937 = 154kW 5 kW cooling fan power requirement (a typical value) shall be added to this power: Pd = 154 + 5 = 159kW To estimate required diesel power.8°C (rounded up to 55°C) maximum ambient temperature will be: dt=15/5 x 1. total required active power of diesel generator is equal to 120 kW. For altitudes below 1000m no de rating factor shall be required. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS DIESEL SIZING 3. derating factor for site condition shall be foreseen.7% (at =80% of rated kVA). The diesel generator set under consideration. . So derating factor for 51.1kVAR and S de = 149kVA By adding 20% spare capacity: S de = 1. According to “Electrical Load List”. For calculation of mechanical shaft power electrical demand shall be divided by generator efficiency.5%). 2.5= 4.1.

and 60% relative humidity) shall be selected. 100m a.s.l. .da=1 For Humidity no derating factor is recommended by manufacturers. P( net ) = Pd 159 = = 166kW d a ⋅ d t 0.955 Diesel engine with prime power more than 166 kW at ISO standard condition (25°C.

It should be considered that the voltage setter of AVR will normally be at 1. a typical derating factor equal to 0. The largest motor in the present system is Fire Fighting Jockey Pump Motor. so the resulting voltage drop during motor starting at generator busbar with reference to nominal voltage (400V) is 6% with PMG exciter and 8. MOTOR STARTING STUDY Motor starting capability of diesel generator system shall be studied according to attached transient voltage curves of a sample generator. So the rated generator apparent power shall be about 200 kVA at 40°C. To consider effect of working in 51.05 Un (420V).5% with Self Excitation scheme.4. Rated starting kVA of this motor= 257 A × 690 = 177 kVA According to a sample manufacturer transient curves. GENERATOR SIZING Generator shall have a power rating greater than 179 kVA at site condition. the selected diesel generator will be suitable for starting duty especially with PMG Excitation.5% Considering that 20% variation in voltage during starting is acceptable.9 according to Appendix 2 is considered. 5.8°C. voltage variation during starting of largest motor are as described below: For MX (PMG Excited) type AVR and 400V system: 11% For MX (Self Excited) type AVR and 400V system: 13. .




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