GiN:  Primary  Elec/ons  Policy
Grassroots  in  Nebraska  (GiN)'s  policy  regarding  primary  elec8ons  is  to  encourage  a  process  that  ensures  voters   are  fully  informed  about  all  candidates  in  the  race,  so  that  in  the  general  elec8on  they  are  able  to  choose  the   candidate  they  believe  will  best  represent  their  interests.       Our  research  and  experience  to  date  has  revealed  a  number  of  trends,  par8cularly  within  the  Nebraska   Republican  party  leadership,  which  ensure  advantage  to  par8cular  candidates,  while  disadvantaging  others.   Too  oDen,  candidates  appear  to  be  anointed  by  a  small,  elite  power  circle  within  the  party,  not  because  they   are  the  best  candidate,  but  because  they  best  represent  the  interests  of  the  party.    We  believe  candidates   should  be  elected  because  they  best  represent  the  interests  of  the  people  and  are  commiFed  to  cons8tu8onal   governance.    It  is  our  assessment  that  poli8cal  par8es  and  their  leadership  should  maintain  neutrality  during   primary  seasons.  Unfortunately,  recent  changes  to  NE-­‐GOP's  Cons8tu8on  and  Rules  have  undone  some   provisions  which  previously  provided  at  least  some  balance  in  the  process. An  addi8onal  obstruc8on  to  an  open  and  informa8ve  primary  elec8on  environment  is  the  increasing   na8onaliza8on  of  state  elec8ons,  because  na8onal  groups,  organiza8ons,  and  even  individuals  desire  to   influence  the  outcome  for  their  own  purposes,  which  frequently  are  not  based  on  the  interests  of  the  people   within  a  state.  Since  it  is  GiN's  stated  mission  to  promote  a  return  to  Cons8tu8onal,  limited  government   according  to  its  original  meaning,  we  believe  this  na8onalizing  of  elec8ons  amplifies  the  increasing   na8onaliza8on  of  governmental  func8ons,  a  trend  that  is  in  diametric  opposi8on  to  a  balanced  federalism,   within  which  the  federal  government  has  limited  and  enumerated  powers.  We  believe  we  can  only  return  to  a   government  that  is  federal  rather  than  na8onal  in  character,  and  which  leaves  those  powers  not  specifically   enumerated  to  the  federal  government  to  the  States  and  to  the  People,  when  poli8cal  party  structures  and   their  policies,  grassroots  groups  and  their  ac8vism,  and  individual  decision  making  promote  those  principles. With  these  principles  in  mind,  GiN  will  work  to  provide  informa8on  on  all  candidates  in  the  Republican  primary   elec8on  for  Nebraska's  U.S.  Senate  seat  currently  held  by  Ben  Nelson.    It  is  our  inten8on  to  report  to  our   readers  and  members  the  results  of  research  and  monitoring  we  have  done  and  will  con8nue  to  undertake   regarding  all  of  the  candidates,  the  policies  and  conduct  of  NE-­‐GOP,  repor8ng  by  the  media,  other  ac8vist   groups,  and  aFempts  by  na8onal  organiza8ons  and  groups  to  influence  the  race.   Finally,  GiN  may  engage  in  any  other  ac8vi8es  that  we  believe  may  assist  in  promo8ng  a  level-­‐playing  field  for   all  of  the  candidates,  including  scheduled  opportuni8es  to  meet  them.

Our mission is to actively promote a return to Constitutional government according to its original meaning, as the most effective avenue to encourage public policy that promotes personal responsibility, protects individual liberty and property, and guarantees limited government, sovereignty, and free markets. For more information: www.grassrootsne.com

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