Introduction • • Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni His life as an architect. artist. philosopher etc The Sistine Chapel • • Location The relation between Michelangelo and the Christian Church The Masterpiece • • Timeline Visitors The afterlife of Michelangelo Conclusions .

very soon he was obliged to abandon this activity since he started facing health problems. 1564. the challenge of a sculptor artist to dare creating such a masterpiece which was not related to his work. 1 A unexpected interest on human anatomy made him ask permission to study corpses. he started studying sculpture in the Medici gardens and he was shortly noticed by Lorenzo de Medici. the figures which were unknown for that period and the challenge to paint inside a Chapel nude figures. During his visit there he became acquainted with humanists such as Marsilo Ficino and the poet Angelo Poliziano.michelangelo. He was born on March 6. The Sistine Chapel is worth to be studied because of the art used on it. which brought many discussions and protests. 1 http://www. but as well because of the time it took to finish.Thesis Argumentation From all the great work of Michelangelo I chose the Sistine Chapel since it is one of the great works not only because of the beauty. Being the Sistine Chapel a masterpiece created by only one artist is another reason why everyone should be interested on it. 1475 and died on February 18. At age of 13 Michelangelo started to apprentice at the workshop of the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio and after one year of studying the art of fresco. the Magnificent who later invited him into his household. the bid dimension of this his name has been always related with the word ‘’masterpiece’’. Introduction Michelangelo is one of the most known and great artists of all times.html . which was strictly forbidden by the Church.

Michelangelo produced two relief sculptures. Mary is restrained and her expression is one of resignation. since it was a sculpture which had both beauty and meaning. the inscription was with capital letters and was placed across Mary’s breast and this is the only work ever signed by Michelangelo. ready to fight. This showed clearly that he had started to differentiate from others by achieving a personal style. David was the sculpture that made Michelangelo surpass not only all the modern artists but also the Greek and Romans. At the same time he did the Marble Pieta. who was used by him as a model of heroic courage related to the latest difficult period that Florence was facing. In the Marble Pieta is shown the youthful Mary seated majestically holding the dead Christ across her lap. The assignment was given to other artists as well but neither of them managed to finish it. The message that he wanted to pass to people was that the inner spiritual strength can be more effective that arms. Florentine made this). After his return to Florence he produced his giant marble David. what Michelangelo did is . which is as well the only element in the composition which makes us identify the figure of David. Instead of revealing extreme grief. which is shown on his worried look and in his right hand a stone. and the rumors were saying that it was Christoforo Solari the artist that made it. In 1942. Soon after his arrival he produced the first large-scale sculpture Bacchus which was a pagan sculpture. As I mentioned above the creation of David came as a result of the difficulties of that period and Michelangelo wanted the people to start taking responsibilities and commit to accomplish their duties. The marble was placed in Saint Peter. so that night Michelangelo took a hammer and a chisel and placed the inscription MICHEL ANGELUS BONAROTUS FLORENT FACIBAT (Michelangelo Buonarroti. the Battle of the Centaurs and the Madonna of the Stairs. the faith in God enabled David to overcome the Israel’s enemies using a mere sling. Lorenzo the Magnificent died. the Battle of Cascina which would be placed at the Sala dei Cinquecento of the Palazzo Vecchio. While working with David. so Michelangelo went to Rome.By the age of 16. David was represented as an athletic character. Michelangelo started working on a mural.

2 Michelangelo greatest achievement as an architect was the St. one of which was Pieta. 2 http://www.html . some can say deep love developed. The later poems are Christian. Later on his poems changed to a more passionate style. Peter’s Basilica. although he had a great pressure from the Pope to accept the assignment he did it because he considered it as his duty and mission to God and he didn’t accept any payment for the job done. he didn’t like it and destroyed it with a hammer breaking off a leg and an arm from the figure of Christ and one hand from the figure of Virgins’ Mary.notablebiographies. She was his inspiration for his finest lyric poems which described admiration and devotion to a superior woman. Michelangelo wrote many poems in the 1530s and 1540s. which will then be used as well to his next major project The Sistine direct style. Once create different figures nude or dressed in many positions. He was 70 years old when he accepted this assignment. Michelangelo met a very strong and with high influence woman Vittoria Colona and a very deep friendship. where he was the chief architect in 1546. which was carved for his own tomb. The earlier poems are on the theme of Neoplatonic love (belief that the soul comes from a single undivided source to which it can unite again) and are full of logical contradictions and intricate images. The initial plan was designed by Donato Bramante but until the end it was constructed according to Michelangelo idea. Their mood is penitent (being sorrow and regretful). and they are written in a simple. 3 year after finishing the Last Judgment. At the last years of life he worked on his last sculptures.

high up near the top of the windows. so he made it available for everyone before the official finish. he was not allowing anyone to see his work but the Pope. affect him physically and emotionally.htm http://en. but don't detract from the fact that Michelangelo painted well over 460 m² of frescoes. many of the artists of that time were clearly influenced by the style of Michelangelo.about. The effect of this masterpiece was enormous. These numbers are rounded off just a tad. but with painting. Michelangelo refused the project but the Pope Julius II forced him to accept the http://www. Working so rigorously on the project. 5 Understanding the major work. The ceiling is about 40 meters long by 13 meters wide. 3 4 5 http://arthistory.4 Between the years 1508-1512 Michelangelo painted almost 300 figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.3 Michelangelo created a flat wooden platform on brackets built out from holes in the wall. Aristotele da Sangallo and Francesco Granacci and many labors. which are the greatest images of all the time.The Sistine Chapel The Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican Museums in Rome. Everyone was pressuring him to disclose it.html . He removed all the work done with his assistants and started from the beginning.wikipedia. He lay on this scaffolding while he painted. it was impossible for his friends to meet him and he recall that although he was only 37 years at time. he asked for the assistance of Giuliano which had nothing to do with sculpture. which after continuous disagreements he fired and took the entire responsibility on him.svcc. On April 1508 Michelangelo was contacted to start a new job. he was looking like an old man.

edu/academics/classes/murray/Ezine/sistine. In total. 6 http://www.svcc. Ezekiel and Daniel.sacred-destinations. My belly's pushed by force beneath my chin. it starts with God separating Light from Darkness. The scenes are painted in reverse order from the altar to the entrance. sibyls ignudi medallions and 3 minor: Zechariah. the temptation of Adam and Eve and even the Flood. the corners of the ceiling are decorated by ignudi or male nudes which for the time that they were painted were very controversial. Joel and Jonah) •5 • 20 • 10 After Michelangelo had finished his work on the Sistine Chapel he wrote a poem of his agony during the painting of this Sistine Chapel. 7 I've got myself a goiter from this http://www. the creation of Adam and Eve. As water gives the cats in Lombardy Or maybe it is in some other country.html 7 . Michelangelo's work on the Sistine Chapel includes: 6 •9 •4 •4 •8 •7 scenes from Genesis corner pendentives pairs of bronze nudes above the pendentives triangular spandrels with pairs of bronze nudes prophets (4 major: Isaiah. Jeremiah.The Sistine ceiling is divided in nine scenes which include nine stories from the Genesis.

come to the rescue Of my dead painting now. above my face continually. I'm not in a good place. My brush. I grow the breast of a Harpy. And judgment. In front of me my skin is being stretched While it folds up behind and forms a knot. My Lins have penetrated to my paunch.moodbook.html .com/history/renaissance/sistine-chapel-last-judgement. Makes a splendid floor by dripping down.My beard toward Heaven. above the altar. And pointless the unseeing steps I go. and of my honor. hence must grow. My rump's a crupper. as a counterweight. You cannot shoot well when the gun's askew. and I'm no painter. peculiar and untrue. John. Michelangelo began working on it three decades after finishing the ceiling of the Chapel. It took six years to complete.8 8 http://www. The Last Judgment is located in the Sistine Chapel. I feel the back of my brain Upon my neck. And I am bending like a Syrian bow. Borne in mind.

Peters’ continued and the concept he had on the baroque style was because it attracts million of visitors every year who pay to see or take pictures of his masterpieces. the figures used at the Last judgment are as Michelangelo imagines it. with more muscles and they look tortured. In contrast to the other frescoes in the Chapel. After his death the work at St. his body to the earth.moodbook. 1564." In his will he left only three sentences “his soul to God. and his material possessions to his nearest relations’’ 10 Talking about material possessions there wasn’t too much left since he had burned great part of his work. The last judgment was the most disputed project of Michelangelo since he was accused of immorality. 9 The afterlife Michelangelo Buonarroti died.michelangelo. Later on the genitals on the fresco were covered by another artist Daniele da Volterra who took the nickname ‘’ the breeches painter’’.html http://www. after a "slow fever. on February 18th. having included naked figures with their genitals in evidence. His work is of a great architectural worth and monetary value.html . it was organized even an anti-campaign from Cardinal Carafa against the fresco fro Michelangelo to remove the frescoes. Conclusions 9 10 http://www.The painting depicts the second coming of Christ and the apocalypse.

. Michelangelo is the first artist for whom two great writers such as Condivi and Visari wrote the biography during his lifetime. he was committed from the Pope to work on his greatest works.Michelangelo is considered as the genius of marble and paint even after so many years after his death. His work has been attacked but he still remains one of the most great painters. sculptors and architects of all times. Although his work was considered to be too immoral for the Church. His influence on many artists of the Renaissance was major.