Early pregnancies are happening in our schools girls are dropping and out of school. What are you doing to stop this and increase retention. Tell us your stories. Write

to PO Box 22366, Kampala

Apio Doris, VH PS Lira says: Sex with your pupil is not accepted. Head teachers should have zero tolerance on that. We are role models to children. These children spend most of their time with us. Let us be good parents to them.

Vol. 9 No. 1 June 2010

Healthy teacher pupil relationship
Promotes effective teaching and learning
eachers, you are role models and parents to your pupils. Children spend 80% of their time with you. an unhealthy relationship and can defile a pupil. This leads to loss of trust from the community, parents, pupils and loss of your job. Nurture a good relationship to promote a healthy environment conducive for effective teaching and learning. It also builds a good reputation for the school and you, the teachers. Many teachers like Bongomin D, Mary Hill PS, Amuru are having good relationships with their pupils. He says: I respect my pupils. When a teacher respects the child then he cannot defile them. You are a source of wisdom and pupils believe in you. Guide and show them the right path to success. Your pupils can be successful today and in future if you have healthy relationship with them. In a healthy relationship there is good communication, respect and trust between teachers and pupils. Aggrey Kibenge, Spokesperson PRO, MoES says: The relationship between a child and a teacher should be like that of a parent and child. Provide counselling and guidance to the child for intellectual and moral support. When you fail to act as a parent, then you are starting

ve their pils achie e. rs, help pu m from sexual abus Teache ct the pils u te goals. Pro harms education. P p out efilement led are likely to dro ancy D gn efi who are d ecause of early pre school b ted problems. of rela and other

Teacher Talk interviewed the Minister of Education and Sports, Namirembe Bitamazire, and she warns against defilement: "No teacher should involve himself or herself in a sexual relationship with a pupil. Your professional code of ethics is clear. Behave professionally and help students to learn and pass. When we establish that you are in a sexual relationship with your pupil, you will be interdicted and the case will be forwarded to

Defilement is a crime
The teacher’s t code of Conduc says:
The teacher shall al not have a sexu h the relationship wit child/leaner A teacher shall of observe the law ly Uganda particular x, in matters of se marriage and all parenthood and times set a good ildren ch example to the
the Education Service Commission for further action. If the Education Service Commission establishes that it is true you have a sexual relationship with a learner, it will terminate your service. Your relationshiop with the pupil should be like that of a child and parent. Do not harm them.

A teacher in Obiya PS, Gulu listens to his pupils

To report defilement, call the commissioners' office on 0414-349435

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2 Teacher Talk, June 2010

Create a safe school for pupils
World Bank survey in 2008 indicated that one in every twenty-five girls aged between 12 and 17 had been sexually assaulted by their teachers.This means 43,000 girls in primary schools had been defiled.

Teach children about bad touches and gifts
Let pupils know that no one is allowed to touch their private part or give them gifts they cannot show their parents.

Some teachers lure girls into sex by promising them gifts and good marks or threatening them. Girls usually fear the likely consequences if they refuse to yield to sexual advances by teachers. One pupil says: "I had a boyfriend who was a teacher at my school. When he asked me to have sex with him, I refused. He said he would wait for me in a dark place and rape me." Headteachers, work with your teachers and pupils to create a defilement free school. Sex between a teacher and pupil is totally unacceptable. Have zero tolerance for sexual abuse in your school.

Teach about inappropriate secrets. Child abuse starts with a
child being persuaded, threatened or forced not tell anyone. Tell children not to keep secrets.

Create a support system to enable pupils to seek help and report sexual abuse. Pupils of Amuda PS, Dokolo, say they are staying safe from defilement
mechanisms to discourage defilement. Give information about its consequences to pupils and teachers. Speak to those who are suspected. If defilement occurs there should be no time to negotiate. The culprit should face the law." This helps pupils identify people they can go to for help and keep on telling someone until they get help. Bwonyo encourages you to get the girl child closer to the senior woman teacher. Where there is no female teacher, ask female parents to help. A pupil from Dokolo got help due to supportive system at school. She says: "There was a teacher who told me to take books to his home. When I entered the house, he told me to open my hands and he sees how clean they are. He wrote in my hand that I love you. I ran very fast to the senior woman teacher and showed her. The teacher was warned."

Allow children to express themselves and be assertive. Help children to speak
out clearly and strongly and say no to sexual abuse. "I have encouraged the children to report such cases. I have introduced a suggestion box where children write about such cases. We encourage them to omit their names. This has helped us in identifying the wrong people. "

Write a school policy on sexual abuse. Share the policy with your staff and pupils.
Bwonyo Bosco, District Inspector of Schools, Lira says: "Put in place

Set a system where other teachers review exam papers. This will establish fairness
and reduce cases of gaining or being denied marks in case a teacher has issues with a given pupil.

Cezi Ebong, Amuca PS, Lira

Dear teachers, stick to your Code of Conduct. A sexual relationship with your pupil can lead to:
•Imprisonment •Loss of job •Bad reputation for you and the school •Loss of respect by the children and the community
That is the teacher who defiled peter's daughter

Advice to a teacher in love with a pupil
issue of In the last love withTeacheraTalk, we asked teachers to advice teacher who was in a pupil. This is what he said:
admire a my school. Once "Iduring rollIP7 pupil inIpupilsdarkness call, when said she was absent, collapsed. saw and fell down I gained consciousness in the hospital. When the pupil came to see me. I heard her voice and felt fine. The doctor says I have hysteria. What can I do? "
We thank all the 60 teachers who wrote in to advise the teacher in love. You win Teacher Talk T-shirts for your brilliant advice. Engwau Daniel, Moroto Municipal PS, says: Turn your mind away from the little girl. If you continue with that, it will spoil your record and your job. Seek guidance and counselling and make sure you read the teachers code of conduct. Look at that girl as your own daughter and not as a lover. Remember defilement is a crime. From Busia, Nagatabita PS, Auma Janet, says: Please be a professional teacher. How would you feel if another teacher did it to your daughter? Ask for a transfer to save yourself. Odeya Emanual headteacher, Isagara PS, Masindi, says: Thank you for opening up. That is one way to solve your problem. It is normal to get feelings but you can control them. Share your worries with a counsellor. Stick to religious teachings and the teacher’s code of conduct. Namara Alex, Nyarurenbo PS,Kanungu says: Look for possible ways that can make you busy like reading books ,playing football and it should be done after school. You should also get married to some one mature enough to avoid imprisonment. Elelu Nicodemus, Ogobai PS, Kaberamaido says: It is natural and healthy to admire but it seems you are going too far. Request for a transfer to be safe.

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3 Teacher Talk, June 2010

Manage your sexual feelings
A teacher in love with a pupil will not teach effectively or act objectively


aturally we all have feelings. Feeling is a reaction of the mind towards different situations. These feelings eventually become obvious through what we see, hear, think and do. What is key to control our feelings.

What if a pupil shows interest in you?
Sometimes, pupils tempt their teachers with sexual advances.

Sexual feelings and admiration for your pupils does not mean you should have sex with them. Onyango Jackson a teacher in Amuca SDA, says: I admire pupils but I do not take advantage of them. Sometimes attractions may lead to feeling of love but you need to handle them carefully. Ongom Humphrey, teacher in Amuca SDA Lira says: There was a moment I had to exchange class with my colleague to avoid the temptation. I fear to be imprisoned and disowned. It is not right for me to relate sexually with my pupils. I am not ready to be disowned by the church.

Ronald Omara, a teacher, says accepting a pupils advances is an absolute risk. Many teachers have gone to jail over defilement while others are paying rent and even university fees because of an out of court settlement due to defilement. "When you say NO to the pupil, say it carefully in a way that will not damage the child's reputation and esteem. If you humiliate the pupil, she or he may never regain the courage to study," says Omara.

Teachers of Agwata PS, Dokolo, say a good teacher should look at a pupil as his/her child

Bainomugisha Beatrice, adds, A teacher is mature enough.
If a child shows interest in you, clearly tell them it is not right. Help the child understand that getting feelings for someone is normal. Let them know the effects and tell them how to avoid them. A teacher should know what happens to a child when they are growing up.

starts from "You can control your sexual feelings. This ind yourself every morning that you the mind. Rem are going to meet your children and that their lives are in your hands." Write down principles that guide you. •Keep your mind busy by reading books, playing games •Avoid being alone with that pupil. Beatrice Bainomugisha, a counsellor and teacher

Law on Domestic Violence passed
In March 2010, President Museveni signed the Domestic Violence Act of 2009 into law. The new law is to punish promoters of domestic violence. It punishes a partner who injures or endangers the health of the other. It forbids repeated sending of abusive messages and letters to someone. Perpetrators of domestic violence are liable to a fine of up to Shs 910,000 or imprisonment for two years or both.

Aggrey Kibenge from MoES says,"When a pupil
shows interest in you, help the child to calm down by talking to them. Do not take advantage of them. You can also seek guidance and counselling on how best to help such a pupil.

Integrate HIV messages in school activities
role in providing HIV/ Schools play an important AIDS education for young people. Schools reach a large number of pupils. Children are always eager to learn new information. Therefore schools are a well-established point of contact through which pupils can receive HIV/ AIDS education.
Effective HIV/AIDS education encourages pupils to participate and practice the information they are learning. This can be done day activities include the HIV messages,This will be the best opportunity even for the parents to know and learn. Ngomwegi Mary Head teacher Obiya PS, Gulu, says: In my school HIV messages are passed on through music and drama. We teach children to act short plays. In English lessons the children recite poems about HIV. Okot Alfred Obiya PS ,Gulu ,says: With thematic curriculum , it is very easy to integrate HIV messages. I use drawings and rhymes for those children and they are quick at grasping. It has worked so much for me.

Government eyes 3,600 to train P .E
Government will recruit 3,600 new physical education teachers in 2011. This is aimed at raising interest in sports at school. The State Minister for primary education who made the annoucement in April also warned parents who refuse their children to participate in games and sports. Children who do not exercise have challenges because all the fats eaten stay in the body without being burnt hence sickness.

through group-work and role-play.
These help the pupil to discover the practical aspects of the information they are given. For example

Teachers get pay rise in 2011 budget
While reading the budget, finance minister Syda Bbumba announced a Shs18 Billion for the enhancement of scientists’ salaries, primary school teachers and lower cadre health workers and security forces.

saying “No” to sex.
Active learning makes AIDS education fun. You can also use quizzes, games, or drama. When you organize sports

Teachers of Amuca PS, Lira in a focus group discussion

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4 Teacher Talk, June 2010

Motivation creates interest to work


otivation is stimulating someone's interest to work. There are different ways of motivation. It may be an award, appreciation, recognition certificates or money.

Head teachers, how do you motivate your teachers for a job well done? Some teachers complain that when children perform well, the success is attributed to the head teacher. And even when the community and the parents bring some gifts in appreciation, they are taken by the head teacher alone. Success should be attributed to the whole team. The head teacher should

share the little or have a small get together party with his staff. Aluma Catherine, Obiya West PS, Gulu, says: In my school the teachers are motivated in many ways. Those with extra lessons are given Shs 1,000 per day. If your subject was well done during PLE, a get together party is organized for the team.

Onyango Jackson, teacher, Obiya PS, Gulu, showing children what to do in class.

Ways of motivation
• Give opportunity for further training • Give job titles such as director of studies to build self esteem • Have a good working environment where communication is free • Praise someone on the spot with words like excellent • Give leadership roles

Science corner: MMC reduces the HIV risk
ircumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the penis. Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) is done at the health centre in a clean environment. Doctors have discovered that HIV negative men who are circumcised are 60% less likely to get infected with HIV . However, MMC works best with other prevention methods such as faithfulness and condom.
Un Circumcised penis Outer foreskin Inner foreskin Urethra Glans penis Frenulum Circumcised penis

No HIV entry

Your foreskin is normally wet. It has many cells where HIV easily enters the body. When the foreskin is removed, the skin of the penis tip becomes hard and drier. This makes

it hard for HIV to enter. Circumcision is best done in the hospital. Dr Christine Nalwadda, School of Public Health, Mulago

problem in Stigma is a big chChildren and tea schools. atised because ers are stigm ability, HIV or they have a dis ferent in use they are dif beca the or another from one way us stories of rest. Share with ing in your what you are do hool to make your sc school stigma free.


X 22366, Write to PO BO pala Kam

How are you using the HIV readers in your school?
The HIV readers are a series of stories on HIV/AIDS for primary pupils published by the Ministry of Education and Sports and distributed to schools to scale up the supply of HIV/AIDS prevention materials in all primary schools in Uganda. The series on the HIV reader are interesting and they help children to apply the knowledge they get on their day today experiences. The books have also been used to develop the life skills that will help pupils and communities protect themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS and be able to cope with HIV/AIDS related challenges. The readers are designed to enhance the reading skills of children at primary school level and may be used by teachers during lessons in English l language. Auma Eunice teacher, Amuca SDA PS ,says: Thursday afternoons are d dedicated to the HIV reade ers. The children are put t together and the books are d distributed.Children read a as the teacher explains w where they find difficulti ties. This has helped the children to understand HIV better. Eunice, great job! You win a Teache er Talk diary for 2011

Be counselled and tested together
ouple counselling and testing is when one goes for HIV counselling and testing with their partner. When you go together, the burden of disclosing your results to your partner is reduced. Besides, both of you receive the same information together. Going together for testing with your partner strengthens your relationship and builds trust.


Couple counselling and testing also helps you plan with your partner for your family and what preventive measure is best for both of you when it comes to HIV . Watante David the manager of the Aids Information Centre in Lira says, "It promotes positive living and enhances acceptance of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission a among pregnant women." "When people come together for HIV testing with their partners, we counsel them together and this reduces cases of violence and abandonment." Couple testing also helps in the prevention of infections incase you are in a discordant relationship. • It empowers couples to initiate and sustain communication around HIV/ AIDS • It helps couples to adopt and maintain positive health practices, including risk reduction strategies and health seeking behaviours • Links HIV positive couples to treatment , care and support.

Write to Teacher Talk on PO Box 22366, Kampala and share with u your stories on us how you are using h the t HIV readers, Win W 2011 diaries

Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth (PIASCY)

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