Let  there  be  light   In  the  beginning  God  created  the  heaven  and  the  earth.

 And  the  earth   was   without   form,   and   void;   and   darkness   was   upon   the   face   of   the   deep.   And   the   Spirit   of   God   moved   upon   the   face   of   the   waters.   And   God  said,  Let  there  be  light:  and  there  was  light.    (Gen  1:1-­‐3)   Friends,   we   see   in   tonight’s   passage   the   story   of   how   God   made   the   earth.     The  bible  tells  us  that  when  God  showed  up  on  the  scene,  the  earth  was   without  form  and  void.     The   Message   translation   puts   it   this   way   –   “The   Earth   was   a   soup   of   nothingness,  a  bottomless  emptiness,  an  inky  blackness.”   Friends,  can  you  imagine  this  description  for  the  glorious  Earth  we  behold   today    –  in  all  the  majestic  views  of  its  mountains,  the  beauty  of  the  clear   blue  ocean,  the  peaceful  sky  with  birds  flying  therein  –  When  God  initially   showed   up     -­‐   it   was   a   soup   of   nothingness,   a   bottomless   emptiness,   an   inky  blackness.  There  was  nothing  God  on  the  Earth  –  infact  it  had  been   written  off  as  a  worthless  planet.   Yes,  I  can  imagine  that  if  someone  passed  by  the  Earth  at  time  0,  before   God   showed   up,   they   would   never   imagine   that   the   beautiful   snow-­‐ capped   mountains   of   the   Appalachia   kissing   the   clear   blue   sky   could   ever   come   out   of   such   soup   nothingness,   bottomless   emptiness   and   inky   blackness.      

I   can   imagine   that   if   someone   passed   by   Earth   at   time   0.  roaming   on  this  earth  would  be  the  all-­‐conquering  lion.  the  fearful  hippo  and  the   gigantic  Elephants.   no   matter   how   written  off  things  may  be  –  none  of  that  really  matters  –  if  God  shows  up   in  that  situation.     Friends.   before   God   showed   up.   the   Rainbow-­‐lit   waterfalls   of   Lake   Victoria   in   Africa   could   ever  come  out  of  such  a  massive  soup  of  nothingness.  No  one  would  have  ever  imagined  that  on  this  earth   would   walk   homo   sapiens   –   Mankind   -­‐     with   all   his   intelligence   and   wisdom.     I  can  imagine  that  no  one  would  have  ever  expected  someday.  although  the  Earth  for  some  inexplicable  reason  was  in  great   disrepair   –   notice   that   the   Bible   does   not   state   explicitly   why   the   Earth   was  in  such  disrepair  –  it  was  not  beyond  repair  and  restoration.   a   bottomless  emptiness  and  an  inky  blackness.         2     .   they   would   never   imagine   that   majestic   waterfalls   of   the   Niagara   Falls.   this   passage   –   the   very   first   verse   of   the   bible   is   a   passage   of   hope!  Yes.   and   scientific   exploits   that   have   made   the   whole   planet   a   global   village   –   all   these   came   from   what   was   once   a   soup   of   nothingness.   This   means   that   no   matter   how   bad   things   may   be.  such  a  bottomless   emptiness  and  such  an  inky  blackness.

 But   now   not   only   was   the   power   to   fix   things   now   available   –   the   light   had   come  to  expose  all  that  needed  to  be  fixed  and  to  show  exactly  how  they   would  be  fixed.   I   am   here   to   tell   you   tonight   –   that   just   like   the   Earth   –   your   circumstance   is   not   beyond   disrepair   –   because   God   has   showed   up   in   your  circumstance.  bottomless   emptiness   thrive   in   the   abyss   of   darkness.  soups  of  nothingness.   therefore   that   3     .  two  things  happened  that  changed  everything  for  Planet  Earth  –   first  was  the  manifestation  of  the  Supernatural  Power  of  God.   But   when   God   turned   on   His   Light  in  the  world  –  that  marked  the  beginning  of  the  Earth’s  turn  around.     Friends.     Friends.       Your  business  is  not  beyond  repair.  and  the  emptiness  did  not  immediately  disappear.  confusion.    In  the  Mighty  Name  of  Jesus.  The  bible   said  “And  the  Spirit  of  the  Lord  moved  on  the  face  of  the  Earth.”     The   second   was   the   illumination   of   God’s  light  –  the   bible   says   ‘And  God   said  “let  there  be  light”.    Your  life  is  not  beyond  repair.   no   matter   how   formless   the   situation   is   –   no   matter   how   deep   the  bottomless  emptiness  is  –  no  matter  how  dark  the  inky  blackness  is  –   tonight  that  situation  is  coming  under  the  supernatural  power  of  God  it  is   and   the   enlightenment   that   comes   from   God’s   wisdom.Friends.  Evil.     Your  finances  is  not  beyond  repair.       Your  home  is  not  beyond  repair.   The  formlessness.    Your  health  is  not  beyond  repair.

  some   vision   of   Jesus  in  trance?   No  my  friends!  The  light  comes  from  the  written  word  of  God!   Hear.         And  where  does  the  light  come  from?  How  can  we  receive  the  light  in  the   midst   of   our   inky   blackness.  I  had   a  miraculous  experience  when  we  saw  Jesus  transfigured  before  our  very   4     .   some   extra-­‐ordinary   experience.  Yes.   soup   of   nothingness   and   bottomless   emptiness?  Do  we  rely  on  some  supernatural  experience?  Does  it  come   by   some   heavenly   vision.  o  hear  Psalm  119:  105  –  “Thy  word  is  a  lamp  unto  our  feet  and  a   light  unto  our  path”   Proverbs  6:23  –  “…the  commandment  of  God  is  a  lamp.   I   did   not   devise   cunning   fables   when  I  told  you  about  Jesus  and  his  glory.  whereunto  ye  do  well  that   ye   take   heed.   and   the   life   was   the   light   of   men…   and  the  light  shines  in  the  darkness  and  darkness  comprehended  it  not…   Finally.  I  was  an  eye  witness.   listen   to   Peter   in   2   Peter   1:18-­‐19   –   “And   this   voice   which   came   from  heaven  we  heard.  and  the  day  star  arise  in  your  hearts:”       Here   is   what   Peter   is   saying   –   “my   friends.  and  the  word  was  with  God  and   the   word   was   God…In   him   was   life.    (19)     We  have  also  a  more  sure  word  of  prophecy.  when  we  were  with  him  in  the  holy  mount.   as   unto   a   light   that   shineth   in   a   dark   place.  and  the  law  is  a   light…”   John  1  –  in  the  beginning  was  the  word.   until   the   day   dawn.situation  cannot  remain  the  same  anymore  –  it  is  bound  to  change  for  the   better  forever.

 A  future  that  will  bring  honor  and  praise  to   our  God.  In  Jesus  Name     1.   your   family’s   lives.   “O   Lord.     Tonight   –   your   life.  Begin  to   worship  him  because  no  matter  how  dark  the  darkness  over  your  life   is.   His   glorious   light   is   piercing   through   that   darkness   right   now.  Hold  unto  it  until  it  breaks  forth  as  light  in  a   dark   place   in   your   life…   keep   looking   at   it.   do   not   move   from  it….   your   financial   life    your  health  –  everything  that  concerns  you  is  coming  –  not  just  under   the  supernatural  power  of  God  –  but  also  under  the  magnificent  light  of   God’s   word!   Alleluia   –   God   would   bring   from   out   of   the   soup   of   nothingness  and  bottomless  emptiness  and  an  inky  blackness  of  your  life   –  a  bright  and  glorious  future.   your   children’s   lives.   every   soup   of   nothingness   to   a   glorious   dawn!  Allelulia.   In   the   Name   of   Jesus.  I  want  you  right  now  to  go  ahead  and  begin  to  bless  the   Lord. So  Friends.eyes  and  a  voice  spoke  from  heaven.   I   give   you   praise   tonight.   I   exalt   your   5     .  That  is  your  portion  in  God.   keep   believing   it.  Begin  to  thank  him  because  it  is  not  over  for  you  yet.   every   bottomless   emptiness.  But  guess  what  –  the  word  of  God   which  I  have  and  which  you  also  have    -­‐  the  scriptures  –  is  even  more  sure   than  what  we  experienced.  And  sooner  than  later…  it  will  burst  on  your  like  the  dawn.  like  a   the  day  start  arising  in  your  heart…Alleluia…     And  at  that  moment  -­‐    the  power  of  God  will  turn  every  inky  blackness.

 In  the  name  of  Jesus”     2.   by   the   spirit   of   the   Lord.   you   are   a   candidate   of   the   Anointing   –   that   same   supernatural   power   that   moved   on   the   Earth   by   the   Spirit   of   the   Lord.   it   does   not   belong   to   ONLY   to   your   church   ministers.   It   is   to   the   extent   we   allow   the   Spirit   to   have   of   us.   let   my   business   be   full   of   power.   l   yield   myself   completely  to  you.   let   me   mind   be   full   of   power.   In   the  Mighty  name  of  Jesus.   In   the   mighty  name  of  Jesus!”     3.  Let  your  spirit  and  your  power  have  more  of  my   6     .  Let  your  Power  of  your  Spirit  have  more  of  me   than  ever  before.   by   the   Spirit   of   the   Lord.   It   is   your   portion!   It   does   not   belong   ONLY   to   your   Pastor.  Let  me  life  be  full  of  power.holy  name.  by  the   Spirit   of   the   Lord”.   It   belongs   to   you   ALSO!   Micah   the   prophet   knew  this  and  he  said  in  Micah  3:8  “Truly.   abundantly  above  all  we  could  ever  ask  or  think  –  according  to  the   power   that   works   in   us.   the   bible   says   that   God   is   able   to   do   exceedingly.  for  your  light  is  piercing  through  every  darkness  in  my   life.   no   matter   what   the   enemy   or   your   mind   may   suggest   to.   let   me   be   full   of   your   power   by   the   Spirit   of   the   Lord. Friends   the   Lord   has   promised   you   His   Spirit   freely!   Friends.  I  am  full  of  power. My   friends.  by  the  Spirit   of   the   Lord.   to   that   extent   we   shall   experience   the   more   of   God’s   power.   That   what   is   meant   by   the   Spirit   brooding   over   our   lives.   So   go   ahead   now   and   pray   saying   “O   Lord.   It   is   according  to  the  power  that  works  in  you  –  not  the  power  that  God   has.   So   declare   like   Micah   tonight   and   say   “O   Lord   tonight.

  Oh   Lord.   I   receive   a   clear   mind.  He  is  the  light  that   shines   in   darkness   –   and   darkness   is   unable   to   comprehend   it.   more   of   my   love.  the  truth  and  the  light.   every   ignorance   in   my   life.   let   the   light   of   your  word  bring  illumination.   if   you   shall   know   the   truth.  it  is  not  just  you  receiving  the  life  of  Jesus  but  walking  in  the   light   of   that   His   life   provides   you.   the   truth   shall   set   you   free”.   Friends.   Thus   Jesus   said   –   “and   you.   That   is   what   makes   a   difference.   tonight.   there   is   ignorance.”     7     .   more   of   my   attention.   More  of  you  O  Lord.   more   of   my   life.  This  is  why  the  bible   says   in   Hosea   4:6   that   God’s   people   perish   –   not   because   of   the   power   of   the   devil   –   but   because   of   the   power   of   ignorance.   every   darkness   that   breeds   ignorance   which   breads   more   darkness.  which  breeds  more  ignorance.   in   the   mighty   Name   of   Jesus.  In  my  life  –  in  the  Name  of  Jesus”     4.   a   sound   mind.   let   your   light   shine   in   every   darkness   of   my   situation. Friends   where   there   is   darkness.  In  the  mighty  name  of  Jesus.   let   your   light   shine   upon   my   heart   –   let   the   eyes   of   my   understanding   be   enlightened  that  I  may  know  where  and  how  your  power  is  at  work   in   my   life.  In  the  Mighty  Name  of  Jesus.family.   Go   ahead   now   and   begin   to   pray   and   say   “O   Lord.  Friends  it  is  not  the  truth  that  sets  free  but  the   truth   that   you   know.  In  the  mighty  name  of  Jesus”     5.   So   tonight   I   want   you   to   go   ahead   and   pray   and   say   “O   Lord.   Ignorance   breeds  darkness. Jesus  said  I  am  the  way.  Lord.   Let   your   light   break  every  ignorance  in  my  life.  I   command   every   confusion   in   my   mind.   I   rebuke.

 tonight  I  declare  -­‐    your  word  shall  be  true  in  my   life.  No  matter  how  you  feel.  and  straightway  forgetteth  what  manner  of  man  he   was..   and   goeth  his  way.   6.  James  here  is  saying    -­‐  the  word   of  God  should  be  the  mirror  that  you  use  to  tell  you  who  you  really   are…   he   says.  and  not  a  doer.”    You  know  none  of   us  have  ever  seen  our  faces  before.   It   does   not   matter   what  the  doctors  say!  It  does  not  matter  what  people  say!  It  does   not  matter  what  the  world  says!  I  hold  on  to  the  the  word  –  until   light  shines  upon  my  darkness. Friends  -­‐    here  is  how  James  puts  it  in  Jas  1:23-­‐25    “For  if  any  be  a   hearer  of  the  word.   if   a   man   does   not   forget   what   the   mirror   tells   him   but   lives   his   life   in   line   with   what   he   sees   in   the   mirror   –   that   person   8     .   and   continueth   therein. Friends.   and   the   day   star   arise   in   your   hearts…”     You   know   what   that   means?   It   means   you   will   say   to   youself  like  Paul  says  in  Romans  3:4  “Let  God’s  word  be  true…  and   everyone   else   liar…”   Open   your   mouth   now   and   begin   to   declare   and  say  “O  Lord.   I   believe   it.  In  the  name  of  Jesus.   Everyone   of   us   relies   on   a   mirror   to   give   us   a   picture   of   how  we  look.   he   being   not   a   forgetful   hearer.   And   that   settles   it.  this  man  shall  be  blessed  in  his  deed.”     7.     (25)     But   whoso   looketh   into   the   perfect   law   of   liberty.  no  matter  what  you  think  –   we  all  go  by  what  the  mirror  tells  us.   God   says.  he  is  like  unto  a  man  beholding   his   natural   face   in   a   glass:     (24)     For   he   beholdeth   himself.  Peter  tells  us  to  “…    make  every  effort  to  take  heed  and  hold   unto   the   more   sure   word   of   prophecy…as   a   light   that   shines   in   darkness…   until   the   day   dawns.  It  is  impossible  for  anyone  to  see   their   face.   but   a   doer   of   the  work.

 I  made  up  my  mind  about  3  years  ago  to   stick   to   what   the   mirror   says   about   me   –   not   what   I   feel   about   myself  –  not  what  I  think  about  myself  –  not  what  others  think  about   me  –  but  I  ask  myself  –  what  does  the  mirror  say?  Whatd  does  the   mirror  say…  “the  mirror  says  –  I  am  the  apple  of  God’s  eye”  “I  am  a   sinner  whom  the  Lord  has  declared  righteous”  “The  Lord  will  never   be  angry  with  me  nor  will  he  rebuke”  “With  an  everlasting  love  has   he   loved   me   and   with   loving   kindness   has   he   drawn”   “His   mind   is   filled   with   me   –   he’s   got   me   in   the   wallet   of   his   back   pocket.”   Alleluia  –  and  as  I  held  on  to  this  sure  word  of  prophecy  –  my  life  has   been  blessed!  Open  your  mouth  right  now  and  begin  to  say  “O  Lord.   I   shall   arise   –   where   there   is   darkness.  my  love  will  prevail.   When   a   room   is   dark.shall  be  blessed!  Friends.   That   is   why   the   Lord   has   called  us  to  “Arise  and  Shine  –  for  your  light  is  come…  gross  darkness   may   cover   the   Earth   but   the   nations   shall   walk   in   your   light”   –   “O   Lord.  Lord   9     .  I  shall  bring  healing.  about  my  mental  health  -­‐    in   the  name  of  Jesus!”  I  am  the  apple  of  God’s  eye!  God  is  on  my  side!   God   is   my   friend!   I   am   above   and   not   beneath!   In   the   name   of   Jesus”       8.   physical   darkness   is   a   terrible   thing. Friends.  I   shall  bring  peace..   unless  one  turns  on  the  light  –  you  will  trip  and  stumble  and  fall  and   hurt  yourself.   tonight  –  I  stick  with  what  the  mirror  of  your  word  says  about  me  –   about  my  health.  where  there  is  sickness.   my   light   will   shine.  where  there  is  discord.   where  there  is  hate.  If  physical  darkness  is  that  terrible  –  how  much  more   terrible   is   spiritual   and   mental   darkness.  about  my  finances.

 In  the  might   name  of  Jesus.   We   look   forward   to   you   joining   us   next   Sunday.  Let  us  receive  for  her    -­‐  a  light  that   will  shine  in  her  inky  blackness  -­‐    a  grace  that  will  lift  her  from  her   bottomless   emptiness   and   the   power   that   will   reverse   the   soup   of   nothingness  she  finds  herself  in.  Lord.”     Private   prayer   requests   –   Friends   we   received   a   number   of   prayer   requests  this  week.I  shall  arise  and  shine.   Please   feel   free   to   visit   our   website   –   10     .  Let’s  go  ahead  and  pray  and  say  “O  Lord.     2.  Friends  –  make  sure  you  send  your  prayer  requests. Please   pray   for   scholarships   and   grant   money   for   into   the   the   University   program   he   desires   to   attend.  God  is  interested  in  your  small  details  –   the  bible  says  we  should  cast  all  our  cares  and  worries  on  him    -­‐  for  he   cares   for   us.  tonight  -­‐     by   the   supernatural   power   of   the   Holy   Ghost   –   move   over   this   situation  and  make  a  way  where  there  seems  to  be  no  way.  I  shall  turn  on  the  light. Friends   let   us   pray   for   a   young   lady   who   called   into   the   prayer   hotline   and   requested   that   we   pray   for   her   and   her   husband   who   seems  to  have  a  bi-­‐polar  disorder.   Is   there   something   you   are   worried   about   –   go   to   www.sundaynightprayers.  In  the   name  of  Jesus.   He   has   received   funding   from   other   schools   and   other   programs   but   not   into   the   one   he   desires  to  attend.  It   does  not  have  to  be  a  big  deal.com  and  send  it  in  as  a  prayer  request   1.  In  the  name  of  Jesus.     Thank   you   for   joining   the   prayer   line   today.

  11     .   God  bless  you.sundaynightprayers.   in   the   same   way  always  remember  and  always  agree  and  always  believe  that  it  is  in   the   same   way   that   today.   that   same   God   has   called   you   who   is   a   horrible   sinner  –  one  who  is  totally  RIGHTEOUS  –  and  he  will  treat  you  and  love   you  and  bless  you  as  one.   deeply   loved   –   because   you   are   always  RIGHTEOUS  in  God’s  sight.www.com   –   to   leave   praise   report   of   what   God   is   doing  in  your  life.       Till  we  join  together  again  to  pray  next  Sunday  –  let  me  leave  you  woth   this  word  –  Put  your  confidence  on  the  same  God  whom  Abraham  put  his   confidence  in  –  the  God  that  calls  those  things  that  be  not  as  though  they   were.  We  would  love  to  hear  from  you.  if  we  remember  and  agree  and  believe  that  2000  years   ago  that  God  called  the  one  who  was  totally  righteous  a  horrible  sinner   and   treated   and   punished   him   as   a   sinner   –   and   WE   must.  Therefore.   highly   favored   and   deeply.   Which  is  why  I  always  end  Sunday  Night  Prayers  with  this  exhortation  –   that  you  must  never  forget    –  but  always  remember  –  that  you  are  richly   blessed.

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