Muslim Association of Greater Rockford

5921 Darlene Dr Rockford, IL 61109 (815) 397-3311

MAGR Meeting Minutes – 2/16/2011
Members Present: Khalid, Ilyas, Asim, Altaf, Shahid, Irfan, Alkhan, Mustafa, and Dawood 1. Started at 7:50 pm by recitation of Quran by Br. Alkhan. 2. Agenda for new Business was presented by Br Dawood and reviewed and approved by board members. 3. Br Dawood also commented on attendance in board meeting and asked all board members to sign on the attendance sheet as a record for the attendance in the board meeting. 4. Br Ilyas distributed the copy of the proposed budget of 2011 to board members and each board member reviewed it very closely. 5. All subcommittees budget except RISE budget was approved with the minor changes. Main budget was finalized but not approved secondary to some discussion over utility amount paid by IQRA. New suggestion was 90/10 whereas RISE has an agreement with previous board with 60/40 to help MAGR. Discussion on this issue did not lead to any final decision because the complexity of this issue. It was emphasis by the Board members that RISE as a subcommittee providing services to our community should not be burdened with paying the use of the building whereas other subcommittees are not sharing the use of the building. MAGR is the custodian and responsible for all the activities and services and should not discriminate between different services. 6. Tuition fee for the employee’s children were discussed and approved for the budget of 2011. For Imam MAGR will pay 50% of the tuition fee and IQRA bear the rest of the 50% of the tuition fee. For Sheikh Nasir’s children Br Mustafa presented the motion that 40% of tuition fee will be paid by MAGR, motion was seconded by Br Irfan and all approved. 7. IQRA budget will be approved over email because board members did not review it in detail. 8. Imam evaluation is in progress, Br Dawood summarized the feedback he received and Br Dawood along with Religious committee chairperson Br Mustafa, will sit down with Imam to present his evaluation. 9. Br Dawood updated on New Masjid and informed the Board that opening will be delayed till March 4th and InshaAllah will Pray Jummah on March 4th and Grand opening will be Sunday on March 6th. 10. Br Mustafa asked about the walk way for ladies between north and south doors, Br Altaf replied it was cancelled and there will be no walk way between these two doors in ladies area. Br Mustafa disagree and requested to have a walk way for ladies who come from north side to go for wadu and rest room use. 11. Suggestion was made that we will try to collect some fund on that Jummah to offset deficit on New Masjid Fund. 12. Br Altaf was asked to finalize the JOB description and duties for office manager and administrative assistance, according to MAGR needs. Br Altaf will finalize this task and will present to board via e-mail for final approval ASAP. 13. Meeting Adjourned with dua about midnight. Submitted by Khalid Siddiqui February 19, 2011

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