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Merits of reciting a Surah from the Holy Quran

Merits of reciting a Surah from the Holy Qura:

This Surah is the core of the wajib prayers of every Muslim. Its recitation is equal to the whole Quran. This Surah has the healing power of all sickness except death. Recite Surah Al Fatihah before beginning any important task in life. Chapter 2: Surah Al Baqarah If you recite the four Ayaat of this Surah followed by Ayatul Kursi and then the three Ayaat of this Surah, you wont have any sort of difficulty concerning your health, wealth and family members. Also youll not forget the Holy Quran and Shaitan will stay away from you. Chapter 3: Surah Aale Imran Recite this Surah on Friday and let Allah (SWT) shower his blessings till sunset and the angels will pray for the forgiveness of the reciter. If written with saffron and hung in the neck of a woman with the intention of pregnancy then with Allah (SWT)s command, the woman would be pregnant. Chapter 4: Surah An Nisa Recite this Surah every Friday and relieve yourself from the squeezing of the grave. Chapter 5: Surah Al Maidah The reciter of this Surah will get good deeds added to his account equal to the number of Jews and Christians. His bad deeds will be erased and his position in Allah (SWT)s eyes will be high. Chapter 6: Surah Al Anam If you recite this Surah on a regular basis, angels will ask for forgiveness till the Day of Judgement. Write this Surah with saffron, soak and drink its water for 6 days, lots of good things will come to you, problems and ailments will stay away and youll keep healthy. There is great reward in reciting this Surah because Allah (SWT)s name is mentioned 70 times. Chapter 7: Surah Al Araf Recite this Surah at least once a month; youll be safe from grief and sorrow on the Day of Judgement. Recite it on Friday; youll be with people whose account wont be taken. Write it with rose water and saffron, drink it and keep safe from enemies and dangerous animals. Chapter 8: Surah Al Anfal If you write this Surah and keep it with you, itll enable you to get your rights from your superior. Chapter 9: Surah At Tawbah

Recitation of this Surah keeps away from enemies, thieves and fire. Chapter 10: Surah Yunus If there has been a misunderstanding in your family and you want to know who is at fault, write this Surah together with the name of all family members, and the problem will be solved. Chapter 11: Surah Hud If you recite this Surah on Friday, you will be with the Prophet (SAWW) on the Day of Judgement. All your sins will be forgiven and you will get the position of a martyr. Chapter 12: Surah Yusuf The reciter of this Surah will be safe from envy. Pangs of death will be made easy. If you write this Surah and drink its water, youll have good luck and sustenance. Chapter 13: Surah Ar Raad Recitation of this Surah increases sustenance and makes you triumphant against enemies. Even thunder declares the Glory of Allah (SWT). Chapter 14: Surah Ibrahim Pray 2 rakaat every Friday (in 1st rakaa, Surah Ibrahim and 2nd rakaa Surah Al Hijr) after Surah al Fatihah, to be safe from sudden calamity and poverty. Chapter 15: Surah Hijr To prosper in business, tie this Surah on your hand or keep it in your pocket. Chapter 16: Surah An Nahl Recite every month to be safe from debts and calamities. Chapter 17: Surah Bani Israel If you recite this Surah on every Thursday night, you will see the 12th Imam before you die. If a child is stammering, or does not have clear speech, write this Surah, soak in water and let him drink, he will be able to talk clearly. Chapter 18: Surah Al Kahf To wake up from sleep at a certain time, recite the last ayah of this Surah. If you recite this Surah every Thursday night, youll die the death of a martyr. If you write this Surah in a bottle with narrow neck, you will be safe from debt, poverty and other problems. If you recite the last ayah of this Surah before sleeping, a light will appear and it will go till the Holy Qaaba and the angels will pray for you. If the person is in Mecca, the light will go to Al bayt ul Mamun and angels will pray for him. Chapter 19: Surah Maryam If you keep this Surah with you, youll have good dreams. If this Surah is hung on the wall, you will be protected from thieves and frightened people will become calm. Chapter 20: Surah Taha

By reciting this Surah regularly, your book of accounts will be given to you in your right hand on the Day of Judgement. If a man writes this Surah on a green silk cloth and goes to a family where he intends to get married, he will not be refused. When a girl wants to get married she must bathe with the water that this Surah was soaked in. If anyone wishes to get married, he should write ayah 131-132 and tie on his hand. Chapter 21: Surah Al Anbiya When one cannot sleep owing to fear and worry, the person should tie his Surah to ones waist. Chapter 22: Surah Al Hajj The reciter of this Surah will get rewards of all previous and future pilgrims. If one recites this Surah on every third day, he will go for Hajj in the same year and if he dies while going he will go straight to heaven. Chapter 23: Surah Al Muminoon To stop someone from drinking alcohol, write this Surah on a white cloth and tie it to your neck. Recite this Surah regularly and be happy at the time of dying. Chapter 24: Surah An Nur Recite this Surah day and night and none of your family member will be in trouble. Also 70,000 angels will follow the funeral and pray for your forgiveness. Chapter 25: Surah Al Furqan The reciter of this Surah will enter Paradise on the Day of Judgement without accounting for anything, on one condition that he must have faith. Keep this Surah on you to ward off dangerous pests. Chapter 26: Surah Ash Shuara Every illness can be cured if this Surah is soaked and the water drunk. Youll be protected from drowning/burning and be safe form wrongful death. Recite this Surah and reap the reward tenfold as many muminoon and muminaat. Chapter 27: Surah An Naml The reward of this Surah is to stand on the day of Judgement reciting Shahadatain. Chapter 28: Surah Al Qasas This Surah when soaked in rainwater and drunk may cure stomach and liver pains. Soak the Surah in water, drink and help dispel all your doubts and misgivings, sorrows and grief. Chapter 29: Surah Al Ankabut Relieve malaria, cold, heaviness of chest by drinking the water this Surah has been soaked in. Recite this Surah and sleep like a baby. Chapter 30: Surah Ar Rum As many angels there are between the heavens and earth, the reciter of this Surah will be rewarded ten times as many good deeds.

Chapter 31: Surah Luqman Soak the Surah in water to alleviate all types of diseases as well as relief from severe stomach problems. Chapter 32: Surah As Sajda Write this Surah on deerskin and receive tons of proposals. Keep the Surah on you and be safe from fevers, headaches and pain of joints. Recite this at night and Allah (SWT) would give the records of deeds in the right hand. Chapter 33: Surah Al Ahzab Write on deerskin and keep it in a casket at home, all good marriage proposals will be brought. If you teach this Surah to all at home, the pangs of the grave will be kept against you. Good deeds will be written for you and youll be close to the Ahlulbayt on the Day of Qiyamah. Chapter 34: Surah As Sabaa Reciter of this Surah and Surah Fatir will stay in peace at night. and if recited at daytime, no unpleasant incident will occur. You will get good in the world and the hereafter. Write this Surah, tie it on you, and be protected form dangerous animals. Chapter 35: Surah Al Fatir Recite ayah 42 of this Surah and your headache will be cured. Chapter 36: Surah Yaseen Recite Surah Yaseen and your sins are forgiven. Recite regularly and the rewards are equal to completing the Holy Quran twelve times. If you recite this Surah for a sick person, angels will pray for his forgiveness and at time of death they will also attend his funeral. Written with rosewater and Saffron and drunk for 7 days, ones memory would be that he would memorise what he listens. If in dispute one would win. Produces much milk for a weaning mother. Chapter 37: Surah As Saffat Protect yourself from misfortunes and calamities by reciting this Surah every Friday. Be blessed with health, wealth and children. Allah (SWT) will keep him safe from evils of shaitan and he will die the death of a martyr. If read over a dying person, he will pass away peacefully and easily. Chapter 38: Surah Saad Recite regularly; you will be saved from committing big and small sins. Chapter 39: Surah Az Zumar Allah (SWT) bestows great honours and onlookers will respect you, if you recite this Surah. Keep the Surah on you and everyone will praise you. Also the fire of hell will not touch you. Increases love between Husband and Wife. Chapter 40: Surah Al Mumin Purification of the heart. Past and future sins are forgiven. Kept at the place of work, it brings

prosperity. If one has white/black spots/pimples/boils, keep this Surah on you to get cured. Soak it, use the water to make dough, dry and grind, take a pinch to cure liver, spleen, heart, trembling problems and unconsciousness. Chapter 41: Surah Hamim Sajda Write in a utensil, wash with water and knead flour with that water, make balls, dry it and grind it. Give it to a person who has pain in heart, pain would be removed. N.B. Following are merits of All Suwar starting with "Ha Mim": i) Whoever recites in Namaz E Shab youll have liberty to enter the garden of heaven. ii) Souls of Prophets, believers and pious ones will send salawaat and pray for forgiveness of the reciter of this Surah. iii) Reciter of this Surah, his mouth will have a pleasant scent and Allah (SWT) showers his blessings on him and neighbours. Chapter 42: Surah Ash Shura On the day of Judgement there will be light on your face. Soak it and use the water to make a dough, dry and grind it, having a pinch of it daily cures eye diseases. Drink water during a journey to safeguard from troubles. Chapter 43: Surah Az Zukhruf The reciter is saved from the squeezing of the grave. Water soaked with this Surah is good for disease and epilepsy. Chapter 44: Surah Ad Dukhan The water in which this Surah has been soaked will cure constipation and stomach ails. Save your self from shaitan and get good dreams by keeping it under your pillow. If you recite on Thursday night, sins will be forgiven and 70,000 angels will ask for forgiveness till the next day. Recite this Surah on Thursday night and Friday morning, Allah (SWT) will build a house in Jannah. If a patient of Migraine drinks water of Surah Ad Dukhan he would instantly be cured. Chapter 45: Surah Al Jathiya The reciter of this Surah will not enter hell. Keep this Surah on yourself and remain safe from backbiters, also no one will talk bad about you. If it is hung around a newborn child, it will keep him safe. Chapter 46: Surah Al Ahkaf Rid the habit of forgetfulness by reciting this Surah. Soak it in Zam Zam water and drink the water, people will love and listen to you. Chapter 47: Surah Muhammad The reciter of this Surah will not have doubts on his religion and will be free from kufr and shirk. He will also be free from problems and diseases. After his death, 1000 angels will recite salawaat for him.

Chapter 48: Surah Al Fath Forget forgetfulness by reciting this Surah. Surah soaked in Zam Zam water cures trembling during old age. Your children and family will be safe traveling Chapter 49: Surah Al Hajarat Cancel misunderstandings by reciting this Surah. A breast-feeding mother will get more milk if she keeps this Surah on her. Chapter 50: Surah Qaaf By reciting this Surah the pangs of death will be easier. Epilepsy will disappear. Sustenance will be increased and a breast-feeding mother will get more milk. Drink its water and you will not get stomach ails. For any eye problem, read ayah 23, blow water and wash your face with it. Chapter 51: Surah Adh Dhariyat Recite this Surah to make things easier, like pangs of death, deliveries, and e.t.c Chapter 52: Surah At Tur A prisoner will be let free if he recites this Surah regularly. A scorpion bite will heal if the water soaked with the Surah is sprinkled over it. Chapter 53: Surah An Najm If you recite this Surah regularly, you will have a peaceful life, people will love, respect and honour you. Chapter 54: Surah Al Qamar On the Day of Judgement, the face of the reciter of this Surah will shine. If you write this Surah on a Friday and keep it with you in your amama (cap), you will be honoured wherever you go. Chapter 55: Surah Ar Rahman The reciter of this Surah will die a martyr and enter paradise. If you recite this Surah on Friday morning, you will get great reward. Keep it on you at all times to make your work easy. Eyes will be cured. Hang it on the wall to ward of all insects Chapter 56: Surah Waqia If you recite this Surah regularly, your sustenance will increase, you will not face poverty, people will love you, and youll not be grieved. Death pangs will be easy and your sins forgiven. Chapter 57: Surah Al Hadid Recite this Surah to make a wound heal fast. Also recite this Surah for release of prisoners. Chapter 58: Surah Mujadilah If you recite or tie this Surah to a sick or restless person, he will get peaceful sleep and remain calm. If you recite this Surah day and night, you will be safe from theft. If you will recite this Surah on hand and throw it on an enemy, he will be friendly towards you.

Chapter 59: Surah Hashir To have a good memory and be intelligent, write this Surah and drink the water you soak it in. Chapter 60: Surah Al Mumtahanah Cure any spleen disease by drinking the water this Surah has been soaked in for three days. Chapter 61: Surah As Saff If recited during journey, you will be saved from thieves and other problems. Chapter 62: Surah Al Jumah One who recites this every morning and evening will be saved from shaitans promptings. Also you will be free from worries. Chapter 63: Surah Munafiqun Recited regularly, this Surah cures, boils, eye- sores, internal pains and many other sicknesses. Chapter 64: Surah Taghabun The reciter of this Surah will be saved from sudden accidental deaths and cruel people. Chapter 65: Surah At Talaq The 6th Imam says those who recite this Surah in Wajib namaz he will be protected from the Fear of Day of Judgement and will have a place in Heaven. By reciting this Surah regularly, Allah (SWT) will accept his repentance in full. Chapter 66: Surah At Tahrim Regularly recitation helps clear debts. Soak the Surah in water; sprinkle it over a sick person for comfort, and on an epileptic patient for cure. For good sleep, recite before going to bed. Chapter 67: Surah Al Mulk One who memorises this Surah will be saved from the chastisement of the grave and if you recite it for a dead person, his difficulties will immediately decrease. Also the reciter of this Surah will achieve what he seeks and be in Allah (SWT)s protection. Chapter 68: Surah Al Qalam One who recites this Surah regularly will have no problems in his sustenance. Also hung around the neck, tooth pain will subside. Chapter 69: Surah Al Haqqah The child of a pregnant woman would be safe if this Surah is hung around her neck. The water from this Surah will make a child intelligent if its given to the child. Chapter 70: Surah Al Maarij Recite this if you wish for a certain prisoner to be released. Recited at night, youll be safe from shaitans promptings. Chapter 71: Surah An Nuh

Recite the Surah regularly to get your wishes granted and have a house built for you in Jannah by reciting it every morning and night. Chapter 72: Surah Al Jinn Keep yourself safe from the witchcraft. A prisoner who recites this regularly will be released. Recitation of this Surah keeps your treasures safe and away from debts. Keep it on you for good memory. Chapter 73: Surah Al Muzammil The reciter of this Surah will have a peaceful death and keep him away from bad situations. Recited in Namaz E Shab or Isha, hell be free from sins for the whole day. If you recite this Surah without missing a day, youll see the Prophet in your dreams and whatever youll ask from Allah (SWT), would be granted to you. Recited on a Thursday night a hundred times, a hundred sins will be forgiven and a hundred good deeds added to his account and his wish granted. Chapter 74: Surah Al Muddaththir You should recite this Surah if you want to memorise the Holy Quran. Your memory will be excellent and you will not die until you have memorized the Quran. You will also have no bad luck in life. Chapter 75: Surah Al Qiyamah Recite this Surah regularly, you will rise from your grave with light, your livelihood will increase, you will be under Allah (SWT)s protection, people will love you and you will be purified and become humble. Your heart will become strong when you drink the water from this Surah. Recite this Surah and act on it; it will come to you smiling with good news on the Day of Judgement. Chapter 76/77: Surah Ad Dahr/Al Insan You will go to Paradise if you recite it regularly, on every Thursday morning; the reward is a 100 hoors in heaven, 4000 gardens and a house near the Prophet. The water of this Surah will cure heart disease. Chapter 78: Surah An Naba Recite this Surah daily, you will visit the Holy Qaaba within a year. If you recite it with the intention of staying awake, you will remain awake. Recite whilst traveling, you will have a safe journey. The water from this Surah will cure stomach ailments. Chapter 79: Surah An Nazia't Reciter of this Surah will get as much reward as ten times the stars in the sky. Chapter 80: Surah Abasa The reciter of this Surah will rise from his grave joyfully. The reciter of this Surah will return safely from a journey. One will enter paradise under its shade. Chapter 81: Surah Al Takweer

All eye problems will disappear if this Surah is written and hung around the neck. Also by reciting this Surah, eyesight is improved. Chapter 82: Surah Al Infitar Your faults are hidden during the day of Judgement if this Surah is recited regularly. Chapter 83: Surah Al Mutaffifin The fire of hell will not touch you if you recite this Surah. Recite on any of your treasures or property to safeguard them. Chapter 84: Surah Al Inshiqaq Make an amulet of this Surah for a pregnant lady and remove once the child is born. It also helps in the easy delivery. Chapter 85: Surah Al Buruj Recite this Surah for a sound sleep. It also keeps you far from dangerous places. To stop breast-feeding, make an amulet for the child and this will help him wean the habit. Chapter 86: Surah Al Tariq If you recite this Surah on the medicine before having it, it will become more effective. The water in which you soak the Surah will heal a wound faster if you wash with it. Chapter 87: Surah Al Ala To relieve earaches, recite this Surah and blow on the part that is affected. This Surah is also recommended for curing piles, neck pains and broken limbs. Chapter 88: Surah Al Ghashiyah Recite this Surah to calm a scared and crying child. This Surah cures toothaches. Chapter 89: Surah Al Fajr This is Imam Husain (AS)s Surah. If you have difficulty conceiving, tie an amulet of this Surah around your waist and then sleep with your spouse. Chapter 90: Surah Al Balad The water of this Surah will relieve nose problems and an amulet will ward off diseases in a child. Chapter 91: Surah Ash Shams By reciting this Surah daily, it will increase your livelihood and people will always be in agreement with you. Your heart will be strong and you will have good memory. Chapter 92: Surah Wal Layl Recite this Surah 15 times before sleeping and see only good dreams. And if you recite this Surah in the ear of a person who is unconscious or suffering form epilepsy, he will be cured. Chapter 93: Surah Wad Duha

Write this Surah over the name of a person who has disappeared, he will come back. If you have forgotten anything, recite this Surah and the thing will remain in Allah (SWT)s protection. Chapter 94: Surah Al Inshirah Cure chest pains by reciting this Surah and wear an amulet for palpitations. If a person whose urine has stopped, write this Surah, soak it in water and then drink it, it will cure the ailment,. Chapter 95: Surah Wat Teen Poison will not affect the person who recites on his food Chapter 96: Surah Al Alaq Recite this Surah for safe travel, from drowning, safekeeping treasures. Recite this Surah in the day or at night and if you die in the course of it, you will die a martyrs death. Chapter 97: Surah Al Qadr i) Recite 10 times in one sitting, 1000 sins are forgiven. ii) Recite 15 times after Isha prayers, youll be safe until the next night. iii) Recite this Surah in wajib namaz, all your sins will be forgiven. iv) Recite this Surah once in Ramadhan and get the reward of fasting for the whole month. v) Recite this Surah in front of your employer, your work will be done. vi) Recited 7 times on a mumins grave, his sins are forgiven. Chapter 98: Surah Al Bayyinah Hang around the neck for cure of jaundice/white spots on body. Soak the Surah in water, drink and pregnancy stays safe and body swellings disappear. Recite it on food there will be no effect of poison. Chapter 99: Surah Az Zilzaal Recite this Surah to keep you safe from earthquakes and accidental deaths and you will die peaceful and enter heaven. Whoever has been afflicted with facial paralysis should look at this Surah to get cured. Chapter 100: Surah Al Aadiyat Regular recitation of this Surah will be rewarded equally to the whole Quran. Your debts will be paid and you will be free from fears. If you are in pain, write this Surah in a new utensil and soak it with rainwater, then add a pinch of Sugar. Drink this water for the pain to subside. Chapter 101: Surah Al Qariah This Surah will increase your livelihood when you recite it regularly. Keep it with you; the door of sustenance will open for you.

Chapter 102: Surah At Takathur If you recite this Surah when it rains, your sins will be forgiven. Before sleeping, you will be safe from the squeezing of the grave. If you recite in wajib namaaz, you will get the reward of 100 martyrs and in Nafila Namaaz the reward of 50 martyrs. Recite this Surah for headache and it will get cured. Chapter 103: Surah Al ASR. If you recite this Surah on a regular basis, you will have a peaceful death. Also, recite this Surah to cure fever. Chapter 104: Surah Al Humazah An amulet of this Surah worn around your neck will save you from evil eyes. For eye pain, recite this Surah and you will be cured. Chapter 105: Surah Al Feel Troubles will fly away when this Surah is recited over a worried person. Chapter 106: Surah Al Quraish The reciter of this Surah will get the thawaab of a tawaf of Khana e Qaaba and itteqaf. Doors of sustenance will be open. If you recite this Surah over a heart patient, he will be cured. You recite it on food and it will not harm you. Chapter 107: Surah Al Maun Recite this Surah after Isha prayers and you will be under Allah (SWT)s protection. If you recite this Surah 41 times with 10 salawaats in the beginning and end, you and your children will never be dependant on any body. If you recite this Surah 100 times you will be under Allah (SWT)s protection till next morning. Chapter 108: Surah Al Kauthar If you recite this Surah on a Thursday night, you will see the Prophet (SAW) in your dreams. Whoever recites this in his wajib and Nafila prayers will get to drink the water of Kauther. Chapter 109: Surah Al Kafiroon If this Surah is recited 100 times before the rising of the sun on a Friday Morning, your wishes will be granted. If you recite this Surah, you will get the reward of reciting quarter of the Holy Quran. Whenever you travel to accomplish a mission, recite these five suwar: Surah Al Kafiroon; An Nasr;At Tawheed;Al Falaq and An Naas after which you recite "deeni Islam." Chapter 110: Surah An Nasr The reciter of this Surah will get the reward of being with the Prophet on the day he conquered Mecca. Chapter 111: Surah Al Lahab The reciter of this Surah should curse Abu Lahab. Reciting this Surah regularly, helps in the cure of stomach ails. For a peaceful sleep, recite before going to bed.

Chapter 112: Surah Al Ikhlaas The reciter of this Surah gets the reward of a quarter of the Holy Quran. Recite 12 times, there will be palaces, 100 times 25 years sins are forgiven, but on the grounds he has not killed and not usurped someones rights. Recite 1000 times, death will not come until the palace is built in Jannah. Before entering home, recite once and sustenance is increased. Recite 10 times for a safe journey. In Namaz E Shab, this Surah ,if recited 30 times in both rakaat all your sins are forgiven. Recite 11 times in the graveyard to gift the buried ones. Chapter 113: Surah Al Falaq In Ramadhan recitation of this Surah in wajib and Nafila namaaz, you are rewarded the thawaab of Meccas fasting. In Layl namaaz the recitation of this Surah and Surah an Naas is accepted by Allah (SWT) Chapter 114: Surah An Naas Recitation of this Surah every night keeps the false doubts, evil, jinns are kept away. An amulet for a child keeps evil away. Whenever this Surah is recited where there is pain, it will vanish. Surah Al Fatihah i) If you recite on a dead body 70 times, it should be no wonder Allah (SWT) restores him to life. ii) Pain subsides if the Surah is recited on any body pain. iii) If this Surah does not give relief form pain, nothing else can. iv) Imam Jafar As Sadiq (AS) said: "AL HAMD" whose beginning is Praise, middle is Purification and the end is Supplication." v) Anyone who listens to some one reciting the Surah, he will receive the equal reward.