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Product Date

Leica Geo Office 8.0 Oct 25 , 2010

Leica Geosystems AG Heinrich-Wild-Strasse CH-9435 Heerbrugg Switzerland

quality-check and archive data before exporting it to virtually any format required by subsequent mapping or engineering software packages. GNSS and Level instruments. While LEICA Geo Office is the perfect partner for Viva GNSS and TPS instruments. Overview of LGO version 8 highlights: New software licensing Full SmartWorx Viva support Support for images DXF background maps For more detailed information about these improvements please refer to the following sections and the updated LEICA Geo Office Online Help. It requires a valid software maintenance (not expiring before October 25th. 2010). 2 What’s new in Version 8. process.0 works under both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. GNSS and level data) and is the ideal tool to view.0 includes a number of improvements and corrections. which accompanies the LEICA Viva series. 2/8 . Note that you must have administrative privileges on your computer to successfully install LEICA Geo Office. It supports all measurement types (TPS. SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS The following Microsoft® Windows™ operating systems are supported and recommended: Windows 7 Windows Vista (SP1 or higher) Windows XP (SP3 or higher) LEICA Geo Office version 8.1 About this Release LEICA GEO OFFICE VERSION 8.0 OVERVIEW Leica Geo Office version 8. it also supports the FlexLine series as well as the existing range of TPS.0 LEICA Geo Office (LGO) is the office software.

E NTITLEMENT ID The Entitlement ID is the key to initial license activation and re-ordering of additional software options or Customer Care Packages (CCP). LICENSE MODELS Leica Geosystems offers two different License Models matching different user requirements: Node-locked Floating Node-locked licenses are tied to a single PC and are. A local license server running within the network manages the floating licenses.2. This installation guide is available on your LEICA Geo Office DVD or can be downloaded from the Leica Geosystems website. the ideal choice for working remotely or for single dedicated users. The Entitlement ID consists of 25 alphanumeric numbers. therefore. for example 12345-67890-12345-54321-E7890 3/8 . The new software licensing … no longer requires any dongle shipments allows instant upgrades of additionally purchased software options allows self-service for customers with Leica myWorld to download the Entitlement Certificate provides centralized license management for customers with a local license server allows easy use of multiple software products on the same PC without any dongle issues is future-proof and very flexible INTRODUCTION & INSTALLATION Leica Geosystems provides a detailed manual that explains the new Leica Software Licensing and guides you step-by-step through the new software installation process. who do not need to share the license within a network. Floating licenses can be shared between multiple users working on different PCs within the same network.1 New software licensing NEW SOFTWARE LICENSING Leica Geosystems has changed its existing software licensing from software protection keys (dongles) to a new system based on license activation.

A CTIVATION OF LEICA GEO OFFICE SOFTWARE For the initial installation and activation of LEICA Geo Office an Internet connection is required.0 (October 25 . The previous software products and options are transferred to the Entitlement ID. LEICA Geo Office includes software maintenance of 90 days after the software has been ordered. It is only required for activating additionally purchased software options or software maintenance (CCP’s).0 is only possible if you have a valid software maintenance key with an expiry date beyond the release date of LGO th version 8. DONGLE MIGRATION During the software installation (Entitlement activation) the existing software protection key (dongle) will be replaced with the new software licensing. 4/8 . U PGRADES TO VERSION 8 Upgrading to LEICA Geo Office version 8. It is not possible to activate only particular products contained in the Entitlement ID. etc. Do not forget to re-host your Entitlement ID before you intend to change your operating system or format your PC hard disk. 2 or 3 years. After the installation the dongle is no longer valid for this software product. Software maintenance can be extended by ordering Customer Care Packages with durations of 1. The previous software protection key (dongle) must be plugged into the PC. Each new product must be activated first for getting the additional license rights. MAINTENANCE CONCEPT Software maintenance entitles a customer to free of charge software updates within a given time period. The Entitlement ID must be entered during the installation. are linked to the same Entitlement ID by adding additional products to the Entitlement. Note that always the entire Entitlement ID is activated. 2010). All subsequent orders like maintenance contract extensions. additional options.The Entitlement ID for a software product never changes and should be kept in a safe place. Once installed and activated this internet connection is no longer required.

Note that a user will typically only benefit from the new signal structures when the constellations become fully operational. For raw data import the RINEX version 3. line or area or to a TPS Setup Application.0 is also prepared for handling GALILEO data derived on all frequency bands. a “civil code” on the L2 frequency which is accessible also for non-military applications is supported. almanac or ephemeris information has to be available. The previous System 1200 Field template will also still be available.2 Full SmartWorx Viva support SMARTWORX VIVA LEICA Geo Office version 8. This includes: Raw data format collected with SmartWorx Viva onboard firmware When reading or writing an onboard job the SmartWorx Viva structure of jobs being stored in separate folders is taken into account. and where you can 5/8 .3 Support of images IMAGES LEICA Geo Office version 8.11 is still created. a third carrier frequency of the GPS signal.0 supports images taken with the new TS15 total stations or the Viva CS field controllers. The L2C signal. All images are visible in a new tabbed view of the project window. For using GALILEO data in either Satellite Availability or GNSS processing. Observations of L5. GNSS MODERNISATION The GNSS processing of LEICA Geo Office version 8. Codelist Management allows to create SmartWorx codelists that can be used on instruments of the Viva or the System 1200 series. LGO version 8. Images are stored with a link to either a point.0 fully supports all features and data structures available with the latest releases of SmartWorx Viva. 2 .2 . Images without a link are simply stored within the project. where you can query images for specific points or setups.0 format is supported as well. processing and reporting or residual calculation. All GNSS antennas and receivers are recognized during raw data import and default antenna calibration values are available. database storage. During Export the most commonly used RINEX format version 2. Simultaneous L2C and L2P observables can be imported and stored and will automatically be used correctly during processing. are supported as well. Images stored with a SmartWorx Viva job will be imported into an LGO project and are accessible there.0 is prepared for future signal structures. The Format Manager contains a new SmartWorx Viva template to be used with all sensors running SmartWorx Viva firmware. All these enhanced signals are supported during raw data import.

Parameters for the creation of the point. Images can also be displayed on the various property pages for Points. New files can be selected and attached to a project in the Project Properties CAD Files page. The toolbar contains a Layer Management to set layers in the drawing to be visible or selectable.display additional information for individual images. The CAD files will be displayed in View/Edit and a context menu allows importing selected elements within the drawing into the LGO project. Areas or TPS Setup Applications. It is possible to import all elements of a specific layer at once.4 CAD Files as background maps CAD BACKGROUND M APS LEICA Geo Office version 8. then it will be automatically imported and attached to the project. 2 . 6/8 . line or area objects in the LGO project database are available from the Tools Options CAD Files dialog. Lines. If you are importing a SmartWorx Viva job that contained a CAD background map. The complete CAD file can temporarily be switched on or off in the Graphical Settings without detaching it from the project.0 supports DXF or Shape files to be selected as CAD background maps.

and new points can conveniently be entered.0 support panning the view by holding the left mouse button pressed. Selected points will be loaded into the editor.5 Other improvements PANNING The graphical views of LGO version 8. 7/8 . Additionally it is possible to select items without leaving the Panning mode by pressing Shift while clicking an item with the left mouse button. POINT EDITOR A new Point Editor allows modifying existing points or entering new points in a spreadsheet type view.2 . When leaving the Editor a check for duplicated point Ids will be made before the points are stored to the project. The new Editor opens as a separate window and can be invoked from the View/Edit or Points view for Grid coordinates. The panning mode can be switched on or off using a new toolbar button.

When creating a lookup table to be used for LGO’s GISCAD Export it is possible to also match codes not (yet) used in the project. which is available on request. These improvements include: For stringlines access the Alignment Properties to change the name or the start chainage and to reverse the stringline direction. arcs) and surfaces defined in an LGO project.0) when determining the parameters. splines. Importing LandXML files is accessible from the Raw Data Import dialog. When calculating 2D Helmert transformations in either Datum&Map or during Shift-Rotate-Scale it is possible to fix parameters (e. When importing LandXML data PointList3D is now supported as well. codes.0 support importing and exporting of LandXML data. network and solution type. DESIGN TO FIELD The Design to Field has been enhanced for version 8. areas.0. instrument setups and traverse information. measurements (TPS observations and GPS baseline vectors).LANDXML IMPORT/EXPORT LGO version 8. Exporting LandXML data is available from the listbar or the main menu.0 there is: For GNSS RTK points additional information such as RTK data format. LandXML Import/Export is an optional component and is only available if it is included in your license. a Leica extension has been added. OTHERS Among other improvements of LGO version 8. In order to describe data not included in the standard LandXML schema. This option can also be used to import the LandXML data as recorded by the Leica FlexLine instruments.g. 8/8 . Coordinate system information can be exported as well as geometry information (straight lines. lines. This option exports points. Civil Engineering and Survey data. fix the scale to 1. LandXML is a data format that was designed to model and transfer Land Planning. When exporting an alignment job a new Centerline Report can be created. or mountpoint of the reference station data provider will be displayed in the Observations Properties.