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Communication is a process where people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings and it is considered as successful when

the intended recipient understood the messages that the speaker has conveyed. So, to have good communication skills, it is important for English teachers to know about the features of language, structure of language and types of communication that is commonly used by humans. Linguistic rules that human applies to speak make human language unique from other type of communication. There are several aspects that separates human language from animal language; displacement, the ability to talk about things that are not in our immediate present, it is used in teaching when a teacher asks their students ambition or what they want to be in the future. Productivity on the other hand is about combining symbols and rules and also the ability to combine words to convey different meaning. For example, the word fear and less are different in meaning but when the words are combined; fearless, it becomes a new word. Duality of patterning, associates sounds with meaning. For example, ACT/CAT, the words have similar phonemes but organized differently to convey different information. English teachers should also know about the structure of language. According to Sapir (1900), language and thoughts that we have are interwoven and people are affected by the confines of their language. People who does not speak Hindi have the problem in distinguishing the sounds of /dh and /d and they also have the trouble to produce those sounds. This happens because of the variation between languages for phonology, it depends on where in mouth your mouth you sound. English words mostly formed from the front or middle ones mouth. Knowing how to form English words correctly will help

Apart from that English teachers should also know the type of communication that people mostly use which is using nonverbal and verbal communication. Nonverbal communication is a type of communicating without having to speak to convey messages. Gestures, fashion, body language and eye contacts are a few example of nonverbal communication. Whereby, speaking and sign language are verbal communications. Despite the lack of sound, linguist considered sign language as verbal communication because the oral functions are still maintained but were replaced by gestures. English teachers can use sign language to teach because it is the quickest way for children to learn how to communicate and to increase their vocabulary. In conclusion, English teachers have to know what are the features and structure of language and what are the types of communication that human commonly use so that they are able to communicate with their students.