For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a career that involves helping and caring for people

. Combined with my love of science, especially chemistry, I feel that a career in medicine would be perfect to me. The areas of pathology and pharmacology have been of great interest to me since I began my research into medical training, and I aim to pursue a career in these fields. I would enjoy the challenge of looking at diseases, finding cures, and being able to help people Despite medical training, and medical practice, being extremely demanding and highly stressful, the challenge would be, for me, extremely rewarding and worthwhile, especially as it has been my ambition for so long The subjects I am studying at A level have helped me develop many skills I feel would be important to medicine. Chemistry has helped me to develop analytical skills as well as an aptitude for research and experimental projects. The units we have been studying, entitled 'What's in a medicine?' and 'Medicines by design' would, I feel, be an asset to anyone choosing to study medicine. Physics again helped me to develop research and analytical skills, especially data analysis skills Though my Computer Studies A level is not directly related to medicine, computing abilities are of great importance in all professions, as more and more technological advancements are being made. Computer Studies has also allowed me to improve my communicative and research capabilities At the age of 15 I completed a work experience placement in the local junior school. This involved working with children from the ages of four to eleven. This experience, though not medical, allowed me to work with and help people, which I found especially rewarding. During the summer holidays I plan to participate in a period of work experience at Carmarthen Hospital. I have also registered to take part in a St Johns Ambulance first aid course in September 2001, which I hope will be beneficial to me. I have undertaken volunteer work at a local school, helping with both art and gym clubs, which again have allowed me to work with children, which I find very satisfying In the past I have travelled to Switzerland, Italy and Ireland, all experiences I totally enjoyed. In the future I would like to travel further a field, particularly to Asia. I would also like to help third world countries, and to work as a doctor for charities helping these countries. As well as travelling I enjoy reading, especially horror and medical fiction, by authors such as Steven King and Michael Crichton. Recently I have joined Tai Chi classes, and I attend these regularly along with aerobics. I also take step aerobics classes and attend the gym at the nearby leisure centre. These are all activities I hope to continue with through university, as well as taking up new ones.

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