The Arizona Astrologer

August 2000

Nelda Tanner

By Ivan Halvorson
ASA President

Nelda began, “What I want to get across to you today is how numerology works. It is all vibrations.” After studying Astrology and numerology for thirty some years, Nelda believes the two have more in common than most people realize. Among other things, she has discovered a method for using numerology to clarify ambiguities in the Astrology charts. For example, your birth path can now be determined very precisely. Numerology helps you pinpoint where you are in the grand scheme of things. “You can be very clear on what you have to do.” Nelda said. Even the missing numbers have meaning. For example, if you are shy, unpopular, or not getting out into in the world, the missing numbers can pinpoint the cause and suggest a workable solution.

‘just for me’ and can be associated with the energies of Aries. Number one is not necessarily selfish. It is just, “Here I am.” Number one people have the qualities of Mars: imagination, courage, and a continual urge to keep moving. This often generates criticism from people who do not understand this energy. The challenge for number one people is to learn the art of ignoring unfounded criticism.
Number two: The key word is association. The related astrological body is the Moon. Number two people take others into consideration when making decisions. They work well in pairs. They love music and rhythm. Number three: The key word here is self-expression. The associated planet is Venus. This is a third person energy where creativity and imagination are highlighted. Artists and speakers fit the number three personality. The three type person says, “I have something to offer.” There is more than ‘you’ and ‘me’ here. There is our creation. This creation could be a piece of art or, as in the Trinity, a child. Number four: The key words are organization and work. The associated planet is Earth. Work projects are completed with ease under the influence of the number four. If the four is derived from the number 13, (one plus three), it has a special religious significance. Thirteen people founded Christianity. If you are a thirteen person you probably were born into a religious family and may now be exploring metaphysics.

Each number has its own vibration and each of these vibrations corresponds to a particular planetary energy. Sensitive people are able to feel these vibrations and put them to good use. Everything can be converted into the basic numbers: your birth date, name, house address everything. And, every basic number has its own signature Number one: The key word is individualism. The associated planet is Mars. The number one is

Number five: Here the key associated planet is Mercury. These people want their freedom, and their challenge in this life is to deal with continual change. Often five people are travelers. They go from one place to another and enjoy the company of humanity. The five pointed star of man (head, arms and legs) fits here. Number six: The key words are service and responsibility. The associated astrological entity is the North Node. The six is concerned with family. It starts out with your immediate family but soon expands to all humanity. This is an even number and therefore extroverted by nature. “The six has a responsibility to get out into the world,” Nelda said. These people make good healers and teachers. Number seven: The key words are wisdom and separateness. The associated planet is Jupiter. It is the spiritual aspect of Jupiter that is of concern here. This is an odd number and therefore is introverted by nature. Nelda said, “The seven says you need to be alone now.” The seven vibration helps you go inward, regroup and do spiritual work on yourself. Number seven people learn to listen to their intuitive voice. Number eight: The key thought here is a balance between the spiritual and the physical. The associated planet is Saturn. This is a challenging number. The figure eight on its side makes the infinity sign. What good is knowledge if you do not use it? You must get out of the dream world and

5. You can do it the easy way or you can do it the hard way. Nelda said. You cannot live in the material world all the time and you cannot live in the dream world all the time. You must find a balance in your life.” Incorporate numerology into your Astrology. Their success comes from cooperating with this unique energy. 20 and 22 are extroverted. Nelda said. and December into a three (one plus two).3. The associated planet is Uranus. 6. The negative side of nine is being overly possessive. You can convert the alphabet into numbers using the following table: 1 represents the letters A J S 2 represents the letters B K T 3 represents the letters C L U 4 represents the letters D MV 5 represents the letters E NW 6 represents the letters F O X 7 represents the letters G P Y 8 represents the letters H Q Z 9 represents the letter I R You can convert the months into numbers as follows: January to September are numbers one to nine respectively. 8. plus it represents the end. 9.” They must do what is right. October is converted into a one (one plus zero). ~ . enjoy your present. Eight rules people with authority. Actually the nine encompasses all the numbers. and predict your future. November into a two (one plus one). How many of us are ready to give it up? The nine people must help others.The Arizona Astrologer August 2000 into reality. “They need to learn to love with an open hand. Each number and planet has its own unique energy pattern. They must learn the art of giving and receiving. 4. and 11 are introverted. The numbers 2. The numbers 1. like the Christ consciousness. “You must learn to cooperate with the energies. 7. It will help you to understand your past. and this balance is the hallmark of good leadership Number nine: The key words are forgiveness and brotherhood.

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