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Brande Wilkerson Creative visionary driven to establish a bold

Abstract Artist new direction in visual arts. Brande is

passionate about multi-sensory, and 3D work.
She enjoys creating in various mediums and
has a clearly recognizable style to her art.

Experience Education

Art Exhibitions Lifelong Artist

Self-taught in multi-disciplinary
July 15- Sept 3, 2022, TRAHC 34th Juried Exhibition mediums with a solid understanding
of the arts.
June 1-May 2023 Mural Art Walk Cabot Foundation for Arts & Culture

April 7, 2022- May 28, 2022, Fenix Arts A Sense of Place Exhibit

Feb 1,2022- Jan 31, 2023, Cabot Foundation for Arts & Culture
Jan 13- Feb 26, 2022, Fenix Arts Women to Watch Paper Routes

Nov 12- Dec 24th, 2021, Fenix Small Holiday Works  Assemblage
 Mural Design
Nov 15-Dec 15, 2021, Biafarin Awards Group Exhibition  Costume Design

Sept 1- Oct 31, 2021, Emergence Pacific Northwest Sculptors  Construction Sculpture Technique
 Paper art
Aug-6-Sept 25, 2021, TRAHC 33ed Juried Exhibition  Painting
 Concept Development
Aug 5-28th 2021 Las Laguna Art Gallery Textures & Patterns Exhibit
 Creative Direction
 Graphic Design

Awards  Photography

2023 Arkansas Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship
Award Grant
90 Alma Dr Austin, AR 72007

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