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The Days to Principal Park Fonz Brings Happy Days to Principal Park Happy
Soriano rehab stint lifts I-Cubs’ spirits

Volume 13 Issue 4

Prose From the Pub
Alfonso “The Fonz” Soriano Generates Energy and Ticket Sales for “Happy Days” in Des Moines!
Alfonso Soriano front of me over left field. graces the front This view is spectacular cover of our 13th at sunset and you mix annual baseball edition some superb baseball in of the Iowa Sports with the upgrades made Connection as he to the park and next to spent a few days on Wrigley it’s a Cub fans rehab with the Iowa paradise. Cubs. I know that I The year is half over have lost any shred of and man is it flying by credibility with my staff with the 2010-2011 with the byline “The Iowa high school sports Mike Rickord ISC Publisher season winding down Fonz Brings Happy Days to Principal with boys baseball Park,” however, I took owner’s and girls softball complete in privilege as they all rolled their the next three weeks. However, eyes at my ancient carcass. this fall season actually begins There were two reasons that on August 19th with the first they feel I should head to the football games literally kicking rocking chair with this statement. off the 2011-2012 high school The first is they have never seen sports year. This upcoming fall one episode of the 70s sitcom we will expand our Friday Night Happy Days and had no idea Live coverage further than any who the “Fonz” was portrayed as year in our 13-year history. The the James Dean of the show by Iowa Sports Connection Radio Henry Winkler and the number Network with 29 affiliates across two reason was Soriano’s play Iowa reaches all 99 counties and while in Des Moines was more this year will include our four TV AA than major league caliber. partners into our real live scoring I do stand by the statement partnership with WHO TV -13.2 though as a former employee in Des Moines and KCRG 9.2 in in the sales and marketing Cedar Rapids. The award winning department of the Iowa Cubs as Friday Night Live radio and TV “butts in the seats” was always broadcasts will parallel each the objective as we anxiously other for six hours every Friday awaited any starter to return to night during football season as Iowa and entice Chicago Cubs Tony Atzeni and Mike Ferlazzo, fans to come out more than both recognized by the Iowa they would during the course Broadcast News as the best in of the season. There is the their craft at covering Iowa high explanation for a very unusual school sports, will lead our team headline as it was “Happy Days at from the studio this fall. Principal Park” for Sam Bernabe In addition to the state’s best and Michael Gartner while the high school coverage this fall, turnstiles and the Soriano jerseys we will also launch our new look flocked to Principal Park! The website “iowasportsconnection. rehab stints from Wrigley to Iowa com” in August along with the generate much more interest 13th anniversary of the Pigskin from the fans than the tweeners Preview which will be out on that are in that constant pursuit the stands on August 16 with of that “cup of coffee” in the Bigs, every team that puts on the as they pursue that one shot at pads in Iowa included, from playing successfully in Wrigley, the 8-man high school teams securing a permanent view of the to the Hawkeyes in Iowa City. ivy in the outfield of the “Friendly The Pigskin Preview will also be Confines.” available in our digital format Regardless of who’s playing to examine all season long as this season I implore you if you your source for Iowa high school live in Iowa get to the “Friendly football. Confines” of Principal Park and I thank you for taking the time watch the future of the Chicago to pick up our 13th anniversary Cubs play a spectacular level of baseball edition of the Iowa baseball in arguably the finest Sports Connection. Have a park in all of AAA baseball. I relish Championship month! God Bless the few times a year that I am You and God Bless America! able to sit in my season tickets right behind first base and the glorious golden dome of the state capital over center field and the Des Moines skyline directly in

4 Pee Wee Profiles
M.V.P: Mary Villhauer, Iowa City Boys Baseball
Mary Villhauer has been involved with the Iowa City Boys Baseball league since 1960. Currently concession stand operator, secretary and treasurer for the league, Villhauer tells of how the league has improved and grown over the years.

8 Prep Connection
High School Baseball and Softball Rankings
The Iowa Sports Connection ranks Iowa high school baseball and softball teams for all classes. Turn to page 8 to see our baseball rankings and page 10 for our softball rankings. Rankings are updated weekly online at Iowasportsconnection.com.

18 Minor But Major
Minor League Baseball Report
We’ve got mid-season reports for every minor league baseball team in Iowa as they reach the halfway point of their seasons. From the Midwest League reports on pages 18-19, to the Iowa Cubs report on page 20, read about how your favorite team’s season has gone and how it will do in the second half of the year.

23 Collegiate Corner
Beating Her Toughest Opponent
ISC correspondent Mike Ferlazzo tells the story of Luther softball player and Southeast Polk High School grad Abby Christian, who had to face one of the biggest challenges of her life during her junior year.

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Contributing Writers: Jackson Teeling, Kristopher Mattoon, Mike Ferlazzo, Larry Happel, University of Iowa Sports Information, Bill Wright, Matthew DeWall Cover: Alfonso Soriano warms up before an Iowa Cubs game at Principal Park. Soriano was on a rehab assignment. (Photo by Chris Donahue / Iowa Cubs)

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Volume 13 Issue 4


Pee-Wee Profiles
M.V.P.: Mary Villhauer, Iowa City Boy’s Baseball
Tim Weideman Editor In 1956, the Iowa City Boys Baseball organization began as a league to serve Iowa City youth by giving them the opportunity to learn baseball, teamwork and meet new friends. In 1960, Howard and Mary Villhauer joined the organization. Mary has been with the organization since, now serving as the concession manager at the little league complex in City Park in Iowa City where the teams play. She is also the league’s secretary and treasurer. Not only is Mary highly involved in the league, but her entire family has also been a central part for many years. Her grandson, Nick Jackson, currently serves as the president of Iowa City Boys Baseball. The Villhauers had five sons go through the program and her grandsons have gone through the program too. It’s sort of been a family deal from the start. Mary first got involved with the league when her husband Howard wanted to coach a team. He decided to help another coach with a team his first year and then become a head coach the next season so he could coach their oldest son. Back then, the boys’ fields weren’t as impressive as they are now—a testament to how much the league has grown and improved over the years. Now, the boys play on eight diamonds at Bobby Oldis fields and Villhauer operates her concession stand out of a nice clubhouse. Villhauer recalls what it was like for the boys when she began: “There were only two diamonds. There was no grass, it was just sand. People parked their cars around the diamond, maybe a foul ball would come back and break a windshield.”

Iowa Sports Connection

shed during games and then store things inside when there were no ball games. After Bobby Oldis, son of Bob Oldis, the former Major League Baseball player and current scout for the Flordia Marlins, passed away from muscular dystrophy, the league received many donations. Bobby had helped the league as an assistant coach for one of the teams. The league decided to put the money from those donations toward a new clubhouse at the fields. Villhauer was very impressed with the new facility. “I thought I was in heaven (when) I got in that building,” she says. Unfortunately, the building burned down. Villhauer doesn’t know the exact year. Three years later, however, the organization built a new clubhouse. Mary has been selling concessions out of that clubhouse since. The Iowa City Boys Baseball organization has definitely grown from where it started. From two diamonds to eight, two bags of equipment to one for every team and a shed to a clubhouse—the evidence of the league’s improvement over the years is everywhere. The league is always looking to work with the city and local businesses to find ways to improve the playing conditions for the boys. Villhauer enjoys watching the organization grow and improve. “It’s so encouraging,” she says. “We try to make improvements every year. To see it evolve as it has, it’s just wonderful.” To learn more about the Iowa City Boys Baseball league, visit its website at Iowacityboysbaseball.org.

Things were also different at that time for the boys who participated in the league. The 16 teams in the league had to share between just two bags of equipment. “Each boy had to carry his own water,” says Villhauer. “You had to buy your own uniform.” After a few years, the league continued to make improvements on the field and provide more opportunities for the boys. Then, Villhauer hit the jackpot with an idea: “I said, ‘I think we need a concession stand.’ So I talked to the board members and they said, ‘Yes, that would be nice.’” Starting modestly, the organization brought in a small shed for Villhauer out of which she could sell her concessions. Villhauer would set up shop outside the

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Pee -Wee Profiles

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Volume 13 Issue 4 5

Pee-Wee Profiles
Qwest Team of the Month: Cedar Falls Cardinals
Tim Weideman Editor Coach Matt Gary says he couldn’t be happier with his ball club, the Cedar Falls Cardinals of the Iowa Baseball League. The Cardinals are currently 13-4 in the league and find themselves atop the standings chart in their conference. But that’s not the thing that Gary is happiest about. He’s most pleased with how the players on the team have improved over time. “We’ve seen some tremendous growth by these kids,” says Gary. “Some of them, obviously with a youth team, you’ve got various levels of experience and various levels of ability that they bring to the table. Our goal, primarily, is to get everyone incrementally better throughout the season at whatever it is they either need to improve on or focus on as far as our goal.” That said, the Cardinals’ record is more than enough evidence that these players have made strides in their baseball skills. “We could not be any happier, as far as our record right now,” says Gary. “Quite frankly, more importantly, we just feel like the boys are really progressing in their own effort to become better ball players.” Even though the team has found success during the season, Gary says the team’s goals are not record-based. Gary says the boys are going to face the pressure of reaching a certain level of success as they move on to higher levels of baseball, such as high school. “The way we look at it, our specific goals are to help these boys get better individually, help them progress, help them become a little bit more comfortable with respect to participation in the game.” Gary also stresses the importance of being a good team player. “One of our goals is to make sure we have team unity and team support,” says Gary. “We’re

Iowa Sports Connection

all on the same team together.” Perhaps most importantly, the Cardinals try to have fun. Gary says it’s important to remember that the kids already put enough pressure on themselves when playing baseball. They don’t need the extra pressure from parents and coaches. “The way I look at it is (that) part of our role as coaches is to The Cedar Falls Cardinals (3rd and 4th grade) of the Iowa Baseball League are 13-2 so far help them alleviate this year and sit in first place in the Cedar Conference standings. First row, left to right: some of that Tate Johnson, Bryce Albaugh, Brady Schlotfeldt, Jack Moody, Jakey Penrith, Mitch Young; pressure and being Second row, left to right: Coach Todd Johnson, Coach Jim Albaugh, Logan Wolf, Ben more of a positive, Bermel, Westen Graham, Sam Gary, Coach Matt Gary; Not pictured: Camden Dusenbery, supporting role Colin Nickerson, Michael Lockard. model for them,” says Gary. in the league are very thankful to the founders of As members of the Iowa Baseball League, the the league for giving their kids the opportunity to Cardinals play the other 11 teams in the league enjoy and learn the game of baseball. “This league throughout the season. The league consists of teams would not exist without the vision, commitment and from other towns near Cedar Falls, including Jesup, sacrifice of the founders, Fred Abraham and Don Dike, New Hartford, Gilbertville and Hudson. The Blau in addition to long-time grade coordinators Doug league was created because Cedar Falls doesn’t have Schindel, Jim Korte, and Scott Davis,” says Gary. a city-sponsored youth baseball league. “These guys truly have the kids’ best interests at Gary says the coaches and parents of the kids heart.”


Cedar Falls Sioux City

Iowa City West Des Moines Waterloo

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Volume 13 Issue 4

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Volume 13 Issue 3


Prep Connection
Iowa High School Baseball Rankings
Tony Atzeni Radio Account Manager

Iowa Sports Connection

The Iowa Sports Connection ranks high school baseball teams in all four classes. New rankings are released every Monday morning during the regular season at iowasportsconnection.com. As well as ranking teams, The Iowa Sports Connection puts together a Watch List. These are teams that could become ranked or could have an impact in the post-season. Listed below are the rankings in all four classes. 2011 ISC Iowa High School Baseball Rankings As of June 20 Class 4A 1-Mason City 2-Cedar Rapids Kennedy 3-Ankeny 4-Dowling Catholic 5-Davenport Central 6-Southeast Polk 7-North Scott (Eldridge) 8-West Des Moines Valley 9-Pleasant Valley 10-Cedar Rapids Xavier Watch List: Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln, Des Moines Roosevelt, Dubuque Hempstead, Fort Dodge, Iowa City West, Johnston, Ottumwa, Sioux City East, Western Dubuque (Epworth)

Class 3A 1-Solon 2-Glenwood 3-Dubuque Wahlert 4-Davenport Assumption 5-Waverly-Shell Rock 6-Norwalk 7-Clear Lake 8-Charles City 9-Central Clinton (DeWitt) 10-Boone 10-Dallas Center-Grimes Watch List: A-D-M (Adel), Atlantic, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City), Carlisle, Chariton, Decorah, Harlan, Knoxville, MOC-Floyd Valley, Mount Pleasant, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Storm Lake, Washington Class 2A 1-Kuemper Catholic (Carroll) 2-St. Edmond (Fort Dodge) 3-Davis County (Bloomfield) 4-Van Buren (Keosauqua) 5-Beckman (Dyersville) 6-Logan-Magnolia 7-North Fayette (West Union) 7-Treynor 8-West Branch

9-Spirit Lake 10-Eddyville-Blakesburg Watch List: Albia, Alta/Aurelia, Central Springs (Manly), Columbus Catholic (Waterloo), DurantBennett, Gilbert, Gladbrook-Reinbeck, Highland (Riverside), Iowa Falls-Alden, Iowa City Regina, Lake Mills, Lawton-Bronson, Monticello, New Hampton, North Polk, Ogden, PCM-Monroe, South Winneshiek (Calmar), Van Meter, West Lyon (Inwood) Class 1A 1-Martensdale-St. Mary’s 2-Newman Catholic (Mason City) 3-Don Bosco (Gilbertville) 4-North Tama (Traer) 5-Coon Rapids-Bayard) 6-St. Mary’s (Storm Lake) 7-NUH-Cedar Falls 8-Kee (Lansing) 9-Clay Central-Everly 10-Dunkerton Watch List: Bishop Garrigan (Algona), Earlham, Keota, Montezuma, North Butler (Greene), North Mahaska (New Sharon), North Sentral Kossuth, Remsen-Union, Southeast Warren (Liberty Center), St. Mary’s (Remsen), Walnut, Woodbury Central (Moville)

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8 Volume 13 Issue 4

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A quick look at some of the State’s best performances from the Missouri to the Mississippi
Shelby Houlihan (Sr., Sioux City East): Houlihan, who graduated this spring from Sioux City East, competed in the Jim Ryun High School Adidas Dream Mile held in New York City. The top 5 finishers were all within :00.96 seconds of the winner, Camille Chapus, who won in 4:42.71. Houlihan finished fourth in 4:43.64. Fran Strub (Jr., Clear Creek-Amana): Strub leads the state with her .697 batting average. She leads the state with 47 runs scored, is second in Class 3A with 46 hits and is third in Class 3A with 30 stolen bases. Austin Christensen (Sr., Cedar Rapids Kennedy): Christensen leads Class 4A with a batting average of .639, 39 hits and 12 HRs. Emily Dunbar (Sr., Central Springs, Manly): Dunbar leads Class 2A with a lights-out 0.30 ERA and a record of 11-0. Drew Utterback (Sr., Sigourney): Utterback leads the state with a batting average of .644 and is third in Class 1A with 7 doubles. He’s also third in Class 1A with a 5-0 record, is third with 67 strikeouts and is fourth with a 0.40 ERA.

“Together We’ll Go Far”
Presented each month by Wells Fargo and the Iowa Sports Connection to a young Student-Athlete displaying exceptional qualities in both teamwork leadership on and off the field

Drew Utterback

Reliable - Utterback has been Sigourney’s

main player since eighth grade. You can put him anywhere on the field.

Confident - He goes to the plate with a purpose and takes the mound confidently, knowing that he has what it takes to help his team. Down-to-Earth - Utterback doesn’t get caught in the moment and he always moves forward to help the team. Eager - He’s eager to succeed and lead the

Supportive - Sigourney can always count on Utterback to pump them up and back them up with both his offensive and defensive skills.
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Volume 13 Issue 4 9

Prep Connection
Iowa High School Softball Rankings
Tony Atzeni Radio Account Manager

Iowa Sports Connection

The Iowa Sports Connection ranks high school softball teams in all four classes. New rankings are released every Monday morning during the regular season at iowasportsconnection.com. As well as ranking teams, The Iowa Sports Connection puts together a Watch List. These are teams that could become ranked or could have an impact in the post-season. Listed below are the rankings: 2011 ISC Iowa High School Softball Rankings As of June 20 Class 4A 1-Des Moines East 2-Burlington 3-Bettendorf 4-Cedar Rapids Jefferson 5-Sioux City East 6-Ottumwa 7-Iowa City West 8-Muscatine 9-Ankeny 10-Cedar Rapids Xavier Watch List: Des Moines Lincoln, Dowling Catholic, Dubuque Hempstead, Dubuque Senior, Johnston, North Scott (Eldridge), Southeast Polk, Waterloo East, West Des Moines Valley

Class 3A 1-Clear Creek-Amana 2-Carlisle 3-Chariton 4-West Delaware (Manchester) 5-Dallas CenterGrimes 6-Sergeant BluffLuton 7-Winterset 8-Creston 9-Mount Vernon 10-Waverly-Shell Rock 10-Charles City Watch List: Algona, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City), Boone, Carroll, Decorah, Glenwood, Harlan, Humboldt, Keokuk, Solon, Spirit Lake Class 2A 1-Central Springs (Manly) 2-Bondurant-Farrar 3-Durant-Bennett 4-Iowa City Regina 5-Wilton 6-Logan-Magnolia 7-Alta/Aurelia 8-West Burlington 9-Emmetsburg 10-Missouri Valley 10-Albia

Watch List: East Marshall (LeGrand), EsthervilleLincoln Central, IKM-Manning, Interstate 35 (Truro), Jefferson-Scranton, Jesup, Maple ValleyAnton-Oto, Mediapolis, Mid-Prairie (Wellman), Monticello, North Fayette (West Union), Northeast (Goose Lake), Odebolt-Arthur/Battle Creek-Ida Grove, PCM-Monroe, Pella Christian, Prairie Valley (Gowrie), Ridge View, SumnerFredericksburg, West Branch, West Marshall (State Center) Class 1A 1-Akron-Westfield 2-Martensdale-St. Mary’s 3-North Sentral Kossuth/Armstrong-Ringsted 4-Janesville 5-Earlham 6-Preston 7-Hinton 8-Don Bosco (Gilbertville) 9-Lynnville-Sully 10-Des Moines Christian Watch List: Alburnett, BCLUW (Conrad), Clarksville, Highland (Riverside), Newell-Fonda, Newman Catholic (Mason City), North Mahaska (New Sharon), North Tama (Traer), Treynor, Van Meter, West Bend-Mallard, Westwood (Sloan), Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka, Woodbury Central (Moville), Woodward-Granger

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10 Volume 13 Issue 4

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Iowa Sports Connection

Prep Connection

Champions Across Iowa

Track & Field


Track & Field


ent Name: Aaron Arm
sh School: West Mar all

r Name: Elliott Bake tholic School: Dowling Ca

th Name: Rachel Pe
ell School: Waverly-Sh

as Name: Victoria Gr Class: 4A



ristian Ac School: Ankeny Ch
ior Victoria Over two days, sen girls took the Class 1A Grasso ual title with scores golf individ That was of 79 and 74 (153). secondthree ahead of the oto courtesy place finisher. (Ph k Wilson) of Ric

Class: 2A

Class: 2A (Tennis)

Class: 3A

nt had Senior Aaron Arme track a successful state ss 2A meet, taking the Cla dash in the 100-meter title eter dash for the and 200-m r. He also second straight yea t Marshall anchored the Wes pionship 4x100 relay cham oto by Tim team. (Ph Weideman/ISC)

r, won the Elliott Baker, a senio gles tennis Class 2A boys sin feating championship, de d practice partner, friend an s Moines Naveen Nath, of De won 6-0, 6-1. Roosevelt. Baker Des Moines (Photo courtesy of ) Register

ck star Peth, the senior tra -Shell Rock High from Waverly med School, really blosso ck. She s year at State Tra thi 100-meter dash, won the d the 200-meter dash an in Class 100-meter hurdles d the . She also anchore 3A ay n shuttle hurdle rel champio averly-Shell Rock. team for W Waverly (Photo courtesy of wspapers) Ne

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Volume 13 Issue 4 11

Prep Connection
Iowa Sports Connection, IHSAA, IGHSAU

Iowa Sports Connection

Iowa High School Baseball and Softball Statistical Leaders
The Iowa Sports Connection keeps track of statistical leaders during the season. Check out iowasportsconnection. com for even more weekly updated stats. Stats as of June 22 Baseball Hitting (Minimum of 50 Plate Appearances) Batting Average Leaders Class 4A - 1-Austin Christensen, Sr., Cedar Rapids Kennedy .639; 2-Blake Wilson, Sr., Pleasant Valley - .542; 3-Tyler Evans, Sr., Ottumwa - .538 Class 3A - 1-Nick Day, Sr., Solon - .608; 2-Henry Krieger-Coble, Sr., Mount Pleasant - .592; 3-Zach Nielsen, Sr., Marion - .591 Class 2A - 1-Ben Stutt, Sr., Monticello - .632; 2-Cale Henke, Jr., Hudson - .620; 3-Lucas Kemp, Sr., Louisa-Muscatine (Letts) - .610 Class 1A - 1-Andrew Utterback, Sr., Sigourney - .644; 2-Colton Bormann, So., Preston - .625; 3-Tyler Cizek, Sr., North Tama (Traer) - .574 Home Run Leaders Class 4A - Austin Christensen (Cedar Rapids Kennedy) - 12; Adam Prybil (Iowa City High) - 8; Blake Wilson (Pleasant Valley) - 7 Class 3A - Nick Day (Solon), David Kerian (Bishop Heelan, Sioux City) - 9; Jeff Reimer (Dubuque Wahlert - 7 Class 2A - Cale Henke (Hudson) -12; Logan Murry (West Branch) - 11; Josh Martsching (Davis County, Bloomfield) - 9; Class 1A - Collin Judkins (Southeast Warren, Liberty Center) - 8; Andrew Stone (NUH-Cedar Falls), Andrew Utterback (Sigourney), Brian West (Remsen-Union), Blake Louscher (Newman Catholic, Mason City) - 7 Pitching (Minimum 25 Innings Pitched) Earned Runs Average Leaders Class 4A - 1-Andrew Hedrick, Sr., Ankeny - 0.34; 2-Connor Alberhasky, Sr., Iowa City High - 0.50; 3-Brad Lombard, Sr., Fort Dodge - 0.84 Class 3A - 1-Tom Nodurft, Sr., Central Clint (DeWitt) - 0.30; 2-Louis Cain, Jr., Williamsburg - 0.69; 3-Ben Seehusen, Sr., Waverly-Shell Rock - 0.80 Class 2A - 1-Tom Bouwkamp, Sr., Pella Christian - 0.23; 2-Zach Cashin, Jr., BCLUW (Conrad) - 0.55 2-Trevor Molitor, Sr., Osage - 0.55 Class 1A - 1-Tyler Klingenberg, Sr., Gerorge-Little Rock - 0.21; 2-Jordan Reed, Jr., Lenox - 0.22; 3-Ethan Westphal, Sr., Martensdale-St. Mary’s - 0.28 Win Leaders Class 4A - Adam Bernsdorf (Southeast Polk) (5-0); Dillan Dwyer (Pleasant Valley (5-0); David Stagg (West Des Moines Valley) (5-0) Class 3A - Zach Brautigam (Dubuque Wahlert) (6-0); Tyler Mitchell (Charles City) (6-0); Brandon Shulista (Solon) (6-0) Class 2A - Chris Halbur (Kuemper Catholic, Carroll) (6-0) Jared Riemenschneider (West Marsall, State Center) (4-0) AJ Reuter (Monticello) (6-0) Class 1A - Dakota McFatridge (Montezuma) (7-0); Joe Sanhoff (St. Mary’s, Storm Lake) (6-0); Isaac Gribben (Newman Catholic, Mason City) (5-0) Softball Hitting Batting Average Leaders (Minimum of 40 At Bats) Class 4A - 1-Aly Cappaert, Jr., Ankeny - .688 (including 30 walks); 2-Hillary May, Sr., Burlington - .586; 3-Jadyn Spencer, Sr. Waterloo West - .580 (including 31 walks) Class 3A - 1-Fran Strub, Jr., Clear Creek-Amana - .697; 2-Caitlyn Wnek, Jr., Clear Creek-Amana - .672; 3-Peyton Bockholt, So., Union (LaPorte City) - .619 Class 2A - 1-Allie Oberg, So., St. Edmond (Fort Dodge) - .643; 2-Jayden Ott, Sr., Central Springs (Manly) - .567; 3-Jenny Bair, Fr., Clarinda - .561 Class 1A - 1-Brittney Roby, Fr., Twin Cedars (Bussey) - .577; 2-Hannah Kofron, Sr., Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka - .561; 3-Kadie Subbert, Sr., Stanton - .558 Home Run Leaders Class 4A - Hannah Koerperich (Dubuque Hempstead), Jadyn Spencer (Waterloo West) - 12; Morgan Lintz (Bettendorf) 10; Riley Fisher (Des Moines East) - 9; Class 3A - Lisa Berns (Chalres City) - 9; Macey Wolfe, (Dallas Center-Grimes) - 8; Paige Krause (Spirit Lake), Layne Grgurich (Chariton) - 7; Seyerra DuBois (Carlisle), Jackie Hoyme (Decorah), Fran Strub (Clear Creek-Amana), Kari Martin (Mount Vernon) - 6 Class 2A - Kaitlyn Caston (West Burlington) - 10; Shannon Laing (West Branch), Felisha Durflinger (Cardinal, Eldon) - 8; Vicky Kinney (Tri-Center, Neola) - 7; Kaitlyn Matzen (Central Springs, Manly), Josie Heesch (St., Edmond, Fort Dodge) - 6 Class 1A - Nicole Dobernecker (Charter Oak-Ute), Collete Haag (North Sentral Kossuth) - 7; Kelcie Bormann (Preston) - 6; Regan Fraise (Danville), Taylor Bowling (Danville), Britt Schoon (Des Moines Christian), Annette Bosman (Des Moines Christian) - 5 Pitching (Minimum 50 Innings Pitched) Earned Runs Average Leaders Class 4A - 1-Miranda Kramer, Sr., Burlington - 0.34; 2-Janie Smith, Jr., Des Moines East - 0.50; 3-Mackenzie Laux, Jr., Iowa City West - 0.76 Class 3A - 1-Kenzie Flaws, Jr., Carlsile - 0.34; 2-Madison Frain, Jr., Creston - 0.56; 3-Arren Weeces, Jr., Solon 0.69 Class 2A - 1-Emily Dunbar, Sr., Central Springs (Manly) - 0.30; 2-Malory Christiansen, So., Tri-Center (Neola) 0.40; 3-Bethany Isaacson, Jr., Central Springs (Manly) - 0.47 Class 1A - 1-Emma Michaels, Jr., Martensdale-St. Mary’s - 0.27; 2-Michaela Mogler, Fr., Bedford - 0.28; 3-Kelcie Bormann, Sr., Preston - 0.41 Win Leaders Class 4A - Michaela Weaver (Sioux City East) (19-4); Riley Fisher (Des Moines East) (12-1); Hannah Koerperich (Dubuque Hempstead) (12-1) Class 3A - Paige Lowary (Dallas Center-Grimes) (17-3); Madison Frain (Creston) (16-3); Mackenzie Siefken (Algona) (15-3) Class 2A - Alexa Hotopp (West Marshall, State Center) (16-3); Kelsey Lough (Jesup) (16-8); Paige Compton (Durant-Bennett) (15-1) Class 1A - Kelcee Bormann (Preston) (16-2); Shelby Murley, Sr., Janesville (16-2); Nicole Niehaus (EdgewoodColesburg) (15-3)

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12 Volume 13 Issue 4

Iowa Sports Connection

Prep Student Athletes ofConnection the Month

Nick Day
High School: Solon High School Class: 2011 Grad GPA: 3.7 Sport: Baseball, Soccer, Basketball and Track
How can you show that you are serious about academics? Graduated with High Honors, pursuing an Engineering degree in college. How would people in the community describe you? Hardworking, responsible, trustworthy Athletic Honors: Baseball: 1st team All Conference (WaMaC), 1st team All State, Louisville slugger pre-season All-American Soccer: 4 year team captain, 4 year All conference honors, 2011 All tournament team Basketball: 2 time All conference (WaMaC) Track: 2 time Drake Relays medalist (High Jump), 3 time State qualifier (High Jump) finishing 2nd in 2010, 3rd in 2011, and 10th in 2009, placed in 4 events at 2011 State track meet (high jump, long jump, 4x100, 4x200), School record holder in High Jump (6’9”) College Plans: University of Iowa - majoring in Engineering and playing baseball Quick Facts: Favorite Food: Steak and Mushrooms Role Model: My parents Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Favorite Athlete: Derrick Loveless

Jadyn Spencer
High School: West High School Class: 2011 Grad GPA: 4.0 Sport: Softball, Basketball and Track
Academic Honors:
West High School Valedictorian, Governor’s Scholar Award, National Honor Society Member, National Honor Society Executive Board Member, Academic All-State - Basketball, KBBG Radio Scholar of the Year, Student Senate Member, West High School Student of the Month

Athletic Honors:
Softball: All-Metro, All-Conference, All-District, All-State Selection: 8th-11th grade, MVC Athlete of the Week, Team Captain, holds multiple WHS Softball School records. Basketball: All-Metro, All-Conference, All-District: 9th-12th grade, IGCA-INA-IGHSA-DMR-KGRG All-State selection: 10th-12th grade, MVC Athlete of the Week, Team Captain, 1000 point club Track: 7-time State Qualifier and 8-time Drake Relays Qualifier, WHS School Records in Shot Put and Sprint Medley Relay, Track Meet Records in 55M and Shot Put: Luther College, Wahawk Relays & Cedar Falls Invite, MVC Shot Put Champion

Community Service:
Allen Women’s Health Department Volunteer, Food Bank Volunteer, Community Meals Volunteer & Youth Sunday Participant - Zion Lutheran Church, Salvation Army volunteer, Volunteer Coach for 12U Cedar Valley Blackhawks Softball Team and Volunteer at Together for Youth Service Learning Projects

College Plans: Attend University of Alabama and play softball

Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau
Volume 13 Issue 3 15

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Prep Connection
High School Soccer: Boys State Tournament Recap
Jackson Teeling Staff Writer

Iowa Sports Connection

Captain Johnny There was no shortage Rummelhart simply of excitement this year said, “It’s amazing.” at the boys state soccer Class 2-A kicked tournament. Thursday’s off shortly after the quarterfinal matches brought 1-A title game and thousands out to James W. provided a similar type Cownie Soccer Park, along of game. Norwalk, with stand still traffic. Friday’s owning a 12-7 record, semifinal action took each matched up against class’s field from eight down 16-2-1 Cedar Rapids to four teams still vying for Xavier. The first a State Title. Championship half provided good Saturday brought big crowds soccer but no goals. along with a shocking heat Xavier looked to index, but that didn’t seem to Dowling forward dribbles away from Valpossess the ball, while affect any of the teams that ley goalkeeper. (Photo by Jean Lyle) Norwalk found their brought home the title. opportunities off of Class 1-A featured a heated counter attacks and set eastern Iowa rivalry between pieces. Both keepers had to make saves to keep the Regals of Iowa City Regina, who came into the the score level. Norwalk appeared to tally the first championship with a record of 18-2-1, versus the goal until it was called offsides. Spartans of Solon at 17-2-1. The first half saw both Second half was a mirror image of the teams play conservatively looking for chances to first half until Xavier opened up the scoring at counter attack, however, few opportunities were the 34:39 mark on a penalty kick by junior Logan created. Regina had the run of play throughout the Bouchette. The game really opened up after the game and Solon looked to use their size to their first score. Norwalk stopped sitting back and advantage by playing physical. The second half started to press forward to find an equalizer. opened up and each side began having quality looks Both teams continued to have chances, but in the at goal. As time wounded down, both teams started end Norwalk was unable to find the back of the to press forward to find a late winner. Regina finally net. Cedar Rapids Xavier captured their second broke the deadlock with 1:19 to play on a goal by consecutive title and their fifth in school history junior Chris Nott assisted by senior Zach Pechous. The previous two games led up to the finale of Iowa City Regina is now the three-time defending Dowling Catholic vs. West Des Moines Valley, the champion in class 1-A. When asked about winning most heated rivalry in the state. Dowling at 18-3 his third state title, Class 1-A All-Tournament Team

beat Johnston in a penalty shootout to advance to the final, while Valley at 22-1 moved past Iowa City West 3-1 to advance to the championship. These two teams had met previously during the season and Valley got the better hand of Dowling beating them 5-2. This game was a different story. Dowling had an absolutely stunning first half performance scoring three goals in less than seven minutes. The game was even throughout the first twenty minutes until senior Logan Marvin struck first off a great ball by fellow senior David Lyle. Marvin then returned the favor five minutes later by assisting Lyle, who scored the second goal from a bending strike just outside the penalty area. Not even a minute after, senior Jake Zenk added the third goal from a cross by junior Ben Avery. At this point Valley was shell-shocked and didn’t seem to have a response for the quick scoring spree Dowling had just put on. Dowling entered the break with a commanding 3-0 lead and would not give that up in the second half. Zenk gave Dowling a 4-0 lead in fashion by dribbling past the Valley goalkeeper off a ball from David Lyle. Valley scored late to make 4-1 off a goal by Eric Williams assisted by Austin Hayden. This was Dowling Catholic’s second state championship. They won their first title in 2008 and now add another trophy to their case. Valley is now tied with Iowa City West for most state title appearances in state tournament history. This year also marked the first time that three catholic schools won the title since boy’s soccer moved to three classes.

High School Soccer: Girls State Tournament Recap

Class 3A Ankeny captured its first-ever girls state soccer crown Saturday as the top-ranked Hawkettes defeated Ankeny in a shootout. Ankeny outshot the Women of Troy, 16-2 but were unable to score in regulation or the two overtimes. Allie Rudesh, Maggie Riley, Julia Adler, Meredith Young, Marissa Hurt and Katherine Young all made penalty kicks for the Hawkettes, who end the season at 21-1. Iowa City West ends its season at 19-3. Class 3A All-Tournament Team Nicole Rondeau, Iowa City West Brenna Gray, Iowa City West Abby Zimmerman, Bettendorf Katie Moore, Bettendorf LT Waggoner, West Des Moines Valley Hannah Turner, West Des Moines Valley Maggie Riley, Ankeny Nikkie Inskeep, Ankeny Meredith Young, Ankeny Katherine Young, Ankeny Alyssa Williamson, Ankeny (Captain) Class 2A Kayla Armstrong and Annie Dale scored goals to lead top-ranked Cedar Rapids Xavier to its
14 Volume 13 Issue 4

sixth-straight state soccer title with a 2-1 victory over second-ranked Waukee in the Class 2A championship. The victory is the 18th straight for the Saints in state tournament play dating back to 2005. After a scoreless first half, the Saints scored 74 seconds into the second on Armstrong’s goal with Dale giving Xavier a 2-0 with a goal in the 53rd minute. Katy Cavanaugh scored Waukee’s lone goal with nine minutes remaining in the match. Dale was named the captain of the alltournament teams for the second-straight year. Cedar Rapids Xavier ends the year with a 19-2 record while Waukee finishes 15-4. Class 2A All-Tournament Team Megan Konchar, Cedar Rapids Xavier Katie Olson, Waukee Makenzie Evans, Glenwood Sydney Gutschenritter, Glenwood Kera Linn, Pleasant Valley Stephanie D’Cruz, Pleasant Valley Alyssa Hewitt, Waukee Tori Shepard, Cedar Rapids Xavier Mary Levett, Cedar Rapids Xavier Katie Cavanaugh, Waukee Annie Dale, Cedar Rapids Xavier (Captain)

Class 1A Davenport Assumption captured its third state soccer championship as the Knights stopped topranked Union, 3-1, in the Class 1A championship. Assumption scored quickly when Lexi Flynn scored on a corner kick at the seven minute mark. Kaley Grosse tied the score for Union with a goal at the 31 minute mark with an unassisted goal. Allison Bush scored Assumptions’ go-ahead goal at 59:22 with Rose Ripslinger adding another goal with three seconds remaining in the match. Assumption ends its year 21-1. The Knights also won state championships in 2002 & 2003. Union, 1A runners-up for the second-straight year, ends its year at 18-1. Class 1A All-Tournament Team Mary Kate Fennelly, Davenport Assumption Brittany Frush, Union (LaPorte City) Regan McLaughlin, Columbus Catholic (Waterloo) Kirsten Gobell, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City) Brooke Herbst, Bishop Heelan (Sioux City) Ashlee Sinnott, Columbus Catholic (Waterloo) Danielle Moore, Davenport Assumption Whitney Blunt, Union (LaPorte City Haley Fox, Davenport Assumption Kylie Powell, Union (LaPorte City) Rose Ripslinger, Davenport Assumption (Captain)
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Bee’s - Cubs - Kernels - Lumberkings - River Bandits

ot only is Stanley a huge part of one of the best pitching staffs in the league, he leads the team in RBI's and has been a very reliable hitter.



espite the low batting average, Harris has been the Kernel's best run producer. Leads the team in HR's,

RBI's and walks.

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aine has been the most reliable arm out of the bullpen for the Cubs. The closer has been consistent all year.


riffin has been lights out all year for the Bees. Owns the team's lowest ERA and second lowest WHIP in eight starts.


he quickest guy on the Lumberkings' lineup. Leads the team in stolen bases and has also shown power; Sams leads the team in HR's.


FRIDAYS 6pm - 7pm

SATURDAYS 8am - 10am

Minor But Major
Minor League Baseball Report: Midwest League
Eduardo Zamarripa Staff Writer

Iowa Sports Connection

The Bees rank sixth Manager Eddie Menchaca Burlington Bees in the league in runs believes his young squad shouldn’t dominate the Midwest scored. worry too much about their record. League “Everybody talks “I don’t get too caught up with the Midway through about our batting record,” Menchaca. “We are here the season, no team is average and how to develop baseball players to get playing better baseball low it is but you have them to the next level and eventually than the Burlington to look at our runs to the big leagues.” Bees. scored,” Nieckula Quite simply, the Lumberkings They own a said. “We improved have had a rough season. Their staggering 41-23 our approach and pitching staff has struggled, posting record (a healthy five our selectivity. When a 4.33 ERA, which is last in the and a half games ahead Doug Landaeta, LF, is batting .291 with 10 2B, 2 3B, 6 HR and 41 RBI. we get runners on league. of their closest foe) (Photo courtesy of Burlington Bees) base we put them on The batting hasn’t been there, in large part to what the scoreboard.” either. They own a .231 team batting has been a dominant As long as the Bees continue average, the second worst mark in pitching staff. to execute on offense and the league. “Our pitching’s been fantastic,” said Manager continue to pitch the way they “The way I go about it is continue Aaron Nieckula. “It starts with having solid have, Burlington will be in good to work with them. I’m here to individuals. They are just great character guys, they James Paxton, P, is 3-3 with a position come playoff time. make them better,” Menchaca said. are very coachable.” 2.70 ERA and 73 strikeouts. “Any time you have a “I know that as they get better as The Bees have been unhittable this year as they (Photo courtesy of Clinton competitive season you look to ballplayers, the wins will take care of lead nearly every relevant pitching statistic. Their LumberKings) qualify for the playoffs in hopes themselves.” staff has the lowest ERA at a jaw-dropping 2.92. of winning a championship,” However, the Lumberkings seem They are second in the league in walks and hits Nieckula said. “At the end of the day it’s about to be catching some steam heading into the midallowed. The Bees have allowed the least amount getting better and teaching these kids how to play point of the season. They own a winning record in of runs and home runs and lead the league in the game.” June and have been more consistent across the shutouts. board. Amazingly enough, the Bees still could be a lot Clinton looks to rebound after slow start “Everybody was just trying to carry the team better. The squad has combined for a .238 batting Reigning Western Division champion Clinton instead of just playing team baseball,” Menchaca average, good for the fifth-worst mark in the league, never seemed to get off and running in the 2011 said. “I think now the chemistry is there and they and are second-to-last in home runs. season. The Lumberkings lost seven of their first starting to play team baseball.” But the Bees rely on timely hitting and execution eight games back in April and endured losing Even if the playoffs seem like a longshot, the and Nieckula believes their offense has done a fine streaks of eight and five games in May respectively. Lumberkings are clawing to improve their league job despite of what some numbers might suggest.


Volume 13 Issue 4

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Minor But Major
Bandits rank in the middle of the pack in batting average and runs scored. Clutch hitting has definitely been an important factor for Quad Cities. “Pitching and defense and timely hitting, if you’ve heard that before,” Rodriguez said. That’s what usually gets the job done in baseball and with a 35-28 record, the River Bandits are poised for another playoff run. “I challenged the club last year and said ‘just win the division’ in the second half and we did,” Rodriguez said. “Get in the playoffs and hopefully win the division in the second half to get some momentum going.” record. Improving their hitting will be a main focus for the Kernels in the second half of the year. They have scored the fifth least amount of runs in the league and are dead-last in batting average. Del Chiaro weighed in on how Cedar Rapids might be able to turn Max Russell, P, has that around. “More consistent, pitched 81.2 innings and has 58 strikeouts. quality at-bats. Not swinging at so many (Photo courtesy of pitches outside of Cedar Rapids Kernels) the zone,” Del Chiaro said. “With the runners on scoring position, we need to drive those guys in. We are going to need a total team effort for that to happen.” The pitching has been solid for the Kernels, as they have posted a 3.86 ERA during the first half of the season. If the Kernels are able to manufacture some more runs in the second half and take care of the little things, they might just stick around long enough for a playoff push. “We need to continue to learn and play better baseball, “Del Chiaro said. “Not making so many mental errors, that’s kind of what has been hurting us lately and do some damage here in the second half coming up.”

worst record of 21-43. “The biggest thing is to make them understand that we can win,” Menchaca said. “We are going to play 27 outs and we are going to play hard and we’ll see what happens after the ballgame.”

Quad Cities looks to contend for Midwest League championship It’s easy to overlook the Kevin Siegrist, P, is 8-1 Quad Cities River Bandits. They with a 1.15 ERA. (Photo are, after all, five and a half by Names Around Town games back of division-leading Photography) Burlington. But that doesn’t mean the River Bandits aren’t legitimate contenders. They Cedar Rapids trying to stay alive for playoff push do own the league’s second best record and could The Cedar Rapids Kernels have hovered around easily claim to be one of the most balanced squads .500 all season, playing decent baseball to keep in the Midwest League. their playoff chances alive, but not good enough to “We are actually in the same spot we were last pull ahead of the pack. year at this same time,” said Manager Johnny Manager Brent Del Chiaro believes their record Rodriguez. “For us it doesn’t really matter, just get is a reflection of the learning process his squad is in.” undergoing. Pitching has been a huge part of the River “We haven’t played our most consistent Bandits’ success. They are second in the league with baseball as of yet, “Del Chiaro said.” We are still a 3.21 ERA and have allowed the least amount of learning to play the game. I’m hoping to play more home runs and hits. consistently and fundamentally sound as the “We got three or four guys that can really spin season goes on.” the ball and throw above 92 (MPH),” Rodriguez said. The Kernels might be 11.5 games back of “Having four guys like that, it gives you a chance division-leading Burlington, but they are still well every day in the ballpark.” within reach of a playoff spot. Despite a recent Along with their superb pitching, the River 2-8 skid, they remain close to .500 with a 29-34

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Minor But Major
Bats Lead the Way for the Iowa Cubs
Eduardo Zamarripa Staff Writer

Iowa Sports Connection

and we really haven’t missed a beat With the first half of swinging the bat,” Dancy said. “And the season coming to they’ve been scoring runs and keeping a close, the Iowa Cubs us in a lot of ballgames. We’re still in remain within striking the hunt and that’s a plus.” distance of division Left-fielder Lou Montanez got called leading Omaha in the up earlier this season for the Chicago PCL American North Cubs. He was having a great year Division. An astonishing hitting .369 with five home runs and accomplishment 43 RBI’s. considering the type Still, the Cubs are batting .288 for of season the Cubs the year and are eighth in home runs pitching has endured. in the league and they have enjoyed “The bottom line is incredible contributions from first we need our pitchers baseman Bryan LeHair. to go out and make the LeHair is batting .356 to go along pitches,” said Manager with 16 home runs and 49 RBI’s. Bill Dancy. “With the “Right now, Bryan LeHair is probably season being as long as the guy that you want at the plate with it is, we know you land your runners on,” Dancy said. the hot streaks and you Lou Montanez (Photo by Chris With a 28-35 record, the Cubs are land the cold streaks.” Donahue/Iowa Cubs) seven games back from Omaha, but The Cubs currently there is still plenty of baseball to be lead the league with played and still a lot of head-to-head matches the highest team ERA at 6.74. They own the between the two squads. second worst WHIP, have allowed the most Improving their pitching is going to be the home runs in the league and have walked the main focus for the Cubs in the second half of fourth highest amount of batters. All telling the season. After all, they have shown they have statistics of a pitching staff’s success. enough firepower to keep this team alive up to Yet, despite their pitching shortcomings, this point. the Cubs are still alive in the playoff chase “I think the key is going to be our pitching. As almost entirely for the way the team has been long as they keep us in the ballgames we have swinging the bat all year. a good opportunity to win the ballgame,” Dancy “All year we’ve had the call-ups of our outfield

said. Dancy is confident that this team will continue to improve and believes his squad will continue to get better. “If we play the game the right way, run the bases hard, get the pitching and play defense, we are going to swing the bat,” Dancy said. “We just have to get better from where we are now and that will be good.” Soriano returns to Iowa Alfonso Soriano, Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker joined the I-Cubs for a brief period while on Major League rehab assignments with the Chicago Cubs. This was Soriano’s second time Alfonso Soriano (Photo by Chris playing for Donahue/Iowa Cubs) the I-Cubs but his first time playing at Principal Park.

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Minor But Major

Brian Werger USHL

Cedar Rapids RoughRiders Named USHL Organization of the Year
exciting and fan-friendly game night experiences in the USHL. On the ice, they finished the regular season with the best record in the USHL at 42-12-6 (90 points) to capture the second Anderson Cup title in team history. They equaled a team record for victories (42) and setting a new club record for points in the standings (90). Brady Hjelle was named the USHL Goaltender of the Year and set a new League record for a goaltender by winning 40 games this season. He along with forward Jayson Megna were also named to the AllUSHL First Team. Head Coach Mark Carlson earned his 400th victory on March 22nd vs. Des Moines, becoming just one of seven coaches to reach that milestone in their USHL careers. The RoughRiders continue to develop players for the next levels of hockey as 17 players who spent time in Cedar Rapids this season have commitments to NCAA Division I programs. RoughRiders alumni also excelled this season as eight former players took the ice in the NHL, including three that made their NHL debut – Alex Stalock (San Jose Sharks), Tommy Wingels (San Jose Sharks), and Richard Bachman (Dallas Stars). Another former RoughRider earned college hockey’s top individual award as Miami University senior Andy Miele was named the 2011 recipient of the Hobey Baker Award, the fourth USHL alumni to win the award. The team had a ground-breaking outreach effort when it worked with the local ABC television affiliate, KCRGTV, to produce the first-ever live television broadcast of a RoughRiders game this season when it aired the February 26th game versus the rival Waterloo Black Hawks. It was a 3-2 win for the RoughRiders in front of a sold out crowd in addition to the television viewership throughout eastern Iowa. Being one of the highest scoring teams in the USHL also benefitted the local community as the RoughRiders teamed up with CarePro Health Services to help the Horizons “Meals on Wheels” program. For each of the 236 goals scored by the RoughRiders over the regular season and playoffs, CarePro Health Services made a $5 donation that was used to provide meals for senior citizens. Not only did they score the goals, RoughRiders players helped deliver the meals each week to homes in the Cedar Rapids area. Additional community outreach efforts by the RoughRiders included special jersey auctions throughout the 2010-11 season that benefitted multiple charitable organizations – ALS, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Wounded Warriors Foundation, and Camp Courageous. Leading the RoughRiders’ efforts this season was President/CEO Jeff Jauch. It was his second season in the USHL as part of the group that purchased the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders in May of 2009. Jauch has strong ties to the Cedar Rapids area as his father, Ray Jauch, was an assistant football coach and student-athlete at nearby University of Iowa. Jeff Jauch attended the University of North Dakota and was inducted into the UND Sports Hall of Fame as a member of the 1970 Fighting Sioux football team. Prior to coming to Cedar Rapids, he had spent more than 20 years developing business throughout the USA, Europe, and China along with multiple community organizations supporting athletic programs for the betterment of youth.

The United States Hockey League announced that the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders have been voted by their fellow Member Clubs as the 2010-11 USHL Organization of the Year and that the team’s president, Jeff Jauch, has been selected as the 2010-11 Dave Tyler USHL Executive of the Year. It is the first time that the RoughRiders have earned either award. “There’s no question that the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders are one of the good news stories in all of hockey,” said USHL Commissioner Skip Prince. “With the support of owner Tony Sdao, they’ve exemplified what the USHL stands for – both on and off the ice. In only his second year with the team, President Jeff Jauch has led a young staff that is as driven on the business side as the players are under Mark Carlson (Coach of the Year) – while at the same time providing an unmatched level of contribution and commitment to the Cedar Rapids community. To Jeff, as USHL Executive of the Year, and to the entire organization – the League’s best for 2010-11 – we offer both congratulations and thanks.” The Cedar Rapids RoughRiders had one of their most successful seasons in the history of the organization both on and off the ice. They welcomed nearly 90,000 fans to the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena during the regular season, which was an improvement of more than 300 fans per game from the previous season. It was the highest attendance for the RoughRiders since the 2003-04 season. The organization has made numerous updates and improvements to the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena over the past two seasons and has created one of the most




with special guest SANCTUS REAL, 8 P.M., $30







with special guest STEEL MAGNOLIA 8 P.M., $35 FRIDAY, AUGUST 19

with very special guest HEART, 8 P.M., $49 SUNDAY, AUGUST 14 THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE TOUR 8 P.M., $46


with special guest GAVIN DEGRAW, 8 P.M., $47



Tickets for all concerts and events are on sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets, online at Ticketmaster.com or by phone at 1-800-745-3000. All concert seats are reserved. All track events are general admission. Convenience charges apply to all tickets. The Iowa State Fair Ticket Office will open July 11. Grandstand tickets do not include admission to the Fair. Fair admission must be purchased separately.




with special guest JERROD NIEMANN, 8 P.M., $45 SUNDAY, AUGUST 21


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AIB College Celebrates 90th Year; Breaks Ground on Gym Expansion for Athletics
Kris Mattoon AIB Marketing Coordinator
“This is truly an exciting year for the College,” said Nancy Williams, President of AIB College of Business. “We are celebrating 90 years of educational excellence as well as breaking ground on a $1.5 million addition to the AIB Activities Center as we continue to grow our athletic program in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).” The groundbreaking ceremony for the Activities Center expansion drew media attention and local dignitaries such as Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie and State Senator Matt McCoy. Martha Willits, President of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, pointed out that “this addition means a great deal to the economy of this community.” Congressman Leonard Boswell observed, “It’s been a thrill for me, as I drive back and forth to the airport constantly, to see the changes and the growth and the things that happen here at AIB” AIB’s week of 90th anniversary festivities began with Graduation Exercises for the Class of 2011 at the Polk County Convention Complex. The groundbreaking came next, and then an exclusive scholarship fundraiser was held at the fabulous home of George Cataldo in Glen Oaks. A President’s Picnic closed out the week, bringing together AIB alumni, students, faculty and staff for food, fun, games and a chance to visit with sprint car driver and recent AIB graduate Jamie Ball of Knoxville. The planned AIB Eagles Golf Classic was rained out but will have a make-up date of September 15. “The 90th celebration couldn’t arrive at a better time as AIB continues to grow its athletics program,” stated Williams. “AIB has made a commitment to building a competitive athletic intercollegiate program,” said Terry Wilson, AIB Vice President for Student Life and Athletics Director. “With the addition of athletics, AIB has taken the next step in offering the student body a more well-rounded collegiate experience. The expansion of the athletics program is sure to usher in an era of excitement and unity for the entire college.” AIB College of Business has a rich heritage of women’s basketball which began in the 1930s. AIB was the first Iowa team to play in the national Amateur Athletic Union tournament, and, under Coach Reuben Bechtel, the team never failed to win less than 4th place. This early team was the first Iowa women’s basketball team to play out of the country when it traveled to Canada and Mexico, and it had a hand in bringing two-court basketball to Iowa by 1936. It also pioneered the two-dribble rule and introduced the present guarding rule allowing the guard to tie up the ball in the act of shooting. The women’s basketball team disbanded in the An artist’s sketch of the addition to the AIB Activities Center. The 1950’s. $1.5 million expansion will provide locker rooms, training space and In 2007, AIB started competing again athletic offices. (Photo courtesy of AIB) in women’s basketball as a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Since 1921, AIB has been dedicated to providing quality The college added men’s and women’s golf in 2008. In educational opportunities that prepare students to build 2010, AIB gained acceptance as an associate member in careers in business. In 90 years, AIB has grown from the Midwest Collegiate Conference as a part of the NAIA. a single office building in downtown Des Moines, to a “The switch to the NAIA,” said Wilson, “made sense full-fledged campus at the corner of Fleur Drive and Bell as more students continue to enroll in the college’s Avenue that now encompasses 17 buildings on 20 acres. bachelor’s degree program.” Typing certificates and secretarial diplomas have given way With plans to continue growing competitive sports, AIB to over twenty associate’s degrees and three Bachelor of will field teams this coming fall in women’s volleyball and Science degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, men’s basketball. Men’s and women’s soccer will be added and Court Reporting. AIB’s innovative Degree in 3 in 2012, followed by baseball and softball in 2013. program allows a student to earn a bachelor’s degree As the athletics program grows, so must the college’s in just three years, giving the student the opportunity to facilities. The Activities Center is a $5 million dollar enjoy the complete college experience while saving money multi-purpose facility that was built in 1999. It has a and getting a faster forward from college to career. gymnasium, fitness center, and conference center. It “AIB is progressing with the goal of enhancing each hosts a variety of AIB sports and activities as well many and every student’s experience,” concluded Williams. “We Des Moines community events. The $1.5 million expansion look forward to the continued growth and success of the will provide additional locker rooms, training space, and College.” athletic offices.


your earnhelor’s bac




Sports and Event Management major

Check out AIB’s

Des Moines, IA



Not valid with any other offer. 22 Volume 13 Issue 4

Good July 1 - 31, 2011.

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Collegiate Corner

Beating Her Toughest Opponent: Southeast Polk Grad Abby Christian Beats Cancer, Helps Luther Make D3 Softball Championship Field
Mike Ferlazzo Iowa Sports Connection Correspondent

Luther College junior Abby Christian remembers the date when she got the news. It was Jan. 23 – just six weeks before the start of the softball season. The doctor told her she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a blood cancer that would require chemotherapy promptly in order to treat it and put it in remission. That was difficult news for Christian, who was preparing for the softball season after being named All-Iowa Conference and All-Midwest Region in her first two seasons at Luther. As a sophomore, she led the conference with 14 doubles and 58 runs batted in. But rather than let herself be devastated by the diagnosis, Christian decided she wouldn’t let the cancer or debilitating chemo treatments derail her season. “The first thing I said when the doctor left, I told my mom, ‘I’m going back to school and I’m going to play softball,” said Christian, a Southeast Polk High graduate. “Of course, she [mom] wasn’t too thrilled about it, but it’s [Luther] definitely my home away from home and my family [the softball team] up there, if you will. “Between my treatments, I’ve definitely struggled and it’s been very hard on me. But with the great support that I’ve had, I’ve had nothing but amazing people behind me with my own family and the girls at the school,” she continued. “It’s been very hard, but I came out on top. I couldn’t ask for better people. So I think it’s been a lot more of the best of times over what’s been the worst of times.”

Not only did she play as a designated hitter while undergoing a series of six chemo treatments every other Friday, but she also contributed in a big way as Luther won its regional and advanced to the NCAA Division III Championship Tournament for a secondstraight year before finishing 41-6. Christian batted .400 in the regional tournament as she earned a spot on the 15-player alltournament team. Finding strength for another fine season For the season, she batted .328 with five Abby Christian stands in the batter’s box, ready for a pitch during Luther’s doubles, three home runs Strikeout Cancer game against St. Mary’s University. Christian battled cancer and 26 RBIs while earning throughout the season. Christian and the rest of the team wore lime green all-conference honors socks and accents — the official support color for lymphoma — during the again. One of those home season. (Photo by Kevin Hacker) runs remarkably came in the team’s season opener there myself. I don’t know how I did it,” she said. “I on March 5 – just one day after a regular Friday think there was a little help from someone up above chemo treatment – helping her team to a 5-0 win and definitely some support from the team and I at host Augsburg College in Minneapolis. found some strength. And once I got back up there, “That [the season opening tournament indoors I wasn’t playing out on the field – I was just... at Augsburg] was difficult to make the drive back up Continued on next page

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strictly DHing for the year – but and ribbons in our hair,” Christian said. I found strength to at least go up “The girls still wear lime green fingernail to bat. And you don’t think you can polish a lot – and that’s really cool. I was make it because when you’re going told that I was in remission and when through treatments, it’s pretty rough you’re sitting in the dugout and you and knocks you on your tushy. But we look over and one of your teammates made it back up there on a Saturday still has lime green nails, it still touches and I played and that was rough and home for you. It shows they’re still we got it done. supporting you, even though you’ve been “And somehow, I got back up there told that your fight’s been good and and I got a bit of extra strength and you’re in remission.” knocked one over the left field fence,” Christian said. “And when you’re Giving the team strength too up there to bat, you don’t just have In a way, Christian’s fight to beat yourself but you have all 17 members cancer became a rallying point for her of the team behind you. They keep team. Her determination to continue to helping push with you. So yeah, that play while undergoing chemo treatments was a great weekend.” provided inspiration to her teammates Christian was greeted at to persevere through the toughest Augsburg by a host of supporters times too. from her hometown. And her “Abby’s fight this season definitely teammates also showed their impacted our season from day one,” said Abby Christian and her brother, Adam, who is wearing the “Play. Cure. Win.” t-shirt support with some uniform accents Luther Head Softball Coach Renae Hartl. that many Luther fans sported during the season, pose for a picture after Luther’s in lime green – the official support “She found out about her diagnosis just Strikeout Cancer game against St. Mary’s. (Photo by Kevin Hacker) color for lymphomas. days before our first official practice and “They [her teammates] surprised black t-shirts with the words “Play Cure Win” we began our season in a team meeting me when I got back up from my treatment that printed across the front, while her teammates with her announcement on January 31. The other weekend up in Minneapolis,” Christian said. “The broke out even more lime green to their usual royal 17 girls were hit hard with her news and Abby had second game we had, they were all wearing lime blue and white uniforms when Luther hosted a to deal with their emotions on top of her own. green headbands and a lot of them had written on Strikeout Cancer game April 10 against St. Mary’s “She battled through February and March – the inside of them on the elastic of them, ‘Play 4 University. The Strikeout Cancer program is a missing several days of school and many practices her.’ And the 4 was my jersey number, so it was very National Fastpitch Coaches Association initiative to to attend to her chemo sessions,” she continued. touching and awesome at the same time.” help raise money for cancer research. “She was very tired, but refused to admit that she Her growing legion of fans were back wearing “We wore lime green socks and we had balloons was. We would have conditioning components of


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Collegiate Corner

practice that she just would not take herself out of and those were the moments that truly inspired her teammates and the coaching staff.” But while the team may have been drawing inspiration from Christian, she was finding it much closer to home – from her family, including her mother, Deb, who has had her own ongoing fight with breast cancer. “Oh yeah, my mom’s my best friend and I felt the support of my mom – and my dad and my brothers. But with my mom, I saw her go through her breast cancer and her treatments and I saw her go through some of the hardest experiences I think anyone could go through,” Christian said. “I knew seeing her go through all that that I – in a way this may sound odd – was kind of blessed when I was diagnosed at the phase that I was at. Being a 1A is the lowest that I could be. So just the number of treatments that I had to go through, in a way I was blessed that I didn’t have to go through anything as difficult as a lot of others have to go through. “So just having been there with my mom when she went through everything, I wasn’t going to complain because I didn’t have it as bad and she just gave me the most amazing support ever,” she continued. “She was there with me through everything – every single question I had, every treatment. And it was the same with my dad and my brother, my grandparents, uncles and everybody in my family.” Christian’s determined fight has had an inspirational impact on everyone she’s touched. And they’ve given her strength through their ongoing support too.

The Luther softball team stands along the foul line for the National Anthem before the Strikeout Cancer game. (Photo by Kevin Hacker)

“I’ve gotten so many great letters from everybody in the Southeast Polk community,” she said. “Even Central College in Pella, Iowa, I received a personal handwritten note and signed by the whole entire team. That just played so much into my support. It’s been just amazing.”

Amazing best describes Christian’s story of perseverance, which has already had a happy ending this season. But now with her cancer in remission and the prospects of one final healthy season ahead of her, the final chapter with an even happier ending is still waiting to be written.

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Buena Vista’s Magical Season Comes to an End
Lauren Smith Staff Writer

For the Buena Vista University baseball team, the 2011 season was a long time coming. For the first time in their history, the BVU Beavers, from Storm Lake, Iowa, qualified for the NCAA Division III College World Series. Held in Appleton, Wisconsin, making it to the College World Series and an opportunity to contend for the national baseball title was something an Iowa school hasn’t had the chance to do since Wartburg in 2005. For the Beavers, it meant advancing this deep into the postseason for the first time in over 40 years. BVU won their first game in the College World Series against 12th ranked University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as senior Mike Hoffman shot a line drive single into center with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to clinch a 5-4 victory. The Beavers continued their winning streak by defeating Pennsylvania’s Keystone College 8-5. However, their luck came to an end in the following two days of play, losing 5-1 to top-ranked Marietta College and then 3-2 to Chapman University the next day. Thus, ending their season with a 34-18 record. Despite their halted end to their first World Series berth, the Beavers are anything but disappointed. “It was a really fulfilling year,” said BVU baseball player alum and fourth year Assistant Coach Ryan Dupic. “Everybody just really came together and we’re so thankful to have the chance to keep playing. It was as a rewarding year as we’ve had since I’ve been here.”

For Storm Lake native and 11th year Head Coach Steve Eddie, one of the most fulfilling moments of the entire process was the support they received from the University and surrounding community. “[The support] was absolutely unbelievable. The entire community watched games on the computer, listened to our local play-by-play guy. They were always getting updates,” The BVU Beavers pose with their trophy after defeating Carthage Eddie said. College 7-6 in the Central Regional Championship The Beavers certainly (Photo courtesy of Ryan Dupic/Buena Vista University) enjoyed every moment of their CWS run. “Really, it’s just getting back to playing “It was the most incredible experience ever. fundamental baseball,” Eddie said. Maybe something our players didn’t realize Dupic added that the Beavers excelled at because once we got back they left campus, but improving as the year went along. me being here all year round, it’s just absolutely “We kind of take a lot of pride in the program unbelievable,” Eddie said. of just focusing on what’s in front of us,” Dupic Eddie also noted that the support and work said. “It’s kind of a process, we’re just going to ethic provided by the community and the team focus on wherever we’re at in the year.” itself will be a distinctive catalyst to push the BVU Who knows, perhaps the culmination of a baseball team to great things again next season. World Series berth and the competitive instincts “I think the focus will go back to winning…the of key players will lead to yet again another Iowa Conference. It’s hard to win our conference, fantastic season for the Beavers. but if you do so you’re going to be in good shape. “We had a lot of great things happen to our If anything, that’s what we really have to focus on,” guys,” Eddie said. “[They] played well when the Eddie said. pressure was on.” Both Dupic and Eddie agreed on what the team needs to work on for next season.


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Collegiate Corner

Wares Making History at Central
Larry Happel Central College Sports Information Director

He came to Pella to be a high school boys’ basketball coach. Now 27 years later, Central College’s George Wares is the winningest softball coach in NCAA Division III history. A 3-2 NCAA Division III tournament win over Anderson (Ind.) at Pella May 15 moved Wares to the pinnacle, surpassing the late Donna Newberry of Muskingum (Ohio), who compiled a 906-419-1 mark over 36 years. Wares now stands at 909302-3 (.750). Already a member of the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame, Wares has other plaque-worthy numbers. He’s piloted the Dutch to four NCAA national titles (1988, 1991, 1993, 2003) with two runner-up finishes and 12 national top-five showings. Central has made 23 NCAA tournament appearances and won or shared 11 Iowa Conference titles. The Dutch were 39-9 in 2011, placing second in their NCAA regional behind eventual national champion Linfield (Ore.). A 1976 Central graduate, Wares returned to Pella in 1984 as a highly regarded boys’ basketball coach, having spent the previous seven years at NESCO High School in Zearing. He then served as Pella High School’s coach for 11 seasons and posted a 259-106 career basketball record, with four state tourney berths. But he meanwhile developed a passion for softball, having guided NESCO to a 214-94 mark with three state tournament appearances in

seven years, and expressed an interest in coaching at his alma mater. Central’s hall of fame football coach, thenathletics director Ron Schipper, decided to give Wares a shot at turning around what was then Wares and associate head coach Alicia O’Brien meet with Rachel Whiteside (left), Holly Von the school’s Fumetti (right) and teammates during an offensive huddle. The Dutch won an NCAA Division weakest III tournament game against Anderson (Ind.) May 15 to make Wares the winningest softball program. coach in NCAA Division III history. Wares’ current record now stands at 909-302-3 (.750). The Dutch (Photo courtesy of Central College) had posted just one tournament and closing at 19-14. winning record in the softball program’s 11-year That was a surprise. The following year was existence. a shock. Wares had to miss the team’s spring No one anticipated what was to come—and break trip while he was coaching basketball and certainly not what came so quickly. In 1985, the Dutch went 0-9-1. But Central roared to a 35Wares’ first season, after a 0-8 start, the 10 mark the rest of the way, an NCAA regional Dutch caught fire, winning the Iowa Conference Continued on next page

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Collegiate Corner
championship and a national runner-up finish. A dynasty was born. It was the first of six straight national top-four finishes and 19 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. The whirlwind turnaround was testament to Wares’ motivational skills, which remain an integral reason for his success. But success also comes because Central softball is about more than wins. Among Wares’ mantras is to show a Wares poses with the team May 27 at Cornell College after winning his willingness to take risks, in 900th game. (Photo courtesy of Central College) softball and in life. Dreams are never achieved by at Central before going on to coach a pair of playing it safe, he preaches. That’s evidenced Minnesota state title winners at Loyola High on the field by Central’s no-holds-barred style of School in Mankato. She’s done so by passing play. In 2011 the Dutch held a mammoth 119-13 along the lessons she learned as a player. advantage in stolen bases and previous years’ “Playing for Coach Wares is an experience totals are equally lopsided. that is more than learning how to hit, field and “His coaching style is unlike any other,” said throw,” Olson said. “It is an experience that that freshman shortstop Annie Sarcone, a former teaches you how to live, love and succeed.” Dowling Catholic High School all-stater, in a Des Meanwhile Wares remains focused on the Moines Register interview. “He never lets you be next game, the next season, the next team, and average. He always challenges us to be the best.” how to make each player reach her best. But More important is to put team before self, when he does look back, he sees faces more than Wares said. trophies. Laura Olson, a 1993 Central graduate, was “The relationships that are built over the years a part of two national championship teams

Iowa Sports Connection

George Wares (Photo Courtesy of Central College) and the number of great people you get to be around is more special than the number of wins,” he said.


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Collegiate Corner Hawkeyes Finish 10th in the Country at NCAA Men’s Golf Championships
Iowa Sports Connection University of Iowa Sports Information Department

The University of Iowa men’s golf team finished tied for 10th place at the 2011 NCAA Championships, the highest finish at the NCAA Championships in the history of Hawkeye men’s golf. Iowa fired a team score of +5 (296) and was one of only eight squads in the 30-team field to record a single-digit over par score in the third round. Iowa’s three-round total of +28 (892) was just three strokes shy of eighth place to advance to match play competition. “We definitely put ourselves in a hole the first day,” Head Coach Mark Hankins said. “It wasn’t the entire first day, just after the turn. We did a better job staying in the present the rest of the tournament and we battled hard today to almost get the job done. ” Even though the Hawkeyes came up short of match play, Hankins was pleased with his squad’s performance throughout the NCAA Championships. “It proves our ranking,” Hankins said of his teams’ top-10 finish. “You couldn’t fake it out here; you had to play great golf. I’m so proud of our guys today. We got off to a great start and had a shot all the way until the 18th hole. We needed three birdies on the 18th and we just couldn’t get it.” Junior Chris Brant led the Hawkeyes at the 2011 NCAA Championships, recording a T20 finishing with a 54-hole total of +4 (220). Brant shot a +2 (74) in the third round, recording birdies on 14 and 18. The Hawkeyes started Thursday’s round on the back nine, and Brant made the turn at even par. Two bogeys on the front nine led to his +2 finish.

Brant, who will be a senior next season, now has a wealth of experience heading into next year after a top-20 finish at the NCAA Championships. “There were bright spots this week,” Brant said. “I’ll take a lot of experience out of this year. We played in some great tournaments against some great teams. We faced the best teams in the country right here and finished 10th. We didn’t want to finish 10th, we wanted to beat them. We have a good core coming back, but we are losing two studs. We want to come back next year and make the cut.” Senior Brad Hopfinger finished the 2011 NCAA Championships T38 at +7 (223). Hopfinger carded a +5 (77) in the third round, with six bogeys and a birdie on his ninth hole. Junior Barrett Kelpin carded the secondlowest round of the day at the 2011 NCAA Championships with a -1 (71). Kelpin started his round with a par on 10 and then a birdie on 11. After four-straight pars, Kelpin birdied the par-4 16th, but followed with a bogey on 17 and a par on 18 to make the turn at -1. Kelpin birdied one and bogeyed five to finish with a 71. He finished the tournament T56 at +9 (225). With a +20 (228), senior Vince India finished T81 at the 2011 NCAA Championships. After a bogey-birdie start to his round, India rattled in 11-consecutive pars before a bogey on the ninth

hole. India recorded pars on six and seven, a bogey on eight and finished with a par to shoot a +2 (74). Junior Jed Dirksen rounded out the Hawkeye roster at the 2011 NCAA Championships with a T121 finish at +20 (236). Dirksen’s third round score of +6 (78) was highlighted by an eagle on the par-5 18th hole. The 2011 NCAA Championships was the final collegiate competition for India and Hopfinger, who leave as two of the top players in Iowa men’s golf history. Both were two-time PING All-Region honorees and were also first team All-Big Ten selections as seniors this season. “This was the best year of golf I’ve had in a long time,” India said. “It was also the best four years of golf, with a great team, the best coaches I’ve ever been around and the best guys and friends I’ve ever been around.” “It’s been really good,” Hopfinger said. “Before this weekend started, we had done more than any other golf team at Iowa. That means a lot, especially for me and Vince. Being able to accomplish what we have as a team means a lot to us.” The focus now shifts to summer amateur competition, with the Hawkeyes competing in numerous tournaments from June to August. Be sure to check hawkeyesports.com and the official Iowa men’s golf Facebook page for updates on the Hawkeyes throughout the summer.

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Pit Pass
Bill Wright Knoxvilleraceway.com Contributor

Iowa Sports Connection

Swindell Tastes Victory, Redemption with World of Outlaws at Knoxville
Sammy Swindell can’t take back his misfortune in the 50th Anniversary Knoxville Nationals in 2010. He did the next best thing, however, by taking the lead from Jason Sides at the halfway point of Saturday night’s 25lap World of Outlaws Mediacom Shootout at Knoxville Raceway and leading the rest of the way to record his 46th career feature victory here. The win came aboard the Big Game Treestands #1 Parker powered Maxim. Dennis Moore Jr. won for the first time in several seasons in the companion 360 class. The feature got off to a rough start with a pair of separate incidents. At the first drop of the green, Kevin Swindell, Cody Darrah and Kerry Madsen hit the berm in turn one and turned over. No one was injured, but all were done. The same happened on the next try, when Craig Dollansky and Steve Kinser found themselves upside down in the same corner. The third try at green was a charm, as it went non-stop for 25 laps. Pole-sitter, Sides, grabbed the early advantage and pulled away with Jason Meyers and Brooke Tatnell chasing him. Lap eleven was huge for Sammy, who swept by Tatnell and Meyers in turns three and four to grab the runnerup spot. Three laps later, he worked by Sides in traffic, and the race for second was on behind him. Sides and Meyers traded second on the nineteenth lap in some great race action, but none came close to threatening Sammy, who led the majority of last year’s Knoxville Nationals before losing a left rear tire. “You get to stand up here when you lead the last lap,” said Sammy. “Last year, we didn’t get to do that because we lost a tire. It’s great for Big Game Treestands, and everyone who is with us. We are learning a lot right now. This team is rock solid.” “When you are out front, you aren’t sure where to run,” said Sides, who held on for second. “I was trying to save the tires a bit. Unfortunately, that didn’t work and we got beat by one of the best in the business.” Meyers completed the podium. “We had trouble chasing Jason early, and as the fuel load burned off, we had to get the wing back and the car got down on the left rear. We’ve been really close lately. We’re getting there, and my guys are working their tails off.” Donny Schatz passed Tatnell with two to go to snare fourth. Following Tatnell, fast qualifier, Brad Sweet, Terry McCarl, Chad Kemenah, Kraig Kinser and Joey Saldana rounded out the top ten. Tatnell, Sides, McCarl and Paul McMahan won the heats. Josh Schneiderman took the B main, while Sides claimed the dash. A scary crash marred the third heat race when Darrah clipped Josh Higday, taking him out and sending him into a wicked series of flips. No one was injured in the night’s accidents. Excitement also ruled the 360 feature on Saturday. Matt Moro led over Russ Hall in the early going. Dennis Moore Jr. was on the move from row three, and took third from Jamie Ball on lap four. Behind him, two-time and defending track champ, Clint Garner, moved into fourth two laps later. At the halfway point, Moore Jr. put Doc Sloan’s Moyler powered #D12 into the second with a pass of Hall, and Garner followed him into third. The race appeared to be going green to checker, when Alan Zoutte got upside down in turn two to set a green, white, checker finish. Moro lead Moore Jr., Garner, Humston and Hall back to green flag racing, but another flip, this one from Tasker Phillips, would set up a white-checker finish. Moro got a good restart, but Moore Jr. sized him up down the backstretch and used the bottom of turns three and four to grab his third career 360 win, and his sixth overall at Knoxville. “I messed up a bit on the first (green, white, checker) restart,” said Moore Jr. “I was able to hit the bottom there in three and four, and I knew I had miles per hour on him. It’s been a long time. I think I have one win since my injury and that was in California. This is a good thing for the family and for my team. We’ve got a good car.” Moro was second, ahead of Garner, Humston and Hall. Jon Agan, Nate Van Haaften, Jamie Ball, hard-charger, Justyn Cox and David Hall rounded out the top ten. Humston posted quick time, while Moore Jr., Van Haaften and Russ Hall took heat wins. Casey Friedrichsen won the B.

Kn o xv il le Na t i on a ls

i l e N a ti ona ls Knox v l



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Back Pain in Athletes
Matthew DeWall, M.D. Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons, P.C.

Low back pain is a very common complaint, in the general population and athletes are no different. The majority of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. The vast majority of cases are self limiting, meaning they resolve within a few weeks with very simple treatment. In most cases these are the result of overuse or muscle strains. Treatments include relative rest, though prolonged bed rest is not recommended. The use of heat, ice, massage, and a course of anti-inflammatory medication can also be very useful.

at night, or night sweats should prompt further evaluation by your healthcare provider. Another concerning finding would be back pain associated with signs of nerve compression. This may be the result of spinal injury or a problem with one of the intervertebral discs, causing pressure on a nerve. In these cases the symptoms may include loss of bowel or bladder control, pain radiating down one or both legs, and feelings of numbness or weakness in the feet or legs. If any of these symptoms are encountered, they would warrant further evaluation.

back, and has been found to be more common in athletes who engage in certain repetitive motions, such as gymnasts, football lineman, and dancers. Diagnosis of this condition is usually possible with X-rays, but may include further testing like a bone scan or CT scan. Treatment can range from rest and possible use of a brace, to in some cases, surgery. Overall, back pain is a common and most often easily treated problem. By following some simple treatment recommendations, and watching for certain “red flag” symptoms, most athletes will be able to minimize time away from sports, and know when to seek further evaluation.

Lower back pain in the Although simple Matthew DeWall, M.D. athlete not relieved by simple mechanical back pain treatments as described is most common, other above should be evaluated. causes are possible. Spondylolysis is a condition resulting in a Associated symptoms can be a flag for small bony defect in a particular portion of the something more serious going on. Back pain vertebrae. This usually occurs in the lower associated with fevers/chills, weight loss, pain

Dr. DeWall specializes in all aspects of sports injuries, knee and hip surgery. To reach Dr. DeWall or to schedule an appointment at DMOS – West please phone 515-224-5224. Dr. DeWall also provides satellite clinic services at Clarke County Hospital in Osceola, IA.

Excellence In Foot & Ankle care
Des Moines University Foot and Ankle, the largest group of podiatric physicians in Iowa, is dedicated to providing stateof-the-art medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle.
3200 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 515-271-1731 www.dmuclinic.org

Doing a World of Good
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Upper Iowa UnIversIty has a lot to brag aboUt
stUdent FocUsed – graduating students, on average, with less debt than any other private institution in Iowa

“I love the personal relationships you are able to build from so many different friends and professors. I also like being known by my name and not a number.”
Jill Preeshl, ‘11 Onalaska, WI NSIC Women’s Golfer of the Year

excellent FacIlItIes – completed $75 million in Phase I construction of classrooms, residence halls, and a student center; embarking on $7.5 million transformation of football stadium globally avaIlable – offering degrees through 16 U.S. educational centers and 3 international locations onlIne excellence – nationally ranked among top online degree-granting universities by Online Education Database

Learn more at www.uiu.edu/thewholestory

On Campus • Online • Independent Study • U.S. & International Centers

IA Sports ad - Junel 2011 - 7.875 x 4.5.indd 1 6/14/2011 2:34:17 PM

“I chose UIU for the academic opportunity in the Art/Graphic design program which has been a great experience for me. I also love the scheduling of classes and how it provides student athletes a way to balance work on and off the course.”
Jake Nelson, ‘13 Ladysmith, WI

STUDENT FOCUSED – graduating students, on average, with less debt than any other private institution in Iowa EXCELLENT FACILITIES – completing $75 million in Phase I construction of classrooms, residence halls, and a student center GLOBALLY AVAILABLE – offering degrees through 17 U.S. educational centers and 3 international locations ONLINE EXCELLENCE – nationally ranked among top online degree-granting universities by Online Education Database and repeatedly rated for “best buy” programs by GetEducated.com

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