H. No. 10-57/58, Flat No G1, Balaji Estates, New Gaddi Annaram Colony, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderbad-500 060 Email:  Phone: 040-66469774 mobile 8897315671


19-May-2011 K. Vamshi Mohan

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my interest in joining your team To that end, I have enclosed my resume for your consideration. I offer comprehensive expertise in Software Testing and Development from working with leading Indian companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Satyam Computer Services Ltd., HCL Technologies. In each of my positions, I have been part of a team handling application issues, coding, preparation and implementation of unit test plans, enhancement of existing functionality code development, production support, among other tasks. I am particularly proud of having been in the forefront of projects like Vision Plus Production & Application Support, Cardpac Support & Maintenance and Marketing Database Support. My key strengths include: System Design Software Development Testing & Analysis System Administration IT Infrastructure Management Quality Assurance and R&D

An energetic, motivated and goal-oriented professional with exceptional analytical and communication skills, I have consistently proven my ability to handle responsibility and pressure in critical situations. I seek a professional repositioning that will make greater demands on my professional capabilities. By being a part of your internationally reputed team, I can expect to fulfill this objective adequately while bringing significant value to your organization and furthering the organizational goals. I look forward to a positive response and an opportunity for a personal interview at the earliest. Thank you for taking the time to consider me. Sincerely, Vamshi Mohan Kanchanpalli Enclosure: CV

No. preparation of unit . Feb 03 – Till date Team Size: 5 Client: AIG-AG.  Track record of spearheading projects like Vision Plus Production & Application Support. Supervision of Implementation. and LAN RELEVANT EXPERIENCE HCL TECHNOLOGIES. Balaji Estates. COBOL Role: Part of a team engaged in solving application issues as per change request. Windows 95/ NT.  Resourceful in Software Testing including setting up of test environment.  Excellent technical proficiency and practical experience gained while working with leading Indian companies. Hyderbad-500 060 Email: vamshi72@yahoo. 10-57/58. leading international insurance and financial services organization. creation and execution of test scripts and cases. and relationship management skills. C. Environment: MVS. CORE COMPETENCIES IN System Design Software Development Testing & Analysis System Administration Technical Skills IT Infrastructure Management Quality Assurance and R&D Operating System: MVS /TSO/ISPF 4. Dilsukhnagar.2. and EZT’S Hardware: IBM-3090. as well as proven leadership qualities. analytical.VAMSHI MOHAN KANCHANPALLI H. REXX. Windows NT workstation. Pentium PCs.  Adept at Software Development including Requirement Analysis and System Study. Nashville. coding. USA. FORTRAN. Cardpac Support & Maintenance and Marketing Database Support. and MSDOS Languages: COBOL II. and PASCAL Database: DB2 and MSAccess Online System: CICS/ESA Others: JCL. Flat No G1. UNIX. New Gaddi Annaram Colony. and tracking of defects using various tools (Quality Centre). VSAM. Chennai. Project Documentation.  Team player with strong communication. and up gradation of new technologies. Application  040-66469774 2 Profile:  Accomplished Software professional with more than 10 years experience in managing IT-enabled assignments. DB2.

Accounting. disability. unit testing. ELIPS. day to day inventory process for appliances. Collection and Tracking Analysis (CTA). File Aid.. 3 SATYAM COMPUTER SERVICES LTD. and production support viz. Description: An Integrated Credit Card processing system designed by Paysys Corporation. Title: Vision Plus Production & Application Support Client: GESBI. batch runs for testing of functionality. These keep track of collections charges backs and are also used for Private Label Credit Cards (PLCC). Gurgaon Environment: IBM Mainframe. UK. Thailand etc. System Analyst. runs on Honeywell Bull. Asst. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES. Mumbai Client: GE Appliances. and Letter Tracking System (LTS). Mumbai Title: Sales Maintenance and Enhancements Location: ODC. monitoring of overnight batch jobs execution. Various reports reflecting information like agents hired. etc (also has QTD and YTD info) for that week. Hungary. Control M Role: Providing the functional and application support to the business user. CICS. Australia. and Physical Inventory subsystems and the following tasks: Processing the batch jobs for physical distribution of the appliances. primarily used by the Marketing department of American General Life and Accident (AGLA). COBOL II. Financial Authorization System (FAS).test plans. Currently the sites supported under this project are joint ventures between GE Capital and local partners in various locations like India. It consists of various modules like Credit Management System (CMS). Louisville. has various numbers that reflect the business done. VSAM. Hyderabad. April 1998–February 1999 . SEEPZ. a group of subsystems. Transaction Management System (TRAMS). The main offshore job is to give production support and working on enhancements. Aug 2000 – Jan2003 Senior Software Engineer. USA Environment: HBI MainFrame. interfacing with finance and accounting about the status of inventory and the adjustments done in physical subsystem. terminations. adjusting information in books and electronic media with the actual stock and annual maintenance of Location Files. JCL. enhancement of existing functionality code development for specific requirements. preparing run JCL’s for testing. terminated. Description: The Scoreboard system. The system comprises PD Batch processing. license information for different levels/locations of the company are generated on Monday morning. Altran Cobol. DM8 Role: Programmer Analyst Description: Sales. Orlando. retirements/death/transfers. agent/agency count. Inventory.

Description: Contract of maintenance and adhoc development of Cardpac and other databases viz. JCL. production support team. Hyderabad B. TRAINING TCS. & Networking GUI and DBMS Concepts Quality Related Training. ♦ CMM Training ♦ Casual Analysis ♦ Six Sigma Training EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Software Developer Process Requirements Engineering UNIX Problem Solving in C Quality Management Systems QMS for Team members System Design Overview Software Maintenance ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Reviews. 1994 Passport Details: H 0795715. valid up to Sep24. (Mechanical Engineering). Tech. The core business is being supported by software package called Cardpac which primarily processes daily store transactions and generates statements. UK Client: GE Capital (GCF). The data is stored in M204 database used by 300 users and is being used for Market Analysis. VSAM. Walkthroughs and Inspections Testing and Debugging User Interface Concepts Effective Presentation Basic Concepts of Data Comm. 2018 References available on request . Model 204. Mumbai Initial Training Program (ITP). UK (A non-banking Finance Company financing consumers across UK) Environment: COBOL. Marketing Database and Client Information Systems. and user administration such as granting/revoking user access to database and user job maintenance. Other databases derived from Cardpac support business indirectly. FileAid.4 Title: Marketing Database Support Location: LEEDS. ELIPS Role: Programmer Analyst handling Marketing database decision making. Product Analysis. and Risk Analysis.

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