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Integrating Oracle iLearning and WebEx

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This procedure covers how to enable single sign-on integration for learners between Oracle iLearning and WebEx for live events. This procedure does not cover recorded events, because WebEx does not have an API to launch recorded events stored on WebEx servers from an external application. Recorded events can be uploaded to a content server and accessed directly through Oracle iLearning however.

Supported Oracle iLearning Releases

Oracle iLearning 5.0 Oracle iLearning 4.3

Supported WebEx Releases

Training Center 3.1.2 Meeting Center 6.2

The WebEx Administrator is responsible for setting up and managing events in WebEx. The Oracle iLearning Administrator is responsible for setting up the appropriate learning objects and offerings within Oracle iLearning.

Oracle iLearning Administrator*

WebEx Administrator*

The Oracle iLearning Documentation Manager is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary and that it reflects actual practice.

Activity Preface
This activity is performed whenever an administrator needs to set up a live, scheduled WebEx event, and make it available to learners through Oracle iLearning.

WebEx allows external applications such as Oracle iLearning to connect to live WebEx events seamlessly to the learner, without requiring an additional step to log on WebEx. This is accomplished through URL API integration between Oracle iLearning and WebEx. When WebEx events are launched from Oracle iLearning using this method, user information is passed from Oracle iLearning to WebEx through the event starting URL. Integration was tested with WebEx Meeting Center 6.2 and Training Center 3.1.2

Related Documentation
Please contact WebEx Technical Support for documentation specific to WebEx.

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WebEx Administrator
1. Create a scheduled event in WebEx. Note: Ensure that when creating the event, attendees do not require an account to access the meeting, nor need to be on the attendee list. This will allow learners to access WebEx events directly from Oracle iLearning without first having a WebEx account.

Meeting Center Navigation


Host a Meeting -> Schedule Meeting

Training Center Navigation

Host a Session -> Schedule Training

2. Once the event is scheduled, find the session on your list of scheduled sessions and click the session name. 3. Copy the session number (without spaces) and the password. These two items will be used in the starting URL you construct in Oracle iLearning

Oracle iLearning Administrator

Note: You perform the following steps once only. After completing these steps, set up subsequent offerings in Oracle iLearning beginning at step 10. 4. Open the file launchpad_webex.htm in a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.

This file is contained within the file located here.

5. Look for the javascript command within the file. 6. Replace the entry <my_webex_server> in this function with the appropriate <HOST.DOMAIN:PORT> value for your WebEx instance.

For example: http://<my_webex_server>/m.php becomes

7. Modify any of the HTML text in the <body> section of the page to suit your needs. 8. Save the file. 9. Upload the file to a directory on your content server. All WebEx events launched through Oracle iLearning will use this file as the starting URL, with additional parameters to identify the appropriate WebEx meeting ID, password, username, and email address for each content object. This file can reside on an Oracle iLearning secured content server or an external content server.

10. Create a new learning object in Oracle iLearning to represent the WebEx event. Ensure the tracking type is set to HACP or CMI.

This will cause the course offering status to remain incomplete until an administrator manually marks learners as complete after the event has concluded.

11. The starting URL should point to the launchpad_webex.htm page where it was placed on the content server. 12. Add the URL parameter string at the end of the starting URL to dynamically pass the learners username and email address to WebEx when learners launch an offering.

?AN=$user.username$&AE=$$ AN is the display name of the learner entering the event from Oracle iLearning. The display name appears in the WebEx console. The syntax above, $user.username$, uses the learners Oracle iLearning username as the display name. o AE is the learners email address. This is pulled dynamically from Oracle iLearning using the syntax $$.

13. Add two additional parameters to the end of the URL to include the session number and password copied in step 3.

&MK=<Session Number Goes Here> &PW=<Password Goes Here>

Your content location should look like the following if you are using an external content server for a live event: ? AN=$user.username$&AE=$$&MK=699912139&PW=welcome

Your content location should look like the following if you are using an Oracle iLearning Secured content server for a live event:


Create and publish an offering.

When creating the offering for a live, scheduled event, ensure the start/end date/time are set to match the entries created in WebEx. These offerings are typically set up with the offering type eSeminar (Scheduled) or eClass (Scheduled). Set enrollment conditions for the offering appropriately. 15. Learners will now be able to enroll in the offering and launch the event from Oracle iLearning. End of activity.

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