DEBASMIT S.R. MOHANTY 1625 Crest Rd #5, Raleigh, NC 27606 Email: dmohanty@stat.ncsu.

edu Phone : (919)-831-2677 EDUCATION Masters in Mathematical Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC (Expected May 2002) MBA, Finance & Systems, Apr 1997, Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar, India B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Aug 1994, College of Engineering & Technology, India Honors Diploma in Systems Management, 1995, National Institute of Information Technology, India

RELEVANT COURSES Statistics Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences, Statistical Theory I & II, Measure theory, Advanced Probability, Advanced Inference I & II, Linear Models and Variance Components, Applied Design of Experiments, Statistical Computing, Statistical Quality Control, Real Analysis I & II Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Data Structure, Database Management Systems, Object-Oriented Programming (C++), Relational Database Management Systems


Finance Financial Innovations and Risk Management, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Working Capital Management, International Finance, Project Appraisal, Strategic Cost Management, Management Control and Reporting Systems WORK EXPERIENCE 10/01 – Present Graduate Research Assistant Division of Undergraduate Affairs, NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, Raleigh, NC • Statistical modeling of student performance data to aid the assessment process of various undergraduate programs at NC State. • Maintenance of the assessment website at 8/00 – 5/01 8/01 – Present Graduate Teaching Assistant Department of Statistics, NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, Raleigh, NC • Assisting faculty members in courses such as Statistics of Engineers (ST 371) and Statistical Computing (ST 450) • Teaching two lab sections for Statistics in Business and Economics (ST 350) • Maintained the conference website Summer Intern, CAROLINA POWER & LIGHTS (CP&L), Raleigh, NC • Development of Customer Knowledge System using SAS and SQL • Survey sampling to assess customer satisfaction Summer Intern, GE CAPITAL CARD SERVICES, Phoenix, AZ • Evaluation of Datawarehousing / OLAP tools Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Management Science & Statistics, UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, Tuscaloosa, AL • Assisted faculty members in the data mining research work on highway accident database for Alabama. Assistant Manager, GE CAPITAL, Bangalore, India • Developed statistical models using SAS for risk management of Credit-card portfolio for the collections and recoveries process • Managed the Web-based information delivery and the Intranet

6/00 – 8/01

5/00 – 8/00 8/99 – 5/00

6/98 – 7/99

UCLA.4/97 – 5/98 Consultant. Windows NT. SAS/Warehouse Administrator. Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.I. Jan 2002. PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS. Bhubaneswar. Government of India. NC State University. Java Script.COBOL Oracle. NC State University. DSS Web. Calcutta. MVS.3. PL/SQL. OS/400 SAS. Raleigh. Front Page. MySQL. Linux. SAS/SPDS. Java. SAS/MDDB Server. May 2002.T. Java. Sybase. S-Plus (beginner) C. Graduate Student Association. Sun Solaris. FORTRAN 95. SQL. DSS Architect. SQL. CGI/Perl. Nevada National Scholarship. NC. NC UNIX. Windows 95/98/2000. Department of Statistics.. DSS Agent. Netscape Enterprise Server MicroStrategy (Gold Certified): DSS Administrator. 1988-1994 Bhabishyajyoti Scholarship from N. C. 2001 • • Local Organizing Committee member for NBER/NSF Time series Workshop 2001. Apache.I. India. NC Computing Officer and Webmaster. SAS/IntrNet. Raleigh.1. India • Developed proof-of-concept DataWarehousing solutions for the Financial Services and Consumer Durable Industries • Wrote Business and Technical proposals and presented the solutions to clients • Managed DataWarehouse Projects • Evaluated emerging OLAP tools as part of DataWarehousing Center of Excellence SKILLS Operating System Statistical Packages Languages Database Systems Internet Datawarehousing HONORS Travel grant for ‘Statistical Analysis of Neuronal Data’. California William Mendenhall Teaching Scholar. Java WebServer 1. Los Vegas. Pennsylvania Travel grant for ‘Mathematical Challenges in Scientific Data Mining’. Travel grant for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2000). HTML. NT. Novell NetWare. Raleigh. SPSS. PL/SQL. Unix. C++. Dream Weaver.1992-1994 MEMBERSHIP • American Statistical Association (ASA) • Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery in Databases) • International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (ISGEC) • National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) .

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