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types of pops
You'll discover many types of ice pops in this book, from fruit-focused to decidedly decadent. After you try a few, take the recipes as inspiration, mixing and matching flavors, playing with layers, and creating your own combinations.

fruity pops
Perhaps the most familiar type, fruity pops start with ripe, fresh, in-season fruit, which or food processor is pureed in a blender

new-flavored pops
In contrast to the classic in the earlier tastes featured

or squeezed with a citrus juicer. Sugar base, then

and flavorings the mixture

are added to create a sorbet-like

is poured

into molds and frozen until firm.

chapters, these recipes offer innovative-and often unexpected-flavor


chocolate pops
Chocolate Ice pops are created In two main cocoa powder melted Into a ways: either by dissolving

combinations ingredients

using such as fresh herbs,

exotic spices, and flavorful liquids. Some flavors, such as the liquor-infused / pops, are

dairy base, or by incorporating h an egg-rich

chocolate yield

custard. Both methods frozen treats.

nsely chocolately


best suited for adult palates.

creamy pops
Rich, smooth, with churned ice cream-inspired pops start with either a custard, as of yogurt, condensed milk, or ice cream, or a mixture A variety

other creamy dairy product.

of flavorings

can be combined

with the base to create a smooth,

layered, or even chunky texture.

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chocolate-vanilla swirl
Offering the best of both flavors, chocolate and vanilla intertwine in this ice pop. Yogurt lends a refreshing and tangy flavor to this recipe. You may just find this ice pop refreshing enough to eat more than one at a sitting.
2 oz (60 g) bittesweet chocolate, fmely chopped In a heatproof bowl, combine the chopped chocolate, cocoa powder, simmering has

heavy cream, and corn syrup. Set the bowl over (not touching) water in a saucepan and cook, stirring occasionally, melted,

tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

until chocolate

about 10 minutes. Remove the bowl from the heat and stir in

'/4 cup (2 f1 oz/60 ml) heavy cream

1'/2 cups (12 oz/375 g) of the yogurt. Let cool to room temperature.
Meanwhile, in another bowl, stir together the remaining ]1/2 cups yogurt,

tbsp light corn syrup

the sugar, and vanilla. If using conventional mixture another ice pop molds, spoon 2 tbsp of the chocolate

3 cups (24 oz/750 g) plain whole-milk yogurt

'13 cup

(30/90 g) plus tbsp superfine sugar

into each mold. Top with 2 tbsp of the vanilla mixture. Add 2 tbsp of the chocolate Continue mixture and then another 2 tbsp of


tsp vanilla extract

the vanilla mixture.

layering until the molds are full. Dip motions to


a paring knife into each mold and make a few figure-eight swirl the flavors together.

Cover and freeze until solid, at least 4 hours


this To make bar-shaped

or up to 3 days. If using sticks, insert them into the molds when the pops are partially frozen, after about 1 hour, then continue to freeze

pops as shown at right, see page 91. '

until solid, at least 3 more hours. If using an instant ice pop maker, follow to fill the molds, layering the mixtures the manufacturer's instructions

as above, and freeze the pops.

46 chocolate ice pops

The cool and refreshing combination of cucumber, lime, and mint will surprise and delight all ice pop lovers. A perfect way to beat the heat in the summer, these ice pops are elegant enough to impress and far too delicious to resist.
'/2 cup (4
g) sugar
In a saucepan, combine the sugar, half of the cucumber slices (about 20), ml) water.


I English cucumber, cut crosswise into thin slices

the lime juice, and the mint leaves. Pour in Bring to a boil over medium-high has dissolved.

P14 cups

(14 fl oz/430

heat, stirring occasionally,

until the sugar

'/2 cup (4 f1 OZ/125 freshly squeezed lime juice '/4 cup ('/4
oz/7 g)


Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature. mixture into a 4-cup

Strain the cucumber

(32-fl oz/I-l)

measure with a

pour spout. Add the lime zest and stir to combine. If using conventional ice pop molds, divide the cucumber cucumber mixture among

fresh mint leaves
I tsp fmely grated lime zest

the molds. Then, divide the remaining

slices among the molds,


using a stick to push the slices down into the molds. Cover and freeze until solid, at least 4 hours or up to 3 days. If using sticks, insert them into

pop swap
To turn this pop into a frozen cocktail, add '/4 cup
(2 f1 oz/60 ml) vodka ' or gin to the strained

the molds when the pops are partially freeze until solid, at least 3 more hours. If using an instant ice pop maker, follow

frozen, after about 1 hour, then

the manufacturer's


to fill the molds, adding the cucumber slices as above, and freeze the pops.

cucumber mixture. Increase the freezing time to 5 hours.



flavors for



Cantaloupe is a mild-flavored melon, so look for the ripest, sweetest-smelling fruit you can find at the market for the most concentrated flavor in the ice pops. You can also use honeydew melon in place of the cantaloupe.
4 cups ("/2 Ib/750 g) chopped ripe cantaloupe (from I small melon)
In a blender or food processor, combine

the cantaloupe,

sugar, lemon

juice, and salt. Pour in mixture is completely

cup (2

f1 oz/60

ml) water. Process until the

'/4 cup (2 oz/60 g) superfine sugar
tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice (from I lemon)

smooth. ice pop molds, divide the mixture among the molds.

If using conventional

Cover and freeze until solid, at least 4 hours or up to 3 days. If using sticks, insert them into the molds when the pops are partially 1 hour, then continue frozen, after about

Pinch of salt

to freeze until solid, at least 3 more hours. the manufacturer's instructions

If using an instant ice pop maker, follow to fill the molds and freeze the pops.


To make ice pops

in small baking molds


as shown at left, see

page 91.

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