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Watches & Jewellery

The Financial Times proposes to publish this FT Report on 10 November 2007.
(Advertising copy deadline: 27 October 2007)

This special report, the latest in the series of FT supplements on the watch and jewellery business, takes a pre-Christmas look at the watches and the jewellery to be worn this winter. It features pieces by Vanessa Friedman, the FT’s fashion editor, Haig Simonian, the FT’s Switzerland correspondent, Edwina Ings-Chambers, the FT’s beauty editor, and the FT’s regular contributors: Simon de Burton, Nick Foulkes, Michael Balfour and Maria Doulton.
We plan to include the following features (please note that this list is provisional): 1. Introduction 2-6. Haute Horologie Interview: Franco Cologni, chairman of Association Horlogere Behind The Scenes (1): This piece looks at the power and influence of the various suppliers of movements and springs – notably ETA, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group (c) Behind The Scenes (2): This piece profiles Nivarox, the supplier of springs to the watchmaking industry (d) The Watchmakers (1): Octavo Garcia of Audemars Piguet (e) The Watchmakers (2): Kurt Klaus of IWC
(a) (b)

7-9. Jaeger-LeCoutre CEO Interview Innovation: This piece looks at JLC’s research and development operation. It highlights some of the recent innovations: the Duometre, a chronographe which uses two movements working in synchronisation; the AMVOX2, the first chronograph to be activated by pressing on the watch crystal; and the ExtremeLab, which requires no lubrication and no servicing. (c) Reverso Model: This piece reviews one of JLC’s great models.
(a) (b)

10-11. Asia Focus Building a Presence: This piece looks at the way different watch groups are seeking to establish a prominent physical presence in Asia, with high-cost and high-status architectural statements (b) LVMH: Setting up in Shanghai. This piece features a conversation with Jean-Marc Lacave, formerly LVMH’s UK chief executive, who has moved to establish an operation in China.

12-13. The Fast Lane Motorcycle Watches: This piece looks at the watches designed with motorcyclists in mind (b) The Right Formula: TAG Heuer is creating a new, limited edition watch in honour of Lewis Hamilton. This piece features an interview with the young McLaren driver.

14. Manly, Chunky – But Female The watch companies are targeting women – but with designs that were once associated with men’s watches. This piece looks at some of these: including Zenith, which is offering women’s watches with metal and ceramic straps, and Links of London. 15. The Collector: Viscount Lindley This piece features a conversation with the Queen’s grandson on his favourite watches 16. The Cult Watch This piece looks at what makes a cult watch – and highlights some examples. 17-22. Buyer’s Guide
(a) (b)


(d) (e)

How To Buy A Watch: This piece offers an A-Z guide to purchasing a beautiful watch. Where To Buy A Watch: This piece reviews the world’s great luxury thoroughbred throughfares – from Bond Street and Place Vendome to Fifth Avenue and the hotel foyers of hotels in Dubai and Hong Kong. Auctions (1): The pre-Christmas auction season is the busiest of the year. This piece highlights some of the best pieces coming up at Antiquorum, Bonhams, Christie's and Sotheby's in November and December and report on Christie's new sale venue in Dubai. Auctions (2): Two pieces on star auctioneers: Vanessa Herrera and Osvaldo Patrizzi How To Find A Vintage Rolex: This piece tells the story of how a buyer went in search of the perfect watch


Accessories: You’ve bought the watch. Now what? This piece reviews some of the nice-to-have accompaniments to the perfect watch – from the - from the watch cuff shirt and the carrying case to the cleaning kit and the deluxe winding boxes in figured walnut with magnifying glass apertures.

23. Top 10 This piece highlights 10 of the top watches in the shops this Christmas 24. New Kids on the Block This piece highlights some of the up-and-coming stars of the watch industry. It indlcues a sidebar on Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde, who went 'live' with their allnew watch brand LindeWerdelin a year ago. ----------

25. The Big Trends This piece reviews some of the big Christmas trends in jewellery. EIC 26-27. Focus: A Leading Jewellery House (a) CEO Interview (b) The Jewellery [plus a sidebar on the watches] 28. Charming Jewellery This piece highlights the fashion for jewellery which contains a message. Theo Fennell and Boodles, among others, are developing this genre beyond the simple charm bracelet. 29-32. Buyer’s Guide (a) What’s Hot (and what’s not): This piece reviews the latest must-haves from the top jewellery houses. It will be accompanied by a sidebar on the boutique jewellery designers such as Vinnie Day, Dinh Van and Carolina Bucci. (b) Buying Online: This piece looks at the options for purchasing luxury jewellery on the internet. De Beers, among others, is opening an “etail” boutique. (c) The Ethical Shopper: This piece looks at the jewellery that its beautiful – and ethical.

(d) DIY Jewellery: Many jewellers offer bespoke services, allowing you to pick your stones and designs for your ring. Cox & Powers, a London jeweller, goes a step further, offering the opportunity for customers to make their own ring, from pummeling the wax into their desired shape with their own hands to the finishing polish. This piece tries out the service. Editorial Information PLEASE NOTE: Special Reports are written by FT staff journalists and a small number of selected freelance writers. They will be specialists in the field and already have regular contacts to update them. It is therefore difficult for an unsolicited submission to be so compelling that it forces its way on to a writer’s agenda. However, it does happen occasionally. We ask that all submissions be sent to, from where they are forwarded to the appropriate writer. Please also note that due to the volume of material received, it is not always possible to acknowledge or reply to every submission. ■ Recently published Surveys and FT Reports, as well as a list of forthcoming FT ■ Reports and their synopses can be downloaded by going to and then clicking on the link to the FT Reports database. For website assistance please call + (0) 20 7775 6297. ■ Back issues of printed Survey and FT Reports cna be obtained from: Historic Newspapers, Signature Online Limited, No 1 waterside Station Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 4US; Tel. no: 0870 165 1470; Fax no: 01582 469 248; or email: This editorial synopsis must not be amended in any way by anyone other than the Editor of Supplements and Special Reports. Advertisement Information For further details of advertising opportunities, please contact , Andrea Frias-Andrade on +44 (0) 20 7873 4356, Fax + 44 (0) 20 7873 4336, email:, or your usual Financial Times representative.