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Harry Potter: Recipes
Renaming Candies
Rename candies will allow you to create your own Honeyduke’s selection or place these on the Hogwarts Express Food Trolley. Here are a few ideas and how to create them (or rename them).

Harry Potter: Recipes

Remember: You can also add your own favorite candies to this list. The kids won’t mind.

Acid pops Dip sucker into warm water, then roll in pop rocks. Wrap in new wrapper. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans Jelly Bellies Blood pops Red lollipops Fizzing whizbees Pop rocks Jelly slugs Gummi worms Lemon drops No adjustment necessary, this is a Muggle’s candy Licorice wands Black or red licorice whips Owl pellets Chocolate covered peanuts Sugar quills Pixie sticks

Brianne’s Drinkable Potions
Draught of Peace
The wizard who drinks this potion will feel calm and relaxed. Side effects include random twitching. Effects wear off in 4 hours. 4 scoops 2 scoops 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 5 scoops Essense of Moonstone Goblin Snot; stir to the right 4 times. Unicorn Horn Powder; close and shake 10 big shakes. Doxy Eggs; stir to the the left 3 times and TURN IT AROUND 3 TIMES! Knotwood Roots; stir to the left 1 time and to the right 1 time. Acromantula Venom; drink quickly.

NOTE: Knotwood Roots will not dissolve into your potion, so for full effect, remember to chew on them.

This potion will cause the drinker to feel very happy. Side effects include excessive talking. Lasts for 8 hours. 4 scoops 2 scoops 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 5 scoops Dragon’s Blood Goblin Snot; stir to the left 5 times. Fairy Dirt; close and shake 8 big shakes. Mandrake Roots; stir to the right 2 times. Rat Bones; close and ROLL IT ON SIDE 3 ROLLS! Acromantula Venom; drink quickly.

NOTE: Rat Bones will not dissove into your potion, so for full effect, remember to break them down with your teeth.

Felix Felicis
Drinking this potion will cause a feeling of luckiness. Side effects include forgetfulness. Will last for up to 10 hours. 4 scoops 2 scoops 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 5 scoops Essense of Belladonna Flobberworm Pus; stir back and forth 6 times. Fairy Dirt; stir to the left 5 times and to the right 2 times. Doxy Eggs; close tightly and JUMP UP AND DOWN 4 TIMES while holding! Lizard Bones; stir 11 times to the left. Acromantula Venom; drink slowly.

NOTE: Lizard bones will not dissolve into your potion, so for full effect, remember to crunch them down.

Adult Enrichment Project

Love Potion
Upon drinking this potion, you will be able to see only the good in anyone you meet. The only known side effect is dizziness. This potion lasts for 2 hours. 4 Scoops 2 scoops 1 scoop 1 scoop 1 scoop 5 scoops Dragon’s Blood Goblin Snot; close and hold upside down for 5 seconds. Unicorn Horn Powder; stir 10 times to the left. Mandrake Toe Nails; stir 2 times to the right. Rat Bones; close and HOLD ON YOUR HEAD FOR COUNT OF 5. Acromantula Venom; drink slowly.

NOTE: Rat bones will not dissolve into your potion, so for full effect, remember to break them down with your teeth!

Brianne’s Drinkable Potions: Ingredients Defined
Essense of Moonstone Koolaid or other colored juice Essense of Belladona Koolaid or other colored juice Dragon’s Blood Koolaid or other colored juice Goblin Snot Vanilla pudding with green food coloring Flobberworm Pus Vanilla pudding Unicorn Horn Powder Sugar Doxy Eggs Coarse decorating sugar Fairy Dirt Brown sugar Mandrake Toe Nails Yellow sprinkles (the long kind) Knotwood Roots Sliced almonds Mandrake Roots Chocolate sprinkles (the long kind) Rat Bones Bone-shaped candies I found at the grocery store at halloween. They are white with red food coloring all over them to look like dried blood. Lizard Bones Bone shaped sprinkles Acromantual Venom Sprite

Adult Enrichment Project

Butterbeer: Alcoholic
1 cup 1 cup 6 cups DeKuyper Buttershots Schnapps DaVinci Caramel syrup (or similar; found in coffee houses) Sparkling water

Makes 2 quarts (US)

Butterbeer: Easy
8 ounces 2 Tbps Ginger ale or cream soda Butterscotch syrup

Mix in a tall glass or small mug and serve over ice.

Butterbeer: Non-Alcoholic
Cream soda Butterscotch syrup (ice cream topping) Butter Vanilla extract Microwave butterscotch and butter for 1-2 minutes, until it gets bubbly. Mix thoroughly. Pour in cream soda. Do it slowly as it will fizz. Drop in a drop or two of vanilla extract. Pour into suitable glasses and serve immediately.

Cockroach Clusters
12 ounces 1 cup 1 tsp 2 cups Chocolate chips Raisins Grated chocolate Thin pretzel sticks, break into 1 inch pieces

Place chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high power for 2 minutes. Stir. Continue microwaving in 15 second increments until chocolate is almost completely melted. Remove from the microwave and stir in the grated chocolate into the melted chocolate. Stir in the pretzels and raisins. Drop by tablespoons onto waxed paper. Let stand until firm. This recipe makes about 30 clusters.

Pumpkin Juice
2 cups 2 cups 1/2 cup 1 tsp Pumpkin, in chunks Apple juice Pineapple juice Honey, adjust as needed Cinnamon, ground — to taste Nutmeg, ground — to taste Allspice, ground — to taste

Adult Enrichment Project

Juice the pumpkin pieces with a juicer or by squeezing through a cheesecloth. Pour the pumpkin juice with the other two juices into a blender. Add honey. Start with 1 teaspoon and add more later to taste. Add spices, also to taste. Chill or serve iced.

Rock Cakes
3 1/4 cup 1 cup 3 cups 1 2/2 tsp 1 tsp 1/4 tsp 3/4 cups 1 cup Eggs Milk Butter, softened Flour Baking Powder Salt Nutmeg Sugar Dried Currants

Preheat oven to 350F. Beat eggs with milk. Add softened butter and beat. Combine flour, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and sugar In separate bowl. Add flour mixture to egg, milk and butter mixture and mix until crumbly. Stir In currants. Drop spoonfuls of dough on greased cookie sheet about 2 Inches apart. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with tea. Makes 3 dozen cookies. Note: Rock cakes will become rock hard If not eaten immediately after baking!

Spotted Dick
8 ounces 1 tsp 4 ounces 2 ounces 4 ounces 6 Tbsp Flour Salt Butter Sugar Raisins Water

Mix together flour and salt, then blend in the butter. Mix in sugar and raisins. Now add sugar. Roll into a roll shape (like a thick hotdog). Grease some foil paper and seal it around the roll. Put foiled roll into a steamer and steam for 1 1/2 hours. Serve with powdered sugar.

Sugar Quills
1-3 Tbsp 1-2 tsp 1-3 Tbsp Sugar, powdered or regular Straw, sealed at one end Any crushed up candy, optional Something similar to the stuff they put in pixie sticks (optional) Feathers and tape, optional

Pour sugar into straw. If storing, fasten both ends. To add flavor, you can add any kind of powdery substance, like smashed candy canes, pixie stick dust, etc. Note: Amounts of ‘filling’ vary according to straw size and content of ‘filling’.

Adult Enrichment Project

If you wish, you can tape several feathers on the outside to make it look like a quill.

Ton-Tongue Toffee
2 cups 1 stick 1 1/4 cup 1/2 tsp Sugar Butter Water Vanilla flavoring (can use rum flavor also)

Place all ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Once the sugar dissolves do not stir. Let mixture boil until the temperature reach 290 degrees on a candy thermometer. Pour into a buttered, 9x12 inch pan. Let cool until it is almost firm to the touch then with a sharp knife mark 2 inch squares. After cooling completely break into squares or pieces. Makes about 20 pieces.

Troll Bites
1 lb 2 cups 1 cup Hot sausage – browned Pioneer Biscuit Mix Cheddar cheese (mild), grated

Mix together all ingredients, roll into balls, and bake at 350F oven until brown. These freeze really well – you can make them a week in advance.

Yorkshire Pudding
1/2 lb 1/4 tsp 2 1 pint 2 Tbsp Flour Salt Eggs Cream Bacon or beef fat

Mix flour and salt in a bowl, and form a depression in its center. Break the eggs and pour them into the center of this. Slowly add the cream, mixing as you go. Let the mix stand for 1/2 hour. Divide the drippings up into 8 muffin tins. Heat these in a 425F oven until they smoke, 5-10 minutes. Pour in the batter and leave in a few minutes until it browns. Then drop the heat to 375F and cook for 15 minutes. Can be served with jam on top for an extra-special treat.

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