The Communion of a Disciple

Scripture: Gen 18:1; Gen 19:1 Abraham Sat, but where, when and why answers a great deal for a true disciple need to be focused upon. We find he sat in the plains of Mamre. Gen 13:18 tells us that it is near Hebron. The meaning of both words, Hebron which means fellowship and Mamre which means fatness, speaks to us that the communion of a disciple with the Lord produces fatness. This means the blessings of God. And only Holy Spirit can cause it to happen in our lives. Notice the practical effect it had in his life. Besides, communion with the Lord is not to put: a. More knowledge in our heads b. Holier than thou attitude c. Increase a spiritual pride in us. but It is meant to have the following practical effect as it was in case of Abraham. a) He Sat. a. That implies he was resting. Matt 11:28. Greater the communion, greater is the rest. On the other hand we see men of the world running helter sceltar, restless and discontent. b. He is waiting. In anticipation. So should be every disciple of the Lord in communion with Him experience true rest from the Lord and contentment. And living in anticipation of the coming of the Lord. b) He Sat at the Tent door. a. Tent in the life of Abraham is always accompanied with an altar. A good picture of a believer in communion with the Lord. b. Tent shows that he viewed the world as temporary and self as stranger and pilgrim in this world. c. Tent could be easily pitched or packed, shows his availability for the Lord. But further, c) He Sat at the Tent door in the Heat of the Day. a. Day speaks of light. A life lived in day, light, open and transparent. John 3:20-21. b. Heat, speaks of the difficult time of the day, inconvenient and difficult circumstances. While all the rest long to live a life of ease and comfort. Here is a disciple living in communion, as pilgrim, temporary, being available for the Lord ready to live transparent life in spite of trying situations of the life. c. That is what is expected of the true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Notice the Result: a) His faith turned into sight. And the same is going to take place with us too. b) His waiting came to an end. c) The heat also came to an end. Soon the Lord returns, and the same is going to be our experience, if as a true disciple, we are living like that of Abraham. Abraham ran to meet them. What would be your response at the coming of the Lord? Now compare all this with that of Gen 19:1, where we find Lot also sat. but what a sad picture, because it is completely contrary. He sat at the gate of Sodom, at even. Being out of communion, he was fettered in sin and humanism, that‟s what Sodom means. He was visited by only two angels, that too with a message of judgment. Whom would your life picture today? May we be found in communion with its practical effect in our life, like that of Abraham. Will you decide to live for the Lord? Then you shall be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

SOCIAL NETWORKING AND BELIEVERS ??? Face book is a „Social Networking‟ website as also are Myspace, Orkut, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. Starting off after the advent of the new millennium, these have become so popular that a website like Facebook has around 500 million active users with around 12 million users in India itself (by the time you read this the no. would have increased by about a million or so) Youngsters consist of a majority of Face book users. And with the introduction of newer 3g capable cell phones in the market, it is a common sight to find a young guy or girl hooked on to their cell phones either updating their profile or commenting on others‟ up-loads. As if texting and chatting for hours together wasn‟t enough to „kill time‟ as it is commonly said, these things are adding to the time being wasted. 1. Firstly, regarding the content on Face book. You may say that you have a „clean‟ profile, but what about your friends? If any one of them uploads anything objectionable, will that not be shown on your webpage? Not all your friends are believers, and you can never control what they upload. Moreover can you show the content of your profile to your parents? I‟m sure 90% of you will say a big NO. 2. You may also argue that it is completely safe and has better privacy settings compared to the other social networking websites which had loopholes or „bugs‟ as they are called. But it is a well known fact that Face book has been hacked many-a-times by hackers. Well, considering the fact that top secret defense documents having a multi-level security are being hacked and posted on the internet, what is your face book profile in comparison to that! 3. Thirdly, the time factor. Almost all youngsters check their profile a couple of times a week with many of them checking it every day. Isn‟t that addiction? When people smoke /drink a couple of times a week regularly are said to be addicted to it, is it not the case with social networking or Facebook, for that matter? 4. Why do we need to socialize in the first place? We should rather go to the brethren themselves and meet them personally. Moreover, we should spend some quality time in fellowship with the brethren than wasting precious hours doing worthless thing with the people of this world (Psalms 84:10). Rather than sitting in a secluded spot and staring on a screen and tapping our fingers off, we should spend that time with our family doing something constructive. Think of the last time you spoke to your family members and had a good time together . I‟m sure that many parents are longing to see the day when you spend your free time with them instead of being hooked on to a screen. 5. Many older brethren are supporting these things nowadays. There have been times when after preaching to/teaching youngsters, you hear them saying,” You can add me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter”. But Praise be to God , I have heard preachers both young and old, a majority of them , who, (holding on to the word , even in these times of the so-called „liberalism‟) exhort us to abstain from it. 6. If you say that you want to use Facebook as a tool to share the Gospel , well, here‟s some news for you. Facebook is censoring Bible verses posted on your „wall‟. We have no idea

what they plan to do in the near future but such is the state at present. And most importantly, don‟t try to be a Demas who went into the world to preach but ended up being a part of it (2Timothy 4:10) or for that instance, Lot, who landed up in Sodom(a picture of the world) after initially going to the plains of Jordan . Brethren, please let us abstain from these things. Be not carried away. Avoid this pit fall and subtle trap. Flee these things. What Apostle John says in 1 John 2:15-17 is what we should remember. Note the positives & uplift your spiritual values by: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Abiding in scriptures for doctrine, discipline and duty (2Tim 3:16-17). Associating with the brethren in fellowship (Psa 133:1) Attributing to the good of assembly testimony by active participation. Avoiding false teachers and teachings (2John 10-11) Attempting great things for God. (1Cor 15:58) Asking the Lord for every sense of direction-prayerfulness (1Thess 5:17) Acknowledging the goodness of God (1Thess 5:18)

You will encounter initial difficulties, being scorned and becoming a laughing stock. Do not worry. Be courageous (Pr 28:1) and claim, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13). God always has a preserved number who do not fall prey to the wiles of devil. By His grace I am one, will you be the next? If not you, then who? If not now, then when?