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Hardware & Operating System Requirements for SQL Server 2005

The following are the minimal hardware and software requirements for SQL
Server 2005 Express.

Note: There are four (4) possible configurations of SQL Server 2005; Express,
Workgroup, Standard & Enterprise. Each configuration has its own cost
considerations, features and capabilities. Some of the more technical detail and
comparison information is attached at the end of this document.

The actual end user licensing fees for SQL Server 2005 are based upon, among other
criteria, number of processors, acceptable performance characteristics, aggregate
database size, SQL Server 2005 “features” required/desired, high availability
requirements, administrative requirements, and/or existing “corporate” or “end user”

Minimum Intel Hardware (Assumes the inclusion of Color Monitor, IE, Network Card,
Back-up Media, Back-up Software, Etc.)

SQL Server 2005 recommended minimal system requirements are as follows:

• Processor – A 1.4-
.4-GHz Intel Processor is recommended.
• SQL Server 2005 Express Limited to a Single Processor.
• Workgroup Edition = 2 CPU’s
• Standard Edition = 4 CPU’s
• Enterprise Edition = No Limit

• RAM – A minimum of 1.0 GB of Memory is recommended.

• SQL Server 2005 Express Limited to 1.0 GB Main Memory
• Workgroup Edition = 3.0 GB
• Standard Edition = Operating System Maximum
• Enterprise Edition = Operating System Maximum

• Disk Space – A minimum of 500 MB of free disk space is required, with the Microsoft
.NET Framework V2.0 as a prerequisite. Minimum recommended Disk Space is 40.0
• SQL Server 2005 Express Limited to 4 GB Maximum Database Size (This equates to
approximately one (1) year of TSV storage for 100 devices.
• Workgroup, Standard & Enterprise Editions = No Limit

Note: You can run SQL Server 2005 Express as a 32-bit application on the Microsoft
Windows Server® 2003 x64 editions. Windows on Windows 64 (WOW64) support
enables running 32-bit SQL Server 2005 Express on 64-bit machines. SQL
Server 2005 Express will not install on IA64 machines.
Hardware & Operating System Requirements for SQL Server 2005

Operating System Software

SQL Server 2005 is supported on the following Microsoft operating systems:
• All editions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1
• Windows XP Professional

Note: SQL Server 2005 Express also requires the installation of the .NET
Framework 2.0 and the presence of Internet Explorer with Service Pack 1. The .NET
Framework 2.0 redistributable file is named Dotnetfx.exe.

In addition to the Microsoft content, the additional software required is:

Tomcat Version 5
Java Version 1.4

Feature Express Workgroup Standard Enterprise Comments

Number of CPUs 1 2 4 No Limit

RAM 1GB 3GB O.S. O.S. Maximum


Database Size 4GB* No Limit No Limit No Limit * Approximately 1

Year of History
(100 Devices)

~ Price $ .00 $ 3,899/pp $ 5,999/pp $ 24,999.00 Pricing is PER