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"Girls, don't fear to ride. Ridding keeps you fit. It will not break your virginity.


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HIV is a reality and everyone is at risk 1.1 million people are living with HIV 130,000 people get infected every year. About 30,000 are young people between 15-24 years z About 25,000 are born orn with HIV every year z Six out of every 10 Ugandans don't know w their HIV status.

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If you feel this way, it is time to change your mind and test.

because we wanted to be sure of our status and avoid worries.

What is holding you from testing for HIV? Is it fear? Or do you feel you are not at risk like Mukundane Philip, 21, Rweiziringiro Secondary School, Isingiro? He says: I am a virgin and feel I have never exposed myself to HIV.
Like Philip, many of you have not tested for HIV because you: z Are virgins z Look healthy and dont fall sick often z Think your girlfriend or boyfriend is faithful z Trust your love

Dr Zainub Akol, Ministry of Health says: Every year, Testing may be scary but it is a about 25,000 children in life saving decision you need to Uganda are born with HIV. make. It enables you to make This means even a virgin healthy choices, and reduces the can have HIV. Test to be spread of HIV. sure of your status. Looking healthy or not falling sick Testing is often doesn't mean you are free in all government hospitals OK. HIV can live in the body and health centres. for over 10 years without showing any signs. If you feel your girlfriend or boyfriend is faithful and you trust each other, Talk about test to confirm that you testing for HIV together are HIV free. P Ekolut, S3, . Hacyon HS, Soroti, tested to avoid living under fear of unknown. He says: Im in love. We are abstaining from sex until marriage. We tested for HIV

Tested positive, but

In March, Straight Talk visited Muni Girls School in Arua. We met Azizuyo Brenda Facy, 17, S5, born with HIV. She is on ARVs, strong and studing hard. She wants to be a lawyer.
Brenda says: I didnt know I had HIV till I tested in 2007 at Kuluva Hospital in Arua. I was in S2. I would fall sick often. I decided to find out the problem. I tested positive. I felt bad but I was relieved of worries. I showed my results to dad and sisters. My father was strong but my sisters cried. They thought I was going to die. I told them I had been given Antiretroviral (ARVs) medicine to help me live longer. At school, I would hide my

relieved of worries
medicine fearing to be isolated. Later I shared my status with students and teachers. They are friendly and helpful. I now take my ARVs and Septrin freely. Teachers rs give me something to eat before taking ARVs. Friends remind me to take medicine on time. Even if you are on ARVs or not, you are advised to take Septrin to prevent malaria, diarrhoea and Pneumonia. I talk to students to stay safe and if they have HIV, to get the right treatment, care and support."
Brenda, Straight Talk salutes you.

Which is the most important sexual organ? Explain why? Write to PO Box 22366, Kampala

Brenda has shared her story on television and radio.

Straight Talk, May/June 2011

Testing for HIV is simple. It takes about one and a half hours. Aloyo Mary, 18, tested for HIV at Gulu Youth Centre and takes us through the steps.



I was welcomed by a receptionist and told her that I wanted to test for HIV. She gave PH D IRUP WR OO and a number.

2 I took the form to the counsellor. He counselled me. He asked if I was in a relationship, sexually active, lost a partner or parents. He also asked what I would do if I tested positive. I said I would accept the results and get treatment, care and support. No one else listened to our conversation.


It took about 30 minutes for results to come out. Before

I was given result, I was counselled again and told

3 I was taken to a lab room where a blood sample was taken. It took about three minutes.

Later I attended a health talk while waiting for my results. The counsellor talked about HIV prevention, living positively, body changes and sexuality. She encouraged us to ask questions.

to go back after three months for another test. I was advised to abstain or use condom correctly every time I have sex.


everyone to test and pick their results. From having unprotected sex, sharing sharp objects to just wanting to know their HIV status, straight talkers share their reasons for choosing to test or not test for HIV.

Shared sharp objects

L Birungi, 16, S3, St Mbuga Vocational SS, Kampala, says: I used to share safety pins, needles and razor blades with my cousin. She tested HIV positive. I was scared. I went to Kabarole Hospital and tested negative. Im now very careful. I Omak, 19, S6, Rock HS, Tororo, says: "I have tested three times to encourage others do the same. I have a boyfriend but we have not had sex. We are abstaining from sex until marriage.


Test if you

Mother's death
M Aloyo, 18, Gulu, says: Im a virgin but I dont know what killed my mum. When Red Cross came to our school, I tested to be sure. I quaked and prayed everyday for negative results. I was psychologically tortured for a month. When results came, they were negative. I was so happy. I went to church to thank God.

had had sex with an infected man. I was scared. I felt like everyone knew my problem. So I decided to go to test. Luckily I tested negative. I was so relieved and ran home to tell my mother. I will never have unprotected sex again. S Okubal , 16, Halcyon HS, Soroti

Strange rash
D Ithungu,16,S2, Rwenzori HS, Kasese, says: "Im happy I know my HIV status. I developed a strange rash and wanted to know the cause. I encourage

Unprotected sex
I had unprotected sex. After sometime I heard that my girlfriend

Bravo to all of you who have tested.

z Have you ever had sex with someone whose HIV status you did not know? z Have you ever had sex without a condom? z Have you ever had more than one sexual partner? z Do you start a sexual relationship soon after meeting a person? z While in a sexual relationship, do you start a new one? z Have you ever taken alcohol before having sex and you dont remember whether you used a condom or not? z Have you ever given or received sex in exchange for money, gifts or favours? z Do you ever use two condoms at the same time? z Do you have a parent living with HIV or have you lost a parent and dont know what he/she died of? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are at risk of HIV infection. Go for HIV counselling and testing at the nearest health centre.

at risk

Not yet tested

Taaka Brenda, 19, S5, s: Buhobe SS, Busia, say I'm planning to test for HIV. I had a boyfriend who was not faithful." Tabo John, 15, S2, jja, Budumba SS, Butale says: I have not tested because the hospital is very far. If I get a chance, I will test for peace of mind. V Nelima, 18, Butiru Model School, Mbale,

says: "I have not tested. I don't want to live a miserable life worrying about death if I test positive.

care Cool boys take h. of their healt

Editor: Testing helps

you overcome fear and anxiety. You get more information about HIV and make informed decision on safer sex. You change your behaviour. If you test HIV positive you start treatment early for a healthier, strong and longer life.

Use your HIV results to make healthy decisions

or positive, it does not mean you should start sex, continue abstaining. zIf you are sexually active and test negative, think of safer sex to protect yourselves from HIV/ STDs. You never know when your partner will become unfaithful. Besides, condoms protect you from pregnancy. zIf both of you test positive and you are sexually active, use condoms correctly every time you have sex to avoid getting more or another type of HIV.

zIf you both test negative

Pastor Andrew Mwenge, Kampala Baptist Church,says: If you have HIV, dont lose hope. There are many things in life to celebrate.
Develop a dream and work WR DFKLHYH LW %H FRQGHQW Look beyond the human labels that society may place on you. Have something to contribute to humanity. You can become a change agent. Encourage others who struggle with stigma.

Straight Talk, May/June 2011

I was patient and focused. I took the words of men like Fagil Mandy, an educationist who once told us some students graduate from the graves because they did not take care of their lives." Living with HIV or having a disability should never make you lose hope. You can still make it in life. Florence Ndagire, 27, was born blind but this did not stop her from dreaming big. She made right choices to delay sex, and worked hard on her studies. Her former head-teacher at Madera School for Blind would always remind them that the journey to success starts today, not tomorrow. Encouraged by these words, Ndagire focused on her studies until she finished university where she did Law. She is currently a legal officer at the Uganda Society for the Disabled Children. She says: When I was in S1, a boy from S4 wanted to have sex with me but I refused. He then said I would lay an egg of a turkey. I was scared but still I refused. After sometime he gave up. "In S3, some teachers also wanted to have sex with me. I told them I would first share it with the headmistress to see if what they were telling me was helpful. They stopped disturbing me. Even at Makerere, some lecturers were on my case. I still refused and completed my law degree without getting a boyfriend. Yes, if you are in school, delay sex and work hard. If you are in love, be honest. Dont spend your fees which your parents struggle to get on a lover. People who love you will always wish you the best and not force you into sex." Ndagire is grateful to her parents for giving her a chance to study. She is married with a son. She has travelled to many places. Last year, she was part of the team that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for children with disabilities in Africa.

"Some teachers wanted to have sex with me. I told WKHP , ZRXOG UVW VKDUH it with the headmistress to see if what they were telling me was helpful. They stopped disturbing me." Ndagire

Jacque Kainembabazi, 16, Nsambya, Kampala, says: Delaying sex helps me stay safe.

One time my girlfriend asked for sex. I feared to have unprotected sex because we had never tested for HIV. I went to the hospital and asked for condoms. We had protected sex. J Biiro, S1, 14, Alliance Victory, Bugiri Dear Biiro, it is OK to have a girlfriend. But this does not mean that you should do everything she asks of you. You need to think before you act. Talk to her to control

her sexual feelings. Be careful of excuses like, 'I love you so much'; 'I don't have HIV' or 'We have been together for long. Think through your sex life carefully. You can choose to abstain until you are above 18 and after your studies. Early sex invites trouble in your life. You could get HIV, be imprisoned, dropout of school or become a father now. Are you ready to start a family at 14?


Condoms protect against pregnancy, HIV, and other STDsd if used correctly an consistently ever y time you have sex.
ng the Write and describi ng correct steps of usi you ere condoms and wh ge from. got this knowled

ht Straight Send letters to: mpala Talk, 22366, Ka

I am in love
Jacky Alesi has been sharing with you her story of living with HIV. Jacky is in love. She says: "I'm glad God answered my prayers. I have got someone understanding. We are still dating. He is what I have always wished for in my simple life. I feel so loved, cared for and understood. We are taking a step at a time to know each other better and possibly get married someday. Yes, I have feelings and having HIV has not taken away my love feelings.

people about my status? Boy, Hoima Hey, dude, thank you for this important question. It is up to you to decide when to disclose your status. How do they feel about disclosing? If you feel comfortable talking about your status, just do it. It is the right thing to do. You will feel free with yourself and everyone else around you. You will no longer fear to go for treatment or take your medicine. Find out how people would react if they found out that you are HIV positive. You can start by telling a few people like family members and friends.

Know your body

You can control sexual feelings
Boys and girls get attracted to the opposite sex as they grow. You may get attracted to your age mates or even someone older than you as A.M, 18, Sacred Heart SS, Gulu. She says: When I see male teachers, I get attracted to them and when they are teaching, I do not understand. I only think about sex. What can I do? I really want to pass my exams? It is normal to get attracted to the opposite sex. But this does not mean you should go ahead and have sex. You have the ability to control your sexual feelings. Take these teachers as your parents or brothers and do not let sexual feelings distract you from your education. Have a goal. Know why you are at school. Talk to someone about your feelings. You could be having a crush. A crush is when you like being with someone you find attractive. Don't let it disrupt your studies. Dr Akol Zainab, Ministry of Health

Questions to Jacky
Julius Musamali, 18, S5, Bungokho SS, Mbale, says: Always think critically before making any decision . Don't rush to do something and regret after. So many of you have written or called her and had a chat about HIV. Thank you. Hi Jacky, I am HIV positive. When is it right for me to tell


Write to: 22366, Kampala.

Straight Talk, May/June 2011

Send letters to: P. O. Box 22366 KAMPALA
Z Namatende, Kakungulu HS, Luwero, says: I pray to God to guide me in whatever I do. I am very poor at Maths and physics. I fear to be coached by my friends or teachers. I dont want my girlfriend to see me fighting with books. She is the best in those subjects, what can I do? S Junior, Metu SS, Moyo Junior, you need to know why you are at school. Make use of your teachers and friends. You say your girlfriend is the best in these subjects. Talk to her to help you. Don't fear. She will be glad to help you improve in these subjects. Be yourself and honest. Asking for help is a sign of strength and courage.

care. Go to test for HIV with your partner. Even if you do not have any symptoms, you can still infect him. So your partner should be advised that he may become infected and you and him should use condoms to reduce the risk. Good luck.

always with a condom, and please go to test together. Be careful of imprisonment if the girl is less than 18 years. If the girl is older, does she have other sexual partners? Is the sex disrupting her studies or yours? Are you under pressure from friends to have sex? Think about why you are having sex. You can stop for a while. Never have sex with a girl who has not said Yes. It could be because she does not want to have sex or maybe because you are not using a condom, and she is worried about getting pregnant and HIV/STDs. Counsellors: Cathy Watson, nurse and Nabayiiki Uniah

Why is it that when I am having sex with a girl she usually cries? BG, 18, Kiryandongo SSS, Masindi BG, does that mean you have sex with others who do not cry? Organise your sex life. One girl only, after discussion,

Sorry about that. But running away may not be the best solution. Talk to an adult relative or dad's friend to find out why your dad is treating you like that. Ask to stay with one of your relatives.

I have lived with an STD for 6 years. I have tried different treatments but it doesnt go. What is my problem? NM, Nsambya Nursing School, Kampala NM, you need to get a clear medical checkup. Go to Nsambya Hospital or Naguru Teenage Centre and get to know what you are suffering from. It may not even be STD. If you are sexually active, please manage your sex life with extra

My daddy hates me. Whenever he sees me, he starts quarrelling and beating me to the extent of biting me. I dont know what I did. I feel like running away from home. Help me. Girl, 16, Greenvine College, Kayunga

Members of Kasangombe SS, Nakaseke Straight Talk Club say:

"The great advice we receive protects us from risky behaviour like early sex."

KDSSHQ WR \RX Madella Issac, Mvara SS, Arua 'RQ

W FRQWURO KHU IHHOLQJV 5HSRUW her to a senior woman teacher or any responsible adult who FDQ KHOS \RX Azizah Hope, 17,S4, Sserwanga- Lwanga SS, Kalangala



Symptoms of gonorrhea in girls may include pain in the lower abdomen, discharge from the vagina, and high temperature. But most times, a girl gets no symptoms. This is bad because, when not treated early, it may lead to infertility. If you have had unprotected sex, go for an STD test with your partner. If you have an STD, get treatment and complete the dose. Dont have unprotected sex again until ERWK RI \RX KDYH QLVKHG treatment. By Dr Semugoma Paul, International Hospital, Kampala

In Straight Talk February, JB, S4, Ruhisco, Kabale said: An S1 girl is hunting me down that I must have sex with her or else be deformed by her visit to a witch doctor. What can I do?

What are the signs and symptoms of gonorrhoea? If I am suffering from it, what can I do? Muhumuza John, Zana Mixed SS, Wakiso Gonorrhoea is one of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). This means that a person is infected by their partner during sex. In a boy the symptoms start 2 days to 2 weeks after sex. There is burning pain on passing urine and pus in urine. Pus may come out of the penis. There may be pain in the testes when touched and one may have high temperature.

6WLFN WR \RXU 12 7KDW JLUO might be HIV positive and KHU LQWHQVLRQ LV WR LQIHFW \RX Report her to her parents so that they can advise her how to handle her teenage stage and FRQWURO KHU IHHOLQJV EkyasMost of you advised JB to say iimire Joanitah, 17, S4, St Agatha Girls SS, Kabale QR DQG SUD\ 7KDQN \RX 6RPH JLUOV DUH GDQJHURXV 7KDW JLUO LV MXVW VFDULQJ \RX It is true she can bewitch you ,W KDV HYHU KDSSHQHG WR PH and you accept to have sex My ex-boyfriend used to ask ZLWK KHU ,I WKLV KDSSHQV XVH IRU VH[ EXW , DOZD\V UHIXVHG a condom to protect yourself He could scare me like that DJDLQVW 67'V HVSHFLDOO\ WKH 6 FKLF  , OLYHG LQ IHDU 2QH GD\ , WROG P\ SDVWRU DERXW LW GHDGO\ +,9 Mugoya Sadiki, +H SUD\HG IRU PH 5LJKW QRZ member of Abstinence and ,P IUHH Naigaga Vivian, 16, Patience Pays Club, Bugiri S3, Comprehensive College, Kitettika, Wakiso -% GRQW IHDU ZLWFKFUDIW , NQRZ \RXU ORUG LV VWLOO DOLYH He will help you go through WKLV SUREOHP  &RQWLQXH VD\LQJ 12 WR HDUO\ VH[ 1RWKLQJ ZLOO

a perfect reason as to why he decided to do so. Of recent, he has been writing to me asking for reconciliation and forgiveness. Should I let him inside for the second time?

Tell us heard about know or have ur community. in yo witchcraft X 22366,

BO Write to PO d KAMPALA, an

Z: QUIyou think, what


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