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Advanced Internet Technology (407211  Semester 2, 2010)

Final Examination 3 November 2010 Name Student ID

Time Allowed Two hours (plus ve minutes reading time) in total. Instructions Please answer all questions in the answer booklet:
Answer four of the six questions. Numbers of the chosen questions should be written in the table below. Each question is worth 25 marks. Begin each question on a new page in the answer booklet. Each essay should be one to two pages in length (approximately 300500 words), but you must adequately answer the questions. Material used in one answer will not gain credit if repeated in another. Provide well written and structured answers. Using bullets in the answers is not discouraged, however answers relying heavily on bullet points will not gain much credit. The main focus of this paper is the website project. All questions must be interpreted as relating to some aspect of Web development. Dictionaries or other references are not permitted.


Marks given


Marks possible 25 25 25 25 100


1. User Centred Design (UCD) is a design approach that is suitable for a Web development project. What is its core principle, and what are some of the main points to consider when following the UCD process?
(25 marks)

2. Describe the implications of installing a Content Management System (CMS) on a local computer as opposed to a remote server, so as to host a production website. Provide details on how the processes dier, and give examples for when it might be advantageous to additionally install the CMS locally. Furthermore, discuss the dierences and dependencies between infrastructure software (web server, database, etc.) and the CMS software itself.
(25 marks)

3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using semantically correct XHTML/HTML and separating content from presentation using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
(25 marks)

4. Discuss three vulnerabilities due to bad Web site design. Explain the source of the vulnerability, how it can be misused, how the threat causes a problem, and nally exemplary what measures can be taken to prevent the vulnerability or misuse.
(25 marks)

5. The movement towards using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) positioning for laying out elements on a page has necessitated an understanding of the CSS Box Model. Explain in layman's terms what the box model is, and why it is necessary to understand it.
(25 marks)

6. Dene briey what a Content Management System (CMS) for modern web sites is. Then discuss the benets of developing a website using a CMS. Provide details the various benets and explain how these may aect developer productivity.
(25 marks)