Cases "The Case of the Murdered Diplomat" Files 92-96 Vol. 10.

2-6 Episodes 48-49 "The Holmes Freak Trip" Files 117-121 Vol. 12.7-10, 13.1 Episodes 57-58

Heiji's First Apperance / Kudo Shin'ichi's First Reappearance Heiji appears at the Mouri Detective Agency because he's heard that there. He's heard rumours of the famed 'Teenage Detective of the Eas meet Kudo to find out just how good he is.

Heiji signs up for a Holmes Lover's Club in hopes of running into Kudo that he prefers Ellery Queen. They head of the Holmes Lover's Club di way after promising a first edition of 'A Study in Scarlet', the first nove appeared in. He discovers that Conan is Kudo Shin'ichi after Conan knocks Heiji ou voice to solve the mystery.

"Unnatural Death in the Disquished Family." Files 150-153 Vol. 15.10-16.1-3 Episodes 77-78

The first dead body falling from a tall height around Heiji. Nagato Donsan, head of the Nagato Corperation and old kendo sparri Heiji's father calls Heizo in for some help after hearing some suspious his bedroom. Heizo returns back to Osaka, leaving guards and his 'pu When Nagato's Son-in-law dies and his sone goes missing, Heiji and C compete to solve the mystery, then work together to do.

Conan: "A detective who corners someone with logic, but lets them co no different from a murder." Heiji: "Such pain to my ears... To hear the perfect one say such a line. Conan: "There's no such thing as a perfect person. Even I'm just one p

"Serial Killer of Naniwa" Files 185-188 Vol.19.5-8 Episode 118

Another Death from a tall height around Heiji. Heiji invites Conan, Ran and Mouri to Osaka to visit after having a dre stabbed in the heart and killed. He shows them the highlights of Osak food. Ran feels like she's being stalked, only to discover that it's been following them around. A dead body falls onto the hood of the car they're riding in, a victim o that's been stalking Osaka - leaving the victims with a wallet pinning their hearts with a knife. Heiji and Conan pair up to solve the murder. Heiji loans Conan his omamori, which then stops a knife attack, saving Heiji is shot in the belly apprehending the murderer, but refuses to let himself. See Conan's line above from previous chapter.

"The Case of the Separated Lovers" Files 211-214 Vol. 21.11, 22.1-3 Episodes 141-142

Also known as "The Murder before Marriage". Heiji goes to Tokyo to attend a wedding of a friend of his Mother's afte hot Takoyaki pan on her foot and broke a bone. Kazuha tags along be mom asked her to and so she can go shopping in Shibuya. The bride doesn't seem all that happy to be married. After the butler closed room case, Heiji and Kudo work together to solve the case. Kazuha is jealous of Ran, because her outfits keep matching Heiji's. W Kazuha to match Heiji, he thinks it makes them look like siblings. (whi he tells Kazuha she should pray for nice legs. *snickers*)

"The 20th Year Motive: Murder Aboard the Ogasawara" Files 225-230

Conan figures out the answer to a riddle in the newspaper, winning he a free cruise. A murder happens after they set sail and they discover another detective on board - Heiji! The Detective of the West was invi given a stack of bills. He came to return the bills.

They run into an American photographer. Okita's First Appearance in Detective Conan. "Osaka K3" Vol. 29. strings tangled around them like a Spider's Web. The Spider Mansion has a history of people dieing in the storage room Temple to a slain Spider Demon.9-11 Episodes 238-239 "Twilight Palace" Files 299-302 Vol. but can't pull her up as well. even if she shou her an idiot and refuses to let go of her.4-9 Episodes 173-174 Heiji gets hit over the head and tossed overboard. he suggests that they may have to sleep outsid together for warmth. Heiji deducts it's because s him to tell her. Heiji tosses his he car who didn't stop. he's clueless. "The Mermaid Weeps Again" Files 279-283 Vol. wishing to pass the longevity to him. 25. eating a mermaid's f to grant immortality) When they arrive. We don' During the school play Ran has a lead in. "The Desperate Revival / Shin'ichi's Return" Files 254-260 Vol. After Kudo collapses. asking if Kudo's alone. who is wielding a katana. Kazuha win arrow that is supposed to grant it's owner good luck and longevity. He wears boxers. defeated by a Puppet Master. She wants to know who this person is that Heiji's spending so much ti getting beaten up.1-7 Episodes 188-193 Conan is shot in the previous story and Heiji comes to visit him in the Agasa calls him. Heiji disguises himself as Ku off track. 26. it appears that Ran has figured out who Conan is. Heiji invites Conan to the opening to the new 'Osaka K3' restaurant. 30.Vol. you'll receive a curse and die. Kudo asks Heiji what would he do if he were in Kudo's shoes. (in myth. the yearly Mermaid Festival is going on. making it appear that Conan and Kudo are in the same plac time. She blushes. (he appears in volume 2 . see disguise easily.4-8 Episodes 166-168 Heiji gets lost and runs out of gas on the way to a mystery he was inv When Kazuha worries. trapping the blade and pulling the katana from hands. 28. also lost. She stabs hi with the arrow. 28. When a murder happens in the audience. asking him to come else they will be killed by the Mermaid. acting as h because they are in Tokyo. 23. Ch 4-7 Episode 219 "Heiji's First Standalone Kazuha thinks that Heiji's having an affair with someone because of a phone calls he's making to Kudo. Kazuha ruins this. During the course of the investigation. only to run into Mouri. She does Kendo. Heiji and Kazuha fall off the ed grabs a branch and Kazuha. Heiji then helps Kudo with the deductions. The vi from the rafters. She stops an attack b blade in her closed fan. "Spider Mansion" Files 246-250 Vol. Heiji gets on the microphone and asks the audie days events secret because a murder at the school would start up rum "The Client Full of Lies" Vol. Co understand why Ran hasn't said anything. Conan and Ran. Bu arrow.6-10 Episodes 222-224 Heiji receives a letter addressed to Kudo Shin'ichi. She faces the murder. b favourite soccer player from when he was a child is one of the new ow Heiji's mother called to turn down the invitation to solve the mystery Mansion because of Mid-term Exams.3-5 Files 276-278 Episodes 220-221 Shizuka's first Appearance.

1-4 Episodes 291-923 "Heiji and Kazuha in Grave Danger" Files 390-392 Vol.8-10 Episodes 323-324 "Red Horse Arson Case" Files 393-397 Vol. 36. he invited her out to e Otaki-han had recommended in Umeda. When the murder a katana. While look lost wallet at Osaka Castle. giving a clue to a case from thirt that Heiji and Kazuha's fathers are still attempting to close. A series of Arson fires are breaking out in Beika that Heiji was asked t Kusukawa. Heiji invites Kazuha along a standing her up. If . When Ran hangs a Teruteru Bôzu on the window to chase from Conan's field trip the next day. 34. they run into five history fans on the 'Eight Days o Hideyoshi's History Tour'. he accidentally stands Kazuha up.Case" Files 314-316 Vol. Kazuha challenges Heiji that she can solve the case before he does. she speaks better Japanese than points out that he excels at speaking english. which Heiji's school Kendo championships. Heiji pulls it inside. They visit Jodie-sensei. 38. While there.11. 42. He also pick pocketed t used to take pictures of he and Conan solving the murder. 31. Upon finding Heiji's involvement with the case.5-10 Episode 345 -2 Hour Special "Which One's Reasoning Heiji is invited to be involved in a game show.8-10 Episode 263 -2 Hour Special Heiji's parents invite Mouri. Heiji notices that her accent is funny. 32.. Conan comments he'll be cursed for it. Ran and Conan to dinner in Osaka. 31. Heiji disguises himself as Kudo at a masquerade party in hopes of cat Ops. Island economy hasn't been well since the la went to visit the islands (Mermaid Island). he jumps and lands on the katana blade. A dead body appears in the equipment room and while people rush of police it disappears. Only to re-appear in the shower room without an Heiji leaves the tournament to solve the mystery.1-5 Episodes 325-327 Masquerade Files 430-434 Vol. Hanzo punches him. believing that she migh one of the men in black. defeating the murde there. Ran's English teacher. Kudo's mom spent 6 hours getting the make up correct. 35. a former police officer under Kazuha's Kazuha are kidnapped and handcuffed in an attic in an attempt to for code.11. While Investigating. he's on his team and is supposed to fight his rival Okita in the final round. While meeting with Kusukawa. so Conan can solve the mystery with him. he stops a blow with his mobile (has an omamori on it). 39. w Heiji and encourages him to work all the harder at solving the case. "Visiting Jodie" Files 341-343 Vol. visiting the places Hideyoshi did. His team looses the tournament. A murder happens during the course of the v falling in front of them.1-4 Episode 263 -2 Hour Special Kazuha leads the tour of Osaka this time. Heiji's ranked 5 on his team.2-7 Episodes 277-278 Dead body falling from a great height to land infront of Heiji! Agasa-hakase calls Heiji and requests that he come up for a visit to he the process. taking them to Osaka Castle sights. "Murder at Osaka Castle" Files 317-321 Vol. a burning man falls off the roof of the cast to grab the umbrella Heiji is holding.. "Detectives East-West C versus Mouri in Okinawa. Conan and Heiji notice a striking resemblance to the Detective with the little Grey Cells. "Death Island" Files 361-365 Vol. When in half.

they're invited to dinner at the Mag house.6-8 Episodes: 479 "Detective Koushin" Files 562-566 Volume 54. taking Kazuha asks Heiji to go to a Magic Show with her to explain the tricks gets mad when he does. without ever meeting each other while their parents tr background. 51. While at Koshien.2 File 655 Volume 63. but he wins by solving the then can't figure out where he went wrong. 50. but can't fig He finally figures it out: It's the concern a boss has for a follower. 47. . They're the same type of personality and likely to charge into situations without reguard for getting hurt. ~_~ Flash back to when Heiji was 15 and on a ski trip with his school. Conan and Heiji are hired by rivalling familys to solve the deaths of th found with a centipede next to their corpses. and Hakuba Saguru represents the East?! But it's not all fun a the teenage contestants start to drop dead. he was trying to let her w Crossover with Yoban Saato.10-44. 43. it's a message. Heiji and Shin' solve the case.. Conan invites Heiji and Kazuha up to Tokyo to help him solve the mys Eisuke and Mizunashi Rena. Heiji admits that he gets annoyed and has trouble concentrating on a Kazuha does something flirtatious. they go to Koshien (high school She solves the Dying Message left behind. only to be stop on the highway. 43.8-11. Murd involving the story of the Yuki no Onna (Snow Maiden). especially other guys. they receive a suppose phone.9-55.3 Kudo still in his proper body. The cellphone isn't lost. A monk-in-training enlists them for help discoverin the corpses at the local monastary that only he seems to be able to s A contest between High School Detectives on a deserted island! Heiji West.Murderer?!" Files 646.1 Episode: 490 Files 559-561 Volume 54.5-10 go to Takarazuka (a play). ^^.651 Kudo Shin'ichi .Show" Files 441-444 Vol.8-11 Episodes 406-408 "Flashback: Heiji's First Case" Files 518-522 Vol.11-63.2 Episode: 479 File 582 Volume 56." "Kudo Shin'ichi .5-10 "Highway Murder" Files 652-653 Volume 62.Murderer?! Volume 62. If he wins. The murders are based Rin-Ka-Zan phrase from Sun-Tsu's 'The Art of War': "Swift as the Wind Forest. Unless they solve the time runs out.10 "Centipede" File 613-618 Volume 59.. the entire baseball stadium will go up in flames. they head back to Beika.1-3 Episode 383 -2 Hour Special "Magician Murder" Files 487-490 Vol. Heiji calls Conan to fill him in on the information he found out about H Heiji checks in with Conan about what was discovered with Eisuke and careful. where a murder happens. as Fierce as Fire and as Immovable as a Mountian.7 File 585 Volume 56.. After Ran and Kazuha attempt to save t when an escape trick goes wrong.6-9 Episodes 381-382 "Demon at Koshien" Files 445-449 Vol. Heiji discusses Kudo turning back into Conan after he reached Osaka. because of a picture that shows that Ren grown up in Osaka.

~Looking for details~ Back? All characters are © Gosho Aoyama. he and Kazuha visited Kyoto. Heiji is interviewed on the TV as a great Osaka detective. Heiji & the remarkable resemblance to the Shonen Tantei who are looking for their missing Vanished Boy have been grabbed by a pair of bank robbers.File 692 Volume File 693-695 Volume Heiji helped the Shonen Tantei figure out the secret of a building mad Kichiemon behind the scenes. He's never seen here again. The suspects? The Police Detectives. When Heiji was in 3rd grade.. the Shonen Tantei. a small jewel that he carries in his coinbag. fight with Kazuha. With ma help from the Kaitou Kid. Kazuha and Conan! And why is Heiji giving Conan such thoughtful looks? OVA #3: Heiji and Kazuha invite Conan and Ran to Osaka when they run into a group of k Conan. He visited a shri a girl under the Sakura blossoms. . Heiji and Hakuba Saguru team up mystery and save their friends from yet another amusement park. have a reminder of her. who is now missing. if he The Stranger in 10 Conan.. Tenth Movie: Requiem of the Detectives Thirteenth Movie: The Raven Chaser Shows up to heckle Kudo. OVA #9: Conan dreams of himself and the others around him 10 years in the future. they discover a stolen gem. a bottle o his collection is broken. one that the Kaitou Kid als interested in. his first love. Kazuha is extremely vocal about it. solve the riddle bombs on their friends go boom. Heiji's invited to the same challenge as Mouri and Conan. a High Schoo whose parents live next to Kazuha. OVA #2: The 16 Suspects While relaxing at Shiratori's new villa in Karuizawa during the autumn. minorly insult Sonoko's father. Kazuha was asked to make a charm for Kunisue Teruaki. OVA #6: Conan & Heiji vs Kid Conan calls Heiji from Osaka to catch a blackmailer whose voice sounds like Heij tracking the culprit down. chase the Kaitou Kid on his hit by a truck and sprain something... time that Kid is going to strike and where from. Conan. While He to discover what happened to Kinisue. When the ques Years popularity with the ladies is brought up. Shonen Sunday. Third Movie: Last Wizard of the Century Seventh Movie: Crossroads at the Ancient Capital. Heiji unknowningly gave Kazuha's with his photo on the inside to Kunisue. Kazuha tries to recover her cha sees the photo. No copyright infringement is intended.