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Dictionary.com Flashcards. Distinctive words to describe sleep, dreaming, and related behavior (23 cards). Created by Dictionary.com
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5/23/2011 10:19 PM

caffeinism: chronic toxicity caused by excessive intake of caffeine.dictionary. esp. dreaming. 2 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM .com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 bruxism: habitual. that is usually triggered by strong emotion: often associated with narcolepsy. during sleep.. and Flashcards | Dictionar.Distinctive words to describe sleep.. characterized by anxiety. cataplexy: a condition characterized by sudden. purposeless clenching and grinding of the teeth. and digestive disturbances. http://flashcards. insomnia. brief attacks of muscle weakness sometimes causing the body to fall helplessly. irritability. palpitations.

condensation... distortion. 3 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM . hypersomnia: a tendency to sleep excessively. during which fantasies and hallucinations often occur. and symbolism.Distinctive words to describe sleep. hypnagogic state: the drowsy period between wakefulness and sleep. and Flashcards | Dictionar.dictionary. http://flashcards.com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 dreamwork: the processes that cause the transformation of unconscious thoughts into the content of dreams. dreaming. as displacement.

.dictionary. and electroencephalogram changes. micro-sleep: a moment of sleep followed by disorientation. hallucinations. usually beginning in adolescence.. experienced esp. dreaming. by persons suffering from narcolepsy or sleep deprivation. kleine levin syndrome: prolonged episodes of excessive sleepiness often accompanied by overeating. http://flashcards. 4 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM .Distinctive words to describe sleep.com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 hypnopompic: of or pertaining to the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness. and Flashcards | Dictionar.

com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 morpheus: a son of Hypnos and the god of dreams. night terror: a sudden feeling of extreme fear that awakens a sleeping person. 5 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM . dreaming.. narcolepsy: a condition characterized by frequent and uncontrollable periods of deep sleep.Distinctive words to describe sleep.. usually during slow-wave sleep. and Flashcards | Dictionar. http://flashcards.dictionary. and is not associated with a dream or nightmare.

dreaming. http://flashcards. oneirocritic: an interpreter of dreams.com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 oneiric: of or pertaining to dreams. 6 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM .. and Flashcards | Dictionar.dictionary.Distinctive words to describe sleep.. oneiromancer: divination through dreams.

puts sand in the eyes of children to make them sleepy. typically totaling about two hours a night.com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 rem sleep: a recurrent period of sleep. sandman: the man who. in fairy tales or folklore. somnambulate: to walk during sleep. sleepwalk.. and Flashcards | Dictionar. http://flashcards.. during which most dreaming occurs as the eyes move under closed lids and the skeletal muscles are deeply relaxed. dreaming.Distinctive words to describe sleep.dictionary. 7 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM .

dictionary. a son of Night and brother of Death.com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 theta-rhythm: a pattern of brain waves having a regular frequency of 4 to 7 cycles per second as recorded by an electroencephalograph.. observed during various states of light sleep or arousal. and Flashcards | Dictionar. dreaming.Distinctive words to describe sleep. pandiculation: yawning and stretching somnus: The ancient Roman god of sleep. http://flashcards. 8 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM ..

com.com/deckprofile/printdeck/94273 somniloquy: The act of talking in one's sleep.. All rights reserved. LLC. Bloglines Citysearch The Daily Beast Ask Answers API Ask Kids Life123 Reference Sendori Help About Privacy Policy Terms of Use Careers Advertise with Us Contact Us 9 of 9 5/23/2011 10:19 PM . dreaming. as certain flowers Partners: Word Dictionary.. http://flashcards.Distinctive words to describe sleep. and Flashcards | Dictionar. Copyright © 2011. nocturnality: Opening by night and closing by day.dictionary.

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