Pro-Choice” Violence and Illegal Activities in Wisconsin

Appleton Baraboo Madison Milwaukee Stevens Point Appleton, Wisconsin
Attempted Homicide of an Unborn Child, Reckless Endangerment, Placing Foreign Objects in Edibles, Unlawful Delivery of a Prescription Drug, Stalking, Burglary, Possession of Burglary Tools and Violating a Restraining Order This database documents a number of cases where cowardly “pro-choice” men have demanded that their girlfriends get abortions. When the women refuse, the men slip easily-available abortifacient drugs into their drinks or food. Sometimes the men grind up the RU-486 abortion pill and slip it into a drink; other times they use drugs intended to make cattle miscarry. This sneaky attack is typical of the selfish and cowardly “pro-choice” mentality, and is significant because no national “pro-choice” group has ever condemned them.

Manishkumar M. Patel of Outagamie County had a problem on his hands. His girlfriend Darshana Patel [no relation] had refused his demands to abort their preborn twins. So, in November 2007, he obtained RU-486 (mifepristone) from his native India and put it in her food. Darshana suspected foul play and refused to touch the spiked food, but instead turned it over to police, who confirmed the presence of the abortifacient drug. On November 28, 2007, police charged Manish Patel with first-degree attempted intentional homicide of an unborn child, second-degree reckless endangerment, placing foreign objects in edibles, unlawful delivery of a prescription drug, stalking, burglary, possession of burglary tools and knowingly violating a harassment restraining order. Patel admitted to authorities that he had, in fact, spiked Darshana’s food with the abortifacient pill. He was jailed under $750,000 bond, raised from friends, business associates and relatives. But he

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skipped bail and left the country, too cowardly to face the consequences of his actions. The bond was forfeited, and $6,200 of it was awarded to Darshana for damages. References: Steven Ertelt. “Wisconsin Man Charged With Trying to Cause Girlfriend to Have Abortion.”, November 28, 2007; Steven Ertelt. “Woman in Wisconsin Who was Victim of Forced Abortion Attempt Receives Bond Money.”, April 12, 2010.

Baraboo, Wisconsin
Sexual Abuse of a Child In February 2001, a mother in Baraboo, Wisconsin took Planned Parenthood's advice to heart and purchased condoms for her 13-year-old son when she discovered he was having sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl. The mother was indicted on charges of sexually abusing a child by permitting her son to have sexual relations before he was of age. Reference: Tony Gosgnach. "Planned Parenthood Exposed." The Interim, February 2003.

Madison, Wisconsin
First-Degree Murder, Rape, Forced Abortion and Abuse of a Corpse In 1997, Peter Kupaza raped his cousin, Mwenvano Mwambashi Kupaza, then forced her to have an abortion when she became pregnant. Kupaza claimed that Mwenvano had returned to her home in Tanzania, so that's where her friends thought she was, while her family in Tanzania thought that she was still living in Madison. On July 31, 1999, a woman and her children found a female torso and several garbage bags filled with body parts. The face, head and neck had been skinned, and the feet were missing. Kupaza was arrested and charged with Mwenvano's murder. He said that he had talked with her father in April, and claimed that her father had told him that Mwenvano had arrived home safely. But when police called her father, he said that he had not spoken to Kupaza in more than two years, and had not seen his daughter since June 1998. When police searched Kupaza's apartment, they found Mwenvano's Bible and purse. Kupaza's former wife testified about how he abused her, and about how people in Tanzania often butcher their own livestock, and are therefore skilled with the use of knives. A jury convicted Kupaza of first-degree murder. Reference: Katherine Ramsland. "Killing Cousins." Tru TV's Crime Library at

First-Degree Reckless Homicide of an Unborn Child, Rape, Torture and First-Degree Assault David P. Enis was a "pro-choicer" who simply could not control his violent urges. He beat, kicked,

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raped and tortured his girlfriend, who was 8½ months pregnant, so badly that she gave birth to a stillborn child. She was horribly scarred all over her body from savage bites, cigarette burns, and lashings from electrical cords. On December 13, 2000, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Kitty Brennan sentenced him to thirty years in prison, saying "What you did was unthinkable to most people in our community." Enis' lawyer had unsuccessfully tried to challenge the constitutionality of Wisconsin's fetal homicide law during the trial. Reference: "Man Gets 30 Years Under Feticide Law." Wisconsin], December 16, 2000. The Wisconsin State Journal [Madison,

Attempted First-Degree Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child, First-Degree Reckless Endangerment and Tampering with Household Products (3 counts) According to official police documents and media reports, the following events occurred in and around Madison, Wisconsin. On March 2, 2008, 23-year-old Daniel C. Bliefernicht's girlfriend, Sarah Pienkowski, announced to him that she was pregnant and that she wanted to keep her baby. Bliefernicht, a farmer, was not at all happy. Sarah later testified that he "freaked" and wanted nothing to do with the baby. So, in May 2008, he obtained Oxytocin and Lutalyse, drugs that veterinarians use to abort pregnancies in cows, and mixed them into three beverage bottles, which he then gave to his girlfriend. Sarah thought the beverages tasted strange, so she took them to police, who turned them over to a state crime lab that tested them. On March 25, 2010, Bliefernicht was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, first-degree reckless endangerment, and three counts of tampering with household products. Fortunately, Sarah gave birth to a healthy girl on November 15, 2008. References: Ed Treleven. "DeForest Man Faces Charges of Trying to Terminate His Girlfriend's Pregnancy with Veterinary Drugs." Wisconsin State Journal, March 25, 2010; "Prosecutors: Woman Given Drugs to End Pregnancy." Wisconsin State Journal, March 26, 2010. Assault, First-Degree Reckless Injury, and False Imprisonment Tracy Marciniak was just five days away from delivering a healthy baby boy she had already named Zachariah. On February 8, 1992, her estranged husband, Glenndale Black, appeared at her apartment, and the two argued. The argument soon turned violent, however, and Black grabbed Tracy by her hair and deliberately punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Tracy said "It felt like it had gone all the way through me." Following his attack, Black refused to call for help for his wife, who was in agony, and he even prevented her from calling for help. After about 15 minutes of her screaming in pain, he finally went to a bar and called for help. Tracy was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where Zachariah was delivered by emergency Caesarean section. He was dead. The physicians said he had bled to death inside Tracy because of blunt-force trauma. Tracy's own injuries were life-threatening, and she nearly died. She had to spend three weeks in the hospital. It took over three years for this case to go to trial. Because Zachariah was not considered a "born

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person," prosecutors could not charge Black with homicide. They prosecuted him under a 1955 abortion law, but failed to win a conviction on the abortion count, because that law required that they prove a specific intent to destroy the life of Tracy's preborn child. However, a jury did convict Black of assault and reckless injury, and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. A photograph taken at Zachariah's funeral shows a grieving mother holding what appears to be a healthy, sleeping baby. Seeing the picture, most people would see two victims of crime. But, not surprisingly, heartless pro-abortionists closed ranks against Tracy and Zachariah. Pro-aborts insisted that nobody died on the night of February 8, and that there was only one crime victim: Tracy. Though Tracy once considered herself "strongly pro-choice," she was furious when she discovered that the law didn't protect her wanted unborn son, and was even more angry that so-called "women's groups" wouldn't back her quest for a state law punishing his killer. Now she is pro-life and works with the National Right to Life Committee, appearing in an ad for the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Tracy said "There were two victims. He got away with murder." And so, pro-abortion lawmakers and activists fanatically opposed all attempts by the Federal and state governments to pass any form of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA). As always, they turn against women when they are victims. Their only thoughts are to protect their precious 'right' to abortion. As Tracy told Congress, I know that some lawmakers insist that there is no such thing as an unborn victim ― but that is callous, and it is wrong. Please don't tell me that my son was not a real victim of a real crime. We were both victims, but only I survived ... The man who killed Zachariah got away with murder. The family of Laci Peterson and her unborn child, Conner, also know what it's like to be told they lost only one family member to murder, as one feminist leader claimed. That's why the family wants this bill called the "Laci and Conner's Law." ... No surviving mother, father, or grandparent should ever again be told that their murdered loved one never even existed in the eyes of the law. UVVA bills would not affect abortion laws, and yet the abortion lobby tried frantically to kill the Federal version. Why? It's because they know that a law protecting a Conner or Zachariah changes the entire abortion debate. Up until now, abortion zealots have successfully portrayed abortion as a hard choice women make only in desperate circumstances. They say the fetus is not really a "person," that a woman's "choice" is nobody else's business. But who could see pictures of Zachariah and still believe the "fetus" is less than a human person? Who could witness the agony of Conner Peterson's grandparents and still believe that the death of an unborn child affects no one but the mother? Most dangerous of all, for the abortion lobby, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act portrays the baby as a victim, which sets up an unpleasant conflict in the hearts and minds of Americans. If the "fetus" is a person, how can we take his life indiscriminately? And if it's illegal for fathers to bludgeon unborn babies to death, why are we letting mothers hire an abortionist to do the same thing? References: Debra Rosenberg. "The War Over Fetal Rights." Newsweek Magazine, June 9, 2003; Testimony of Tracy Marciniak before the House Judiciary Constitution Subcommittee, on the Unborn

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Victims of Violence Act of 2003 (H.R. 1997), July 8, 2003; Charles Colson. "One Victim or Two?: The Unborn Victims of Violence Act." BreakPoint with Charles Colson, September 10, 2003. Assault and Battery, False Imprisonment and Negligence On December 8, 2000, William Goodman performed a one-man rescue mission at the Madison abortion mill. Nine pro-lifers were gathered at the abortion mill at about 9:30 AM. A couple approached the mill. While the sidewalk counselor offered them literature, Will calmly and openly walked into the Meriter Hospital building, which houses the abortuary, undetected. He even walked directly past the security guard, who did not notice him. Will got on the elevator and, on the ride up, was able to counsel a father in crisis. He arrived at the locked door to the waiting room, and stood outside talking to a young woman about adoption for several minutes. He also delivered a letter to the secretary for abortionist Denis Christensen. The letter said in part, "My wish is to bear witness to the reality that love is possible, no matter how challenging the situation. ... Through non-violent means I hope to testify to the goodness of the truth, defend the integrity of every human person no matter how small, and enter into solidarity with those human persons most forgotten and most in need ..." After Will delivered the letter, Kimberly Christensen, daughter of the abortionist and employee at the abortuary, passed by him and proceeded to open the locked door to the waiting room. Will followed right behind her and was able to get into the waiting room itself. Will began to talk to Kimberly about the sanctity of life. She was so irate that she put him in a headlock with one arm and tried to shut his jaw with the other, actually suffocating him. Because Will was obviously unable to breathe, the other clinic workers began to object to her violence, for fear that she was going to kill him. Meanwhile he sank down to his knees, remaining completely limp and unresisting. When further pressed by her co-workers to let him go, Kimberly shouted out in complete frustration, "But he won't shut up!" At the urging of her co-workers, she eventually let Will go. The abortion mill called police, but Will was still able to remain in the waiting room for almost an hour, counseling couples, handing out miraculous medals, using Holy Water, praying, and witnessing to the police, who seemed somewhat unwilling to arrest him. However, after an hour they did arrest him and take him in a wheelchair (because he went limp, refusing to comply with the unjust arrest) out to a loading dock to put him in the police car. The Thomas More Law Center, a national pro-life, public-interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, represented Goodman in his lawsuit against the abortion mill. In December 2002, judgment was entered in favor of Goodman for his claims of assault and battery, false imprisonment, and negligent hiring, training and supervision. Goodman won an unspecified monetary award from the abortion mill, which he said "will be donated to a young impoverished mother from Africa who is struggling with a crisis pregnancy and to an organization helping young un-wed mothers to raise their families." References: "Abortion Facility Pays Damages to Pro-life Advocate." Pro-Life Infonet, November 7, 2002; "Abortion Facility Pays Damages to Pro-Life Advocate." The Wanderer, December 5, 2002, page 3; "Appeal Seeks To Establish Right to Trespass on Clinic Property to Stop Involuntary Abortions." Thomas More Center For Law & Justice, February 12, 2003; Extracts from an e-mail letter by Suzanne Abdalla and Chris and Trish McKenna.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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First-Degree Intentional Homicide and Grand Theft Auto “Pro-choicer” Eric Henry had a problem on his hands. His girlfriend was pregnant, and he wanted her to have an abortion, but he had no money to pay for it. So, on December 13, 2007, he approached his step-grandmother, Anne Gordon, the popular pastor of St. Anne's Cathedral Holy Church of Deliverance, for the money. But she was pro-life, and refused to give it to him. So Henry beat the elderly woman, duct-taped a plastic bag over her head so that she could not breathe, then used the tape to bind her hands and feet so she could not remove the bag. Then he piled rugs on top of her body. Henry told police that, as he was binding her, she asked God to forgive him for what he was doing to her. She suffocated to death. Henry then took Anne's Cadillac and drove it home. The State of Wisconsin filed a charge of first-degree intentional homicide against Henry. Anne's son Paul said "Her personality was very strong. She knew what she wanted, and if you were doing something wrong, she would tell you to straighten up your life, and that you know what the Bible says." Anne Gordon could properly be called a martyr to the pro-life cause. Of course, she is certainly not the first pro-lifer to be murdered by a heartless pro-abortionist. On July 18, 2008, Henry was sentenced to life in prison. There were no comments by any pro-abortion group on this brutal torture and murder. References: State of Wisconsin Circuit Court Criminal Division, Milwaukee County Criminal Complaint dated December 18, 2007; Steven Ertelt. "Wisconsin Pastor Murdered for Refusing to Give Grandson Abortion Money." LifeNews, December 19, 2007; "Man Accused Of Killing Pastor May Stand Trial." Milwaukee News, December 28, 2007; Katie DeLong. "Man Who Killed Grandmother Gets Life." TMJ Channel 4 News [Milwaukee, Wisconsin], July 19, 2010. Second-Degree Sexual Assault of a Child (12 counts) Firefighter Robert D. Johnson, like so many other “pro-choice” males, liked his girls young ― and the younger, the better. In 2009, the 43-year-old sexually molested a girl at least eleven times when she was 14 and 15 years old, and when she got pregnant, he told her that he wanted her to get an abortion. He had met her on one of thousands of sleazy sex-oriented Web sites, this one called They began to text each other, and eventually Johnson picked her up in his SUV with Wisconsin firefighter registration plates. After this, he would sometimes pick the victim up outside of Sholes School near her home. Eventually, police charged Johnson with eleven counts of second degree sexual assault of a child. Johnson appears to be a serial child sexual molester. In 2004, he was charged with the same offense ― second degree sexual assault of a child. Reference: Jeremy Ross. “Milwaukee Firefighter Charged with 11 Counts of Sexual Assault.” WITI Television 6 [Green Bay, Wisconsin], June 28, 2010. Gross Negligence

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35-year-old Linda Boom, a Cedarburg High School teacher, wanted an abortion because her preborn child had Down's Syndrome. Her lawyer said that "in Linda's mind, Down Syndrome meant no life." So she went to Milwaukee's Sinai Samaritan Medical Center on September 21, 1995 to have her child killed, but wound up dying herself. Abortionists Daniel Gilman and Karen S. Watson tried to perform an amniofusion abortion, injecting chemicals into her baby to kill it, but injected the poison into her bloodstream instead, causing Boom to have a fatal heart attack 36 hours later ― the very fate intended for her preborn child. Watson injected the first chemicals into Boom and she began to suffer pain and complained she was "burning up all over." Gilman then took over. He was supervising Watson, 36, a fourth-year resident at the time who is now an obstetrician/gynecologist in Milwaukee. Gilman then injected a second set of chemicals into Boom and both sets caused the fatal heart damage. The Milwaukee County Medical examiner's office determined that the chemicals caused Boom's death. 51-year-old Dennis Boom of Bayside, who has taught at Cedarburg High for 23 years, filed a lawsuit against Sinai and the two abortionists. In the end, though, all concerned got off scot-free, which is usually the case. Another woman dies, and the abortionists walk away, to kill and kill again. On April 20, 2001, a jury in Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Stanley Miller's courtroom found that Gilman's negligence caused Boom's death. However, because the estate of Linda Boom was late in filing its lawsuit against Gilman and Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Gilman was dismissed as a defendant in the suit in August 1999 and was found not liable for any of the $2.3 million the jury felt would fairly compensate Boom's family. The jury determined that Gilman was negligent with respect to the lack of care and treatment he provided Boom and that his negligence was the cause of her death. The jury said that $500,000 would "fairly and reasonably" compensate Boom's estate for pain, suffering and disability and $1.85 million would fairly and reasonably compensate her husband for loss of companionship and "pecuniary loss of value and loss of household services." The jury also found that Sinai Samaritan was not negligent. Randal Arnold, a lawyer for Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, said That's the way the law works. If I'm employed by someone and I'm acting as their agent and injure someone through negligence, that person can sue my employer because I'm acting as agent for my employer. Doctor Gilman is an independent physician, not an employee of the hospital. Therefore, the hospital is not responsible for his conduct. Watson was not named personally in the lawsuit but attended the trial. The injection Watson gave is not generally believed to be enough to be fatal (to an adult) because it is a "test" injection. His lawyer said Watson was not negligent because the supervising physician took over and gave the second injection. References: Tom Kertscher. "Malpractice Caused Woman's Death, Lawyer Says: Teacher Went to Sinai Samaritan for Abortion." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 25, 2001; "Doctor's Negligence Caused Legal Abortion Death in Wisconsin." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 4, 2001. Death Threats (4 incidents) and Vandalism In May 1993, several pro-lifers received threatening phone calls, and Ekaternia Engelke's father had

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nails pounded into three tires of his car. References: "Pro-Abortion Violence: A Growing National Phenomenon." Life Advocate, July 1993, pages 10 to 15; Glenn Ellen Duncan. "The Shocking Violence Against Prolifers." Catholic Twin Circle, September 11, 1994, page 11. Death Threats (3 incidents), Assault and Battery, Illegal Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Illegal Drugs, Contempt. Disorderly Conduct and Indecent Exposure Brenda Duncan, wife of abortionist Neville Duncan, exposed herself to pro-lifers picketing her home and threatened their lives. She said that she dropped her pants to show the protestors that they were "asses," but denied making any threats. Unfortunately for her, District Attorney Paul Bucher said that a videotape made by one of the pro-lifers clearly shows Duncan threatening to shoot them. Duncan did not have a particularly good reputation as a neighbor. Police were called to the home 17 times within 15 months. She admitted to police officers that she owns an illegal sawed-off shotgun, which they confiscated while visiting her home on a domestic disturbance call on December 28, 1997. She had also threatened to shoot her neighbor's dog, was cited for disorderly conduct in December 1996 when she threatened a sixth-grade boy, and allowed her Rottweiler to run wild in the neighborhood.

Mug shot of abortionist Neville Duncan, convicted wife beater and “deadbeat dad.” Brenda’s husband, abortionist Neville Duncan, completed the perfect pair.

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The abortionist was arrested on September 21, 1998 and charged with battery and possession of cocaine. The December 10, 1998 Milwaukee Sentinel reported that Duncan was arrested after allegedly punching his wife in his car, then pinning her to the ground, and slapping her after she climbed out of the window of the vehicle, according to the criminal complaint. When he was arrested, according to the complaint, officers found crack cocaine in his pocket in a vial and a plastic bag. Duncan was found guilty and sentenced to 30 days in jail, and also served a 90-day prison sentence for civil contempt for refusing to pay child support to his previous wife. References: Lisa Sink. "Woman Who 'Mooned' Protestors Has History With Police." Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, January 23, 1998; "Abortionist's Wife "Moons" Protesters." The Wanderer, January 29, 1998, page 3; "Wisconsin Abortion Practitioner Faces Battery, Drug Charges." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 10, 1998; Pro-Life Infonet, December 11, 1998; "News Notes." The Wanderer, December 24, 1998, page 7; "Abortionist Jailed for Wife Battery and Drug Possession." LifeSite Daily News, January 15, 1999. Menacing On November 13, 1993, a pro-abortionist threatened sidewalk counselors Gene Orchardt and Joan Altman with a gun after they offered literature to a man leaving a Milwaukee clinic. Despite the vehicle's license plate, a statement by the woman the gunman dropped off, witnesses, and a person who knows the gunman, police did not bother to arrest him. References: "Counselor Threatened at Gunpoint." Life Advocate, December 1993, page 29; Operation Rescue National. Violence and Disruption Report, December 10, 1994; Milwaukee Police Report, Incident Report #93 317 0073, page 1. Assault (2 incidents) On May 6, 1993, at the Summit Women's Health Care Organization abortion mill, pro-abortionist Trina Haas of the Milwaukee Clinic Protection Coalition (MCPC) bit pro-lifer Bryan Longworth on the arm and pushed him. The following month, at the Affiliated Medical Services abortion mill, Hass bit pro-lifer Tom Nowack on the arm and pushed him. Soon after, the MCPC phone message line played a message that boasted "We take them out with our choppers." References: "Pro-Abortion Violence: A Growing National Phenomenon." Life Advocate, July 1993, pages 10 to 15; Glenn Ellen Duncan. "The Shocking Violence Against Prolifers." Catholic Twin Circle," September 11, 1994, page 11; Operation Rescue National, Violence and Disruption Report, December 12, 1994. Operation Rescue National, Violence and Disruption Report, December 12, 1994. Death Threat [Racine] On January 9, 2000, a Racine crisis pregnancy center received an anthrax threat. A volunteer opened a letter which contained a powder along with a note threatening that the substance was anthrax. The CPC called police, and those who came in contact with the powder were decontaminated and checked at local

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hospitals. The incident would have been contained to one office and only two people, but a worker at a dental office in the building walked into Affiliated Pregnancy Counseling Service after the envelope had been opened. The dental office employee then returned to the dental office, potentially contaminating the other five people in that office, said Racine Police Sgt. Jerry Baldukas. Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director of WELS Lutherans for Life, commented that The recent anthrax scare at the Affiliated Pregnancy Counseling Center in Racine reflects a careless disregard for human life. Such acts of terrorism reflect poorly on any side of the on-going debate on abortion. We are concerned that this action has endangered the lives of our staff and the many women who visit the center for help and direction. We appreciate the efforts of law enforcement agencies who now must follow up on this case and hold accountable those who would stoop to such a level to intimidate women. We call upon all sides of the abortion debate to denounce this action and to distance themselves from those people and organizations who would endorse or promote this kind of activity. Predictably, the same pro-abortionists who so loudly demand that pro-lifers denounce all acts of "anti-choice" terrorism refused to make any comment on the Racine incident. Reference: "Wisconsin Crisis Pregnancy Center Receives Anthrax Threats." Pro-Life Infonet, January 13, 2000. Vehicular Assault [Racine] On November 6, 1993, "pro-choicer" Maureen Taylor, driving her white Jaguar, attempted to drive into a clinic driveway while pro-life picketer Brad Lescher was crossing it. She stopped her car before hitting Lescher, but then as pro-abortionists began chanting, "Run him over! Run him over!," she pulled forward more and more. The car broke his picket sign and then the car lunged quickly forward, hitting Lescher in the knees and throwing him onto the hood of the car. Reference: The Christian Interpreter, December 1993, page 11. Assault In the Fall of 1993, at the back door of Metropolitan Medical Services, a now-closed abortion mill, pro-abortion activist Katie Doyle deliberately stomped twice on the leg of pro-lifer Kathy Klagg when she was laying on the pavement. Reference: Operation Rescue National, Violence and Disruption Report, December 10, 1994. Assault On February 19, 1994, abortion mill workers physically attacked picketer Laurie Swan on the public sidewalk. This incident was captured on videotape. Even though Mrs. Swan received several severe blows to the head, the District Attorney did not bother to press charges even though Mrs. Swan was not on clinic property.

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Reference: "Christians Interpose at 64th and Capitol Abortuary." MTP Mission Update, July 3, 1993, page 94. Assault On June 4, 1993, a worker at the Imperial Health Services abortion mill kicked pro-lifer John Zecca in the head. Zecca, who was seated in front of the abortuary door, required medical attention at a local hospital. Reference: Missionaries to the Preborn, letter to Operation Rescue National, November 22, 1994. Assault with Intent to Paint On September 21, 1991, a pro-abortionist was arrested at a rescue for trying to spray-paint a pro-lifer. Reference: Rescue Update, Missionaries to the Preborn, Milwaukee, undated. Breaking and Entering and Burglary On October 3, 1993, a pro-abortion thief broke into the Pregnancy Help Center and stole all of the VCR machines as well as a computer which contained all the records of the center's clients. Reference: Operation Rescue National. Violence and Disruption Report, December 10, 1994. Forgery and Theft On April 3, 2002, Katherine M. Heringlake, the former President of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin chapter of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARRAL, now NARAL Pro-Choice America), was charged with theft in a business setting and forgery for allegedly stealing $12,938 from her organization during the period June to October 2001. Heringlake didn't deny taking the money, and said she didn't realize she had taken so much. References: "President of Wisconsin NARAL Embezzles 13K from Organization." Associated Press, April 4, 2002; Pro-Life Infonet, April 5, 2002.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Vandalism “Pro-choice” people often laugh at pro-lifers who say that the colleges and universities of North America trumpet their tolerance, but do not practice it. In many cases documented in this database, “prochoice” students have destroyed pro-life displays and have assaulted pro-life students, and the universities rarely if ever punish the perpetrators.

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Roderick King was a sophomore and student senate leader at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. In May 2008, he decided that he did not like a display of 4,000 crosses set up by pro-life students in the Pointers for Life group on University grounds with full permission. These crosses represented the preborn children killed by surgical abortions in the United States every day. King began to uproot the crosses and toss them aside. Meanwhile, he expressed the typical “prochoice” view that free speech should be absolute ― except for those who disagree with him. He ranted "It's not your responsibility! Abortion is a right! You don't have the right to challenge it. Write a paper. Do not! Do not put this in front of all of us. This is not your right. The freedom of speech does not cover these signs and symbols." He continued to destroy the display until a security officer told him that he might have to pay for the damage. When confronted with possible cost to himself, of course, he stopped his destruction and walked away.

Pro-life students repair the damage done by “pro-choice” Vandal Roderick King, who, of course, got off scot-free. Naturally, King escaped any kind of punishment. The Student Government Association met to pretend to discuss repercussions for King, but of course failed to rebuke or punish him in any way. This lack of action, of course, gave the green light to any other “pro-choice” bigots who decided to take matters into their own hands. The Student Government Association did release a limp-wristed statement “encouraging tolerance.” We can be certain that, if a pro-life student had vandalized a “pro-choice” display, the Student Government Association would have thrown the book at him. Jackie Kryzkowski, president of Pointers for Life, said that I know that abortion is a very controversial issue. If students had a problem with the display, they could exercise their freedom of speech maturely by protesting it peacefully, not by defacing our display. I was very surprised that this behavior came from a student senator. Senators should be helping to defend our freedom of speech, not trying to take it away because of personal beliefs. … The hypocrisy in King's actions is overwhelming. It was like he was telling us that his First Amendment rights were more important than

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ours Pro-life activist and columnist Jill Stanek wrote that the incident simply "re-enforces the fact that the rule of law applies to all but the pro-aborts." Reference: Brave New Schools: No Punishment for Student Senator on Rampage ― Told Pro-Life Advocates they had No Right to Express Their Opinion.” WorldNetDaily, May 22, 2008.

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