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Where Fashion comes to Life


Walking the Streets and the Catwalks

- by Sutton

RYU: Japans Breakthrough

Chinese Papercut Eyelashes

Western Australias Festival of Fashion

Osaka/Kyoto Street Fashion

...and more!


Photography and editing: Gabriella De Martino Fashion : Sharna Newton Make up: Sabina Ventriglia Hair Stylist: Anzelika Photographys assistant: Micol Ragni Model: Anna@Mandpmodels

What is fashion? Ive been thinking about this throughout the creation of this magazine. For me fashion can be the best tool to express yourself without speaking a word! Like a picture hung in your room shows visitors your taste and perhaps may even reveal what kind of person you are, in the same manner, fashion can show the world who you are! It helps us to be recognized. Those who see us may smile or may be filled with envie. All around the world people follow fashion and its a fun and exciting field to work in. We, a team of foreigners from over 10 different countries backed by a network around the world of over 50 writers in 30 countries and counting, decided to tell the world whats happening in fashion. We know that fashion reporting is changing, its moving online where amateur writers are beginning to have an impact in the direction the fashion world takes. We are giving a voice to some of the best and some of the newest fashion writers. Were collecting the best of the world and putting it in our e-mag and other online editions. We know whats new in Paris will find its way to Osaka, or a new collection of Lagerfeld in New York will be in a store in Berlin... Fashion is something that moves us and takes us out of this grey on grey world. Follow us and get your free copy of En Vie from almost anywhere in the world. Use it to stay in the trend or get ready for the newest look. Find out whats happening around the globe and when you can expect the tide to reach you. Were gathering all the exciting news from newcomers, those in the fashion business and the worlds best and giving it to you and were only just getting started. its all at your fingertips for free on iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC and even other mobile phone devices. Enjoy the world of moving fashion with us and through us! En Vie; where fashion comes to life.

30 5010 e-mag Envie iphone, ipad, Mac, etc...OK!! e-mag

Gabriella De Martino

Gerd Kramer Editor in Chief

Translation by (Yumiko Konishi) []

Text and photos copyright of Gerd Kramer




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RYU Lucila Iotti





DK brings us back to earth in NY The latest collection from Donna Karan has wowed onlookers with a soulful paradox of organic, soft linens and sophisticated silhouettes. The Spring 2011 collection embraces a mythical goddess thats attune to the modern world. Perhaps New York Fashion Weeks most enchanting show!

New York Fashion Week New York, as per usual, kicked off the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion week feast in style on Thursday 09th September. Delivering on last years promise to create a bigger showcase for fashion, the event was moved from Bryant Park, where it has been hosted since 1993, to Damrosch Park and the Lincoln Center complex. Scintillating names such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger make up only a handful of the brilliance unveiled. Make sure you check out our next issue for coverage. London Fashion Week London Fashion Week (LFW) is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world and one of the big four grandslam international catwalk influencers. This years event runs from Friday 17th to Wednesday 22nd of September and is sure to combine the best of British fashion icons with the brightest of burgeoning stars. Lady Gagas Raw Dress for the MTV Awards From an ex-vegans point of view... what a piece of meat. There is much speculation about what she was saying with her choice of outfit, but who cares, she looked fantastic! It was the most stunning creation Ive seen in a long while, shes so slaughterhouse! She is the Marylin Manson of the mainstream, the kick up the ass that the music industry needs right now. How Id love to see a duet with the two of themor at least Manson doing Bad Romance and Gagas version of Tainted Love. Top Fashion Schools take off from Osakas Runways Two of Osakas top schools of fashion showed on Aug. 28th and Sept. 11th what Osakas newcomer fashion designers can do. And yes, Osakas creative quality easily rivals anything Tokyo has to offer. Throughout the two shows, the audience was impressed by the design and ambition the young minds displayed. Showcasing their talents, they went for bold statements and modern materials in a display of cutting edge technique. Osakas stars of the future are flying high. Shanghai Fashion Week Shanghai Fashion Week is around the corner. Showing looks for Spring / Summer 2011, the event will showcase Chinas new talent hoping to be noticed in a busy fashion scene. Catch it from October 20th to 25th at Fu Xing Park.





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Paperself Eyelashes Cinderocker Jewelery

Where Fashion comes to Life

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Buenos Aires Fashion Week Suttons New York Favourites The Post-Fashion Era


Perth Fashion Festival Legs Eleven Stockings MOFO T-shirts Beauty From Within


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Fashion Related Jobs

The Power Of a T-shirt

H&M Six Months of Queuing! Long and eagerly awaited and greeted with queues 100s of metres long, H&Ms 2000th flagship Osakan store is still going strong. While 2500 people waited to get in on opening day, even now 6 months after opening, lines of excited locals still form outside on the busiest of shopping days to search through the 900 square metre, 3 floored glass cuboid stocked with trendy European and Japanese lines. H&M Ebisubash Store, Osaka, hours:11:00~21:00


HM Photo sources: Catwalk Queen, ESMOD Translation by Mark Carpender


Ryuya Kimura, better known as RYU, has come a long way since marvelling at fashions on TV as a curious 10 year old. Having endured a long and bumpy road, his brand RYU, is finally enjoying success in Japan and is about to break the international scene. When I recently sat down for a chat with him, the modest designer was quick to stifle any such hype though. Im tired, its hard work he says through a friendly grimace.
RYUs the first to admit that the designing process didnt come naturally to him in the beginning. I went to a fashion college after high school but I wasnt a very good student, not so motivated. I even found sewing a bit difficult he jokes. It wasnt until his final year at college that RYU realised he could do something great in fashion. RYU now had the ambition but met with several obstacles. The industry in Japan wasnt ready to help a young guy like me. The fashion industry didnt and still doesnt offer much support for young designers. RYU says big companies have too much

power. I couldnt produce a lot of clothes in a short time. RYU didnt want to make clothes for business sake but creations true to himself- something independent. So he took off to London. There RYU crafted his skills, gained valuable work experience and rubbed shoulders with the big and small players in fashion. Not long after returning to home soil, he founded the RYU label; a concept embracing modern and relaxed styles. My clothes are for people who like fashion but arent necessarily fashion followers... certainly not for the brand focused muses RYU. On the couch opposite me, RYU unknowingly embodies these sentiments. RYUs long, lean figure, supports an effortless look punctuated by ankle-high boots. Employing utilitarian, neutral colours the RYU line compliments an everyday-feel whilst imbuing a subtle edge. RYU notes that so many Japanese clothes are made small to fit a small Japanese frame but in my case (pointing out his broad shoulders which I hadnt noticed before), I dont always fit these sizes. I wanted to make clothes for all people.

Although understanding, somewhat reluctantly, that fashion is as much a business as it is an art, RYU still concentrates most of his energy on design. I think theres two kinds of people in fashion; the party, stylistic type and the arty, creator type. To keep growing, RYU says that he must walk both lines but it will always be the latter characteristics that guide his thinking. Knowing the myriad of challenges faced by young designers, RYU teaches at a Fashion School in Osaka. RYU tries to open up opportunity for others where previously he found little. When I ask what makes him happy, he says positive feedback- perhaps the reason he provides it for his aspiring fashion students. As RYU picks up his satchel and disconnects his phone thats been charging during our interview, I belatedly ask about RYUs international prospects. He says that he is selling in Japan in Hong Kong and later in Europe and the States. RYUs hard work is paying off and his dreams are materialising it would seem but you wouldnt have a clue if you met him.

Breaking Through
Words by Michael Hobbs Photos by Makiko Takemura Translation by Noriko Fujita []




Whos That Girl

Words by Michael Hobbs Translated by Yuko Morimoto

Supporting fashion from the ground up, who better to grace our very first cover than little known, Brazillian fashion student, Luiza DAngelo Martins de Melo.
With striking natural beauty and legs that demand attention, Luizas down-to-earth demeanor belie her Amazonian looks. Though told by many along her travels that she should consider modeling full-time, she has chosen to compliment it with a full and varied lifestyle. Thankfully, when persuaded by a classmate to be in a shoot with En Vie she happily agreed. Agreeable as ever under the busy hands of hair and make up, she says appearing on the cover of En Vie is not only an exciting opportunity but another interesting piece of the wider fashion puzzle for her. At just 20, Louisa has a degree in fashion and design, lived and studied in several countries and recently been accepted to work with a top fashion label in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro. When asked about why fashion intrigues her, she soulfully remarked that fashion is an expression of how we see life... a way of communicating through art. As for fashion thats communicating to Luiza right now? Dark shades, floral patterns, leggings oh and the cast of Gossip Girl, she admits. All casual and cool off camera, Luiza effortlessly injected passion in front of the camera. I got the feeling that she might just be one of those people that made everything look natural.

As Xavier de Maistre, the French writer traveled through his room, he looked at every piece of furniture, every engraving as if he was voyaging through a strange land. In effect, he turned the ordinary, extraordinary.
He enjoyed playing with the readers vision and imagination and Todd Selby, through his lens, is doing almost the same thing. As a portrait, interior, and fashion photographer and illustrator, he travels around looking for those dynamic and creative peopleauthors, musicians, artists, and designersand starts his voyage in their personal spaces. He quietly observes his subjects and their objects, capturing moves and energy when he senses them coming to the fore. If you have ever visited his website, you will know what I am saying. Named by as one of the top 20 best Fashion Blogs, you wont just view his watercolor portraits or the illustrated questionnaires he asks his sitters to fill in, but also be charmed by the eye hungrily searching for beauty and the personality and style sparkling behind the objects. As readers, all we hope is Todd Selby s journey could go on and on, as theres no more attractive pleasure,than following ones ideas wherever they lead.

Luiza DAngelo Martins de MeloEn Vie

Luiza VIe En En Vie 1 Luiza Gossip Girl

Voyage Around the Room

Meeting with Fashion photographer Todd Selby

---Todd Selby
Words by Lei Zhang Translated by Fusako

Xavier de Maistre
Todd Selby/ / Todd Selby 20 Todd Selby

Out of the Box

Twenty something photographer, Masato Ugumori does more than just take photos. He builds a world for photos to live. We told him to think outside the box for our latest shoot, so he put a model inside a box! Born and raised in Osaka, Ugumori, is an ambitious photographer who says that when it comes to taking pictures, my instincts guide the way. He divides his time between directing the photo studio 2055 and photographing for advertising campaigns. He also has a solo photography exhibition in the works.
Words by Michael Hobbs
Photos of Masato copyright Masato Ugumori

20 2055 Translation by (Yumiko Konishi) []

Photos copyright Todd Selby Photo Source:

Fabulous Feet:

Lucila Iotti
The 36-year-old Buenos Aires-born shoe designer experiments with bold color combinations and sexy silhouettes in her unique designs (think hot pink stiletto heels, geometrics and animal prints) handcrafted from the finest leather, suede and satin. Her small collections of sexy, yet remarkably comfortable, heels are already causing a stir on the Argentine fashion scene and are slowly attracting the attention of fashionistas around the world, including Sex & the City stylist Patricia Field, who referenced them in a trailer for the first Sex & the City film. Lotti is currently looking to break into the overseas market. How did you get into shoe design? I could never find any shoes that I wanted to buy. I wanted something colourful and all the shoes in Argentina were very boring so in May 2007, I decided to start my own brand. What do you remember most about your childhood? My mother was my biggest source of inspiration. She was very elegant and had her own personal style. I remember that she always wore heels. She died when I was nine years old so I didnt get the chance to fully share her love for fashion. My father had a mens tailoring business, lotti, which I didnt really pay much attention to but I was always surrounded by fashion and I went on to study pattern making. What inspired your latest shoe collection? I never really set out with anything specific in mind but after a collection starts to take on form, certain ideas emerge. Something that is maybe a constant is the theme of dance floors. Ive always like them. I think that my shoes work well for the daytime as well as night. Although my designs are quite bold

Lucila Iotti
Patricia Field Iotti Alexandre Herchcovitch

Lucila Iotti
Words by Sophie Lloyd Translated by Mark Carpender

If youre mad about shoes, in particular the statement making, highheeled variety, then make some space next to your Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos because Lucila Iottis shoes are set to be the next big thing.
Do you have any plans to design clothing too? Im not sure at the moment. Im really interested in textile design because I havent found a lot of fabrics that I like here. I would like to develop fabrics to use in my shoes to start with and then maybe after I could try something fun with clothing. What do you like to do when youre not working? Spend time with the people I love.

For you, what makes a good shoe? The quality of the materials, the shoe last, the mold, everything is important and must be taken into consideration. Sometimes I design styles that I really love but they dont work with the foot so I have to start again. All my shoes are made by hand and the designs are complicated. Its important that each one is produced with patience and dedication. Describe your favorite pair of shoes? I love a pair of black patent leather shoe boots from my latest collection with triangular panels of orange and yellow on either side. Who are your favorite fashion designers? I love the fabulous deigns of Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. His use of color and aesthetic is similar to mine. Im also a big fan of vintage clothing. For shoes, I love Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood.

E Malabia 2212, Buenos Aires, Agentina, (+5411) 4833 0206, email:

Lucila Iottis shoes are currently only available from her Buenos Aires boutique but you view her full collection online and can order a pair by email. Malabia 2212, Buenos Aires, Argentina (+5411) 4833 0206 email:




Now in...

/Kyoto Osaka

Photos by Akiyo Yagyu and Anna Hardwick


For those who know... A jewellery label which combines Rock Star with Cinderella? That is exactly how one would describe the beautiful and irrepressible Louisa Peach Tinkerbell Baker.

Paper eyelashes, the newest edition to Paperself
Theres a rich variety of eyelashes out there but have you ever imagined paper eyelashes? The first time I saw these paper eyelashes made by Paperself, it occurred to me that they were designed for Tinker Bell or the spirits that live in A Midsummer Nights Dream. Yes, how could they refuse such temptation? Inspired by the art of Chinese papercutting, Paperselfs eyelashes blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design. Each design is infused with symbolic meaning deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The Horse is symbolic of success, the Peony Flower is for happiness and prosperity and the Peach Blossom symbolizes love and romance. As the name implies, paper eyelashes are made of waterproofed paper, an eco-friendly material. If youre an ecofashionista, then this should most certainly be your choice. Theyre also unique and expressive. The eyelashes come in two sizes. Accentuate the corners of your eyes with the smaller lashes for a subtle daytime look. Or make a bold statement with the full lashes for a special occasion. Designed by Ting Yu Wang and developed and produced by the Paperself team, these eyelashes capture the beauty, lightness and mysteriousness of the paper-cut silhouette combined with a deep symbolic meaning. Wear these little black wings and be transformed into a dewed spirit.

My Lovely Eyelashes

Ting Yu Wang

Here You Are,

A model in a previous life, Louisa studied fashion design and went to live in London where she started making jewellery as a hobby. I chose to design jewellery, as opposed to clothing, as I like that nothing is seasonal, so theyre things that you can wear all the time. You can add pieces to change an outfit: you could wear the same black dress but wear pieces to glam it up like shiny black or silver, or keep it neutral with wood-rosary. Now back in Australia for the past 10 years, she launched her label at the Perth Fashion Festival in 2008 (now seen on FTV International). The native Perth-girl decided to follow her passion and turn her love for design into Cinderocker: flirty, feminine pieces with a rock star edge are the underlying themes of this fashion forward jewellery label.

Whether you choose to layer or wear just one stunning piece at a time, you will be sure to get noticed.

For Cinderellas that fall in love with rock stars

Words by Deb Olds Translation by Shoko Namba

Cinderocker() Louisa Peach Tinkerbell Baker

10 2008 Perth Fashion Festival Cinderocker Louisa 70 Stevie Nicks( Fleetwood Mac) Cinderocker

The collection is unique in the market and vastly expanding. Gorgeous sterling silver baubles and chains, religious icons, ancient coins and semi precious stones give the line a unique style. Whether you choose to layer or wear just one stunning piece at a time, you will be sure to get noticed. Cinderocker has enjoyed much success and Louisa has plans to release a mens range and expand the brand internationally. Louisa cites 70s rock goddess Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac and a star in her own right) as a serious inspiration: I love how she would wear gorgeous floating Grecian gowns combined with stunning feminine jewellery but then get on stage and turn every head in the house with a raw, emotive voice and cutting lyrics. Cinderocker has left the building..with her Rockstar, of course!

Words by Lei Zhang Translation by Mark Carpender Photos by Paperself


Orders available online: () or go to her Facebook page: Cinderocker

Photos copyright Deb Olds.


Buenos Aires
Spring Summer

Fashion Week

2010 / 2011

Words by Sophie Lloyd Translations by Fusako and Shoko Namba


Juana de Arco

Juana de Arco, led by local Buenos Aires designer Mariana Corts, is renowned for its fresh, quirky spirit inspired by nature and the colors, patterns and traditions of Latin America. The designers Spring / Summer 2011 collection was no exception. The Nanduti motif (traditional Paraguayan lace finely spun in the shape of spider webs) was a recurring element embellishing the neckline, hem and waistline of T-shirts, skimpy vest tops, shorts and mini summer dresses while psychedelic prints and acid colors added an 80s feel. The butterfly was another key motif signalling the birth of spring. The overall mood was playful, flirty and feminine, perfect for a balmy afternoon spent lazing in the park.
Mariana CortsJuana de Arco 2011 Nanduti 80

Argentine native Solange Mayo isnt afraid to turn heads with her ultra-sexy high end swimwear. Principally designed for women endowed with a bigger bust (be they real or fake), the stylish lycra pieces perfectly flatter a womans curves and lines. For Spring Summer 2010/11, her collection featured bikinis, classic one-piece suits and the currently-in-vogue monokinis embellished with luxury details such as beading, lace, leather and a handful of tassels. The color palette moved from fresh aqua blue to rich shades of turquoise, emerald green and copper to classic white and lashings of animal print. While S-Mode can currently be found in the biggest multibrand stores around Argentina, they plan to open their first boutique in October in Buenos Aires Palermo Soho.
Solange Mayo 2010/11 S-Mode 10Palermo Soho1

Marcelo Senra

Salta-born designer Marcelo Senra has been in the fashion business for 18 years so knows a thing or two about what women want. Describing his collections as artisan ready to wear, he combines luxe fabrics and details with traditional techniques. The inspiration for his Spring Summer 2010/ 2011 collection was Morocco. His exotic looking models paraded down the catwalk clad in headscarves and floaty garments in dusty, earthy tones, pastel blues and virginal white, ready for a trek through the desert or a safari expedition. The pieces ranged from floor-skimming maxi dresses to short smock dresses accessorized with pretty mosaicinspired prints, accents and eye-catching jewelry.
Marcelo Senra 18 () 2010/2011


At the forefront of Buenos Aires avantgarde fashion movement is radical design duo Camila Milessi y Emiliano Blanco for Kostme. Their architectural-inspired aesthetic experiments with fabrics, textures and silhouettes for a structured yet casual luxe look. Their Spring Summer 2010/11 collection in their signature black and white palette featured a neat range of separates including T-shirts, tailored pants, T-shirt dresses and skirts in cotton, leather, silk and chiffon. The dizzying geometric prints, deconstructed zip detail and heavy-duty black platforms created a 3-D, futuristic feel complete with a thick application of acid orange lipstick that left a lasting impression.
Kostme Camila Milessi & Emiliano Blanco 2010/11

While in the northern hemisphere, the fashion world is busy filling out their Autumn/Winter wardrobe and gearing up for the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion weeks, down south Buenos Aires is one step behind (or ahead, depending on which way you want to look at it).
As the first signs of spring are starting to appear, the city recently showcased the Spring/Summer 2010/2011 collections during Buenos Aires Fashion Week (or BAF Week as its more fondly known). The shows ran from August 11 to August 13 in the citys palatial expo center La Rural. The line up of 14 designers and brands was strictly Argentine. Although heavily dominated by commercial high street names, a handful of the countrys most promising designers showcased very promising collections. Heres my pick of the best:

2011 ()
BAF) 2010/2011 La Rural 811813 14


I love mixing high & low. A basic work shirt becomes tres chic when sequins are added.

These summer favorites will follow me into fall.

Proenza Schouler PSI, $1995

Current/Elliot, $295 Ashish, $850

Here it Comes, the Post Fashion Era!

If the Queen of Fashion Marie Antoinette woke up someday in our time, she would first browse her favorite fashion blogs for inspiration for the days dressing, and then download the latest issue of Vogue France to her iPad. After that, she might start to twitter about her newest looks and forthcoming parties, just like anyone of us.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the postfashion era! The time when fashion editors dictated wardrobe cleaning or trends were set only by elite designers and celebrities, will soon become history. Thanks to revolutionary channels like blogs and tweets, fashion amateurs have become more confident and comfortable expressing their own personal styles. The diversity of these perspectives are beginning to more or less inspire the whole industry and can be even seen in a single designers collection, for instance, Diane von Furstenburgs spring 2010 collection. As amateurs keep voicing and making differences in the fashion industry, it might soon be that bloggers like Diane Pernet and the teenage media sensation Tavi will exert as much influence as power editors and critics like Anna Wintour. Are traditional fashion magazines due to become the next extinct thing, just like the apparent finial destiny of traditional newspapers and books? Are we facing the demise of the platform or will the e-mag continue the dominance the paper mag used to hold? Regardless of the outcome, the ever digitalizing of fashion will only make things better Words by Lei Zhang Translation by Daria Miura for those of us looking for choice. With designers having greater access to the perspectives of those who wear their fashion, aesthetic turnovers will be much faster and merchandise will become more alert to every possible desire. As for those of us who blog, tweet and express ourselves online, it may just be that we are the ones who will be deciding whats hot and whats not. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how the Post-fashion Daria Miura era works. Lei Zhang

Words by Lei Zhang Translation by Daria Miura Images by Ross Wirtanen

Miu Miu $595 & $650

It soothes my tired summer locks and adds shine for fall.


Swatch, $150

Fall Favourites


Marie Antoinette iPad Twitter

Twitter Diane von Furstenburg Anna Wintour Diane Pernet Tavi

Moroccan Oil, $20

Sutton Schuller of shares her favourites for fall.



Camel coats are forever classic, a must for every woman. Revamped as a cape makes it fun and modern.

Mixer, $300 Baking Cups, $12

Stella McCartney, $1,445


Slippers are not just for the bedroom anymore.

A fur collar will become the most versatile item in your wardrobe.


Jimmy Choo, $495

Adrienne Landau, $595 intermixonline


Fashion Festival

Perth Fashion Festival took place from 9th 15th September 2010. Held mainly at Fashion Paramount in the Old Gasworks Building, with the venue housing over 600 guests in the urban-chic, uber-cool warehouse. Perths first live blogging runway show, a celebrated supermodel photographer Russell James and a Pussy Cat Doll were just some of the highlights of this years Perth Fashion Festival Program. The seven day fashion extravaganza now in its 12th year showcased an eclectic mix of 160 labels, 100 models and over 100 talented West Australian designers presented across 50 events.

2010915 600 Pussy Cat Doll 127 160 100 100 50 Words by Deborah Olds Translation by Yuko Morimoto

Pussycat Doll Prowls in Perth Fashion Festival

Words by Deborah Olds Photos by Ruth Tarvydas []

Pop star and member of the Pussycat Dolls, Ashley Roberts jetted into Perth for Perth Fashion Festivals Ruth Tarvydas runway show this Friday, 10 September.
Opening the show, Roberts walked the runway in a gown from Tarvydas Spring Summer 10/11 collection. The Tarvydas brand is famous for its sexy dresses and has been worn by the Pussy Cat Dolls, Amy Winehouse, Emma Watson, Jodie Kidd and a host of Australian starlets, including or very own Miss Universe winner, Jennifer Hawkins. Ruth said that she had invited Ashley to star in her show as she epitomises the Tarvydas brand: youthful, sexy and fun.

Wheels & Dollbaby:

Words and Photos by Deborah Olds Translation by Mark Carpender

Clothes to Snare a Millionaire

Ashley is a headline act and I am screaming with excitement that she is opening my show! Ashley is also set to impress us for a second time as she takes control of the turntables for a celebrity guest DJ set at our after party in the Fashion Bar. Tarvydas said. I am really pumped about coming to Perth - it is such a gorgeous city. I am thrilled to be starring in the Ruth Tarvydas runway show for Perth Fashion Festival! I love her style and edginess and I cant wait to try on all of her dazzling dresses, said Ashley. A sell-out success for the second time in two years, the Ruth Tarvydas show was one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week long Fashion Festival.

Pussycat Doll
Pussycat Dolls Ashley Roberts 910 Ruth Tarvydas
Tarvydas10/11 Tarvydas

Perth Fashion Festivals Fashion Paramount hosted a star-studded event last night with international celebrities and the whos who of Western Australias fashion set turning up for the highly anticipated, Wheels & Dollbaby runway show.
The 43 piece collection didnt disappoint, staying true to the signature Wheels and Dollbaby style of rock and roll inspired leopard print, rose tattoos, minis and pencil skirts, paired with classic Wheels and Dollbaby cardigans. For those who do not know Wheels, check out Katy Perry in the many Dollbaby outfits she bought while recently in Sydney. Dita Von Teese, London It girl and daughter of Mick Jagger and 70s Super Model Jerry Hall (who is currently in Perth and attended last night) Georgia Jagger, Sienna Miller, Britney Spears, Daisy Lowe and Amy Winehouse, are just some of the fans that have been seen wearing Melanies designs....and of course, this author!

TATOO, Katy Perry Dita Von Teese s Jerry Hall Georgia Jagger Sienna Miller Britney Spears Daisy Lowe Amy WinehouseMelanie

Amy Winehouse Emma Watson Jodie Kidd Jennifer Hawkins





Tarvydas Ruth

Tarvydas Ashley Ruth Tarvydas

Translation by Yuko Morimoto 24


Welcome to LEGS ELEVEN...

For sexy, stylish legs to suit all occasions, Legs Eleven is the perfect place to shop. Based in Australia and shipping internationally Legs Eleven will make your legs look incredible with unique and quality designs. These gorgeous stockings make you stand out from the crowd and feel amazing to wear. Legs Eleven Stocking Couture:
Words and Photos copyright Kornelia Keskes.

Beauty From Within

Words and Photos by Erika


Our six essentials... 1. Armor yourself! Almonds Primary function: Protect the skin. Active substance: Vitamin E. We recommend: Try 10 almonds per day. Perfect as a snack or added to a salad or muesli. 2. See in the dark! Carrots Primary function: Weve all heard how carrots improve vision, but they also even skin-tone. Active substance: Carotenes. Carrots are rich in vitamin A too. We recommend: Eat at least 50 grams per day. Eat a little healthy fat (from nuts, oil or fish) together with carrots; this helps the body absorb all those beautifying nutrients. 3. Shine on! Salmon Primary function: Gives you clean, clear skin and increases the production of shiny, healthy hair. Active substance: Polyunsaturated omega 3 fatty acid, selenium and vitamin D. We recommend: Try salmon with rye-bread (or other wholegrain bread) a few times a week. Thisll give your body the required amount of fatty acids and vitamin D it loves. 4. Look brand new! Eggs Primary function: Strengthens your skin, hair and nails. Active substance: Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin, which belongs to the vitamin B family. Whole eggs are best because they contain vitamin E, vitamin B12, selenium and protein. We recommend: Crack an egg every day. With a healthy diet you wont risk to high a cholesterol level either. 5. Splash your skin! Water Primary function: Moisten the skin. Active substance: H2O We recommend: Drink two pints of water per day and more during exercise. Theres no need to drink gallons of water everyday. Just enough so that you never feel thirsty. Everything you drink during the day except alcohol, coffee and tea counts. Remember there is also water in vegetables and fresh fruit. 6. Peal back the years! Oranges Primary function: Counteracts wrinkles and helps the elasticity of the skin. Active substance: Vitamin C. 100 grams of an orange contains 61 milligrams of vitamin C equal to 81% of your daily recommended intake.

Eat yourself to gorgeous skin and luscious locks! Maximise your appearance naturally, without costly cosmetics. Effectively transport vital nutrients from the inside. Apparently, beauty really does come form within!

Merchants of Fine Objects

Cairns, Australia, is not so well known for its creative culture. MOFO (Merchants Of Fine Objects) is changing that perception. Lead by local artist Sam Tupou, this collective produces a range of hand printed T-shirts containing an eclectic mix of designs and graphic styles. With limited edition numbers, each T-shirt is instantly collectable. Check out
MOFO(Merchants Of Fine Objects) Sam Tupou T
Words by Warren Popelier Photos copyright Ania Ganowicz Translation by Shoko Nsmba


We recommend: Eat an orange a day. Have for breakfast or as a snack. If youre freshly squeezing your oranges, forgo a smooth finish for smoother skin and leave in the nutrientpacked pulp. Now you know what to add to your grocery... or should I say beauty list. Please be aware that this is not medical advice. Always seek qualified advice before drastically changing your diet.



We are importers of casual knitted & woven/denim fashion separates for the volume 16-30 age category ladies fashion sector, supplying major high street multiples. As part of our rapid expansion, we are seeking to fill the following vacancy: Ladies Denim Designer

Staff Wanted
Japanese Person (until about 43) wanted for part time job at a friendly and international agency for fashion (magazine) and foreign models / talents. In Osaka / Kitahorie! Simple / conversation English is ok! but good keigo for japanese clients on phone, e-mails and meetings. work about 4 days the week. Very interesting job (office work, but also to locations for movies and fashion photo shootings) with many possibilities for the future. email:, or call 06-6532-7117 or 090-1586-6024

Fashion Production Assistant

The London School of Modelling are offering an exciting internship for between 4 months and 1 year. You must be smart, computer literate, hard working, have a passion for fashion and photography and have an approachable and friendly attitude. Egos will not be tolerated. Ideal skills: Some Marketing and PR experience Date entry and use of web Good telephone conversation skills An eye for fashion and style Good at co ordinating events Must be able to multi task and work to deadlines Some knowledge of photoshop and adobe contribute preferred This is a fantastic opportunity for the right person to immerse themselves in the world of modelling. Would suit a recent graduate or someone looking to break into world of fashion/ modelling Please note this is NOT a modelling position - would be models need not apply. All work is strictly behind the camera.

Space for Rent

Nice big space available, with tables, chair, and so on, ready to get started, for FASHION DESIGNER in a creative studio. (photo studios & graphic designers, model agency & fashion magazine in the same building) good light & friendly surroundings. small deposit but NO keymoney, friendly and intl. image, any nationality ok! (Osaka, Kitahorie) write to:

Raddi Esthetics
is conveniently located near Universal City Station in Osaka (10 min from Osaka station) and provides professional esthetics to both foreign and Japanese women. Keep your body and skin healthy with a facial, or massage. Keep yourself feeling feminine with natural wax hair removal. Or, treat yourself to a full beauty regimen including treatments such as pedicures,foot care, foot massage,eyelash tint,eyelash curling and Balinese head massage, appointments are made by reservation, so mail today for yours!

Vintage Jewellery Intern

Intern role for an enthusiastic, hardworking individual within an exciting up and coming vintage jewellery retailer. Must have a fashion related or business degree. Job roles will include but not be limited to: Preparing orders Small jewellery repairs Store visits Assisting team on press call ins Preparing showroom for buying appointments All expenses including transport and lunch will be paid. To apply please send your CV to Tel:06-6460-5070

Hair studio


Advert/sales reps
wanted for fashion mag. Friendly and good Jap. skill. Foreigners and Japanese. Work in your free time, commission. Start to work in an amazing branch. (06)6532-7117,

Cut 3,150 (Men/Women) & Shampoo 3,780 Highlight (Half) ~4,200 (Full) ~7,350 Straightening System 9,450~12,600


for photo+TV+fashion+events... beginners,talents,performers... almost all ages + nationalities call: 06-6532-7117 or mail to

Located 5 minutes from Sannomiya Stn. in central Kobe. You will hear Japanese guidance at first, please hold the line for 5sec. Book 0783915141 Now!! Tue-Sun 11am to 8pm.



Back in 1983 when fashion designer Katherine Hamnett wore her famous protest t-shirts to meet then British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, it became the stuff of fashion legend. Since then, although the t-shirts power to spark change has become a useful tool for causes worldwide, only too often the design and quality can be a little lacking. Not so the merchandise produced by family owned and operated business, EcoJoia. The t-shirts and hats are made from certified organic cotton using earthfriendly dyes and printing inks. The

womens tees are especially soft and light-weight and have a flattering cut, so you dont have to feel like you are wearing a billboard to get your message across. The accessories are also all made from environmentally conscious, organic materials because at EcoJoia they want to keep the destructive chemicals out of the ground. Launched in July 2009, EcoJoia sells merchandise that supports seven environmental and humanitarian non-profit organizations. To get a true understanding of the causes supported and to make an online order go to

The Power of a T-shirt

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Fashion represents a special jewel in the creative world. Its free, fluid and touches us everyday. You can find it on a catwalk in Paris but you can also find it in a back alley in Osaka. Dig deeper still and youll meet a multicultural, mish-mash of creatives that like to keep things business as unusual. Inspired by wild Osakan fashions that pierce through concrete greys and uniform blacks, the En Vie team are daring to tell an international story. We realise fashion is seducing the senses and lighting up hidden pockets of the world with every moment. En Vie wishes to capture this phenomenon and share it with you. Words by Michael Hobbs Translation by Shoko Namba

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