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I would like to extend my gratitude to all the staff and especially to Mr.
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This pioneer company is a joint collaboration between the American International Gr oup. . This will help organization in providing good employee satisfaction. 2001 and started operations on April 1. With the help of this project work. Tata AIG Life combines the Tata Group¶s pre-eminent leadership position in India and AIG¶s global presence as one of the world¶s leading international insurance an d financial services organization. (AIG). The Tata Group and American International Group. relationship etc« And. The Tata Group holds 74 per cent stake in the insurance venture with AIG holding the balance 26 per cent. I have chosen the Insurance industry for my project work because presently it is the one of the fastest growing sector and having vast future scope in India. the company would be able to know about their stress level Tata AIG Life Insurance . I have chosen project study in Human resources subject because this field is very challenging and it posses full of creativity and art. For my project work I have selected Tata AIG Life Insurance. Inc. (AIG) and Tata Group. Tata AIG Life Insurance Company was licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority to operate in India on February 12. thus the organization would be able to give satisfaction level with improve the stress level. And.EXECUTIVE SUMMAR (Every report must have the executive summary) From this descriptive research study. Insurance sector is one of the best places to learn Human resources tactics in lively atmosphere fully to learn their stress level. the company can know the stress level with the help of causes. due to few reason: Tata AIG Insurance Solutions is one of the leading insurance companies that provide both life insurance as well as general insurance. Inc. symptoms. 2001.

children and for retirement planning. Various competitor of the Tata AIG life insurance in the market are as following  Ba j a j Al l i a n z Li f e In s u r a nc e  HDF C St a n d a r d Li fe In su ra nc e  SB I Li fe In s u r a nc e  Bi r l a Sun l i fe Li fe In su ra n c e  ICI CI P rude nt i a l Li fe In s ura nc e  Ma x Ne w o r k Li fe In su ra nc e  Avi va Li fe In su ra nc e  Kot a k Ma h i n dra Ol d M ut ua l Li fe I ns ur a nc e  ING Vy sy a Li fe In s ur a nc e  Re l i a nc e Li fe In su ra n c e  Me t Li fe In s ur a n c e  Sa h a ra Li fe In su ra nc e . business organization and other association. there are various insurance products like group pensions. Tata AIG Insurance offers various products for adults. For the corporate.Tata AIG Insurance offers flexible life insurance to the individuals. work place solutions and credit life. e mployee benefits.

I II III IV V VI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DECLAR AT ION ACKN OWLEDGEMENT CERTIF ICATE-I CERTIF ICATE-II EXECUT IVE S UMMAR INDEX Indus tr y Pr ofil e Company pr ofil e T heor et ical Concept Obj ect ive of St udy Benefit s of St udy Res ear ch Met hodol ogy Anal ys is and Int er pr etat i on of t he Data Findi ngs & Conclus i ons Recommendat ion Bibli ography Annexur e 38 46 78 80 TOPIC PAGE NO.INDEX SR NO. i ii iii iv v vii 1 14 25 28 .


None of them will last for ever. PROFILE OF LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY IN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE 1. the new India in Bombay. he makes sure that the value or income is not lost.1. the owner and those deriving benefits wherefrom wou ld be deprived of the benefits and the planned substitute would not have been ready. Traders. These were all Indian companies. The asset is valuable from. the benefit may not be available. the asset may get lost earlier. the united India in madras. in 1874. Insurance is a mechanism that helps to reduce the effect of such adverse situations. formed in 1870. An accident or some other unfortunate event may destroy it or make it nonfunctional. the Jupiter in Bombay and the and the Lakshmi in New Delhi. There is no direct income. There is a life time for a machine in a factory or a cow or a motor car. the BHARAT in 1896 and the empire of India in 1897. a substitute is made available. After that. By the year of the 1956. the product generated by a sold and income generated.2 BRIEF HISTORY OF INSURANCE The business of insurance started with marine business. In that case. the national in Calcutta. However. . when the life insurance business was mentioned and the life insurance corporation of India was formed on 1st September 1956. In the case of a factory or a cow. There is an adverse or unpleasant situation. The asset would have been created through the efforts of owner. Every asset has a value. started as a result of the swadeshi movement in the early 1900s. Later. Every asset is expected to last for a certain period of time during which it will perform. It the benefit may be an income or some thing else. In India insurance began in 1870 with life insurance being transacted by an England company. It is a benefit because it meets some of his needs. there were 170 companies and 75 provident fund societies transacting life insurance business India. In the case of motor car. the European and the Bombay Mutual Assurance Society LTD. the Bombay life in Bombay. who used to gather in the Lloyd's coffee house in London. This was followed by the oriental life insurance assurance Co. the Hindustan cooperative was formed in Calcutta. agreed to share the losses to their goods while being carried by ships. The owner is aware of this and he can so manage his affairs that by the end of that period or life time. The losses used to occur because of pirates who robbed on the high seas or because of bad weather spoiling the goods or sinking the ship. The first insurance policy was issued in 1583 in England.1 INTRODUCTION OF INSURANCE The business of insurance is related to the protection of the economic Values of assets. 1. it provides comfort and convenience in transportation. Thus.

Insurance is a form of risk-management which spreads risk of many people in exchange for small payments from each. personal property insurance.8 per cent a month ago by collecting Rs 7. but depending on the type of insurance they can be at other intervals. insurance transfers some type of risk (accident. its market share fell slightly to 71. country's largest life insurer LIC was expanding business handsomely. and boat insurance. did not have the exclusive privilege of doing life insurance business in India. eleven new insurers had been registered and had begun to transact life insurance business in India. illness. the L. By 31. health insurance. natural disaster. dental insuran ce.3 INSURANCE OVERVIEW Insurance is something that almost all of us will need sometime.451 crore in premium until February. . Specifically.e.After the amendments to the relevant laws in 1999.834 crore in first year premium by selling 2. Various types of insurance include motor insurance. motorcycle. life insur ance.76 lakh premium in its first month of operation. it is a safeguard.especially in the cases of motor insurance. 1.03. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC India). In the private space. Premiums are often annual or monthly.5 CONTRIBUTION OF TOP PLAYERS OF PRIVATE LIFE INSURANCE CO. insurance is required .: The public life insurance company i . and it is worth understanding it before buying it. Ot her times. 1.2 per cent a month back as most of the private players are goin g at a faster rate.4 BUSINESS GAINED BY PUBLIC LIFE INSURANCE CO. LIC continued with its recent high growth rate of over 40 per cent to up Rs 18. etc) from one person or group to a more financially-sound entity in exchange for a payment (also known as a premium). competition has further intensified after entry of Chennai -based Sriram Life.09 crore policies in AprilFebruary of last fiscal.35 per cent from 27. theft. home insurance.65 per cent from 72. The 14 private players increased their market share to 28. which collected Rs 18. rental insurance. keyman insurance. According to data compiled by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority(IRDA). 1.2002. Though.C.I. and more. travel insurance. which includes automobile. Often.

HDFC Standard collected Rs 778 crore in premium income.6 LIFE INSURANCE COUNCIL: The Life Insurance Council is funded by the Life Insurers in India. Reliance Life Rs 150 crore.2% to 2. Growth: o Penetration grew from 1. helping the people of India on their journey to prosperity. 600 (per capita premium) .38 per cent. Aviva (Rs 309 crore).000 Crores 1. It will create and manage a process for agent examination and certification The Life Insurance Council seeks to play a significant and complementary role in transforming India¶s life insurance industry into a vibrant.2% of GDP o Insurance Density grew from Rs. Met Life Rs 107 crore. ICICI Prudential(Rs 405 crore).940 crore and a market share of 7. Birla Sunlife (Rs 478 crore).000 Crores Invested in Infrastructure .00. 40. 280 to Rs. by clocking 292 per cent growth in business at Rs 1. followed by SBI Life (Rs 512 crore). Indian Life Insurance Industry: y y y y y y y Large mobilization of savings next only to banks Significant participant in the Capital Markets Constitutes 15% of Gross Domestic Savings Assets under management . Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance was close behind Tata AIG life insurance.Tata AIG life insurance regained its number one position among private insurers by logging 69 per cent growth to collect Rs 1.44 per cent. 1.5 million Agency forces. Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual collected Rs 234 crore. 4. ING Vysya Rs 200 crore.more than Rs. and Sahara Life Rs 15 crore. advise IRDA on controlling insurers¶ expenses and serve as a forum that helps maintain healthy market conduct. Max New ork Life (363 crore). trustworthy and profitable service.Rs. The Committee will set up standards of conduct and practices for efficient customer service. The Data released by the Life Insurance Council of India is as Follows.956 crore in premium and a market share of 7.

the National health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom pays for citizens¶ medical needs. the insurance company is bound to pay any losses as described in the policy. the issue of affordable health insurance and treatment in the US is one of the most controversial and heated topics. Such a policy may include property. only third party is required. and medical coverage. medical insurance (both health and dental) is included in employee benefit packages in the US and other countries. and bankruptcy. then low cost health insurance is a vital requirement. In many countries. and is required by law in many countries.1 Motor insurance This includes automobile. in the US. In some countries. However. in the case of new vehicles. there is no government -funded health policy . rehabilitation and in some cases foregone wages and funeral costs. US citizens and residents must be insured or risk facing astronomical medical bills. If you live in a country without comprehensive national health care. 1. garnishing of wages.7 TYPES OF INSURANCE 1.whether for insurance or treatment. l iability or third party. truck. In return for annual or semi-annual premiums. or states. . as many cannot afford either. For example. Nevertheless.7.1.2 Health insurance Most developed nations have government -funded health care which means that most or all citizens have access to medical facilities and treatment. As a result. liability covers bodily injury or property damage that may occur as a result of the insured¶s actions. and medical coverage pays any fees necessary for bodily injuries. all of these types of automobile insurance are required of vehicle owners. It is perhaps the most common type of insurance. boat. However. aircraft. motorcycle. as well as health insurance. Motor insurance covers the insured party against financi al loss that he may incur to repair his vehicle or a third party¶s in the event of an accident. any banks which may be financing the vehicle may require full insurance as a condition of financing. Property coverage insures damage to or theft of a vehicle. Often. or any other form of motorized transportation.7.

called. rented property (homes or apartments). 1. This pays for ongoing overhead costs of a business while the owners are not able to work. shipped cargo. . disability. and more. this insurance protects the lender. or death). In the event of their inability to pay it back (usually due to unemployment. This provides the disabled employee with benefits for the rest of his or her life. It can pay for existing commitments the policyholders may have such as outstanding bills. There are various types of liability insurance such as professional indemnity insurance Environmental liability insurance and Prize indemnity insurance.5 Liability insurance This covers negligent acts of an insured party with reference to a vehicle or a home. storms. disability overhead insurance. 1. home inspectors. or according to the terms specified in the policy. terrorism. Permanent disability which prevents a worker from ever working again is covered by total permanent disability insurance.4 Property insurance This type of insurance typically covers things like homes. and others). It protects the insured against legal claims and indemnification.7. vandalism. 1. errors and omissions (by appraisers. etc). and more. Professional indemnity insurance protects employees fr om malpractice suits (as in the medical profession). Companies can purchase a similar type of insurance. hurricanes. fraud. floods. valuable goods. machinery. and other acts of unintentional workplace negligence. It can cover damages as a result of various activities including acts of God (earthquakes. and pays a worker his wages and medical expenses in the event of an injury on the job. Workers¶ compensation is common in the US.7.7.1. insurance agents.6 Credit insurance This is taken by lenders who need coverage against the people that have credit with them (borrow money). mortgages. notaries.3 Disability insurance This form of insurance protects workers from injuries and illnesses which prevent them from doing their jobs.7. crops. utilities. realtors. and more.

from an underwriting perspective. 1913 power of central government to acquire undertaking of insurer in certain cases.´ . 100% investments in India only. cultural perceptions and ex pectations. Annuities and pensions that pay a benefit for life are sometimes regarded as insurance against the possibility that a retiree will outlive h is or her financial resources. 100cr. they are the complement of life insurance and. are the mirror image of life insurance. They differ depending on the markets.) Sec.7. Solvency margin for every policy. Operation in more than 10 countries. 1913 (7 of 1913).There are many other kinds of insu rance. funeral and other final expenses. medical costs and delayed flights. in may cover lost luggage. and more. In that sense. theft of personal possessions.7 Travel insurance Travel insurance covers financial losses caused by trips abroad. 1. Non refundable deposit. an insurance company shall not be wound up voluntarily except for the purpose of affecting a n amalgamation or a reconstruction of the company. y Section 54 of insurance act ³notwithstanding anything contained in the Indian companies Act. Depending on the policy in question. the understanding of risk and availability of historical data. government regulation and law.8 IRDA NORMS AND INSURANCE ACT 1938 y y y y y y y y 100 yrs old company. 52 H Insurance. (Sec. burial. Indian partners 74% + foreign partners 26%. 1. and even each of the major categories mentioned above has dozens of variations and types.27 C Insurance Act. Life insurance policies often allow t he option of having the proceeds paid to the beneficiary either in a lump sum cash payment or an annuity. and may specifically provide for income to an insured person's family. 1. No bankrupt & bank loan.8 Life insurance Life insurance provides a monetary benefit to a decedent's family or other designated beneficiary. Annuities provide a stream of payments and are generally classified as insurance because they are issued by insurance companies and regulated as insurance and require the same kinds of actuarial and investment management expertise that life insurance requires.7.



Tatas entered aviation sector with the establishment of Tata Airlines. In 1917. In 2001. In 2000. Voltas. which opened in 1903. Tata Group's name is synonymous with India's industrialisation. In 1954. The plant started production in 1912. The Tata Iron and Steel Company (now known as Tata Steel) was established to set up India's first iron and steel plant in Jamshedpur. In 1874. was set up to manufacture watches. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. UK. was established as a division of Tata Sons. with his elder son Sir Dorabji Tata and his cousin Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata. In 1984. India's first luxury hotel. was established. engineering and manufacturing organisation. In 1970. Tata Tea acquired the Tetley Group. Titan Industries. Tata & Sons. Its Trusts have instituted the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in 1936. the Indian Hotels Company was incorporated to set up the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower. In 1968. one of the largest tea producers. engineering. Tata Oil Mills Company was established to make soaps. consumer products. energy. Tata Chemicals. In 1902. services. presently. The Group has operations in more than 54 c ountries across six continents. In 1910. inorganic chemistry plant and created a reservoir of scientific and technological manpower for the country. Tata . Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (renamed Tata Motors in 2003) wa s established to manufacture locomotive and engineering products. a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). the Tata Memorial in 1941. was established. The Group gave India her first steel plant. and chemicals. In 1945. Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Company. In 1962. India's first cancer hospital. was established. the largest producer of soda ash in India. was launched by Tata Motors. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company was created to publish educational and technical books. materials. hydro-electric plant. India's major marketing. In 1996. India's first indigenously designed and manufactured car.1 TATA Tata Group is one of India's largest and most respected business groups.2 COMPANY PROFILE 2. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata laid the foundations of Tata Group when he started a private trading firm in 1868. Tata Indi ca. and its companies export products and services to 120 nations. Tata Finlay (now Tata Tea). Tata Group comprises 96 operating companies in seven business sectors: information systems and communications. In 1932. His younger son Sir Ratan Tata joined the firm in 1896. Jamsetji Tata formed a partnership firm. In 1887. detergents and cooking oils. Today. which became the cradle of India's Atomic energy program. and in 1945. he set up the Central India Spinning Weavi ng and Manufacturing Company Limited and thus marked the Group's entry into textiles. Tata Teleservices (TTSL) was established to lead the Group's foray into the telecom sector. In 1998. (now Tata Power) was set up. This was the first major acquisition of an international brand by an Indian business group. India's first software services company. In 1939.

2. Engineering (a) Automotive: y y Tata AutoComp Systems Tata Motors (b) Engineering Services y y y Tata Projects TCE Consulting Engineers Voltas (c) Engineering Products y y y TAL Manufacturing Solutions Telco Construction Equipment Company TRF 2. In 2007. Tata Steel acquired Corus the fifth largest steel company in the world.entered into insurance business in joint venture with Tata AIG. Chemicals y y Rallis India Tata Chemicals . Materials (a) Composites y Tata Advanced Materials (b) Metals y Tata Steel 3.2 TATA GROUP COMPANIES 1. Energy (a) Power y y Tata BP Solar India Tata Power (b) Oil & Gas y Tata Petrodyne 4.

y Tata Pigments 5. Information Systems and Communications (a) Information Systems y y y y y y Nelito Systems Tata Consultancy Services Tata Elxsi SerWizSol Tata Interactive Systems Tata Technologies (b) Communications y y Tata Sky Tata Teleservices . Consumer Products y y y y y y Infiniti Retail Tata Tea Tata Ceramics Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Titan Industries Trent 7. Services (a) Hotels and Realty y y Indian Hotels (Taj group) THDC (b) Financial Services y y y y y Tata AIG General Insurance Tata AIG Life Insurance Tata Asset Management Tata Financial Services Tata Investment Corporation (c) Other Services y y y Tata Quality Management Services Tata Services Tata Strategic Management Group 6.

(AIG). 2.1 THE TATA GROUP Tata is a rapidly growing business group based in India with significant internation al operations. The Group¶s Net Profit for 2007 -08 is . 2001. The Tata Group holds 74 per cent stake in the insurance venture with AIG holding the balance 26 per cent. 251. Tata AIG Life Insurance Company was licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority to operate in India on February 12.543 crores). General insurance products include: y y y Individual insurance Small business insurance Corporate insurance Tata AIG Insurance offers flexible life insurance to the individuals. Inc. They own the company in the ratio of 26:74. of which 61% was from business outside India. Revenues in 2007-08 are USD 62. Inc. For the corporate.y y VSNL Tatanet (c) Industrial Automation y Nelco 2. This pioneer company is a joint collaboration between the American International Group. It is a joint venture company. 2001 and started operations on April 1. w ork place solutions and credit life. (AIG) and Tata Group. formed by the Tata Group and American International Group. Tata AIG Life combines the Tata Group¶s pre -eminent leadership position in India and AIG¶s global presence as one of the world¶s leading international insurance and financial services organization.5 billion (around Rs. there are various insurance products like group pensions.3 Tata AIG life insurance Tata AIG Insurance Solutions is one of the leading insurance companies that provide both life insurance as well as general insurance. employee benefits.3. It is a leading financial institution that has carved a niche for itself all over the world. children and for retirement planning. Tata AIG Life provides insurance solutions to individuals and corporate. business organization and other association. Tata AIG Insurance offers a number of products for the General Insurance holders. Tata AIG Insurance offers various products for adults. For the individuals.

among the highest among Indian business houses.4 billion (around Rs.3. Engine ering.3. Tata Motors. (AIG) American International Group.3 MEDIA If you would like to know more about us.USD 5. a world leader in insurance and financial services. financial services and asset management around the world. AIG companies are leading providers of retirement services. The Tata name has been respected in India for 140 years for its adherence to strong values and business ethics. AIG's common stock is listed on the New ork Stock Exchange. as well as the stock exchanges in Ireland and Tokyo. Tata Teleservices and Tata Communications. Tata Chemicals. Services. The Group employs around 350. Tata Power. is the leading international insurance organization with operations in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). please feel free to peruse the numerous media articles that have appeared about our com pany over the years. AIG companies serve commercial. Inc. institutional and individual customers through the most extensive worldwide property -casualty and life insurance networks of any insurer. Consumer Products and Chemicals. Energy. The Group's 28 publicly listed enterprises have a combined market capitalisation of around $60 billion. In addition. Materials.2 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP.Communications and Information Technology. The major companies in the Group include Tata Steel. 2. 2. Indian Hotels. INC. . 21. Tata Tea. The business operations of the Tata Group currently encompass seven business sectors . and a shareholder base of 2. (AIG).9 million.000 people worldwide.578 crores).


Ask the opinions of five different. an individual is invariably exposed to various stressful situations. strain. Thus. The term is discussed not only in our everyday conversations but has become enough of a public issue to attract widespread media attention whether it be radio. Different people have different views about it as stress can be experienced from variety of sources. Right from the time of birth till the last breath drawn. pressure. It is concept borrowed from the natural sciences. newspapers or magazines.3 THEORETICAL CONCEPTS 3. The term stress is used to connote a variety of meaningful both by the common man and psychologist. strain or strong effort with reference to an object or person. which is said to be a world of achievement. It was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to denote force. Stress is the subject which is hard to avoid. Derived from Latin word µSRINGERE¶. (Asthana. whether it be within the family. 1983) . adversity or affliction. the air traffic controller sees it as a problem of alertness and concentration. The business person views stress as frustration or emotional tension. It appears that under these circumstances the essential features of the stress experienced have not received the attention they deserve. business organization/enterprises or any other social or economic activity. the biochemist thinks of it as a purely chemical event. stress was popularly used in seventeenth centaury to mean hardship.1 INTRODUCTION OF STRESS The modern world. The concept of stress was first introduced in the life sciences by HANS SEL E in 1936. (c) depth psychologist have treated the concept from the etiological and psychodynamic viewpoints. it is not surprising that interest in the issue has been rising with the advancement of the present centaury which has been called the µage of anxiety and stress¶. the issue of stress figures everywhere. One finds stress everywhere. is also a world of stress. (b) response ± oriented (both physiological & behavioral). television. Psychologist of different persuasions have given (a) stimulus ± oriented.

any external event or any internal drive which threatens to upset the organismic equilibrium is stress.3The psychodynamic approach This approach considers events (both external and internal) which pose a threat to the integrity of the organism leading to the disorganization of personality as stress. 3.2 ANCIENT INDIAN CONCEPTS The concept of stress in the modern sense is not easily found in the traditional texts of Indian culture and tradition such as carak samhita. However. Psychiatrist have indentified four phases in the reaction to stress ± the initial phase of anticipatory threat. a number of concepts developed by ancient Indian scholars relate to or appear similar to the phenomenon of stress. Stress presages loss of ego strength and loss ego support. Patanjali¶s yogasutra and bhagvag Gita.conceptual. Stress may be induced by interpersonal (external) or intrapsychic (between own impulses and ego) factors resulting in anxiety.3. the impact of stress. Some view threat itself as stress. Some of these. the recoil phase and the post ± traumatic phase.1 Stimulus ² oriented approach Stress is regarded as an external force which is perceived as threatening. Stress cog nition is conceived as pre. 3. can be understood best in terms of the way people perceive and ascribe meaning to stress ± producing situations. . misery or suffering). atman and ahamka ra (self and ego).1. Kama or trisna (desires). klesa (afflictions). It is interesting to note that the body mind relationship. it is claimed. is emphasized in the Ayurvedic (Indian) system of medicine. for example.1.1. the values they attribute to actions and the way they interact with events. characteristic of modern stress studies. and how people function under stress. adhi (mental aberrations) and prajnaparadha (failure or lapse of consciousness. The response ± oriented approaches describe how stress is reacted to. are dukha (pain. According to Selye (1956).2 Response ² oriented approach The nature of stress. it is more adjectival than motivational. 3.

When a challenge is met. The importance of challenge in our work lives is probably what people are referring to when they say "a little bit of stress is good for you. Although the importance of individual differences cannot be ignored. Views differ. and it motivates us to learn new skills and master our jobs. on the importance of worker characteristics versus working conditions as the primary cause of job stress. we feel relaxed and satisfied. but these concepts are not the same. or needs of the worker. According to one school of thought. The concept of job stress is often confused with challenge. These differing viewpoints are important because they suggest different ways to prevent stress at work. scientific evidence suggests that certain working conditions are stressful to most people.3 Job stress Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities. however. Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury. Thus.4 CAUSES OF JOB STRESS Nearly everyone agrees that job stress results from the interaction of the worker and the conditions of work.3. The excessive workload demands and conflicting expectations described in David's and Theresa's stories are good examples. differences in individual characteristics such as personality and coping style are most important in predicting whether certain job conditions will result in stress-in other words. . and for job redesign as a primary prevention strategy. resources. This viewpoint leads to prevention strategies that focus on workers and ways to help them cope with demanding job conditions. 3. challenge is an important ingredient for healthy and productive work. Such evidence argues for a greater emphasis on working conditions as the key source of job stress. Challenge energizes us psychologically and physically. what is stressful for one person may not be a problem for someone else.

5 SOURCES OF STRESS (MODEL ± 1) Source of stress at work INTRINIC TO JOB Boredom Physical working condition Time pressures and deadlines Exorbitant work demands Personal Stressors Symptoms of Excessive Stress EXTRA ORGANIZATION SOURS OF STRESS Midlife crisis Family problem Communication Information overload Job design technical problems Financial difficulties ROLE IN ORGENISATION Role conflict Role ambiguity Responsibility for people terrorism boundaries THE INDIVIDUAL Lack of meaning in the job Hypertension Excessive concern for job Depression Level of anxiety Heavy drinking Level of emotionality Heavy smoking Tolerance for ambiguity Drug addiction Lave of stress tolerance High cholesterol Type of behavior CARRERE AND DEVELOPMENT Under promotion Over promotion Lack of job security RELATIONSHIP AT WORK Poor relationship with pears subordinate superior Threats from below ORGENISATION STRUCTURE AND CLIMATE Lack of participation Bureaucratic pettiness Pressures towards conformity Lack of responsiveness Coronary artery discuses Psychosomatic illness DISCASES Mental health problem Numerous other diseases .3.

Boring work. Excessive heat. Meeting deadlines. Overcrowding. Lack of communication. Backache. Inability to concentrate.(MODEL ± 2) ORGENISATION CAUSES Noise. Dust. Neakache. Just and tames . Poor ventilation. Very heavily work load. Pain. and Many more RELATIONSHIP CAUSES Poor supervision. Working with public PERSONAL CAUSES Underpaid. Excessive cold. Unsocial house. Job insecurity and Poor supervision SYMPTOMS Headache. Indigestion. Poor relationship with subordinate. Sleepiness. Receive appreciation for good work control. Harassment and discrimination. Anxiety. Undervalued. Unfair distribution work. Irritability. Disorder. Impersonal treatment. Over pace plan own work control at all DISCASES . Stomach. Poor lighting. Poor maintenance of equipment JOB RELATED CAUSES Inadequate melting break time.


4 Objective of Study  To study the top  To study level of stress in Tata AIG at Udhana branch  To know the concept of stress  To know the source of stress at workplace related to job  To know the different causes of stress  To know the different symptoms of the stress .


2 Benefits of study for Tata AIG  With the help of this study Tata AIG will know the stress in the Udhana(Surat) branch  Tata AIG increases the job satisfaction and performance of the employees by knowing the stress level  Study helps to decrease the absenteeism level by reducing stress level  With the help of this survey MetLife increase productivity of the employee by knowing stress level .5 Benefits of Study 5.1 Benefits of study for researcher  With the help of this stress survey researcher will know the concept thoroughly  Researcher come to employees are under stress or not  In future this survey helps to improve HR skills and practices to understand stress 5.


. while being at work..  Employee feels that organizational stressors are high as compared to personal stressors.2.1 Hypothecation Problem of the Study  Employee chronically complains of being suffering from headache.  Employee feels that temperature is low than what it should be.  Employee feels that there exits high level of Stressors. Research design can be done in following three types: 6.2 Research Design Research design indicates the methods and procedure of conducting research study.  Interpersonal conflicts are evident in the organization..2. inadequate mealtimes and etc. 6.6 Research Methodology  Problem of the Study  Research Design  Data Collection and Sampling  Sampling Method  Data Collection Method  Analysis of Collected Data  Interpretation of Analyzed Data  Conclusion of Interpretation  Suggestion and Recommendation 6.2 Descriptive Researches: - Descriptive research is undertaken when the researcher want to know the characteristics of certain groups.1 Exploratory Research: - Exploratory research focuses on the discovery of new ideas and is generally based on secondary data. 6.

2. 6. The researcher will use Descriptive Research Design. in order to carry out a field survey it is to be decide that whether it has to be a Census survey or Sample survey Out of these two methods of survey method.4 Sampling Method and Size Another aspect of research process is the sample plan.6. schedule 6. survey on stress management Data collection tool is main function for this project report because of without data collection researcher cannot do any analysi s and solution.  Internal sources are employees  External sources are books. According to requirement of the project. internet. I had adopted the sample survey in order to carry out my work specially and I have taken 100 samples as a sample size .3 Data collection tool and sources Data are gathered from internal sources and external sources. researcher used the questionnaire as a tool to collect the data.3 Casual or Experimental Researches: - An experimental research is undertaken to identify causes and effect relationship between two variables.

1. .

but 12 % male are completely unhappy with their job there 27% female are completely unhappy with their job. How do you feel about your job i general? (Ti only one) Purpose of t aski question is t at to know whether employee are satisfied or not with their job.Q1. §¨©¨§¦¥¤ C Y HAPPY SOMEHOW HAPPY SOMEHOW UNHAPPY COMPLETELY UNHAPPY ¢¡£ ¢¡   e Fe e . GENDER Male Female COMPLETELY HAPPY 47% 24% SOMEHOW HAPPY 22% 22% SOMEHOW UNHAPPY 20% 27% COMPLETELY UNHAPPY 12% 27% 50% 45% 47% 40% 35% 30% 27% 24% 27% 25% 20% 22% 20% 22% 15% 10% 12% 5% 0% INTE PRETATION ± Male are completely satisfied with their job (47%) as camper to female (24%).

If you feel you are under stress. so at workplace employee feels stress. DA A ANAL I WORK MALE FEMALE 59 56 HOME MALE FEMALE 41 44 41 30 0 INTERPRETATION ± around 41% male feeling stress at their home and 59% feels at Tata AIG. around 56% female feeling stress at Tata AIG.Q2. please tick which you feel is the main contributory factor: (Tick only one) Purpose of the asking question is that to know whether employee feels stress at their home or workplace.  10  20  40 Work Home Male Female    50  60   70 59 56     44       . 44% feels at home.

Do any of the following causes put an effect on your work Purpose of the asking question is that to know the Causes of stress like noise. poor maintenance of equipment. poor lighting. Crit ria(Mal ) N ISE LIG TING EAT C LD VERCROWDING OOR VENTILATION DUST AND UMES OOR MAINTENANCE OF EQUI MENT N V 57 14 22 29 29 20 18 20 METIMES 24 36 55 39 37 53 43 41 TEN 20 24 24 31 33 27 39 39 Mal 60 55 53 40 30 20 10 0 24 24 14    18     20 22 24 20   29       36 31 33 29  37 27   39 39 20         50 43    57 41 39 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' NEVER S E TI E S FTEN &% ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' %$ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' #" " (  ! & ( % % ) ) #%%( % ! (  .Q3. overcrowding. excessive cold. excessive heat. dust and fumes. poor ventilation.

excessive c cold.2).2) and Poor Maintenance of Equipment (2. overcrowding. (See chart) .1 2.5 2. poor maintenance and equipment. and often) Among all the data and mean researcher finds that Dust and Fumes (2.5 2 2 1 0. dust and fumes.2 2 2 1.6 1. sometimes. poor lighting. poor ventilation.5 0 INTERPREATATION .identified different causes of the stress for male.6) are main causes of stress of the male employees. noise (1.2 2.1 2. Researcher used three scales rating to measure the stress (never. researcher found causes of stress like noise.MEAN 2. excessive heat.

Female 60 44 32 22 20 22 10 0 1 24 24 24 11 1 30 27 0 0 0 1 0 0 29 29 1 34 32 111 0 10 40 37 37 34 34 29 29 00 0 39 0 41 0 1 50 46 39 39 0 51 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 NAVER SOMETIMES OFTEN 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Criteria(Fe ale) NOISE POOR LIG TING EAT COLD OVERCROWDING POOR VENTILATION DUST AND FUMES POOR MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT NEVER 29 29 22 32 29 29 22 24 SOMETIMES 37 39 41 34 44 46 39 24 OFTEN 34 32 37 34 27 24 39 51 2 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .

2 2. and often) Among all the data and mean the researcher finds that Poor Maintenance of Equipment (2. sometimes. Poor lighting.3 2. excessive heat. Researcher used three scales rating to measure the stress (never.MEAN 2.15 2. researcher found causes of stress like noise. Cold. dust and fumes.05 2 2 1. poor ventilation. Overcrowding and Poor ventilation (2) are main causes of stress of the female employees.3 2.1 2.95 2 2 2 2 1.identified different causes of the stress for femail.9 1. excessive c cold. poor maintenance and equipment.3).85 INTERPREATATION .1 2. Noise. (See chart) .2 2.35 2.25 2. overcrowding. poor lighting.

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Criteria NOISE POOR LIG TING EAT COLD OVERCROWDING POOR VENTILATION DUST AND FUMES POOR MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT NEVER 29 29 22 32 29 29 22 24 SOMETIMES 37 39 41 34 44 46 39 24 OFTEN 34 32 37 34 27 24 39 51 6 6 .

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