Abortionist Peter Bayliss was an absolute favorite of Australian “pro-choicers.” But he had such an evil temper that his anesthesiologist, Dawn Cullin, and even his de facto wife, Claudia McEwen, frequently laced his coffee with Prozac and valium. During one of his temper tantrums, he tied a patient to a bed and stuffed a sanitary pad in her mouth. Cullen admitted she was concerned about the practice, but said it was necessary to stop Bayliss acting "like a pork chop in a synagogue. ... The patients were terrified of him when he got into that state." Finally, the abortionist met his inevitable end. In 1999, doped up on a lethal dose of sleeping pills, he fell down a flight of stairs. Claudia McEwan failed to call an ambulance for him and was subsequently charged with manslaughter. Testimony revealed that she knew he was having a Viagra-fueled affair. Strangely, her mother had died under circumstances eerily similar to those of Bayliss. The abortionist had had his medical license suspended after his negligence led to an abortion patient suffering brain damage, but he had vowed to set up shop again. Local pro-abortionists eulogized him in the media as a man with "a heart of gold" who had fearlessly resisted attacks by "anti-abortion zealots."1 • In one of the most calculated and cold-blooded murder sprees Australia has ever seen, John Myles Sharpe of Victoria murdered his five-months-pregnant wife Anna Marie by shooting her twice in the head with a spear gun. To keep up appearances, he took his little twenty-month old daughter, Gracie Louise to pre-school for several days. Then, in order to make it look as if she had left him for another man and had taken Gracie with her, he murdered her with the spear gun as well. Then he chopped up the bodies of his pregnant wife and baby girl with a chain saw and fed their body parts into a wood shredder, then bagged their remains up and dumped them at a commercial waste site. He later confessed to the murders and told investigators that he had actually taken little Gracie to a scuba shop to purchase the spear gun that he would later use to murder her with. 2 • In yet another case, Phillip King's girlfriend, 17-year-old Kylie Flick, was six months pregnant, and he did not want the baby. He demanded that she have a late-term abortion, but she refused. So he offered two women $500 to punch Kylie in the stomach to induce a miscarriage, but they refused. So, on August 20, 2002, King, who weighed 245 pounds and was on steroids, punched her in the stomach himself, threw her to the ground, and stomped on her abdomen several times. The attack caused the desired result. Kylie's baby was stillborn. King pled guilty to maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. He testified that "My intention was to hurt the baby and that's why I punched her in the stomach." He was sent to prison for 25 years for his cowardly attack.3

32-year-old Mark Bottriell is a typical "pro-choice" male, who hates and exploits young girls and uses abortion to cover up his crimes. He began by beating up his pregnant live-in girlfriend, 22-year-old Debra Joy Smart, on January 11, 1998, deliberately kicking her in the stomach so that she would miscarry her five-month preborn son, whom she had already named Dylan. Two days later, he beat her to death, and Debra and her baby were buried in the same grave. He also slashed a 16-year-old girl with a knife when she refused to have sex with him. After pleading guilty to manslaughter and spending only three years in jail, he began having sex with a rapid succession of underaged girls. In one case, he repeatedly raped a 14-year-old girl and soon began to beat her every day. He held a knife to her throat and threatened to set her on fire and watch her die. She was too terrified to leave him, and he plagued her with more than 1,700 harassing telephone calls in just three months. When she became pregnant, he forced her to have an abortion, telling her he would kill her if she did not comply. The abortion mill, of course, asked no questions, allowing Bottriell to continue terrorizing and raping the young girl. This time, Bottriell got even less time in prison — 14 months — and his judge refused to even put him on a sexual offenders list.4

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