Cross Docking : Cross-docking is a way to move materials directly from the goods receipt area to the shipping

area without first being stored. Crossdocking can be planned or opportunistic, as well as executed in one step (directly from GR to GI) or two steps (going first to a specified cross-docking storage type for repacking or labeling for example).

Inbound Processing and Receipt Confirmation

Inbound processing covers the physical inbound delivery processing that succeeds the procurement process. It includes ASN processing, physical Goods Receipt and putaway of materials in Warehouse Management up to sending the proof of delivery to the business partners

The Transportation Planning process as part of SAP SCM creates optimizes shipments and transfers these shipments into the connected R/3 systems for execution. To do so, it reads transportation relevant business documents from the connected SAP R/3 systems, assigns the loads represented by these documents, to resources (trucks, railcars, …) to create planned shipments, assigns carriers to these shipments and tenders these shipments to the assigned carriers.
Transportation Planning Transportation Execution : Transportation Execution is a complete and integrated solution to create, execute and monitor shipments. Transportation Execution provides shipping, collaborative shipment tendering, express ship interface and distance determination functionality. Outbound Processing Outbound processing comprises the preparation of goods to be delivered from a warehouse to a receiving location. Outbound processing within the scope of warehouse management typically comprises activities like the notification of goods to be supplied from a warehouse to a customer for which the outbound delivery serves as the reference document, picking, packing, physical goods issue in warehouse, loading, goods issue and goods issue posting to IM, advising advanced shipping notifications to business partners and, obtaining a proof-of-delivery from the receiving business partner.

Physical Inventory is a process that all companies with their own stocks or special stocks in their warehouse eventually face. In this case, a rough statement is given on the storage location level, without further detailed information.
Physical Inventory :: Warehousing and Storage: Warehousing and Storage includes multiple processes throughout the warehouse from the time materials enter the warehouse via Goods Receipt until they exit the warehouse with a Post Goods Issue. Specifically covered in this process you will find the management of inventory including putaway strategies and replenishment. Possible variants include task and resource management and Radio Frequence (RF) support. Optional steps include support for production supply, Value Added Services and Yard Management.

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