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Collaborative Knowledge Network Indonesia (CKNet INA)

Solo, 28 March 2009

CKNet-INA Initiative
…… aims at the creation of a national Knowledge Network to support the government’s decentralization policy. ….. to address the need to accelerate the development and strengthening of water professionals at national and regional levels.

Network’s Name and Membership
Collaborative Knowledge Network Indonesia, abbreviated to CKNet-INA

consisting of people working in public and private knowledge centers (universities, research institutes, etc.) in infrastructure, water and environmental management.


To contribute to the welfare of the Indonesian people through Knowledge Management and Networking in the field of Infrastructure, Water and Environmental Management to support public service delivery.

Knowledge Management and Networking for Indonesia’s Welfare

To become a sustainable Knowledge Network of Academia & Professionals in Infrastructure, Water and Environment providing Capacity Building Services

Knowledge Network Capacity Building Services

Direct beneficiaries: the participating universities and their academic staff = Strategic Long Term Benefits Indirect beneficiaries:
Central and local government institutions and organizations Non-participating universities and learning institutes Civil Society and water users

CKNet-INA History Phases
2002: Concept paper on Knowledge Networking in Indonesia; 2003: World Bank sponsored workshop on Knowledge Networking and Capacity Building; 2004: NUFFIC supports the establishment of CKNet through short courses & activities to establish CKNet; 2005: an agreement to develop and manage CKNet was signed by 10 rectors of the founding network members; 2006: NUFFIC supports the Water Resources and Irrigation Management (WRIM) Project to support further development & establishment of CKNet, and to develop capacity within the universities to provide professional demand driven short courses for the water sector (2006-2009).

CKNet-INA History Phases
2006: Member of the Capacity Building Network for Integrated Water Resources Management (CapNet) a program under UNDP with secretariat in Pretoria, South Africa. 2007: Member of AguaJaring, the South East Asian Capacity Building Network, with secretariat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously SEACapNet, that failed to operate and exist. 2007: First international contract from UNDP/UNOP to train participants from South East Asia. 2007: The Indonesian Ministry of Public Works proposed CKNet as its partner to become the Water Knowledge Hub of the Asia Pacific Water Forum in the field of River Basin Organisation and Management. 2009: International contract from UNDP/World Bank/WMO to develop a training module for South East Asia in Integrated Flood Management

CKNet-INA main activities
Knowledge creation and dissemination; Demand responsive training module development and delivery; Capacity Building services related to Infrastructure, Water and Environmental Management.


WRIM Related Activities
Training Needs Assessment (TNA) in regions carried out by the network members to identify required professional skills in the water sector to improve sector performance (2006); Capacity Building Needs Assessment (CBNA) of the Members Universities (2007); Internet based collaboration platform development (2007); Development & delivery of short courses for the water sector based on TNA (2007 – to date); Development of Capacity Building programs for the universities based on CBNA, incl. Training of Trainers (2008 –to date); Development and nurturing Communities of Practice and setting up Virtual Teams in specific fields (starts in 2009); Strategic Management Plan for CKNet to achieve Academic, Institutional and Financial Sustainability (2008 – 11 to date).

Based on Needs Assessment high priority short courses were identified
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

IWRM Planning Institutional and Legal Arrangement in IWRM Economic and Financial instruments for IWRM Performance Management & Benchmarking River Basin Management Drainage and Flood Management Water Quality Management Asset Management Irrigation Management Conflict management and dispute resolution Community Development Communication strategies


Training modules developed
Training Needs Assessment (2006); IWRM Planning (2007 and ongoing in the regions by CKNet member universities); Training of Trainers IWRM Planning (2007); Legal & Institutional Arrangement (2007 Co-sponsor CapNet/AguaJaring); Capacity Building Needs Assessment for SEA Networks (2007 for CapNet/AguaJaring); Performance Management & Benchmarking (2008); Economic & Financial Instruments (2008); Writing Proposal & Project Digest & Budgeting (2008); Capacity Building Network Development & Management for SEA Network Managers (2008 Co-sponsor CapNet/AguaJaring) Urban Drainage Engineering (2008); Integrated Flood Management module development for South East Asia, incl. ToT (CapNet, WMO and the World Bank: Feb 09–June 09); 13

Remaining Training Module Development scheduled
Integrated Flood Management (Indonesia May 09); ToT Urban Drainage Planning & Programming for local governments (March 09); Urban Drainage Management (August 09); River Basin Management (Co-sponsor CapNet/AguaJaring: June 09) in collaboration with Jasa Tirta 1; Gender Mainstreaming in IWRM (Co-sponsor CapNet/AguaJaring: July 09); Asset Management (end 09 or early ‘10); Water Quality Management (’10); Water Governance (Support CapNet/AguaJaring:’10)


Remaining programs scheduled
Identification of E-learning potentials in collaboration with UNESCO and or network members; One Open Network Conferences & ToT Programs; Some international fellowships for selected staff of CKNet member universities; A 1-year Training and Coaching Package for 3 selected municipalities in Urban Drainage Planning & Programming (under preparation for USAid); Capacity Building Needs Assessment for selected River Basin and Water Supply & Sanitation organisations; Assist in Capacity Building the Center for River Basin Organization & Management.

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