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Gordon Ramsay’s Shepherd Pie
This dish is so delicious that you can mess it up and it will still leave you feeling as if you’re in heaven! As always, use fresh herbs and vegetables. When using the freshest ingredients, it’s hard to make a meal that doesn’t taste good. I prepared this dish for my family tonight and totally bungled it, yet everyone still left happy! I was attempting to cook on a deadline, while allowing my eight year old son to help, and hold conversations with my fiance. I was also attempting to use an ingredients list from another food site which was lacking many of the main ingredients. Tonight has made it even more clear to me that the web needs this site, as so many others get the ingredients and recipe wrong! So on to the meat and potatoes (literally). This is a recipe that I firmly believe should be left to the taste of the cook. Please use your own judgement on the amount of each ingredient unless specified. Watch the video of Ramsay at the end of the post to see it done by the best.

The Filling: Olive Oil (2 Tbsp) Ground Lamb or Beef (about 1.5 lbs) 1 Large Carrot (grated) 1 Large Onion (grated) Fresh Rosemary Fresh Thyme Minced Garlic (I used 4 cloves) Salt Pepper Worcestershire Sauce (several splashes) Tomato Puree or Paste (no more than a small can) Red Wine (several glugs) Chicken Stock (not sure, but it looks like about 1/4 cup)

Put potatoes back into the pan. add Tomato Puree. add Red Wine and sweat down for a minute or two. Poke the top with a fork several times to give it a peaked look and stick it in the oven at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes to brown the potatoes and set the pie. Add chicken stock and cook for 3 more minutes. Thyme. Mash the potatoes with their ingredients from above and keep warm (your filling should be about done by this point) Cooking the Filling: Pour Olive Oil into a hot. Quickly add your Carrot. then stir some more. Add Worcestershire Sauce. and Onion. then add meat.The Mash: Golden Potatoes (about 1. The idea at this point is to get everything to a minced consistency. throw some salt and your potatoes in. Add your Rosemary. take your potatoes out and strain the water off. Stir meat as if your life depends on it for a few minutes so it’s nice and brown. just boil some water. stir.5 lbs) Heavy Cream ( 1/4 cup) Butter (3 1/2 Tbsp) Salt Pepper Egg Yolks (2) Parmesan Cheese (1/4 cup. stir. I made mine without the stock because I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the show. and set a timer for 15 minutes – start on your filling. stir a little longer. and broken into very small pieces. minimum) Prep Work: Dice the garlic Separate your herbs from the stems Separate your Egg Yolks Peel and Slice your potatoes into even pieces Open your wine if it’s not already Open your can of Tomato Paste Cooking the Potatoes: This part is easy as pie (no pun intended). rather large pan. or leave it out. Spread the mash over the top of the mix with the bottom of the spoon and then sprinkle a generous portion of Parmesan cheese over the top. and Garlic. . or into a medium mixing bowl. You can add it. Serve it up and watch people melt! Oh I love Shepherd Pie! You can watch the video below to get a better idea of how it’s done. Upon the timer going off. Final Instructions: Scoop your meat mixture into a deep casserole or other oven safe dish and then spoon the mash over the top.

But what a nice surprise! I can’t wait to have it again! mmmmmmmm! Ramsayfan01 writes: May 7th. Foodie writes: May 18th. 2009 at 9:13 pm foxie fabulous writes: My fiance made this for me two nights ago. whih is added to the mince.Categories ! 51 Responses March 8th. 2009 at 10:20 am . 2009 at 11:50 pm Thanks for the recipe. and let me just say: It was DeLicious! I had never tried “shepherd’s pie” before and was actually not even really interested in it (even as he was preparing it). but I think you forgot to include chicken stock.

Cooking is contagious. 2009 at 3:51 pm I made this tonight for my husband and followed the directions to a tee. I don’t even let my son watch Gordon’s shows (language) and he’s still inspired. Lani writes: May 24th. Keep on cooking! Michelle writes: August 16th. I guess with this you can say it was a big hit. He did not quit eating it until it was all gone. 2009 at 4:44 am What are the measurements for the ingredients? Foodie writes: June 2nd. Thanks again for the great recipe. Did you read the recipe? Vickie Sexton writes: July 19th. 2009 at 4:27 pm Thanks for the great feedback. Foodie writes: July 19th.Did I? I’ll check into that and fix it if I forgot. The taste was heavenly. After it came out of the oven I served it to him. My 6 year old son loves to watch Hell’s Kitchen and the F Word he wants to be a chef when he grows up. 2009 at 10:00 pm They’re right up there in the recipe. 2009 at 9:05 pm .

I go crazy with the parmesan! Lenore writes: September 12th. Don’t scrimp on the parmesan cheese! Thanks for the great recipe! Foodie writes: August 27th. Greg B. 2009 at 7:05 am . The top (potatoes) forms somewhat of a pie top. and even taken it into work.Soooo are there crust/pie shell instructions??? Foodie writes: August 19th. If you make it right. 2009 at 10:41 pm I can’t wait to make this recipe! I had just one question though. although my kids aren’t so fond of it when I make it with the red wine. 2009 at 3:48 pm I’ve made Gordon Ramsay’s shepherd’s pie several time. 2009 at 11:57 am I agree about the taste and the cheese. 2009 at 9:59 pm There is no crust. It’s been a huge success every time! It’s a terrific recipe. Can I leave out the red wine or is there something else I can use as a substitute? William Jordan writes: September 16th. it’ll all stick together well enough when you scoop it out to serve. The mashed potatoes are sensational. writes: August 25th.

just taste it and add your own licks Foodie writes: October 27th. 2009 at 11:29 pm I totally agree! One should take this attitude towards most recipes. 2009 at 11:37 am . sheenajc6 writes: September 27th. There is no following the recipe. Foodie writes: September 16th. how much and how long to cook after it is added. 2009 at 10:55 am how much chicken stock does he add? Dan writes: October 26th. it will just make it taste a little less sophisticated. 2009 at 5:06 pm This recipe is like jazz. Children generally like the pie better without the red wine. Brian writes: November 25th. 2009 at 2:33 pm You can leave it out.The Recipe above does not include the chicken stock.

This recipe sounds beyond fabulous and I’m going to try this weekend. Thanks for a great and easy recipe! Donna writes: December 1st. I’ve also updated the recipe to reflect the chicken stock I accidentally left out. add a tablespoon of vinegar to cut the sweetness. chicken broth. Some of the substitutions will alter the flavor slightly. 2009 at 10:09 am I’ve been making my mom’s shepard’s pie for ages and it usually comes out ok. 2009 at 2:45 pm Donna. You can substitute with any of the following: red grape juice. Foodie writes: December 1st. mash with borsin herb cheese. clam juice. I assume I can substitute the red wine for chicken or beef stock.also a good treat 1 head califlower boiled in a cup and a half veggie stock until tender. The tomato and wine really bring out the best of the food. cranberry juice. 2009 at 7:42 am . so I adapted this recipie…I use prtebella mushrooms in lieu of the lamb and veggie stock over chicken stock…. and still would satisfy any meat lover. Thanks for this. If you use nonalcoholic wine. Another variation was I used mashed califlower instead of the potatoes….This recipe is brilliant.came out absolutley amazing. flavored vinegar. 2009 at 11:00 am I am a vegetarian and a huge ramsay fan. or nonalcoholic wine.and stuffed the mixture into 4 green peppers…. apple cider. Grant Ryan writes: December 2nd. S and P to taste highlanderafc writes: December 11th.

It does make the dish! .have made it twice and is on the family fav list. 2010 at 5:37 pm Just made this for my wife and we loved it! I also love the fact that you don’t have all the measurements for the ingredients so you have to use your palette and taste the food as you cook! Like Gordon says…”Bollocks!!! You gotta taste your food…you idiot!!” alexander sanchez writes: January 11th. Thanks for the recipe and I know the hubby will love it. 2010 at 1:49 pm My 12 year old son and I made this today for my husband who is returning from a 4 day fishing trip. load up on the cheese. Cam writes: December 11th. 2009 at 10:01 pm I was wondering if Chef Ramsay strains the grease from the meat after browning. I think I’ve seen him do it before on one of his shows. cheers. We were successful as it was totally easy to make. I thought it may an important point to bring up if he actually does. I agree with several other comments. JH writes: January 7th. Kelly and Brendan writes: January 17th. 2010 at 6:00 pm I watched his show BBC the”F” word and was looking for this recipe for long time I will try it and see what happen. Thank you.

Also…the recipe calls for one large carrot…if you use two or more smaller carrots to make up as one. Reduced for few extra minutes and then strained out about a cup of the broth. I didn’t have heavy cream so I substituted with creme freche and was out of Parmesan so I used Gruyere instead but still the taste came out just spotless! Love that you can improvise and still get a great tasting dish! Adding egg yolk to the mash was the first time. If it tastes half as good as it smell. I mixed in some ground veal to cut the richness of the lamb I don’t recommend it the lamb can . Can’t wait! AO writes: January 31st. writes: February 1st. too much carrot rises above the other flavors. and will be doing this for future mash potatoes! Thank you for posting this recipe & the video to get the tips from Chef Ramsey Tom C. It’s topped with the mash and in the oven now. 2010 at 5:53 pm Watched the video and followed the recipe. 2010 at 11:48 pm Clare writes: I rarely cook but made this last night for friends. 2010 at 7:24 am Wonderful recipe! Some comments that may help others: Careful with your salt…the parmesan cheese is rather salty in and of itself…and not ‘skimping’ can render the mash a bit salty. I also did Gordons individual Tiramisu. Kitchen Nightmare on BBC) and I’ve never made a sheperd’s pie and was itching to try. It was really easy to do and we all loved it. I added 2 cups and that was too much. use caution. we are SO impressed with the taste and was speechless. I spooned off the drippings after browning the meat. It was heavenly and will be a repeated recipe for sure. we’ll be in heaven in about 11 minutes. As for broth. again.January 23rd. My fiance helped out with the mashing & grading and to our delight. 2010 at 10:34 pm I love Gordan Ramsey’s shows (Hell’s Kitchen. Again dead easy and a success! Doug D writes: January 26th.

2010 at 11:54 am I’m making this today for the first time. Enjoy!!! Loved reading everyone’s comments before I tried this…and it was a big help!! Ducky writes: May 15th. I’ve finally got it perfect – the tomato paste and rosemary make all the difference ! Thanks ! . because I’m not sure where to look for it. I also made homemade gravy to go along with the pie but no one really needed it and I also didn’t use the stock in my pie as well… Mrs M Jansen writes: June 25th. if you wish top make a fancy presentation. 2010 at 3:36 pm After years of making various and assorted versions of Shepherd’s Pie. I did use the chicken stock…but next time will do without…it renders the filling a bit watery. I also drained the fat from the cooked meat per Ramsay’s comment that you don’t want a greasy pie. mmm good writes: August 5th. Thanks Mmm. and I’m curious – why add the egg yolks to the mash? Can I leave it out? Lauryn King writes: June 1st. I didn’t put the pie in a baking dish I use small pie pans so everyone could have there onw to eat. 2010 at 3:53 am I’m looking for the recipe of te teramisu. 2010 at 11:26 pm My whole family enjoyed the pie. which rendered a lovely mash. and you want to pipe the mash – watch that your mash consistency doesn’t get too liquid-like…you won’t be able to pipe it into peaks (I used too much cream. Finally. Please let me have it if possible. but I couldn’t pipe it).in some ground veal to cut the richness of the lamb…I don t recommend it…the lamb can stand on its own with the other flavors.

2010 at 1:28 pm My daughter is a pescatarian so I substitued the meat for salmon. So in honor of my daughter’s husband and Chef Ramsay I will be making this receipe Sept. 12th. so I wanted to make Gordon Ramsay’s receipe. 2010 at 10:58 am Jamie writes: I need to know how many servings will I get from this recipe? I’m making it for a party and need to serve at least 10! Thanks. I love him and I think he’s an awesome chef. 2010 at 7:29 pm It only serves 3-5 people. 2010 at 11:46 pm . and being from the south he loved red velvet cake. 2010 at 12:47 pm My son-in-law passed from injuries in Iraq. especially Kitchen Nightmares. It turned out fabulous!! Laura Vera Raab writes: September 10th. Foodie writes: August 27th. I used white wine instead of red and added some fresh peas to the “meat” layer to round it out a bit. His birthday is Sept. wafa writes: September 17th. a Marine. so double it up! c writes: September 6th. I truly enjoy watching his shows. 12th. I do know he loved shepherds pie. I didn’t get a chance to really get to know him.August 18th.

thanks Jen Widdison Baca writes: October 19th. But to all… remember the great thing about Shepherds Pie is that it has that name for a reason…ya really cant mess it up…put what YOU like in it as long as you have meat with stuff in the middle and mashdies on top you cant lose! john dow writes: October 30th. iam cooking it now i hope my family like it. but my husband born and raised in El Paso wasnt a fan of “boring and bland” English food. 2010 at 9:27 am Ducky. Val writes: November 15th. the eggs help the potato’s to stick together. You can’t even taste them. Trying this recipe today. but you must use them for a firmer potato topping. 2010 at 9:45 am . 2010 at 9:05 am make it with a cornbeard crust on the botton. I’ve made it all my life.i like ramsay recipes . 2010 at 6:42 pm As an English girl I grew up with Shepherds Pie on Mondays and Roast beef with Yorkshire Puds on Sundays. 2010 at 5:59 pm WHAT ARE THE MESUREMENTS OF THE HERBS kathy writes: November 23rd. it is great Jennifer writes: November 4th.

I also went with 50% white potatoe and 50% and 50% sweet potatoe. 2011 at 3:55 pm How much red wine do you use? It says a couple of “glugs?” Juliet writes: January 22nd. 2010 at 7:51 am Love the receipe and program. 2011 at 5:28 pm . don’t like the F word. A nice twist if you’re up for it. never fails !! Love having a glass of red (well finishing off the rest of the bottle! ) whilst cooking it – fandabidozi !!! Marky T writes: December 1st. 2011 at 7:15 pm Thank you for the brilliant recipe! I’ve just cooked this as part of a pot luck / pot cook for 9 people. Children should learn to cook. I didn’t add the chicken broth because I felt it may be to runny. its not necessary to get your point across.Done this dish time & time again. Dolores Tatton writes: December 18th. but not learn to be crude. nick chestnut writes: January 29th. They were all happy and full! Really delicious… perfect comfort food on a cold day. Jena writes: January 21st. 2010 at 10:20 pm I made this recipe and it turned out great.

GordonRamsaysRecipes. i would apprecaite it. you’ll know that he’s given cooks a hard time for suggesting you can make a shepherd’s pie with beef. irish soda bread muffins.does any body that is a good chef have a recipe for corn beef hash brown irish soda bread. A shepherd’s pie uses what shepherds have – sheep. 2011 at 4:37 pm The recipe given above states “lamb or beef”.com . Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website © Copyright subject to respective ownership all other » Substance: WordPress » Style: Ahren Ahimsa Submit Comment Copyright www. thanks nick chestnut Kelsa writes: February 9th. If you watch Ramsay.

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