A computer monitor is an essential part of the machine. A computer monitor displays the output from the hard drive,video card and CDROM. Without a monitor,a computer is not operational. There are several types of monitors similar to a regular television. Flat-screen monitors with enhanced technology make it easier for users to install the device onto their computer. These monitors have replaced old tube screens that take up more space and are harder to install. SIZE Sizes vary among monitor types. Smaller monitors like 19-inch displays are used by people who only need a simple view of spreadsheets and documents. Wide-screen 22-inch displays are the most beneficial for gamers. Even larger monitors are available for people who like a flashy display with a high-powered machine. RESOLUTION Resolution adds to the crisp,detailed display of images through monitors. Resolution is measured in pixels. Pixels are the tiny dots that display the image to the viewer. The more pixels,the higher the resolution and the better the detail of the graphics. High-resolution monitors are dependent on video cards for the best detailed images. CONTRAST AND BRIGHTNESS Contrast and brightness defines the light and dark settings of the monitors. Again,this is important for gamers who need more defined images. People who only use a computer for desktop applications don¶t need to spend more money on contrast and brightness. CABLES AND CONNECTIONS The connection from the monitor to the computer uses a specific cable. The cable comes with the monitor. The other side of the connector cable is usually color-coded on the computer so that users know where to attach the cable to the motherboard. Additionally,a monitor comes with a power cable. These two cables are the only wires needed when installing a new monitor on a computer.


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Until the early 1980's most monitors were terminals. They were boxy video display terminals (VDT's) combined with an attached keyboard. A terminal could be configured to work with just about any computer on the market. (Not that there was a wide selection of personal computers for you to choose from.) Terminals were attached to computers by a serial interface. In those days, the VDT was commonly referred to as a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). Before DOS, the dominant operating system (OS) for 8 bit computers was CP/M (Control Program for Microprocessors). Early CP/M machines were originally designed to use separate memory-mapped video display devices and discrete keyboards that plugged into the machines not unlike video display cards used later. The most well known was the VDM-1. Terminal manufacturers recognized this "lost market "and began to market mainframe and mini-style terminals to the CP/M community. The sales pitch of "just like a real (mainframe at the time) computer" paid off. CP/M computers soon used terminals almost exclusively. Apple II computers and the early game machines (such as those made by Atari, Coleco or Nintendo) hooked to a monitor not a terminal. (The Apple II was built with a keyboard as part of the system. All that was missing was a monitor once the Apple II was plugged in). These monitors - unlike terminals - looked like television sets without the tuner. In some cases they actually were television sets. (Many early computers - such as the Commodores Vic 20, 64 and 128, could be used with any television set with a special RF adapter that hooked to the antenna of the TV). Then IBM came out with PC-DOS computers, which were dubbed "three-piece computers.' One explanation according to a prominent used car dealer Moonie Bronstein was that many of the early marketers advising the techies of the early computer era ,had their start in the competitive world of auto sales where such terms as " 3 piecers " and " 4 piecers" were popular marketing and sales terms. Other explanations for this marketing term was because the computers included three main components i.e. - the monitor, the keyboard and the CPU "box".


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or Hercules (the first third party ad on cards). CSC134 Page 19 . when the IBM PC-DOS computers arrived on the scene with separate monitor and keyboard the monitor connected directly to the computer.Ironically. Just like the earliest personal computers) through a display device connection. These new monitors used video cards that were either IBM monochrome (MDA). IBM color graphics cards9 CGA).

and having dependable. The ECG was carried out by one patient monitor. portable monitor and more. but also networkable monitors. Today¶s technologies have evolved to offer not only multi-parameter measurement capabilities.The Evolution of Patient Monitor Technology Patient monitor technologies have evolved greatly over the last few decades. to now offering multi-parameter measurements. it is likely that there will be even more to look forward to in not only patient monitoring but in all facets of medical equipment technologies. As the technologies continue to evolve. A patient monitor is a physician¶s direct link to the welfare of their patients. They¶ve gone from offering only single parameter monitoring capabilities. different patient monitors were needed to measure every individual vital sign. Physicians everywhere depend highly on the integrity and consistency of their medical equipment. CSC134 Page 19 . In the past. unfailing equipment at all times is vital. while blood pressure was done by a separate monitor. handheld monitors.

Plasma monitor A plasma monitor is a display device that uses gas plasma technology which sandwiches a layer of gas between two panel of glass plates.They may have a viewable size of 20 inches and produce a small amount of electromagnetic radiation.but commonly wider screen size than CRT and plasma monitor. CRT monitor A cathode ray tube monitor is a display device that contain a cathode ray tube and a fluorescent screen.they can hang directly to the wall. 3.less expensive and more reliable.flat electronic visual display and produce sharp and flicker free images. and CRT monitors. 1.heavy and sealed glass not use much desk space.lightweight.plasma monitor offer more wider screen up to 150 inches and richer colours.LCD monitors are widely used in instrument panels such as aircraft cockpit displays.However.plasma an electrical equipment which displays images generated and is packaged as a separate peripheral.A CRT monitor is large.clocks and calculator. A monitor is a display players. 2.The following describe about each of these monitors.There are several types of monitor such as LCD monitors.deep. LCD Monitors A liquid crystal display(LCD) is a desktop monitor that uses a liquid crystal to display they are different types of monitor.this monitor usually more expensive than the other.FEATURES OF MONITOR SCREEN.As plasma monitor is lightweight and wider screen.They are available in a variety of sizes.They may have same features such as have a tilt-and-swivel they have different characterictics.have integrated speakers and build-in web cam.They usually have a small footprint.However.Compared to LCD monitors.LCD monitors is a thin.portable. CSC134 Page 19 .

Each pixel of LCD monitor display has a layer of liquid-crystal cells which are transparent and two polarizing filters.the faster the response time. Brightness Brightness of an LCD monitor is measured in nits.The higher the nits.sometimes called pixel and blue.TECHNOLOGY USED IN MONITORS.between pixels on a display device. a wide screen 19inch LCD monitor typically has a resolution of 1440×900.The lower the number. Response time Response time of LCD monitor is indication of time in milliseconds.the brighter the images.The resolution increases for larger monitors and screens.The lower the number.A higher resolution uses a greater number of pixels and provides a sharper.LCD monitor response time range from 3 to 16 miliseconds.measured in millimetres.Each pixels is divided into three cells that are coloured red.smoother and mare clearer images.A nit is a unit of visible light intensity. Resolution Resolution is term of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display devices. CSC134 Page 19 .the sharper the image.Contrast ratios today range from 500:1 to 2000:1. Dot pitch The dot pitch.Higher contrast represent colors better.For example.for the pixels to turn on or off. Contrast ratio The contrast ratio is the relationship in light intensity of the brightest white and the darkest black that can be display on monitor.whereas a 22 inch LCD monitor has a resolution of 1680×1050.

LCDs refresh their screen differently than CRT monitors. controlling brightness. meaning the computer monitor's screen is flat instead of curved. they glow for a short time. which is named "screensaver" prevents. if a smaller resolution is adopted. LCDs have one resolution size. *LCD monitors A liquid crystal displays or LCD is a type of flat panel monitor. They need to be refreshed. contrast and position. This feature should not be confused with flat screen. video cards with too low a refresh rate will cause flickering of the screen. filling each line on the display. similar to CRT televisions. An LCD screen is created by electric voltages hitting liquid crystal cells. These televisions use red. When these electrons hit the phosphor on the CRT. When a video card or graphics card converts binary information from 1s and 0s into images. meaning it's designed to be thin.FUNCTIONS OF MONITOR A computer monitor is a display adapter that displays information processed by the computer's video card. these images are displayed onto the directly connected monitor. *CRT Monitors CRT monitors are cathode ray tube. CSC134 Page 19 . There are different types of monitors. allowing 64 different shades per cell. and. green and blue electrons flowing from left to right. CRTs are prone to other types of problems such as images being burnt onto the screen. among others. Monitors have display functions that include powering it on and off. a black border will appear around the re-sized resolution. including cathode ray tube (CRT) and liquid crystal displays (LCD).

A 17-inch display can have a resolution of 1024x768. some laptops come with an S-Video port. it will act as a clone. The number in inches is the monitor's screen size diagonally. one monitor is set up next to another. the screens act as extensions of one another. Use of Dual Monitors The clone function is good for large projections. When the television is changed to the appropriate input. usually side by side. it is possible for some computers to display information on two separate monitors. The dualview function is better suited for multiple tasks at once. In "dualview" mode. files and spreadsheets. while a 20inch display will have 1600x1200. where the user can play movies or videos on his monitor. This is a feature of the video card (better video cards add more features). and a copy is displayed on a larger projection for a room full of people. Although laptops have built-in monitors. Dual monitors work as the name implies. allowing you to move the mouse cursor and windows from monitor to monitor. CSC134 Page 19 . while the resolution is the pixel width by pixel height. The inch sizes of LCDs tell what their resolution type is. Displays All monitors have a resolution type that it uses to display images. which allows an S-Video cable to plug into certain televisions. In "clone" mode.*Dual Monitors Besides buying a larger monitor. the same image is displayed on both monitors. such as viewing multiple windows.

SUPPLIER: Shenzhen Feelworld Technology Co.5 ms quick response hot sale in China. SUPPLIER: Diguang Electronics ORIGIN: China CSC134 Page 19 . MODEL: 7 INCH TFT VGA CAR MONITOR 2011 SPECIFICATION: 7 Inch TFT LCD VGA car touch monitor 2011. FASHION DESIGN IN 2011 SPECIFICATION: 24 inch. MODEL: LED MONITOR. LCD monitor sales in East Europe/Southheast Asia etc. LED super slim monitor. Ltd ORIGIN: China 2. flat screen monitor.MANUFACTURER OF MONITOR 1.

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CSC134 Page 19 . The most notable disadvantage to LCD screens is their fixed or native resolution.  Using only a fraction of the total pixels on the display or through extrapolation. This can often lead to a blurry or fuzzy image particularly with text when running the screen below is native resolution. As was mentioned earlier. y LCD screens also tend to produce less eye fatigue to the user. the size and weight of an LCD monitor can be upwards of 80% lighter than an equivalent dimension CRT screen. Extrapolation is a method whereby the monitor blends multiple pixels together to simulate a single smaller pixel. The constant light barrage and scan lines of a CRT tube tend to cause strain on heavy computer users y The lower intensity of the LCD monitors coupled with their constant screen display of pixels being on or off produces less fatigue for the user. This makes it possible to users to have larger screens for their computers than was possible before. It can display a lower resolution in one of two ways.ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE OF MONITOR LCD Monitor Advantages y The biggest advantage to LCD monitors is their size and weight. An LCD screen can only display the number of pixels in its matrix and no more or less.  Video was problematic with early LCD monitors because of lower response times. Disadvantages  listing the specifications for monitors to help buyers understand and compare monitors.

resulting in a more limited color range than LCDs or CRTs.000:1 or greater. Displaying other resolutions requires a video scaler. This was a severe problem on early plasma displays. Purchasers should be aware of this when purchasing a monitor. y Can suffer image burn-in. This has been overcome by many improvements. Unfortunately. However.) excellent color. Softer and less blocky-looking picture than LCDs Disadvantage y y y y y Image flicker due to being phosphor-based Heavy weight Glass screen can induce glare and reflections High operating temperature and power consumption Only has one native resolution. and low black level. but much less on newer ones y Cannot be used with light guns/pens CSC134 Page 19 . which degrades image quality at lower resolutions. the improvements are often work arounds that can actually lead to another problem of reduced color clarity. Virtually no response time Near zero color. No geometric distortion. contrast or brightness distortion. Excellent viewing angle. the industry is very poor about properly Plasma monitor Advantage y y y y y High contrast ratios (10. but there are some that still have low response times. y Fixed bit depth. saturation. Plasma cells can only be on or off.

this color ability does degrade over time as the phosphors in the tube break down. there are disadvantages as well. the bigger the size difference. Of course. The other major drawback deals with the power consumption. The biggest of these are the size and weight of the tubes. y By adjusting the electron beam in the tube. The larger the screen. y The other advantage that CRT monitors held over LCD screens is the ability to easily scale to various resolutions.CRT Monitor `Advantage y y The primary advantage that CRT monitors held over LCDs was their color rendering The contrast ratio and depth of colors displayed were much greater with CRT monitors than LCDS y Many graphic designers still use the very expensive large CRT monitors in their work because of the color advantages. the screen can easily be adjusted downward to lower resolutions while keeping the picture clarity intact Disadvantages y While these two items may play an important role for CRT monitors. The energy needed for the electron beam means that the monitors consumer and generate a lot more heat than the LCD monitors. An equivalent sized LCD monitor is upwards of 80% smaller in size and weight compared to a CRT tube. CSC134 Page 19 .

On the plus side.and well-suited for HD content. Unfortunately.offering only DVI and VGA ports. ViewSonic VG2427wm 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor The VG2427wm¶s 1920-by-1080 pixel native resolution theoretically makes it 1080p-ready.but to CSC134 Page 19 .NEW INNOVATION OF MONITORS IN FUTURE Alienware OptX W2210 The monitors design keeps the ports from showing.the display lacks an HDMI input.but inconvenient when you¶re trying to plug things in to it.which is nice when you¶re looking at it.tilt and height of the display are easy to adjust.0 ports.the swivel.2 HDMI ports. Four USB 2.a DVID port and line-in and line-out audio jacks-all vertically oriented behind the monitor-are difficult to access. Viewsonic says that it intends the monitor for corporate and office use.

The speaker produced adequate volume.which isn¶t the best thing to do.which makes it appropriate for showing HD content. The VG2427 does include three USB ports at the near.though movie and gaming enthusiasts would likely want to purchase an external set. HP 2009m LCD Widescreen Monitor The display¶s 20-inch-diagonal size enables it to have a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1600 by 900 native resolution.including a Webcam at the top of the screen. However. CSC134 Page 19 .take full advantage of its plug in cables. The ports are set in at the back of the display.and a built-in speaker bar that runs along the bottom of the HDMI input would seem to be a necessary feature.the 2009m does not have an HDMI connection-it offers only VGA and DVI ports.microphone and headphone jacks. Four buttons on the bottom of the front bezel control the on-screen display(OSD).three USB¶s actually easier to lay the display down on its face. Lenovo L215p LCD Widescreen Monitor The L215p has a full range of multimedia features.

22-inch e2243Fwk(1920x1080 resolution) and last but not least the 23-inch e2343Fk(1920x1080 resolution).AOC Aire Black LED-backlit monitors launched The series comes in three flavours-the 20-inch e2043Fk(1366x768 resolution).until the 7. One redeeming feature is the µscreen+¶ firmware which allows the monitor to be split into four separate sections for different tasks.2 mm E2290V shows its face in the coming months. They currently stand as the world¶s thinnest monitors by our reckoning-at least. CSC134 Page 19 . The monitors themselves look fairly mundare with the usual extensive use of glossy black plastics.


html CSC134 Page 19 .monitorbeacon.Discovering http://www.truckstuffusa.REFERENCES 1. http://en.wikipedia. Fundamental: input and Technology 3.2011 Edition 2.html 5. 4.

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