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Professional Practice Reviewer



G-eneral Objectives I-deals S-uccess R-emuneration I-nterest of the Client P-rofessional Prerogative B-usiness B-ehavior C-riticism C-reative Endeavor


The Spectrum of the Architects Services
UAP Doc 201 Pre-Design Services

EPASSSSP - NON CREATIVE no design and construction

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. E-conomic Feasibility Studies P-roject Financing A-rchitectural Programming S-ite Selection and Analysis* S-ite Utilization and Land-Use Studies* S-pace/Management Studies P-romotional Services

* Must be EnP, Environmental Planner MDPE compensation method

Methods of Compensation
1. Percentage of Construction 2. Multiple Direct Personnel Expense MDPE Architect = NTRMf Consultant = NTRMf Staff = NTRMf -----------------------------E = Direct Cost E + MP + RE = Project Cost; where MP (Marginal Cost = 30%), RE (Reimbursable Expense) Project Cost + AE = Professional Fee: where AE = Architect & Engineer Fee N T R Mf Min. Fee = 2.0 2.5 as Multiplier 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Lump Sum/ Fixed Fee Per Diem Plus Reimbursable Expense Combination Professional Fee and Expenses Turn Key

Reimbursable Expenses Conditions:

1. Pertinent to the Project 2. Must occur within 100 K = radius 3. Mutual agreement

Schedule of Payments
CONTRACTOR 1. Downpayment - 20 50% of Project Cost 2. Progressive Billing base on percentage of completion (not more than 1 month) 3. Final Billing/Payment - 98% Complete 4. Guarantee Bond enforced for 1 year ARCHITECT 1. Proposal Fee 5% 15% 2. Schematic Design 3. Design Devt - 15% - 50% 4. Contract Docs 5. Retention - 15% = Liability 10%, Supervision 5% SPECIALIZED ALLIED SERVICES SAS 1. Proposal Fee 5% 2. Prelim Drawings - 25% 3. Final Drawings - 50% 4. Retention - 20% = 3 months after the acceptance of the Architect

UAP Doc 202 Design Services: Regular Architectural Services

PWSP SDCC - Sequential

1. 2. 3. 4. P-reliminary Design/S-chematic Design W-orking Drawings/D-esign Devt Phase S-pecifications and Other Contract Documents/C-ontract Documents* P-art-Time Supervision/C-onstruction Phase*

*Under Contract Doc. Phase (Refer to UAP Doc 301 General Conditions of a Contract)

1. G-eneral Conditions Execution, Intent satisfaction to finish the proj., Correlation 2. A-greement 3. S-pecifications 4. S-pecial Provisions 5. D-rawings *Under Construction Phase Important Milestones of Construction

1. R-eference Horizontal, Vertical 2. E-xcavation min. depth .60m until stable w/ signature of the Architect, must have a permit 3. R-ebars 4. C-oncreting

5. F-inishes Mock up (samples)

5 Ms of Construction 1. M-achines 2. M-oney 3. M-anpower 4. M-aterial 5. M-inutes PROJECT CLASSIFICATION UAP degree of difficulty/complexity of design FCP risk of occurrence of Fire NCP use and occupancy

GROUP S-imple (Hangars) M-oderate (Art Galleries) E-xceptional (Aquariums) R-esidences M-onumental Buildings (Expositions, Mausoleums, Memorials) R-epetitive Buildings DEFINITION Without partitions With partitions Requires Consultants Single Detached or Duplex Requires Concepts Construction of Similar Structures Construction of several residential units MINIMUM BASIC FEE P50M & less 6% P50M & less 7% P50M & less 8% 10% of Proj. Const. Cost 12% of Proj. Const. Cost 1st Structure MBF 2nd Structure 80% of BF 3rd Structure 60% of BF Succeeding 40% of BF 1st Unit = 10% MBF = A 2 to 10 Units = A + (60% of MBF x N) = B 11 and above = B + (30% of MBF x N) ; where N = no. of units 15% of Proj. Const. Cost

H-ousing Projects

E-xtensive Detailing A-lterations and Additions C-onsultations and Arbitration

Design of detailed Parts of appurtenances, special fittings, etc. Structures belonging to Groups 1 to 5 Technical matters, service as an expert witness

MBF + 50% of MBF

P200, P500

UAP Doc 203 Specialized Allied Services SAS

PILAC SERVICES P-hysical Planning PARTICULARS Must be an EnP PAYMENTS/SCHEDULE OF FEES Type I Site Devt Planning 50 HAS P5000/HAS = A 50-100 A + P4500/HAS = B 100-200 B + P4000/HAS = C over 200 C + P3000
Type II Subdivision Planning (Urban) MM, Cities, Regional Centers, Provincial Capitals

100 HAS P3000/HAS = A 100-200 A + P2300/HAS = B over-200 B + P2000/HAS = C

Type II Subdivision Planning (Rural) other localities

I-nterior Design L-andscape Design A-coustic, Communication and Electronic Engineering Services C-omprehensive Planning

Licensed IND Landscape Architect Engineer ECE

100 HAS P2000/HAS = A 100-200 A + P1500/HAS = B over-200 B + P1000/HAS = C 12 20% cost of work 10 15% cost of work
10 15% cost of work

Must be an EnP 1. Physical Component 2. Economic Planning 3. Socio-Cultural 4. Transport 5. Legal & Administrative

a. Same w/ Physical Planning b. MDPE

Civil works (preparation of detailed engineering drawings and specifications, roads, drainage, sewerage, power and communication) 4% cost of the development


UAP DOC 204 Construction Services

1. F-ull Time Supervision Team or Individual, Quality Control, Evaluation, Records Basic Salary if Architect 1- 1.5% 2. C-onstruction Management CM - Team or Individual, Time and Cost Control, Coordination and Supervision 1.5 3% of Construction Cost 3*. P-roject Management PM 2 5% (Refer to UAP Doc 206 Comprehensive Architectural Services) Before Construction During Present Present After Present Advertising, Promotional Services, Building Administrator


Present Identifies, accredits, recommends potential contractors & suppliers

UAP Doc 205 Post-Construction Services (Maintenance and Administration)

1. BE Building and Equipment Maintenance If the building is Safe and habitable will issue Certificate of Occupancy Good working condition and properly maintained 2. BG Building & Grounds Administration
a. Billing of Tenants

b. Security and Janitorial Services (Monitoring) c. Local Ordinances

Method of Compensation (BG)

a. Fixed Salary Basis monthly b. Percentage of Gross Rentals 4-6% UAP 206 Comprehensive Architectural Services (Scope from UAP Doc 201 to 205)

The Project Manager PM 2 - 5% of Estimated Project Cost, Combination Methods if performs in regular Architectural Services for the same project will compensate separately.

Basic Functions a. Operates as a member of Owner-Architect-Engineer-Contractor b. Contractor men and equipment, project delivery as per contract, Owner funds are available to complete project w/in budget estimates c. Plan, Program, Monitor activities, Adviser of material cost and Construction methods, Exercise Overall cost control. Detailed Functions a. Pre-Construction Phase b. Construction Phase

UAP 207 Design-Build Services

Method of Project Delivery 1. DBA Design-Build Services by Administration - 7% of Proj. Const. Cost
Proj. Const. Cost. in addition to Architects fee for Regular Design Services (UAP 202) 10% (if residential proj.) + 7% = 17% 2. DBGMC Design Build by Guaranteed Maximum Cost a. Lump Sum b. If the cost is exceeded by not more than 10% it is divided = bet. Architect and Client. However if the excess is more than 10% the Architect pays for all extra cost of the 10%
UAP Doc 208 Selection of the Architect & Methods of Compensation

1. Direct Selection 2. Indirect

a. Referral from satisfied client b. Recommendation form another Architect c. Comparative Selection

3. Design Competition Methods of Compensations (Refer to UAP Doc 201 Pre-Design Services)
UAP Doc 301 General Conditions of a Contract

1. Establishes the relationship bet:

a. Architect and Client b. Contractor and Client c. Architect and Contractor

2. Establishes the norms of conduct

a. must have an Architect b. must have an Engineer c. its Conditions

3. Current Standards of the Practice whether in DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION Section 1 Definition of Documents (Glossary of Terms)

Section 2 Laws Regulation a. Site Conditions b. Permits c. Taxes d. Royalties e. Patents f. Surveys Section 3 Equipment Materials Quality and Quantity Section 4 Premises Temporary Facilities
TEMPACIL* a. Office bedroom for Architect b. Quarters for staying workers c. Warehouse storage d. Accessway road ways, bridge, hoist (elevator) e. Enclosure f. Signage g. Trial usage *contractors expense

Section 5 Protection a. Property (work area) b. Adjacent Property and Existing Utilities c. Life, work, and Property during emergencies Section 6 Labor, Work, and Payments
Labor characteristics/quality No. /quality, no. of workers signed by YOU Work duration and deadlines; if delay P20,000 per day. Liquidated Damages = 0.01 of the Contract Sum by the government

Payments Contractor 1. Progressive Billing partial % of Completion 2. Request for inspection

Architect will issue (if accept) a. Certificate of Acceptance < b. Certificate of Payment Owner for payment pay or not pay c. If 65% completion the contractor will issue of non-financial obligation (certificate)

Section 7 Relationship bet. Architect and Sub-Contractor

5 copies of Drawings to: a. Contractor b. Owner

c. Office of the Building Official (OBO) d. Fire Dept. e. Site Laws Affecting Real Estate Housing, General Design, Construction, etc. 1. PD 1096 The National Building Code 2. PD 1185 The Fire Code of the Philippines Enforced by PNP Gen. Hermohenes Ebdane 3. PD 957 The Condominium & Subdivision Buyers Protective Law 4. BP 220 Socialized Housing Law 5. BP 344 Law Enhancing the Mobility of the Disabled (Accessibility Law)
Laws that regulate the Practice of Architecture

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

RA 545/RA9266 the Architecture Law EO 164 Regulating the Hiring of Foreign Consultants PD 49 Intellectual Property Law PD 223 - PRC Law LOI 1000 Letter of Instructions, mandating government support only to APO (Accredited Professional Organization) See print out of PRC 6. RA 9283 Copyright Law

PD Presidential Decree BP Batas Pambansa EO - Executive Order LOI Letter of Instruction RA Republic Act Additional Terms: 1. According to RA9266 all projects either big or small must have a contract. LAWYER NOTARY REGISTER OF CONTRACT 2. Contractor pays for the Building Permit (cannot be reimbursed, not included in Estimates) 3. Architect cannot be a Contractor at the same time. 4. Contractor is profit motivated; Builder is completion motivated; Contractor holds the money; Builder doesnt hold the money. 15 days can a contractor, atter giving due notice to the owner/architect suspend work or terminate a contract. Responsible for the payment of insurance for personal injury and to property;Responsible for the As-Built Plans of the Project 5. 2% per annum Interest (if money is not fully collected) 6. TOR Terms of Reference 7. Building Permit validity 120 days, valid 12 months if constructed has not commenced; exception government structure; excepted if P15,000 proj. cost 8. Notary to legalize document with series no., document no., etc. 9. Arbitration can file a case after 30 days 10. Specifications are printed documents stipulating the procedural aspects of the contract 11. Variance is the minimum possible deviation from standards which is permitted to make a highly beneficial housing project. 12. Project duration is computed immediately from the receipt date of the NTP 13. Design of any religious structures is assessed professional fees 14. Competitive bidding is mandatory for public work projects 15. 7 Days affectivity of a Construction contract from receipt of Notice of Final Payment 16. Civil Code liability of Architect for Regular Design of structures 15 years 17. PERT Prog. Evaluation Review Technique 18. CPM Critical Path Method