In order to load these smoke projectiles you will need the following items: 1. Fused cardboard projectile tube (Included) 2. Two 1 3/16´ OD cardboard wads (Included) 3. One ¼´ thick 1 3/16´ OD foam wad (included) 4. One plastic payload cap (Included) 5. One A.S.A. 37mm, plastic casing or one Aluminum casing (Optional) 6. Smoke composition/mix. I recommend the mix sold by Or John Michael McCool at 541-485-3417 7. Bentonite Clay (optional) Sold on my 37mm loading page 8. Rubber gloves are recommended (the dye in the smoke mix will stain your hands) 9. Dust mask (Available at any hardware store) 10. Rubber bands (Included) First, you will need to mix the oxidizer into your smoke mix powder. Make sure you follow the manufacturer¶s directions when doing this. If your smoke mix burns super fast and is black or brown instead of red, yellow, or green, you used too much oxidizer in your mix. Measure very carefully. Next you will load your smoke mix into your cardboard tube, filling it until about ¼´ below the top of the tube.

Make sure there are no lumps of oxidizer in your mix, and make sure it is mixed very well. You can run your mix threw a screen if it is exceptionally lumpy.

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Next, place your foam wad in the tube (This provides a seal and helps prevent smoke mix from going everywhere) press down with a wooden dowel.

Push firmly but slowly to slightly compact the mix.

If more smoke is desired. Pull out the foam wad and add more smoke mix then compact again. Make sure to leave enough room for the wads and cap. Next place the two cardboard wads on top of the foam wad and press firmly again with the wooden dowel. If using the bentonite clay remove foam wad add clay and compress with your hammer and dowel. Use a hammer to tap the top of the dowel to compact your smoke mix. Next place the plastic payload cap over the cardboard wads or bentonite clay and secure with glue.

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Turn your tube over and look at the fuse. You will want to cut it so it looks like the example below. Use either a razor knife or a sharp hobby cutter to cut the fuse at a 45 degree angle and approx ¼´ from the interior plastic wad.

Never, ever, load any type of explosive powder into these casings. The result of any of your lift fire entering your tube past the plastic wad, would be your launcher blowing up in your face. Use only smoke mixes which you have tested first, and present no explosive danger!

Next, drill two ¼´ holes through the plastic wad into the smoke mix like this:

These holes are important, as this will be where your smoke exits the tube. If you do not drill these holes, your smoke round will fail.

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Next, cover the holes with aluminum muffler tape or similar: (Available at any auto parts store)

If using ASA¶s plastic case add no more than 1 tbs (50 grains approx) of fffg black powder or similar black powder substitute. Put the rubber band around the bottom of tube. Place the tube into the case fuse down. On a hard surface, using the palm of your hand, push down hard to seat the projectile into your case. Your smoke round is now ready to fire.

If using ASA¶s aluminum case use no more than 1 tbs (50 grains approx) of fffg black powder or similar black powder substitute. You do not need to use an ASA powder bushing for this round. Use a layer of masking tape/or a rubber band around the bottom of the tube to get a snug fit and hold it in place. Next, turn the smoke projectile fuse side up, place the pre-measured Black powder charge into the cavity of the fused end of the smoke projectile. On a hard surface while the projectile is still upside down push the aluminum case on to the smoke projectile using a good amount of force using the palm of your hand (this will seal all the powder over the primer and take the place of the powder bushing). Do not use a hammer or similar striking object; it could set off the primer. Your smoke round is now ready to fire.

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